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The Dark Places of the Future

The Dark Places of the Future thumbnail

Over most of the last decade now, I’ve watched celebrations of the New Year become more and more muted, and I think it’s far more likely than not that this trend will continue when 2018 gets hauled off to the glue factory a little less than a week from now. No doubt plenty of people […]

The Top 10 Energy Stories Of 2018

General Ideas

As 2018 comes to a close, it’s time to review the top energy stories of the year. This year there wasn’t an overwhelming choice for the top story as we have had in some previous years (e.g., the Deepwater Horizon spill), but many of the year’s biggest developments impacted oil prices. Here are my picks for the stories […]

Richard Heinberg: The Big Picture

Richard Heinberg: The Big Picture thumbnail

Humanity has a lot of problems these days. Climate change, increasing economic inequality, crashing biodiversity, political polarization, and a global debt bubble are just a few of our worries. None of these trends can continue indefinitely without leading to a serious failure of our civilization’s ability to maintain itself. Taken together, these metastasizing problems suggest […]

I’m Burned Out On Collapse And I Bet You Are Too

General Ideas

The Hidden Psychological Toll of Living Through a Time of Fracture   It was around Thanksgiving that I noticed that all I wanted to do was sleep. And it wasn’t the leftover turkey. My mind felt bruised to a livid purple welt. Just thinking felt — disturbingly — painful. My bones felt as weary as dust. And that fine dust […]

Crossing the Rubicon

General Ideas

Looking for an article that Mike might have written on GHWB, guess what I came across on the CIA website From Jenna Orkin  

Richard Heinberg: Foreword to Oil, Power and War

Richard Heinberg: Foreword to Oil, Power and War thumbnail

Come and listen to my story ’bout a man named Jed A poor mountaineer barely kep’ his fam’ly fed And then one day he was shootin’ at some food And up through the ground come a-bubblin’ crude. Oil, that is. Black gold. Texas tea. Well the first thing you know old Jed’s a millionaire. The […]

You think 2018 is the worst year ever? Try the real dark age: 536

You think 2018 is the worst year ever? Try the real dark age: 536 thumbnail

It may seem amid the maelstom that is 2018 that it’s a pretty bad time to be alive. There’s the terrible and accelerating effect of climate change, the rise of fascist and “alt-right” politics, violent conflict, millions of stateless refugees, a looming Brexit crisis and political turmoil in many other directions. But there have been […]

Oil, Power, and War by Matthieu Auzanneau

Oil, Power, and War by Matthieu Auzanneau thumbnail

Oil, Power, and War: A Dark History By Matthieu Auzanneau Originally published in 2015 as Or noir, by La Découverte Translated from the French by John F. Reynolds 672 pp, hardcover. Chelsea Green Publishing. – Nov 2018. $35.00. In Oil, Power, and War, French journalist Matthieu Auzanneau presents a comprehensive, provocative history of humankind’s relationship […]

The Geopolitics of Petroleum

General Ideas

Petropolitics Presentation by G. Chia to ReNew/ATA group on 27/9/18:   ADDENDUM: I mentioned the main feature of capitalist banking is that it charges interest on debt. The other key feature is that it creates money (for new loans) out of nothing, the so-called fractional reserve banking system.   ERRATA: APOC was the abbreviation for […]

True Revolution

General Ideas

A radical change in human behavior away from its patterns of oppression, exploitation, war and ecocide will necessarily involve a drastic transformation in humanity’s relationship with thought. I’ve been saying this over and over again in different ways for a long time now, and yet I still get criticisms saying that I have useful insights […]

Economic Meltdown Worse than Great Depression Coming

General Ideas

Renowned trends researcher Gerald Celente is making a big change to his 2018-2019 economic forecast. What is the timeline for this coming market meltdown? Celente says, “The timeline is tough, but look . . . all you need is one major failure or one major hedge fund pulling out because that’s who is running the […]

12 Reasons Why People Refuse To Address The Idea That We’re Headed For Near-Term Societal Collapse

General Ideas

The starting point for a generative discussion of the deep adaptation agenda is a difficult one. Because to begin to rigorously and imaginatively discuss this topic first requires us to accept the likelihood of near term societal collapse. By which I mean that within ten years, in whatever society we are living in, that we […]

The Next Pandemic Will Be Arriving Shortly

The Next Pandemic Will Be Arriving Shortly thumbnail

Deadly diseases like Ebola and the avian flu are only one flight away. The U.S. government must start taking preparedness seriously. There are plenty of security threats that could keep a former homeland security advisor awake. There is the possibility of a terrorist attack, a cyber-cataclysm, or any number of natural disasters—all threats that are […]

Dealing With Collapse: The Seneca Strategy

General Ideas

The ruins of the Egyptian Pyramid of Meidum, perhaps the first large building to collapse in history (*). The collapse of large structures is part of a fascinating field of study that we may call “Collapsology.” I already wrote a book on this subject, titled “The Seneca Effect” (Springer and Oekom 1917), available in English […]


Ponzinomics thumbnail

“Tolerable parasites are those that have minimum pain and cost to the host.“   DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, AT THE UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY: In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country. America is so thrilled. (LAUGHTER) I did not expect […]

Preparing for Collapse, A Few Rants

General Ideas

For a while now I been promising that when I got some other things out of the way, I’d actually talk about preparing for collapse. And that is just what I’m going to be doing in this and the next few posts. Unfortunately, my crystal ball isn’t any better than anybody else’s, probably worse than […]

The problem with models…is getting stuck on just one

General Ideas

Alfred Korzybski, the father of general semantics, first uttered what must now seem like a well-worn phrase: “The map is not the territory.” And yet, I don’t think this view has yet been well-incorporated into human culture. In a time when social media outlets are trying to sort what is “fake” from what is “genuine” […]

What Comes Next?

