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Four Reasons Civilization Won’t Decline: It Will Collapse

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From Jenna Orkin Four Reasons Civilization Won’t Decline: It Will Collapse 2 aides for Ilhan Omar challenger shot, 1 killed; no apparent relationship to the campaign… Thousands of Migrating Birds Drop Dead Across Southwestern U.S. Now they want to burn JK Rowling’s books Human Flesh Looks Like Beef, But the Taste Is More Elusive  […]

The Psychology of Denying Overpopulation

General Ideas

Let’s imagine we were giving an award for the worst social problem in the world today. Do you have any nominations? Did I hear someone say international conflict? Racial prejudice maybe? Environmental destruction anyone? Millions of homeless refugees? Exploitation of women? Turns out there’s one problem that connects all of those, and it’s one you […]

The End of Oil? Pandemic Adds to Fossil Fuel Glut, But COVID-19 Relief Money Flows to Oil Industry

General Ideas

As the coronavirus pandemic contributes to a glut of fossil fuels, groups like Greenpeace are calling on Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to ban fossil fuel interests from his campaign and administration, if he wins, even as he recently declared at a campaign stop that he “will not ban fracking.” We discuss the politics of […]

Visualizing Permian Oil & Gas Production

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Permian – update through May 2020 These interactive presentations contain the latest oil & gas production data from all 27,683 horizontal wells in the Permian (Texas & New Mexico) that started producing from 2008/2009 onward, through May. Total Production Production from horizontal wells in the Permian fell by around 0.5 million bo/d in May to […]

We’re Dumb about Exponential Growth. That’s Proving Lethal

We’re Dumb about Exponential Growth. That’s Proving Lethal thumbnail

Gradually, and then suddenly. That’s how exponential growth can ruin your day, undo your family, evaporate your economy, destroy your climate, crush an empire and destabilize a planet. Consider the performance of COVID-19. In June a 30-year-old male attended a “COVID party” in San Antonio, Texas. At a COVID party, the host has tested positive. He or […]

Why a Thriving Civilization in Malta Collapsed 4,000 Years Ago

Why a Thriving Civilization in Malta Collapsed 4,000 Years Ago thumbnail

The mysteries of an ancient civilization that survived for more than a millennium on the island of Malta—and then collapsed within two generations—have been unravelled by archaeologists who analyzed pollen buried deep within the earth and ancient DNA from skulls and bones. It’s part of a field of work that is expanding the use of […]

Energy Basics: What is Energy?

General Ideas

In response to listener demand, we are launching a new mini-series on the Energy Basics. If you have found yourself occasionally challenged to follow some of the more technical conversations we have here, or even if you just want to brush up on the fundamentals, this mini-series is for you! We hope these episodes will […]

Why The Unraveling Will Accelerate

General Ideas

Sclerotic, hidebound institutions optimized for linear stability and permanent growth are simply not designed to adapt to non-linear change and disruption of permanent growth. Since the first news of pandemic in late January, I’ve been discussing potential accelerants to the unraveling of our fragile financial system: second-order effects (initial travel restrictions and layoffs were first-order effects, new waves of layoffs […]

A Plague Is an Apocalypse. But It Can Bring a New World.

A Plague Is an Apocalypse. But It Can Bring a New World. thumbnail

It’s strange that we now see America threatened by a plague. Because without plague, America, as we know it, wouldn’t exist. It may have been the most devastating epidemic in the history of humankind — surpassing in its mortality rates any before or since, including the Black Death in the Europe of the mid-14th century. […]

What if your government has decided to kill you?

What if your government has decided to kill you? thumbnail

  In the 1976 movie, “Logan’s Run,” the law is that everyone must die when they turn 30. And everyone accepts that law.  “Necroeconomics” is a concept used by some economists to describe the results of the collapse of the Soviet Economy, in the 1990s. Apart from the pure economic disaster, the collapse led to […]

Kunstler: A Bigger Picture

Kunstler: A Bigger Picture thumbnail

Baluchitherium. Gone but not forgotten. The Covid-19 virus itself didn’t run the United States into a ditch but it exposed the weakness and rot in the nation’s drive-train, and now all of us passengers on that disabled bus must decide whether to stay helplessly inside the smoldering wreckage arguing over who’s to blame, or begin […]

The End of an Age: The Failure of Catastrophism

The End of an Age: The Failure of Catastrophism thumbnail

Colin Campbell, the founder of the association for the study of peak oil and gas (ASPO) explaining the essence of oil depletion. The considerations below originate from a post by Michael Krieger where he describes how he is so dismayed by the reaction of the public to the current epidemic that he is closing his […]

Collapse, you say?

