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Page added on June 28, 2023

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Western Civilization Is Ceasing to Exist

I often explain that we are losing civilization. The risks come from many sources.  Among them is the growing risk of nuclear war; the rising police state in which behavior protected by the Constitution is criminalized despite the Constitution; unity supplanted by a Tower of Babel; fomented race and gender hatreds that serve Identity Politics; soil destroyed by glyphosate with consequent reduction in the food value of plants and meat and milk from animals fed GMO products; the corruption of science and education; rejection of the accumulated culture in literature, art, music, morals, and behavior; drastic policies to remedy perceived threats, such as climate change, that might or might not be real; ideological-driven reshaping of society such as the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset; intentionally created and released plagues for the purpose of population control; the weaponization of weather.

The long assault on religion has given satanic forces free range.

The corruption of science is today’s topic.  Science is based in the search for truth and in the integrity of the searcher.  This basis is fragile and corruptible.  If science is perceived as racism and a tool of white supremacy, science looses its authority among those who perceive it in this way. If gender depends on self-declaration and not on body parts, biology is cast away, just as Lysenko’s genetic Marxism destroyed Soviet genetics in the early part of the 20th century.  Ideology is the enemy of science, and we again see the suppression of science by ideology in the prohibition of inquiry into the genetic basis of intelligence.

The greatest corrupter of science is money.  Today scientific experiments cost a lot of money. They can no longer be funded by the budgets of university physics, chemistry, biology, and astronomy departments.  Funding comes from outside, and this opened a pathway for the interests of funders to enter the process.  Federal money to education contained all the threats, and more, that conservatives predicted, and corporate and foundation money bought even more threats.

The funding not only affects what is researched but also the findings.  A large percentage of US physicists and chemists are engaged in weapons research and can take no position, such as questioning the official 9/11 narrative, that threatens their funding.  Psychologists help the CIA hone torture techniques.  Anthropologists aid the CIA in developing methods of controlling populations.  Virologists develop biological weapons. Business schools develop advertising propaganda.  The list goes on.

As we have learned from Covid, NIH and Big Pharma finance most medical research. As the money comes from these sources, these sources determine what is researched and the conclusions.  One product of this financing was Covid itself and the protocols preventing effective treatment that were imposed on doctors for the sake of Big Pharma’s Covid “vaccine” profits and unconstitutional government mandates that further marginalized freedom.

Science careers depend on publication.  When the funding comes from those with commercial or profit interests in research results, the funded scientist is in a conflict of interest situation.  Pleasing the funders is necessary for the continuation of funding, just as an elected representative responds to the interest of his big campaign contributors.

The problem of how science is funded has, like the problem of how elections are financed, reached a critical stage that is destroying the integrity of science as these statements by editors of the two most prestigious  medical journals prove:

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgement of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines.”  — New England Journal of Medicine Chief Editor Marcia Angell, M.D.

“Much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue . . .  flagrant conflicts of interest . . . science has taken a turn towards darkness.” — Lancet Chief Editor Richard Horton

This documentary explains that today science is bought and devoid of integrity.  This has happened because of the collapse of scientific culture. Money takes precedence over integrity and truth.

If career pressures on scientists are sufficient to move aside integrity and commitment to truth, what is happening elsewhere in a society where the governing standards are weaker? Science is a foundational basis.  If it is destroyed, as is happening in front of our eyes, civilization is destroyed.

26 Comments on "Western Civilization Is Ceasing to Exist"

  1. peakyeast on Thu, 29th Jun 2023 4:33 am 

    The money is lacking because big corporations dont pay taxes, controls politicians and charges obscene prices for life essential medicine and treatments.

  2. Ted Wilson on Sat, 1st Jul 2023 12:15 pm 

    Its the meat, liquor and tobacco that consumes lot of land, instead if we go vegan, we can keep lot of land green.

    Ideally we should go back to married life and have at least 2 children, otherwise America will be japanified.

