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Page added on November 27, 2021

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We Don’t Talk About Collapse To Revel In It, We Talk About Collapse To Prevent It

We Don’t Talk About Collapse To Revel In It, We Talk About Collapse To Prevent It thumbnail

If one possible result of the current system is collapse, realizing the system itself must be changed isn’t doom-and-gloom, it’s problem-solving.

Those of us who discuss collapse are generally dismissed as doom-and-gloomers, the equivalent of people who watch dash-cam videos of vehicle crashes all day, reveling in disaster. Why would we spend so much effort discussing collapse if we didn’t long for it?

Those dismissing us all as doom-and-gloomers hoping for collapse have it backward: yes, some long for collapse as a real-life disaster movie, but those discussing collapse in systems terms are trying to avoid it, not revel in it.

If the system is vulnerable beneath a surface stability, then the only way to avoid negative consequences is to understand those vulnerabilities / fragilities and work out systemic changes that reduce those risks.

It’s not the analysis of vulnerabilities that causes collapse, it’s refusing to look at vulnerabilities because to do so is considered negative. Why not be optimistic and just go with the consensus that the status quo is impervious to serious disruption? Can-do optimism is all that’s needed to overcome any spot of bother.

The problem is humanity’s propensity to confuse optimism with magical thinking. This confusion is particularly visible in any discussion of energy. The status quo holds that every problem has a technological solution, and doubting this optimism is dismissed as naysaying: “why can’t you be positive?”

I consider myself an optimist in the sense that I see solutions that are within reach if we change our definition of the problem so we can enable new solutions. I consider myself a practical, pragmatic optimist because I understand from life experience that systemic solutions generally require arduous transformations that will demand great effort and sacrifice. In many cases, this process is mostly a series of failures and disappointments that are the essential parts of a steep learning curve.

But little of this basic awareness is visible in media descriptions of “solutions.”

Thus every advance in a lab somewhere is immediately touted as the globally scalable solution: algae-based fuel, modular nuclear reactors, new battery designs, etc., in an endless profusion of technologies which are 1) not even to the prototype stage 2) cannot be scaled 3) limited to specific uses 4) require the construction of new infrastructure 5) consume vast resources to be built, including hydrocarbons 6) are not renewable as they must be replaced every 10-15 years 7) are not cost-effective once externalities are included 8) are intrinsically impractical due to complexity, dependency on rare minerals, etc.

All this “optimism” is actually 95% magical thinking, as the practical, real-world realities are dismissed or glossed over: “oh, they’ll figure all that out.”

In other words, throw enough money and talent at a problem (“we went to the moon, so anything is possible!”) and it will always be solved in a way that’s bigger and better. This is not optimism, this is magical thinking being passed off as optimism. Real optimism is cautious and contingent, hyper-aware that solutions are a dependency chain that only reach cost-effective scalability if an entire chain of circumstances and advances line up just right.

There’s another source of confusing optimism and magical thinking: being too successful for too long. Former Intel CEO Andy Grove discussed this in his book Only the Paranoid Survive: once an organization reckons it has succeeded and has everything necessary to continue achieving success without making any systemic changes, then it’s doomed to decay and eventual collapse.

When success becomes the default then all the hard parts of success–sacrifices made, failures mopped up, gambles that didn’t pay off and gambles that did–melt away and all that’s left is a sunny confidence that somebody somewhere will work out a solution that scales up to solve the problem for all of us: “we have top people working on it–top people!”

Meanwhile, back in the real world, it takes 20 years to get a new bridge approved and built in the U.S., 20 years for a new subway line approved and built and 20 years to get a new landfill approved.

We’re supposed to make the leap to a renewable zero-net-carbon future in 20 years and we can’t even build one new-design nuclear reactor prototype in 20 years, even as we’d need hundreds of new reactors to replace a significant slice of hydrocarbon consumption.

But if you dare to point out this painfully visible discrepancy between the real-world difficulties in getting a single prototype built in less than 20 years and the claim that we’re going to transition away from hydrocarbons in 20 years, then you’re a doom-and-gloomer, a naysayer who derives some bitter pleasure from shooting down optimists working on painless, sacrifice-free techno-solutions.

