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The Great Pause Week 6: The Green Child

General Ideas

“There passed long stretches of beautiful waterfront acreage with hanging Spanish moss, decaying mansions and docks, and no people.“ In the early spring of 2032, the two sailors cast lines and tacked into the wind, making for the Alabama coast some 550 miles distant. The principal passenger, the writer Albert Bates, had been holed up […]

Kunstler Chatting with Charles Hugh Smith from the OfTwoMinds Blog

General Ideas

Charles Hugh Smith founded his blog, Of Two Minds, in 2005 after 17 years of free-lance journalism in the San Francisco Bay Area. Of Two Minds has grown to thousands of posts that have logged tens of millions of page views on his site and many others such as Zero Hedge and Peak Prosperity. He […]

Collapse: the way we imagined it, and the way it was.

Collapse: the way we imagined it, and the way it was. thumbnail

  Even those of us who could see some kind of collapse coming (the “collapsniks”) were taken by surprise by the form it took. But, as always, for everything that happens there has to be a reason for it to happen. Above: the Seneca Curve. Collapses happen, it is a rule of life, as the […]

Kunstler: The Great Conundrum

General Ideas

Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone, Joni trilled half a century ago. Another song, by CSN, went, it’s been a long time coming, it’s gonna be a long time gone. Boomers. Back in the day – before they invented the hedge fund, glyphosate, and political […]

Collapse: The Coronavirus is not a Cause, it is a Trigger

General Ideas

“Indeed, the coming crisis might turn out to be so bad to push us back to the Middle Ages. But it is also true that all major epidemics in history have seen a robust rebound after the collapse. Consider that, in the mid-14th century, the “black death” killed perhaps 40% of the population of Europe […]

Collapse: Where can we find a safe refuge?

Collapse: Where can we find a safe refuge? thumbnail

Does it make sense to have a well-stocked bunker in the mountains to escape collapse?     Sometimes, you feel that the world looks like a horror story, something like Lovecraft’s “The Shadow Over Innsmouth..” Image from F.R: Jameson. Being the collapsnik I am, a few years ago I had the idea that I could […]

Kunstler: Boomer Elegy

General Ideas

History will probably record that America’s Baby Boom generation threw one helluva party; Gen X was left with the sorry task of cleanup crew; and the Millennials ended up squatting in the repossessed haunted party-house when it was all over. On behalf of the Boomers, let me try to explain and apologize. We came along […]

The Great Madness

General Ideas

Has the world gone mad? It certainly seems that way to some of us. Even the most cynical never imagined the government shutting down the country for fear of a virus, but it has suddenly become the new normal. The cynical, if they thought of it at all, would have thought the opposite. Instead of […]

What Can Collapsologists Learn From the Coronavirus Disaster?

What Can Collapsologists Learn From the Coronavirus Disaster? thumbnail

——————  This time, it is for real!  ——————– Guest post by Herbert Krill March 23, 2020 These are interesting times for collapsologists and for anyone interested in collapse. For many years, we all studied the past, historic collapses like the Fall of Ancient Rome, and speculated about future collapses. We studied Joseph Tainter, Jared Diamond, […]

Nate Hagens: An Overview of the Systemic Implications of the Coronavirus

General Ideas

With the exception of some public talks, I’ve largely been quiet the last five years on social media and other venues with respect to describing our societal situation, despite having strong opinions on what is happening and what is going to happen. I’ve mainly been working behind the scenes on responses to the coming end-of-growth […]

Richard Heinberg: How Does Pandemic Change the Big Picture?

Richard Heinberg: How Does Pandemic Change the Big Picture? thumbnail

As of 2019, the Big Picture for humanity was approximately as follows. Homo sapiens (that’s us), a big-brained bipedal mammal, had spent the Pleistocene epoch (from 2.5 million years ago until 12,000 years ago) developing its ability to control fire, talk, paint pictures, play bone flutes, and make tools and clothes. Language dramatically enhanced our […]

Kunstler interviews Gail Tverberg of Our Finite World

General Ideas

Gail Tverberg is an analyst who has been researching the connection between oil limits and the economy for nearly 10 years.  She writes a widely-followed blog called Our Finite World. Her background is as an actuary, working as a consultant to insurance companies. She also has a foot in the academic world, where she has […]

The System Will Not Return To “Normal”…And That’s Good, We Can Do Better

The System Will Not Return To “Normal”…And That’s Good, We Can Do Better thumbnail

The pandemic is revealing to all what many of us have known for a long time: the status quo was designed to fail and so its failure was not just predictable but inevitable. We’ve propped up a dysfunctional, wasteful and unsustainable system by pouring trillions of dollars in borrowed money down a multitude of ratholes to avoid a […]

The Shit Might Actually Be Hitting The Fan But Somehow It Doesn’t Feel Real

The Shit Might Actually Be Hitting The Fan But Somehow It Doesn’t Feel Real thumbnail

So here we are. Right on the cusp of that SHTF event that we’ve been prepping for all these years. A global pandemic. A breakdown in the supply chain. Shoppers who are already becoming agitated and even violent. We’re watching it all unfold in our hometowns and across our nation right now. Yet, somehow, it […]

Kunstler Confab with David Collum about Corona Virus, Markets Gone Wild, and Politics

General Ideas

David Collum is the Betty R. Miller Professor of Chemistry at Cornell University. He is the intellectual utility infielder of internet commentary, covering all the bases: culture, politics, finance, science, and technology, with often surprising views on the the predicaments of our time. Here we attempt to make sense of the fast-moving corona virus story […]

