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Page added on January 21, 2023

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The Worst Food Crisis In Modern History

The Worst Food Crisis In Modern History thumbnail

People on the other side of the planet are dropping dead from starvation right now, but most people don’t even realize that this is happening.  Unfortunately, most people just assume that everything is fine and dandy.  If you are one of those people that believe that everything is just wonderful, I would encourage you to pay close attention to the details that I am about to share with you.  Global hunger is rapidly spreading, and that is because global food supplies have been getting tighter and tighter.  If current trends continue, we could potentially be facing a nightmare scenario before this calendar year is over.

Pakistan is not one of the poorest nations in the world, but the lack of affordable food is starting to cause panic inside that country.  The following comes from Time Magazine

Last Saturday in Mirpur Khas, a city in Pakistan’s Sindh province, hundreds of people lined up for hours outside a park to buy subsidized wheat flour, offered for 65 rupees a kilogram instead of the current, inflated rate of about 140 to 160 rupees.

When a few trucks arrived, the crowd surged forward, leaving several injured. One man, Harsingh Kolhi, who was there to bring a five kg bag of flour home for his wife and children, was crushed and killed in the chaos.

We are seeing similar things happen all over the planet.

Just because you still may have enough food to eat doesn’t mean that everybody else is okay.

In fact, things have already gotten so bad that even CNN is admitting that we are facing “the worst food crisis in modern history”

Yet the world is still in the grips of the worst food crisis in modern history, as Russia’s war in Ukraine shakes global agricultural systems already grappling with the effects of extreme weather and the pandemic. Market conditions may have improved in recent months, but experts do not expect imminent relief.

That means more pain for vulnerable communities already struggling with hunger. It also boosts the risk of starvation and famine in countries such as Somalia, which is contending with what the United Nations describes as a “catastrophic” food emergency.

Sadly, it isn’t just in Somalia where the food crisis has reached “catastrophic” proportions.

According to Reuters, the entire continent is now dealing with the worst food crisis that Africa “has ever seen”…

Across Africa, from east to west, people are experiencing a food crisis that is bigger and more complex than the continent has ever seen, say diplomats and humanitarian workers.

Please go back and read that statement again.

Do you remember all those years when Sally Struthers was begging us to feed the starving children in Africa?

Well, the truth is that conditions are now far worse than when she was making those commercials.

At one hospital in Somalia, grieving mothers are regularly bringing in very young children that have literally starved to death

“Sometimes mothers bring us dead children,” said Farhia Moahmud Jama, head nurse at the paediatric emergency unit. “And they don’t know they’re dead.”

Weakened by hunger, camp residents are vulnerable to disease and people are dying due to a lack of food, said Nadifa Hussein Mohamed, who managed the camp where Isak’s family initially stayed.

“Maybe the whole world is hungry and donors are bankrupt, I don’t know,” she said. “But we’re calling out for help, and we do not see relief.”

UN officials are doing what they can to help, but the truth is that they are being absolutely overwhelmed by the scope of this crisis.

Over the past 12 months, the number of Africans that are dealing with “acute food insecurity” has absolutely exploded

The number of East Africans experiencing acute food insecurity – when a lack of food puts lives or livelihoods in immediate danger – has spiked by 60% in just the last year, and by nearly 40% in West Africa, according to the World Food Programme (WFP).

Sadly, a lot of Americans are simply not going to care about what is going on over there as long as we have enough food over here.

Of course food supplies continue to get tighter on our side of the planet as well.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, our corn harvest this year was the smallest in 15 years

Last year was a bad year for corn — the latest US Department of Agriculture (USDA) report shows drought conditions and extreme weather wreaked havoc on croplands.

USDA unexpectedly slashed its outlook for domestic corn production amid a severe drought across the western farm belt. Farmers in Nebraska, Kansas, and Texas were forced to abandon drought-plagued fields.

The agency estimated farmers harvested 79.2 million acres, a decline of 1.6 million acres versus the previous estimate — the smallest acres harvest since 2008.

That wouldn’t be so bad if our population was still the same size that it was back in 2008.

Other harvests have been extremely disappointing too, and that is one of the factors that has been steadily driving up food prices.

At this point, the average U.S. household is spending 72 more dollars on food per month than it was at this same time a year ago…

As inflation continues to decimate the budgets of American families, the December report from Moody’s Analytics showed that families are spending an estimated $72 more on food per month than they were a year ago.

That figure is pulled out of a report that says the typical US household is shelling out $371 on goods and services more than they were a year ago.

In particular, the price of eggs has gone completely nuts.

I recently came across an article about one small business owner that is now paying three times as much for eggs as she once did…

It just seems like the cost of everything is going up these days and that includes egg prices, which are affecting local businesses. “We used to buy 15 dozen eggs from Sam’s for 23 dollars. They are now 68 dollars,” said Cindy Gutierrez, the owner of Creative Cakes. “Now it’s about 63-ish for 15 dozen and it’s also hard to get 15 dozen,” said Caitlyn Wallace, the owner of Catie Pies.

The prices for eggs have surged three times their original price. According to the consumer price index, egg prices increased by 10% in October 2022 and that increase has continued to rise. This is causing a domino effect for restaurants, businesses, and bakeries who use eggs.

Economic conditions are changing so rapidly now, and nothing will ever be quite the same again.

As we move forward, the widespread use of “beetleburgers” is one of the “solutions” that the global elite are starting to push

Beetleburgers could soon be helping to feed the world, according to new research. The creepy crawlers’ larvae — better known as mealworms — could act as a meat alternative to alleviate hunger worldwide. The process uses a fraction of the land and water and emits a smaller carbon footprint in comparison of traditional farming.