The essence of magical thinking is the belief that the long dependency chain between the idea/lab experiment and a solution that’s cost-effective and scales up to serve everyone will always fall into place because it’s always fallen into place in the past, and so there’s no reason to doubt that all the pieces will fall into place going forward.

This is magical thinking because it has zero interest in the real-world constraints embedded in each link in the long chain. If you bring up any of these constraints, the magical thinking “optimist” is immediately annoyed and accuses you of being a bitter naysayer. The idea that there might be real-world constraints that “top people” can’t overcome is rejected as naysaying.

The possibility that there might be systemic constraints is rejected out of hand because “anything’s possible if we throw enough money and talent at it.” There will always be a solution / substitute which will be affordable and sacrifice-free.

That all the previous examples of this were enabled by our exploitation of the easiest-to-extract hydrocarbon wealth is overlooked as a footnote.

This leaves us all frustrated. Those of us grounded in the real world are frustrated that if we bring up any real-world constraints–for example, those wondrous untapped ore deposits that are going to make all these new techno-wonders cheap and quick and easy are far from paved highways, far from major river or bluewater ports, far from processing plants, and far from sources of the millions of liters of diesel fuel that will be needed onsite to extract the ores–then we’re bitter naysayers who can’t bear optimism and easy success, while the magical thinking “optimists” are frustrated that we’re not accepting the technocratic religion that “top people” and a tsunami of money will solve any problem.

One thing I’ve noticed is “top people” (actual experts with long experience) are never the ones hyping some new technology as the pain-free affordable solution unless they’re paid shills of special interests. Then they hype nuclear reactors as the solution without mentioning the problem of what to do with the waste, to name one constraint “optimists” inevitably ignore.

In the real world, the hard part is getting every link of the long dependency chain to work reliably and at a cost that’s sustainable/affordable. Success comes not from blithely dismissing constraints as naysaying but from accepting most potential solutions will fail due to issues for which there is no cost-effective, practical, scalable fix.

On a systemic level, this requires questioning whether the system itself has to change if we want a different result. If one possible result of the current system is collapse, realizing the system itself must be changed isn’t doom-and-gloom, it’s problem-solving.

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49 Comments on "We Don’t Talk About Collapse To Revel In It, We Talk About Collapse To Prevent It"

  1. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 27th Nov 2021 10:39 pm 

    If the humans have free will & choice why the fuck did they let it get this far?

    They didn’t. They don’t let or prevent anything. They follow their programming, which is to dissipate as much energy as circumstances permit.

    Humans are thermodynamic puppets.

    For every effort you make to help the universe burn itself out you get another squirt of dopamine that lasts but a moment then you’ll start craving & chasing the next one. You’re part of a race of slave junkies. Age will slow you, but only death will release you from that ceaseless craving for more of everything. You’ll always want & want & want & if you get & & get the want will match the pac then do it one better. Your world is a trap. The one & only thing that can release you is also what you fear most. Death. It haunts your thoughts constantly & it will terrorize you with fear of it until it takes you. If a creator god exists he’s a fucking sadist.

  2. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 28th Nov 2021 2:30 am 

    “If the humans have free will & choice why the fuck did they let it get this far?”

    “Free Will” is a subject, philosophers have tried to tackle for ages, since antiquity. The best approach, in my eyes, comes from the Russian Gurdjieff:

    Best book here, from his most dedicated pupils Ouspensky:

    Most people have no free will indeed, are machines/robots, carrying out a program of habits and even the slightest deviation from that pattern means abandoning the comfort zone and leading to panic.

    However, free will comes in gradations, some people have more free will than others. The higher an individual is developed, the more free will he has.

    What is free will? Essential elements are:

    – goal setting
    – self-remembrance
    – intentional suffering/effort (=leaving the comfort zone) to achieve the goal.

    Simple example: Sylvester night, typical goal setting for next year: losing 20 kg.

    Most people forget/abandon the 1-1-20xx expressed intention after a few days and fall back into old behavioral patterns. Some people, however, do persevere and reach their goal, after fasting, adapting intake patterns, sport and constant resistance against food temptations. These people have a few % more free will than others.