How to Prepare Now for the Complete End of the World

How to Prepare Now for the Complete End of the World thumbnail

When the end comes, some will not be waiting in a bunker for a savior. They will stride out into the wilderness with confidence, ready to hunt and kill a deer, tan its hide and sleep easily in a hand-built shelter, close by a fire they made from the force of their two palms on […]

Energy Storage and our Unpredictable Future

Energy Storage and our Unpredictable Future thumbnail

It’s a fine spring day and you decide on a whim to go camping. By early afternoon you’ve reached a sheltered clearing in the woods, the sky is clear, and you relax against a tree trunk rejoicing that “The best things in life are free!” as you soak up the abundant warmth of the sun. […]

Max Keiser interviews James Howard Kunstler

General Ideas

In this episode of Keiser Report from Mexico City, Max and Stacy discuss the fact that the Fed’s ‘Cantillon Effect’ has allowed many tens of billionaires to shower the deplorables with seemingly generous donations. When looked at a little closer, they buying themselves a great deal of positive publicity with the deplorables’ own money . […]

Extreme Panic Could Soon Hit USA

Extreme Panic Could Soon Hit USA thumbnail

U.S. government officials are doing their best to keep the general population calm, but everyone can see what is happening in the rest of the world.  There are now empty store shelves in Italy just like there are in China.  People are waiting in extremely long lines to buy masks in South Korea just like […]

The Contagion Escalates

The Contagion Escalates thumbnail

From February 4 to February 19, the Diamond Princess cruise ship sat moored in the port of Yokohama, Japan, undergoing a two-week quarantine. Of the more than 3,600 people on board, 621 were diagnosed with COVID-19, a new type of coronavirus that spreads via sneezes and coughs and causes respiratory illness. Passengers had meals delivered […]


General Ideas

Americans generally like to hear good news. They like to believe that a new president will right old wrongs, that clean energy will replace dirty oil and that fresh thinking will set the economy straight. American pundits tend to restrain their pessimism and hope for the best. But is anyone prepared for the worst? Meet […]

Do Civilisations Collapse?

Do Civilisations Collapse? thumbnail

l breakdown and civilisational collapse run deep in our culture, from Sodom and Gomorrah, destroyed by a wrathful god, to the destruction of Atlantis, submerged under the sea after a massive earthquake. No matter whether literally true or not, these remain two of the most well-known stories in our society – dramatic and vivid, easy […]

Let ’em find doomsday on their own

General Ideas

I’ve recently watched a few reruns of the Doomsday Preppers episodes from National Geographic, seven years old now. The coronavirus brought the series back to mind. The 1918 flu pandemic killed perhaps 1% of those infected, resulting worldwide in about 50 to 100 million deaths (3% to 6% of world’s population then); 675,000 Americans were […]

It Is Easy to Overreact to the Chinese Coronavirus

It Is Easy to Overreact to the Chinese Coronavirus thumbnail

Recently, a new coronavirus has been causing many illnesses and deaths. The virus first became active in Wuhan, China, but it has already spread to the rest of China. Scattered cases have been identified around the rest of the world as well. There are two important questions that are already being encountered: How much of […]

Coping With Global (& Local) Chaos: What You Can Control And What You Can’t

General Ideas

Have you been glued to the news lately, nervously watching what’s going on in the Middle East? Are you concerned that World War III is about to kick off at any moment? Is the state of the economy frequently on your mind? Maybe it’s Ebola that keeps you up at night or the risk of […]

The Year in Doom 2019

The Year in Doom 2019 thumbnail

“Violence is as American as cherry pie.”  –H. Rap Brown​   2019 has been a year of notable accomplishments and disasters: China became the first country to gain access to the far side of the moon, thus announcing itself in the space race, the Ebola epidemic continued in the Congo, birds and insects continue to die […]

Our Genetic Timebomb

Our Genetic Timebomb thumbnail

“The yaksha asked: “What is the greatest surprise?” Yudhisthira replied: “People die every day, making us aware that men are mortal. Yet we live, work, play, plan, etc., as if assuming we are immortal. What is more surprising than that? — The Mahabharata“ Every few days or weeks, Rob Mielcarski posts to his Un-Denial blog […]

Dave Collum’s 2019 Year In Review

General Ideas

Authored by David B. Collum, Betty R. Miller Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology – Cornell University (Email:, Twitter: @DavidBCollum), “I hope David comes to his senses.” ~ Nassim Taleb (@nntaleb), best-selling author and Professor at NYU Every year, David Collum writes a detailed “Year in Review” synopsis full of keen perspective and plenty of wit. This […]

Caitlin Johnstone: Why Everything Is F**ked

Caitlin Johnstone: Why Everything Is F**ked thumbnail

We all slid out of the womb an itty bitty helpless information sponge into a world full of mentally ill giants who couldn’t wait to fill our tiny skulls with all of their inner demons. And now everything, understandably, is fucked. That’s basically our whole entire situation in a nutshell. You can add on as […]

Scientific Models and Myths: What Is the Difference?

Scientific Models and Myths: What Is the Difference? thumbnail

Most people seem to think, “The difference between models and myths is that models are scientific, and myths are the conjectures of primitive people who do not have access to scientific thinking and computers. With scientific models, we have moved far beyond myths.” It seems to me that the truth is quite different from this. History […]

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test Twitter Media - @smh @michaelkoziol Problem is of course that Western #Sydney Airport will be a flop. Just look at assumed air traffic. It will never happen. #COVID19Aus, #peakoil, #globalwarrming Playing monopoly makes everyone blind @GladysB @ScottMorrisonMP Not even discovered by the media who focus on watches

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