General Ideas

Most of the writing I have done for this blog assumes that my readers are at the very least open to thinking about the collapse of our civilization, and more likely that they have already accepted it as probable and are interested in discussing the details of how it might happen and how to cope […]

The Sinking Titanic’s Great Pumps Finally Fail

The Sinking Titanic’s Great Pumps Finally Fail thumbnail

The greater fools still partying in the first-class lounge are in denial that even the greatest, most technologically advanced ship can sink. On April 14, 1912, the liner Titanic, considered unsinkable due to its watertight compartments and other features, struck a glancing blow against a massive iceberg on that moonless, weirdly calm night. In the […]

Here’s What 75 Preppers Learned During the Lockdown

Here’s What 75 Preppers Learned During the Lockdown thumbnail

The lockdown that recently took place due to the pandemic was like a practice run for a bigger SHTF event. Many of our prepper theories played out and were accurate, while others weren’t as realistic as we thought beforehand. People who weren’t preppers already learned a lot about why they would want to be better […]

The Collapse Of Ideology And The End Of Escape

General Ideas

Introduction If you have begun to anticipate the climate-driven collapse of societies, what can you wish for? I have written elsewhere about the problems of being attached to hope, if that means we falsely assume we can’t engage in the world creatively unless we have an expectation of a lasting positive outcome. But it can […]

Why Every Person In America Needs To Become A Prepper During The Second Half Of 2020

General Ideas

It has been on my heart to write this article for a few days, but I knew that it wouldn’t be easy to write.  2020 has already been one of the worst years in modern U.S. history, and it looks like the next six months are going to be extremely challenging as well.  But even though […]

Growth, Growth, Growth: What Will Happen?

General Ideas

Dear Dr. Dollar:   Infinite economic growth on a finite planet is impossible and ruinous. And yet the drumbeat goes on for growth, growth, growth. Surely it is true that the world is grossly overpopulated; it is projected to grow to nine billion by 2050. How will the current economy serve these billions? It won’t […]

Michael Lynch: ‘Peak Oil’ Errors Can Teach Us About Covid Statistics

General Ideas

Take the second derivative. Scene from “Go Tell The Spartans.” Sunset Boulevard Back when I was a college student, I went to the movie theater to see the Vietnam-era movie “Go Tell the Spartans,” and one scene struck me: an intelligence office (bespectacled naturally) was explaining to his boss, Burt Lancaster, why he estimated one […]

Covid is not the only crisis in town, here are six others

General Ideas

Important information: The value of investments and the income from them, can go down as well as up, so you may get back less than you invest. This article first appeared in the Telegraph Three months ago, my wife and I were enjoying a week driving round the Alentejo region of Portugal, eating in busy […]

Pandemic may reverse human development for first time in 30 years

General Ideas

The United Nations Development agency has warned that coronavirus could reverse human development for the first time in 30 years. The fall-out from the pandemic is expected to hit poorer economies harder, as they’re less able to deal with the socio-economic impacts of the virus. COVID-19 has forced the closure of millions of schools worldwide, […]

I Predict Your Predictions Are Wrong

I Predict Your Predictions Are Wrong thumbnail

When confronted with disaster, believing that everything will change is all too easy. How is it possible to write poems after Auschwitz, to enjoy a Sunday stroll in Lower Manhattan following 9/11, or, indeed, to dine in restaurants after a pandemic kills hundreds of thousands of people in the span of a few cruel months? […]

The Flame and the Crucible

General Ideas

Our journey through the hidden history of American occultism has focused so far entirely on traditions brought here from elsewhere—the German Rosicrucian and Pietist traditions studied by Johannes Kelpius, the classic tradition of English astrology practiced by Joseph Stafford, and the varying traditions of folk magic that crossed the Atlantic with captive Africans from the […]

Gail Tverberg: Understanding Our Pandemic – Economy Predicament

Gail Tverberg: Understanding Our Pandemic – Economy Predicament thumbnail

The world’s number one problem today is that the world’s population is too large for its resource base. Some people have called this situation overshoot. The world economy is ripe for a major change, such as the current pandemic, to bring the situation into balance. The change doesn’t necessarily come from the coronavirus itself. Instead, […]

Coronavirus, Economics and Culture with Dmitry Orlov

General Ideas

Dmitry Orlov is a Russian-American engineer and a writer on subjects related to “potential economic, ecological and political decline and collapse in the United States. (Wikipedia) He is the author of multiple books including: Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Example and American Prospects, The Five Stages of Collapse: Survivor’s Toolkit and more. This episode we talk […]

Are The Outlines of A Better World Emerging?

Are The Outlines of A Better World Emerging? thumbnail

Once the government’s ability to sustain its enforcement with money created out of thin air vanishes, the entire order vanishes along with it. The era of waste, greed, fraud and living on borrowed money is dying, and those who’ve known no other way of living are mourning its passing. Its passing was inevitable, for any society […]

The Great Pause Week 6: The Green Child

General Ideas

“There passed long stretches of beautiful waterfront acreage with hanging Spanish moss, decaying mansions and docks, and no people.“ In the early spring of 2032, the two sailors cast lines and tacked into the wind, making for the Alabama coast some 550 miles distant. The principal passenger, the writer Albert Bates, had been holed up […]

Kunstler Chatting with Charles Hugh Smith from the OfTwoMinds Blog

General Ideas

Charles Hugh Smith founded his blog, Of Two Minds, in 2005 after 17 years of free-lance journalism in the San Francisco Bay Area. Of Two Minds has grown to thousands of posts that have logged tens of millions of page views on his site and many others such as Zero Hedge and Peak Prosperity. He […]

Collapse: the way we imagined it, and the way it was.

Collapse: the way we imagined it, and the way it was. thumbnail

  Even those of us who could see some kind of collapse coming (the “collapsniks”) were taken by surprise by the form it took. But, as always, for everything that happens there has to be a reason for it to happen. Above: the Seneca Curve. Collapses happen, it is a rule of life, as the […]

Kunstler: The Great Conundrum

General Ideas

Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone, Joni trilled half a century ago. Another song, by CSN, went, it’s been a long time coming, it’s gonna be a long time gone. Boomers. Back in the day – before they invented the hedge fund, glyphosate, and political […]

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