    “Humans are thermodynamic puppets.”

    Most are, in the light of what is said above. However, even the most mechanical people are able to complete a jig-saw puzzle and as such lower entropy/create order out of chaos, something material objects can’t do. Organic life has the ability to act against thermodynamic laws, that only apply to material objects.

    “If a creator god exists he’s a fucking sadist.”

    Hmm, you don’t read Dutch, but otherwise I could recommend “Het sadistisch universum”, by one of the greatest modern Dutch writers, W.F. Hermans, generally recognized as one of the top 3 Dutch writers (and very right-wing):

  3. Cloggie on Sun, 28th Nov 2021 3:14 am 

    There is nothing wrong with collapse. Sometimes a house needs to be demolished, in order to make room for a new one. It is admittedly going to be a rough period until the new house stands. Welcome to the not so roaring twenties of the 21st century.

    What is going to “collapse” is the old US-centric, globalist order. The age of plenty, material comfort, energy abundance, flights to the other side of the planet in a blink of an eye and every year 2% real growth. And national borders gradually losing importance. The world of George Soros, if you will.

    The center (NYC-Washington axis) won’t hold though, and the globalist world will fall apart in several autonomous “poles”, ordered mostly along religion-ethnic identity. #multi-polar world.

    Expect flying to diminish, if not getting totally cancelled due to viruses and/or fossil fuel shortages and declining incomes, unable to afford these expensive tickets anymore.

    Private car ownership, same story. Technology is almost there to enable public transport to expand to the highways, with cheap autonomous driving, carried out by 8p vans, that hardly consume more than an SUV.

    End of mass commuting. Thanks to Covid, people get conditioned to work from home or virtually. Eventually, people will return to the office, but not necessarily to the HQ office. Companies can be organized in a distributed fashion, by renting “desks” in a shared collective office, where several companies share the same building, at walking -cycling distance from its employees homes. All you need is a safe internet connection with VPN, shielded off cubicles, a coffee machine, a dart board for light socializing during coffee breaks and a catering service.

    Meanwhile, one company after the other will switch to renewable energy, like this German chemical giant, the largest in the world:

    “BASF Starts Renewable Energy Branch”

    Society will continue to exist and drive, albeit in a lower gear.

  4. Duncan Idaho on Sun, 28th Nov 2021 10:02 am 

    Who better to make president than an obsessive 78 year old narcissist?

    Lets consider the Fat Boy again——
    The survivors, if any, might have more resources?

  5. Biden’s hairplug on Sun, 28th Nov 2021 3:34 pm 

    “Boris Johnson book depicts Jews as controlling the media“

    He should know, he knows the media world from the inside.

  6. Theedrich on Mon, 29th Nov 2021 2:47 am 

    USA: Afroids, freaks of nature, mutants, queers. Plus criminals, narco-murderers, child pornographers, parasites, disease-infected sludge, dictatorial burocrats, rioting maniacs, nihilists and genocidal Communists.  All of this and more is now the choice of the opioid-demanding American electorate as steered by the Yid media.

    The U.S. petri dish is exhausted.  The mainsteam media are the generators of national psychosis, especially for the sloths who want nothing more than free money and a life of ease as promised by the globalists of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (Weltwirtschaftsforum).  Use the Fauci-ChiCom virus as the excuse to impose totalitarian control.

    The masses will own nothing and be happy.

    As they die.

  7. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 29th Nov 2021 3:12 am 

    “The Omicron Power Grab”

    From [1:07:42] onwards…

    1:09:06 “there is no peaceful solution”.

    For the billions of Eurasians: this American ZOG chicky is dead meat, up for grabs. The only worry is not THAT it will end, but HOW. And the major concern for Europeans (EU+Russia) is how to keep Chinese troops from occupying too much North American soil, although the Vancouver area is probably gone.

    The demise of ZOG-USA will discredit the diversity idea once and for all in Europe. Europe can still be saved.

    Millions of French Muslims can be deported to the UK, just like the alllies allowed Poles to ethnically cleanse German cities in the East (both in 1939, the real reason why Germany invaded Poland, as well as in 1945), and decapitate the UK by turning London and Kent into a fundamentalist Muslim enclave a la Bosnia and clean up France.