  3. peakyeast on Sat, 1st Jul 2023 4:20 pm 

    Going vegan will solve exactly and precisely NOTHING. It is a fucking red herring. Thinking it will reveals an almost complete ignorance of the problems we are facing and the scale of them.

  4. SilentRunning2 on Sun, 2nd Jul 2023 2:55 am 

    I wish there were a real assault on religion. Religious Reich leaders should be lined up and sent to their imaginary sky phantoms. Call it a 2nd Amendment solution.

  5. Dredd on Sun, 2nd Jul 2023 5:40 am 

    “perceived threats, such as climate change, that might or might not be real”

    “You’re in the wrong place my friend, you’d better leave” – Dylan (Desolation Row)

    (The Third Pole Water Line – 2)

  6. Ted Wilson on Sun, 2nd Jul 2023 7:34 am 

    dedollarization is in full swing with chinese and russians fear of american dominance.

    of late, the iranians and saudis are also afraid of it that they are joining the bandwagon. lets see what happens.

  7. Ted Wilson on Sun, 2nd Jul 2023 7:37 am 

    Lab grown meat is approved for sale, soon it will hit the stores and everyone will go for it since its cheaper with less need to cut the trees.

    Europeans are telling chinese not to eat dog meat
    Americans are telling Europeans not to eat horse meat
    Arabs are telling Americans not to eat pig meat.

    With veganism, no one need to advice anyone. All problems solved.

  8. Theedrich on Fri, 7th Jul 2023 1:39 am 

    America’s suicide strategy for Ukrainians is going according to plan, just as Klaus Schwab, George Sörös and economically interested syndicates (World Economic Forum, BlackRock, etc.) have planned it.  All of the Chosenite and Republicrat oligarchs are enjoying complete success in pocketing many billions of dollars due to the Ukrainian downfall.  Unfortunately, the Western demigods will not be able to completely undermine and plunder Russia, but that is a small matter compare with the enrichment they have gained from the slaughter of Ukroland.  One wonders whether there will even be any territory named Ukraine a year or so from now, since half of the population has either fled or died.

    No problem.  Ultimately, Biden and his son Hunter will enjoy a hugely inflated bank account.  And the American masses will be able to indulge their predilection for fentanyl-laced narcotics to their hearts’ content.

    𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖙𝖆𝖘 𝖑𝖎𝖇𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖇𝖎𝖙 𝖛𝖔𝖘.

  9. Shaun Murphy on Fri, 14th Jul 2023 11:30 am 

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  10. Dredd on Sat, 15th Jul 2023 6:42 am 

    Which suicide are we on (The Peak Of The Oil Wars – 16)?

  11. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 15th Jul 2023 4:24 pm 

    “This June Was the Hottest on Record and July Is Getting Hotter.

    “An already warming Earth steamed to its hottest June on record, smashing the old global mark by nearly a quarter of a degree (0.13 degrees Celsius), with global oceans setting temperature records for the third straight month, the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Thursday…

    “Eleven of the first dozen days in July were hotter than ever on record, according to an unofficial and preliminary analysis by University of Maine’s Climate Reanalyzer.”

  12. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 15th Jul 2023 4:24 pm 

    “Everyone talking about the record sea surface temperatures in June…

    “…but the land-only temperature in June is even more disturbing.”

  13. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 15th Jul 2023 4:25 pm 

    “The North Atlantic Ocean Sea Surface Temperature reaching new record highs.

    “40,000,000 km² of ocean surface is 0.71°C warmer than ever for this date. If the past three years are any indication, there are many more records on the horizon in the next months.”

  14. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 15th Jul 2023 4:47 pm 

    Perceived threats? Fuck head deniers burning drowning without insurance because the industry is based on statistic & the new climate jacked odds say “we no longer sell policies in your area”.

