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Page added on June 30, 2010

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PO Real Time

@Davinci3144 @UnpopularPat84 @globalnews No biggie....regardless #peakoil is here i little ahead of schedule..but cant wait till we end dis disgusting industry once and for all..cuz Dey r going down swinging using all der resource for final push bk....sad really...:D..peace .

For decades our concern in the ME was 'access' to the oil. It seems we may now be entering a new phase, where 'control's of the oil is our vital concern. The #peakoil folks will know exactly what is going on here, and it is much scarier than troops deployed.…

After a wild week in oil markets sparked by an attack on a Saudi processing plant, crude prices have returned to relative stability… #oilgas #energynews #oilandgas #peakoil #geopolitics