    That’s at least the worst case scenario for England, if England would side with ZOG until the last moment, like a western sort of GDR.

    This whole US order will begin to crumble in the very moment that China and North-Korea will make their coordinated move against Taiwan-Guam-Philippines and South-Korea respectively and Japan will emancipate itself from US occupation under continental Asian pressure to do so, if it wants to remain sovereign.

    In one big blow, two new geoplitical €24T giants will emerge from under the rubble of the former Anglo-American-Zionist order: China and Greater Europe (EU+Russia+Ukraine+Belarus). They both will simultaneously withdraw from the globalist institutions in NYC and create a new global diplomatic capital, probably in the middle of Eurasia on neutral territory (Kazakhstan? A bit Russian-European, Muslim, Asian).

  8. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 29th Nov 2021 7:09 am 

    The Big Pharma coup that is Covid-19:

  9. Duncan Idaho on Mon, 29th Nov 2021 10:14 am 

    Republicans have won the popular vote only once in the last 30 years

    Baby Bush got one vote winner.

  10. Hello on Mon, 29th Nov 2021 1:26 pm 

    >>>> Republicans have won the popular vote only once in the last 30 years

    That tells you how fucked up them libtard cities are. The funny thing about libtard cities is once they become unlivable, the rich libtards FLEE to conservative states. As a first thought you would think to be that stupid you have to be a negro. But wait a minute. The rich libtard destroying their cities and then moving on to destroy conservative regions are actually mostly indoctrinated rich spoiled europeans. That is of course amazing to me and makes me wonder if europens are the most stupid people ever lived? They import truck loads of negros and other sludge into their home and once the problem is more than obvious they simply continue? How fucked up is that? You really need to be truly retarded to be a libtard. AMAZING.

  11. peakyeast on Mon, 29th Nov 2021 6:16 pm 

    “to prevent collapse…”

    That must be the noobies or well aged into senility they are referring to…

  12. D T on Mon, 29th Nov 2021 7:56 pm 

    The only thing that is not preventable is entropy.

  13. Cloggie on Tue, 30th Nov 2021 12:47 am 

    “Investors are going wild over a Dutch chip firm. And you’ve probably never heard of it”

    ASML is now the most valuable European tech firm.

    All wonderful, that US-Chinese fight over global supremacy, the truth is that Europe is winning the tech war.

    Here a well-informed Asian source:

    “China’s ASML is Years and Years Behind”

    (20 years to be precise)

    “India’s Semiconductor Failure”

    America once began lithography but is currently nowhere and is merely buying ASML machines to produce microchips. Taiwan, Korea, China, Japan, same story. If ASML stopped delivering these machines, within 7 years these societies would fall back to preindustrial ages.

    And then there is renewable energy. And the successor of microchips, photonics:

    Sorry folks, but the Anglo-Soviet intermezzo was just that, a brief deviation from normality: European supremacy.

  14. Cloggie on Tue, 30th Nov 2021 1:19 am 

    Today, I completed living for one month without central heating and slashed my energy bill with more than 50%.

    Here is my report:

    Conclusion: perfectly doable. Space heating is so overrated. And even more reduction is in the pipe-line with beginning to wear electro-wired underwear, later this winter season. Keeping warm in the winter for 8$/month is within reach.

  15. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 30th Nov 2021 2:10 am 

    It’s official, Brexit is a failed project… in the eyes of the British themselves:

    “Support For Brexit Stands Now At Just 18 Percent! YouGov Poll”

    Not that they are going to admit their error, they will stubbornly adapt to their new fate. Better suffer economic deprivation than undergo the humiliation of returning to the EU with the cap in the hand, begging to be let in again. Which the EU wouldn’t do anyway. Common Market perhaps, but that would put the UK in the same position as the Norwegians and Swiss: rule takers. The UK has no choice but to turn to the US and become their rule takers, with much lower standards.

    And note: Brexit has yet to begin in earnest, per 1 January 2022, when the full Brexit regime will be in place.