    “Record heat meets record wildfires in Canada, and scientists say this is the new reality…

    ““I can’t emphasize enough just how terrifying this moment is on our planet. With global temperature records breaking and fires and floods raging around the world, our house is truly on fire,” Kristina Dahl, principal climate scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists, told CNBC.”

    Btw there’s almost 8 million scientists on earth. Who knows how many do research on climate, hundreds of thousands at least, yet denier-boy can’t find one who has come clean?
    Guy talks as if ‘science’ is 29 guys on one job site.

    Deniers are my orgasmic freudenschade. Your dumb articles are a big red flag that the remaining deniers are still suffering. The worse the climate consequences are getting, the harder their brains must work.

    Florida rocked by home insurance crisis: ‘I may have to sell up and move’

    Soaring hurricane-cover premiums are bad news for the state’s homeowners – and Ron DeSantis is accused of dragging his feet

    Citing climate change risks, Farmers is latest insurer to exit Florida

    The move comes as insurance companies drop coverage in California, Louisiana and other states hit by disasters and high reconstruction costs

    Y’all know from day one I said the climate change is going to ‘Break the Bank’.

    This insurance canceling will spread like a cancer & kill the industry.

    NEXT UP: Real estate rush to the exits. Trillion$ in real estate devalued over night.

  15. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 15th Jul 2023 7:17 pm 

    “Forget about hiding from climate chaos in America…

    “Americans suffer from a longstanding delusion, a hangover of sorts from the Manifest Destiny era, that there will always be some corner of our vast country to escape to. Its 21st-century form is the notion that one can just pick up stakes and move somewhere else to get away from all this quickening climatic chaos.”

  16. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 15th Jul 2023 7:20 pm 

    “100-degree days for weeks? See where streaks have broken records [US]…

    “As of Wednesday, residents in El Paso, had experienced a record-breaking 27 consecutive days of 100-plus-degree heat, surpassing the 21-day streak in 1980, according to the Southeast Regional Climate Center… The southern United States has seen some locations with more than two weeks of 100-plus-degree maximum temperatures, with record-breaking streaks in Roswell, N.M., and Midland, Tex…”

  17. FamousDrScanlon on Sun, 16th Jul 2023 6:22 pm 

    Death toll increases from heavy Pennsylvania flash flooding

    At least four have been killed in flash floods that swept away cars in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. NBC News’ Kathy Park reports on search efforts for the missing.

  18. FamousDrScanlon on Sun, 16th Jul 2023 6:29 pm 

    Vermont man drowns at home as flooding claims first victim with more rain predicted – news

    The towns of Londonderry and Weston remained largely inaccessible

    “New York Governor Kathy Hochul declared the floodings a “1-in-1,000-year weather event” caused by the climate crisis, after a woman died in the Empire State when she was swept away while trying to escape her home with her dog.”

    I guess they are ex-deniers (dead don’t deny) now.

  19. FamousDrScanlon on Sun, 16th Jul 2023 6:39 pm 

    Vermont floods prove that there’s no place to hide from the climate crisis

    “…identify the safest place in the entire country from natural disasters, such as rising seas, hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc.

    They came up with Salt Lake City in Utah. Perhaps a good choice at the time, but 10 years later I realise we missed the idea that the Great Salt Lake would begin to evaporate.

    I was reminded of that this week when climate-powered rain storms – nine inches in two days in some parts – flooded the capital of Vermont, Montpelier, and surrounding areas. The emergency prompted federal relief action and is likely to become the 13th billion-dollar climate disaster of 2023 (there were 18 in all of 2022).

    As extreme heat has pummeled the southern and Western parts of the country in recent years, it’s become fashionable to predict that at some point a migration of sorts will develop as people seek cooler, less volatile climates.”

    Cock breath deniers running out of cognitive biases to help them deny/cope.

    I’m looking forward to watching deniers lose their shit as the climate beatings get bigger & badder – denier heads will explode.
    I wanna see it on youtube shorts – denier Karen’s losing it.