To make this a reality, French biotech company Ynsect is planning a global network of insect farms, including nurseries and slaughterhouses. A pilot plant has already been been set up at Dole in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comte region of France.

Doesn’t that sound yummy?

Of course these “beetleburgers” will just be a drop in the bucket.

No matter what the global elite try, they will not be able to stop “the worst food crisis in modern history” from getting a whole lot worse.

So I would encourage you to stock up while you still can.

Global food supplies are getting a little bit tighter with each passing day, and I have a feeling that 2023 will have lots of “unexpected surprises” for all of us.

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  1. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 26th Jan 2023 6:14 pm 

    Pakistan’s dark age: The joke’s on us, and it’s no longer funny

    With everything collapsing in the country, dark humour is the Pakistani’s only respite. But even that’s wearing thin.

    “You see, we couldn’t pay the IMF bill so they cut off our electricity,”

    “….the energy minister finally spoke about what had happened, he admitted that they deliberately “temporarily shut down our power generation systems” overnight as a cost-saving measure and then were unable to switch it back on again.

    Let that sink in: They actually literally tried to turn the country off and on again and failed, much like the motorist who switches the engine off at a traffic signal to save on fuel and then is unable to restart the car. Meanwhile, 220 million people are stuck behind him and honking furiously.

    What happens in the near future when stinking starving Pakistan says “Hey whitey, send us boat loads of food or else we will nuke the Strait of Hormuz & the Suez canal”.

    They might make the same threat to India and China – I don’t know the range of their nukes.
    They are just as likely to nuke India over water diversion.

    The men with nothing left to lose are dangerous men, especially if they inject religion into it.
    Hell the US has millions of apocalyptic bible thumpers. I’ll wage most of them would push the nuke button to spare themselves the ensnarement & shame over being 100% wrong about climate change, resource depletion & all the rest of OVERSHOOT.
    I mean look at all the effort & hysterics y’all fuck-wads put into the great reset fairy tale.

    The 1972 book, ‘The Limits To Growth’ predicted humans would be here & why.

    How y’all liking your grocery bill? That’s a tiny hors d’oeuvre.

    Climate Change is Fuelling Global Food Price Inflation and Shortage

    “Growing levels of food insecurity have been observed around the world, caused by a myriad of factors including reduced incomes, disrupted supply chains, socioeconomic conditions, climate change, and conflict, even before the COVID-19 pandemic.”

    I totally predicted this.

    I also tole U bitches that climate change does not reinvent the wheel, but rather JACKS the fuck out existing human problems & put’s weather phenomena, like hurricanes, on steroids.

    That’s why the US war dept sometimes describes climate change as a:
    -“threat multiplier”
    -“accelerant of instability,”
    -“force multiplier”
    -“crisis multiplier”
    —-‘kick in the cunt’

    If there’s a big ass El Nino this year, humans will see destruction like never before.

  2. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 26th Jan 2023 6:49 pm 

    How climate disasters destroyed one of our earliest civilisations

    “Analysis: climate change in the shape of two major droughts brought an end to the the world’s largest civilisation

    4,250 years ago, the Harappan civilisation in the Indus Valley battled against a changing climate. Facing a major drought, the Harappan adapted by switching crops and moving to different cities. But their cities grew into disrepair and were abandoned, their trade networks dismantled and the world’s largest civilisation ended.”

  3. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 26th Jan 2023 6:57 pm 

    “We are now experiencing hot spells and intensities that we would actually not have expected from climate models for a few decades,”

    ‘Heat February’ likely to follow Germany’s warmest January on record so far

    “Germany is getting hotter. Every decade since the sixties has been warmer than the previous one and the pace is continuing to increase…”

    “We are now experiencing hot spells and intensities that we would actually not have expected from climate models for a few decades,”

    The first half of January – usually considered to be the height of winter – was warmer than ever before this year, at 8.2 C above average.

  4. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 26th Jan 2023 7:05 pm 

    Satellite data shows sustained severe drought in Europe

    “Europe lacks groundwater – a lot of groundwater. The continent has already been suffering from a severe drought since 2018. This is confirmed by satellite data”

    “The effects of this prolonged drought were evident in Europe in the summer of 2022. Dry riverbeds, stagnant waters that slowly disappeared and with them numerous impacts on nature and people. Not only did numerous aquatic species lose their habitat and dry soils cause many problems for agriculture, but the energy shortage in Europe also worsened as a result. Nuclear power plants in France lacked the cooling water to generate enough electricity and hydroelectric power plants could not fulfil their function without sufficient water either.”

  5. makati1 on Thu, 26th Jan 2023 10:23 pm 

    If you don’t like the climate where you live…move! Nothing is going to stop the climates from doing what they have done for at least a billion years.

    Humans are no more important than the dinosaurs or any of the many different ecologies that have come and gone. The next ecology may be made up of roaches and rats. Survival of the fittest at its best.

    Not so long ago the “scientists” were claiming a new ice age was coming. Didn’t happen yet, but it will as it has many times before.

    I would recommend this video for those who have not seen it before.

    The History of Earth – How Our Planet Formed – Full Documentary HD

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  10. Duncan Idaho on Fri, 27th Jan 2023 5:23 pm 

    “ranting like a deranged hobo in a dilapidated public park”

    Lets not put down hobo’s by comparing them to the Fat Boy

  11. Duncan Idaho on Sat, 28th Jan 2023 10:03 am 

    Former County GOP Chairman Faces Child Pornography Charges

    Typical repug behavior–

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