    “Brexit has turned Europe’s largest fish market into a ghost town”

    “Brexit. UK losing 515 million pounds a week via lost exports to the EU”

    “Negotiation Analysis: Why Brexit negotiations failed so badly”

  16. D T on Tue, 30th Nov 2021 4:07 am 

    This is a good read if you are interested in the truth.

  17. D T on Tue, 30th Nov 2021 4:25 am 

    This is another good overview of the human predicament of collapse.

  18. Cloggie on Tue, 30th Nov 2021 3:24 pm 

    An agreement has been signed to build the world’s first energy island “Vind0”, 80 km out of the coast of Denmark and turn the North Sea into the world’s largest power plant: 10+ GW

  19. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 30th Nov 2021 3:58 pm 

    World Cup 2022 – sponsored by Pfizer:

  20. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 30th Nov 2021 4:16 pm 

    Vaccines don’t work:

  21. D T on Tue, 30th Nov 2021 4:39 pm 

    Cloggie says “An agreement has been signed to build the world’s first energy island “Vind0”, 80 km out of the coast of Denmark and turn the North Sea into the world’s largest power plant: 10+ GW”

    So tell me Cloggie how many Km’s worth of copper ore will be blasted out of the earth further destroying the earths biosphere to accomplish this bright green lie?

  22. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 30th Nov 2021 9:55 pm 

    clog, keep pimping green & maybe you can get to 1.7% electricity, which is only 20% of world energy use, via solar before the talking monkey clones go extinct.

    Humans Are Doomed to Go Extinct

    Habitat degradation, low genetic variation and declining fertility are setting Homo sapiens up for collapse

    “As a paleontologist, I take the long view. Mammal species tend to come and go rather rapidly, appearing, flourishing and disappearing in a million years or so. The fossil record indicates that Homo sapiens has been around for 315,000 years or so, but for most of that time, the species was rare—so rare, in fact, that it came close to extinction, perhaps more than once. Thus were sown the seeds of humanity’s doom: the current population has grown, very rapidly, from something much smaller. The result is that, as a species, H. sapiens is extraordinarily samey. There is more genetic variation in a few troupes of wild chimpanzees than in the entire human population. Lack of genetic variation is never good for species survival.”

    There goes all your bunk race theories disproved with hard science yet again.

    clog’s DNA is practically indistinguishable from jungle bunny DNA because clog is just another incestuous talking monkey clone.

    The only disparity is why are Jews so awesome & superior?

    Also, why are Jew chicks hotter & why are their vaginas so yum yum Yummy!?

    Vaginas are good, but Jewginas are GREAT!

    I know your the wrong clone to ask clog. Fags like you know nothing about Vaginas or Jewginas.

  23. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 30th Nov 2021 10:31 pm 

    lewrockwell is anti state. Ok lew the police & military & prison industrial complex are the state. Defund them & the only question is will it be a white, black or brown gang that invades your home, makes you cook dinner for them, then makes you & your family choose which order y’all get raped, tortured & killed in. Anti state days are coming. The state will do anything- the most desperate acts to save itself as the collapse cliff approaches. State avoidance via fleeing is a strategy that people have used since the beginning – Sumeria.

    Many examples in this book.

    Seeing Like a State: How Certain Schemes to Improve the Human Condition Have Failed

    James C. Scott

    Compulsory ujamaa villages in Tanzania, collectivization in Russia, Le Corbusier’s urban planning theory realized in Brasilia, the Great Leap Forward in China, agricultural “modernization” in the Tropics―the twentieth century has been racked by grand utopian schemes that have inadvertently brought death and disruption to millions. Why do well-intentioned plans for improving the human condition go tragically awry?

    In this wide-ranging and original book, James C. Scott analyzes failed cases of large-scale authoritarian plans in a variety of fields. Centrally managed social plans misfire, Scott argues, when they impose schematic visions that do violence to complex interdependencies that are not―and cannot―be fully understood. Further, the success of designs for social organization depends upon the recognition that local, practical knowledge is as important as formal, epistemic knowledge. The author builds a persuasive case against “development theory” and imperialistic state planning that disregards the values, desires, and objections of its subjects. He identifies and discusses four conditions common to all planning disasters: administrative ordering of nature and society by the state; a “high-modernist ideology” that places confidence in the ability of science to improve every aspect of human life; a willingness to use authoritarian state power to effect large- scale interventions; and a prostrate civil society that cannot effectively resist such plans.