  20. FamousDrScanlon on Sun, 16th Jul 2023 8:09 pm 

    When El Niño exacerbates global warming: Record heat, record flooding, record wildfires

    “Globally, June was the hottest June in the 174-year records kept by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the federal agency said on Thursday. It was the 47th consecutive June and the 532nd consecutive month in which average temperatures were above the average for the 20th century.

    The amount of sea ice measured in June was the lowest global June sea ice on record, due primarily to record-low sea ice levels in the Antarctic, also according to NOAA.

    There were nine tropical cyclones in June, defined as storms with wind speeds over 74 miles per hour, and the global accumulated cyclone energy, a measure of the collective duration and strength of tropical storms, was almost twice its average value for 1991–2020 in June, NOAA said.”

  21. FamousDrScanlon on Mon, 17th Jul 2023 5:41 pm 

    Another climate denier’s mind snaps.

    ‘Your heart races a bit’: US weather man threatened with death for mentioning climate crisis

    Chris Gloninger wove the reality of global heating into his forecasts in the conservative heartland of Iowa. Not everyone was receptive

    Poor widdle mouth breathing denier in the denier heartland cannot take reality. Denier child is so deluded & terrified he’s lashing out & thinks making death threats will make reality conform to his conservatard utopia.

    Actually, he’s no longer a denier. His death threat is his admission he has been and still is wrong wrong wrong.

  22. FamousDrScanlon on Mon, 17th Jul 2023 6:05 pm 

    Climate crisis

    Extreme heatwave live: Texas city confirms first heat death; northern hemisphere boils in severe weather – as it happened

    Man in Houston died in house without air conditioning; mercury in parts of Italy is close to hitting 45C as wildfires ravage Greece and Spain

    Death Valley approaches global heat record as US reels

    People in US: has your aircon failed and could you get it fixed?

    China records its hottest ever day

  23. Theedrich on Thu, 20th Jul 2023 12:33 am 

    Biden is going to lose his proxy war and his fervently desired attempt to weaken (i.e., break up and plunder) Russia.  In addition, this reality means that he is in danger of losing the presidential election of November 2024.  The entire permanent state controlling the demented prez is terrified of this, and intends to use all kind of criminal means to overthrow the entire American system in order to maintain its tyranny.

    Biden’s Ukrainian funny farm continues its horror show to the utter obliteration of the Ukrainian population.  Alas, the Demented One in the White House and his hophead whoremonger son will be unable to get any more big bribes from that country.  He will have to have his servile mainstream media and other groveling parasites induce the Democrat American rabble weep and scream oveer the loss, and demand that the Pentagon nuke Russland.  At a deep unconscious level, of course, they are pleading to be annihilated themselves.

    The American military likes to obscure its own pitiful state.  It has few weapons capable of fighting a modern war, its the traditional wellsprings of recruitment, the American southern states, are deciding they no longer want to play the game of being humiliated and degraded for their race, religion and masculinity by the U.S. high command and its freakish perversions.

    The Empire of Lies is being reduced to falling into the Thucydides trap.

    𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖙𝖆𝖘 𝖑𝖎𝖇𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖇𝖎𝖙 𝖛𝖔𝖘.

  24. Me on Thu, 20th Jul 2023 9:01 am 

    If even the truly Russia-haters of The Telegraph admit the truth:

    “Ukraine and the West are facing a devastating defeat”


    The US empire will be terminated in the South China Sea.

    After that humiliation, the US will withdraw from Europe, with the local vassal elites falling prey to their populations, 1989-style.

  25. Sissyfuss on Wed, 9th Aug 2023 6:09 pm 

    It’s every country for itself now as harvest cycles become radically altered and the escaping Arctic methane grows in volume. We greedy fools did it to ourselves.

  26. Sid Zepp on Fri, 11th Aug 2023 4:55 pm 

    Civilization is ceasing to exist!

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