What Comes Next? thumbnail

Previews of the coming reckoning… All things have a beginning, a middle and and end. And now, more than 3,480 days into the current bull market, the longest in history, we can say with high confidence we are very close to its end. Why? For manifold reasons that are multiplying fast. So many, in fact, […]

Richard Heinberg: Human Predators, Human Prey – Part 3

Richard Heinberg: Human Predators, Human Prey – Part 3 thumbnail

6. “Disease organisms” (revolutionaries), “parasites” (criminals), and “immune systems” (law and punishment) in times of growth and release In his brilliant 1976 book Plagues and Peoples, historian William H. McNeill explored how infectious disease has shaped human societies through the ages. A remarkable paragraph on page 84 of the Anchor paperback edition has stayed with […]

The world’s not as bad as our brains would have us believe

General Ideas

Even highly educated people have gross misconceptions about state of the world, says the book “Factfulness.” On many fronts — economic, health, mortality, — the real picture is a lot brighter than people think. Chimpanzees are better at answering questions on the state of the world than Nobel Prize winners, according to a book I’ve […]

Chris Martenson: The Whole System Is Rigged

Chris Martenson: The Whole System Is Rigged thumbnail

As the dog days of summer wind down, it’s hard not to notice how the climate is suffering brutally right now across many areas of the globe. Crop failures have hit hard across Europe. Australia is under an intense drought. Warm water representing ‘archived heat’ has penetrated deep into the arctic.  Coral reefs are dying through […]

Snyder: Society Is Unraveling

General Ideas

The thin veneer of civilization that we all depend upon on a daily basis is disappearing at a staggering pace.  On Sunday, the young men that gathered to participate in the Madden Championship Series tournament in Jacksonville probably never imagined that they would be in any sort of danger, but then gunfire erupted around 1 […]

Bahrain Sees Beyond Oil and Gas, Eyes a Path To Tech Greatness

Bahrain Sees Beyond Oil and Gas, Eyes a Path To Tech Greatness thumbnail

Offering unique benefits, this Persian Gulf country attracts a wave of tech startups, from food to fintech to fitness. Bahrain 25.930414° N, 50.637772° E view map 1,492,584Population Arabic, EnglishSpoken Language $51,846GDP Per Capita ManamaCapital City Indian tech entrepreneur Amjad Puliyali had worked for a decade in Dubai, but in 2016, he relocated to tiny Bahrain […]

Society Is Made Of Narrative. Realizing This Is Awakening From The Matrix.

Society Is Made Of Narrative. Realizing This Is Awakening From The Matrix. thumbnail

In the movie The Matrix, humans are imprisoned in a virtual world by a powerful artificial intelligence system in a dystopian future. What they take to be reality is actually a computer program that has been jacked into their brains to keep them in a comatose state. They live their whole lives in that virtual […]

Blind Spot and Fuel: a Review of Two Peak Oil Documentaries from 2008

Blind Spot and Fuel: a Review of Two Peak Oil Documentaries from 2008 thumbnail

Blind Spot: Peak Oil and the Coming Global Crisis A documentary directed, written, photographed and edited by Adolfo Doring Music by Randall Wallace Produced by Michelle Cicalese, David Gil, Randall Wallace and Amanda Zackem Presented by Wallace Global Fund in association with Dislexic Films Release Date: October 2008 Running time: 1 hour, 26 minutes Fuel […]

why do political and economic leaders deny peak oil and climate change?

General Ideas

Since there’s nothing that can be done about climate change, because there’s no scalable alternative to fossil fuels, I’ve always wondered why politicians and other leaders, who clearly know better, feel compelled to deny it. I think it’s for exactly the same reasons you don’t hear them talking about preparing for Peak Oil. 1) Our […]

Kunstler: The Winners Will Lose and the Losers Will Win

Kunstler: The Winners Will Lose and the Losers Will Win thumbnail

Who doesn’t want to think that they are a good human being? That they are a person of good intentions, clear conscience, fair-minded, generous, loving, and merciful? On the other hand, who wants to be a loser? The current political predicament in the USA has America’s winners turned losers and the consequent pain of that […]

A Better World Is Here

A Better World Is Here thumbnail

The belief that everything is getting worse paints a distorted picture of what we can do, and makes us more fearful. But while getting the facts wrong – or willfully misrepresenting them – often results in misguided policies, fact-based recognition of what humanity has achieved encourages policies that can achieve the most good. SKANDERBORG, DENMARK […]

Peak oil went in the barrel — now the debate is over peak oil demand

General Ideas

When I started writing this column here a decade ago, I laid down several markers that might shove us sideways. Long before the word became a tech commonplace, I called the sum of these trends the Great Disruption. One was peak oil. This didn’t mean “the world about to run out of oil.” Instead, it […]

How the World Elites are Going to Betray us: Lessons from Roman History

How the World Elites are Going to Betray us: Lessons from Roman History thumbnail

The more I study the story of the Roman Empire, the more I see the similarities with our world. Of course, history doesn’t always repeat itself, but it is impressive to note how with the start of the collapse of the Western Empire, the Roman elites abandoned the people to build themselves strongholds in safe […]

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It’s so easy to produce a ton of garbage in the summer, so this is the time to be most mindful of single-use plastic, and running the AC on high. • • • #oceanconservation #renewables #climatebreakdown #climatestrike #peakoil #sustainable #sustainablity #sustainability

test Twitter Media - It’s so easy to produce a ton of garbage in the summer, so this is the time to be most mindful of single-use plastic, and running the AC on high.
#oceanconservation #renewables #climatebreakdown #climatestrike #peakoil #sustainable #sustainablity #sustainability