  24. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 1st Dec 2021 1:16 am 

    The variant to end the virus?

    “Omicron good news”

    Omicron very infectious, but very mild. Nobody has died of it so far.

  25. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 1st Dec 2021 3:04 am 

    “Also, why are Jew chicks hotter & why are their vaginas so yum yum Yummy!?
    Vaginas are good, but Jewginas are GREAT!”

    Seriously, a social justice warrior between your sheets, a girl with glasses, calling you a “fascist” at every turn of the way, thanks but no thanks…

    “The Way We Were”

    American golden boy Robert Redford being fascinated, at first, how Anglo (!), with the intellectual intensity of Barbra Streisand and her never ending battle for the “oppressed” (with the hidden afterthought to hurt white interests wherever they can). It is how they brought down the Roman Empire, the Czar, Germany, the European empires and now white America is next on the line, the only serious tax farm and army they have left (which is good for continental Europe btw). In the end, Redford marries an Aryan beauty, as he should, good riddance to Barbra.

    “you know nothing about Vaginas or Jewginas.”

    More than 30 years ago I was working in Cologne-Germany and active in dating there. One of the many candidates was a nice Jewish girl and I was a still philosemite then (that changed after 2000). She was smart and sympathetic, but not too pretty. But the idea that my children would be Jewish, was a little too much to ask:×1200.jpg

    Dutch saying: “two faiths on one pillow, the devil sleeps in between”.

    In the end, it was to be a pretty girl from Kiev to marry.

  26. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 1st Dec 2021 3:39 am 

    “Russia will pay the price if it invades Ukraine: Foreign Secretary LIZ TRUSS underlines her determination to stand up to Vladimir Putin”

    Most revealing are the comments from the otherwise jingoistic Brexiteers: doom and gloom. As always, you can accurately read the future from the hearts and minds today.

    “Historian Alfred McCoy Predicts the U.S. Empire is Collapsing as China’s Power Grows”

    “Alfred “Al” William McCoy (born June 8, 1945, in Concord) is an American historian and educator. McCoy is currently the Fred Harvey Harrington Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.” (German-American).

    No, China is not strong enough to take out the US (as long as there is no civil war in the US). But China IS strong enough to kick the US out of East-Asia and the chance-of-success-gap to do so is increasing with every passing year. Difference in length of supply lines issue and false Anglo belief in the strength of navies, based on 2 centuries experience and success, but that are irrelevant for the world of today (the 1982 Falklands War gave a sneak preview of things to come: missiles determine the outcome of naval battles). And the Chinese can take far more casualties than the US. And they have a vast Eurasian hinterland, most important Russia.

    At [4:45] McCoy says that during the last 18 virtual war games US-China, the US lost 18 times. There you have it.

  27. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 1st Dec 2021 9:16 am 

    EU allows Eastern Europeans to “temporarily” lift asylum rules:

    It will be easier to send people back.

    Just bugger off, not welcome.

  28. Duncan Idaho on Wed, 1st Dec 2021 9:26 am 

    Co-founder of Christian TV network that railed against vaccines dies of Covid-19

    Cleaning up the bad gene pool.

  29. Duncan Idaho on Wed, 1st Dec 2021 1:14 pm 

    “Living in a nation where 17-year-old mama’s boys can buy semi-automatic rifles, cross state lines with those guns, and then kill unarmed people with impunity doesn’t seem like a model for a healthy society.”

    Too many mama’s boys in US.

  30. Hello on Wed, 1st Dec 2021 2:37 pm 

    In the US, instead of increasing social programs for negros, it would be much better to pay each negro a one way ticket to beautiful tropical africa.

    There, they have a chance to build a beautiful, just society. Would that work? Probably not, because they couldn’t play the victim card anymore. And we all know a negro ain’t much unless he pulls the victim card. Once pulled, all white folks bow down in front of the negro.

    Almost makes me wonder if there’s anything more stupid than a european, bowing down to a negro. Amazing.

  31. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 2nd Dec 2021 1:45 am 

    “Black Lives Matter calls for month-long boycott of ‘white companies’ during the holiday season to support ‘Black Xmas’ and end ‘White-supremacist-capitalism'”

    How about boycotting ‘black companies’? Oh wait, there aren’t any.

    Seriously, Stone Age black activists are making themselves impossible with their abstract demands of “ending white supremacy” (whatever that may mean). For us in Europe, things couldn’t better and the moment where the Anglos will find a Waterloo of their own is rapidly approaching, ending this heeb-invented diversity cult, the US version of communism, once and for all. And the Chinese will push the button in the SCS, that will trigger Armageddon in the US and end a short century of US hegemony.

    “The End of Cowboy America”

  32. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 2nd Dec 2021 4:43 am 

    “Scottish independence poll: Support soars to 55 per cent”

    The Nuland kike is back:

    “Nuland threatens Russia with ‘high-impact’ sanctions over Ukraine”

    They now want to prescribe Russia that it cannot place its own troops wherever it wants in its OWN land!

    Mel Gibson on Victory Nuland:


    Come on Macron, end this “brain dead” NATO farce.

    “Macron calls Boris a CLOWN: President branded Johnson a ‘good-for-nothing’ and slammed his conduct in the sausage wars, fishing row and submarine affair – according to respected French magazine”

    Now is the time for Europe to distance themselves from the Anglos and defect to Eurasia (they probably already did that in secret).

  33. Dredd on Thu, 2nd Dec 2021 6:32 am 

    “We Don’t Talk About Collapse To Revel In It, We Talk About Collapse To Prevent It”

    Well said.

    (On The Origin Of The Home Of COVID-19 – 26).

  34. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 2nd Dec 2021 8:59 am 

    Robot couriers don’t work in the snow:

  35. Duncan Idaho on Thu, 2nd Dec 2021 10:14 am 

    ‘Smells of Death’: Anti-Vax Priests Are Dropping Like Flies Here

    Some good news!
    The idiots are killing themselves.
    Gene pool improving

  36. peakyeast on Thu, 2nd Dec 2021 10:35 am 

    Wow Duncan if you are so stupid as to take that article seriously then its impressive that you can actually shovel food into your own mouth…

  37. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 2nd Dec 2021 12:11 pm 

    Prominent German virologist and system darling (well, until today) is speaking against mandatory vaccination, for the simple reason that vaccines are (necessarily) designed to combat variants that are no longer prevalent; the succession of variants is simply too fast to keep up, that is why we have countries with up to 100% double vaccinations and are still suffering from overcrowded hospitals.

    For normal healthy people (98% of the population) it is best to trust on your natural immune system, practice social distancing, avoid crowds, wash your hands etc.

    But sinister communists like donkey idaho have a secret political motive: they see the population as property of the omnipotent state and they want the sheeple to be subjected to the state. He couldn’t care less about healthcare issues.

  38. Biden’s hairplug on Thu, 2nd Dec 2021 3:08 pm 

    Wikipedia and the war against the truth:

    “Wikipedia to remove all information on genocides perpetrated by communism as ‘biased’“

    Wikipedia, another ZOG-tool, like all the media.

  39. PauvreBebes on Thu, 2nd Dec 2021 7:47 pm 

    Father and I had a discussion about the future of earth and its inhabitant. Censorship forbit me to tell you what will happen to you.

  40. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 3rd Dec 2021 2:02 am 

    Major British newspaper The Telegraph regrets having promoted Brexit:

    It needs to be remembered that the Brexit vote took place a few months BEFORE the watershed US event, that was the election of Donald Trump, the first clear sign that white nationalism was gathering steam in the US and a major breach of political BAU in the US and beyond and the beginning of the end of US-lead post-WW2 globalism.

    Brexit was essentially a geostrategic vote, against EU-membership and in favor of the US as preferred ally.

    Britain had joined the European project in the seventies, because US dominance was so overarching, that it didn’t influence the “special relationship” anyway, joining Europe was merely joining a common market, which was good for trade and that is how it turned out. Europe + UK were never more prosperous.

    But now that the EU is becoming ever more political, with US power gradually receding, the Brits got the feeling that they might get stuck in a political entity, they don’t want to be part of. Hence the outcome of the Brexit vote.

    And now they are finding out they had been betting on the wrong US horse and that they voted for membership of a losing alliance. Britain is now in a similar isolated position, Germany was in, in 1900, when the British prepared for an anti-German alliance in order to kill a competitor.

    And now the new German government wants the United States of Europe…

    “Die Ampelkoalitionäre träumen von den «Vereinigten Staaten von Europa»”

    …and the Brits are no longer in the EU to prevent that.

    In 1-2 decades, the EU will be the next superpower, nuclear armed to the teeth, eclipsing a declining USA and begin to function as a magnet for US white nationalists as their plan B, after Washington/ZOG.

  41. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 3rd Dec 2021 7:46 am 

    New indications that Omicron could have originated from a mink farm, possible a Dutch one, and from there was exported to South-Africa:

    Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 on mink farms between humans and mink and back to humans

    For Germans readers, details here:

  42. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 4th Dec 2021 1:47 am 

    Vaccination mandates dismissed in the US, very good!

    “two federal judges rendered decisions striking down Acting President Fauci’s vaccine mandates. The second ruling, penned by U.S. District Judge Terry A. Doughty of Louisiana’s Western District, featured a particularly lusty and detailed diagnosis of the mandate’s constitutional impropriety, and extended the injunction against vax mandates to all fifty states.”

  43. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 4th Dec 2021 6:34 am 

    Pedophile Epstein visited first term Clinton White House ***17 times***:

    That is how ZOG works: Epstein delivers easy under-age sexual meat to corrupt US-UK politicians, and thus the Sanhedrin gets a stranglehold over these politicians, changing them into puppets.


    People like that can be trusted to fly planes into high-rise buildings, organize a social system called communism, where millions are slaughtered like animals, invent a holohoax during a Nuremberg showtrial that for 70% was run by kikes, incite world wars, incite the Iraq war and use their media to enforce “anti-racism”, justifying changing the face of the country and turn it into a XXL-Lebanon where everybody wants to go at the throat of competing ethnic groups.

    And now America is next to be set up for the Soviet treatment. Are you ready, Yankee?

    Maybe now you understand why Adi had a point.

    Thank God, Russia and China exist, both nuclear armed, with China already potentially stronger, at least in East-Asia.

    The One World ZOG-project is going to fail miserably. But they still could turn Anglosphere into the next USSR-of-color.

  44. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 4th Dec 2021 2:31 pm 

    Sinn Féin leader visits US capital in order to seek political support for Irish reunification within 5-10 years:

    I wonder what Farage has to say about that development.

  45. goodbye on Fri, 10th Dec 2021 2:40 am 

    peakyeast or hello or clogged or hairplug

    All birds of the same creator- snooze

  46. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 10th Dec 2021 2:56 am 

    Peakyeast is from Denmark, Hello from Switzerland and the rest are from Holland.

  47. FamousDrScanlon on Fri, 10th Dec 2021 11:49 am 

    clog, you forgot to add that jew-bankers are responsible for the collapse of the Klingon empire as well.

    Also, I walked 2.4 kilometers to the pharmacy & back on Tuesday morning. Within half a block of leaving it started to rain. That da Jooooos fault too.

  48. FamousDrScanlon on Fri, 10th Dec 2021 2:39 pm 

    clog just found out Wikipedia iz a tool.

    Was that planned or just circumstances made them do it.

    I have a sister in law who is an English Lit professor. For over a decade she’s been complaining about how every year one or two dumb twits cite Wikipedia even though they warn them in writing it’s not a source. She tells stories about how loads of first year students are totally unprepared & unqualified to be there. 30 years ago they would have been denied admission. These are west world’s next-gen managers. No wonder the gooks are taking over.

    Don’t blame me. I never voted & I never had kids. I’m innocent & I want at least 50% of all property taxes I paid returned to me by months end. I was told that my property taxes went to educate your kids, who would then help serve society – never happened. Your kids are morons. I want my refund.

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