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Page added on April 11, 2010

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About Us was started in 2005 by Dan C., a software engineer coming to a realization about the importance of understanding then improving the world’s hydrocarbon energy systems.

The web is full of diversions, distractions, fluff, and filth, but there are few rare places on the web where you can discuss the things that actually matter to our lives, our families, and to future generations.

Our site’s mission has been “exploring the issue of hydrocarbon depletion” AKA Peak Oil, undoubtedly the most serious economic and cultural crossroads in several generations. is a strictly non-commercial & non-affiliated news aggregation and a message-board social networking news site. We are an online community run for and by the members. Today, is administered by Tanada, from the western shores of Lake Erie.

The supporting moderators and editors are 100% volunteers from around the globe, and receive no compensation of any kind. DaveP is the senior moderator of our forums and believes there can be a civilized discussion of our world’s most pressing issues. We all strive to be non-biased, open-mined to all possibilities, but skeptical of the most far-reaching claims.

Several of our senior member’s contribute editorials, and the forums are a great place to introduce yourself. We all try hard to maintain a serious and balanced conversation on some of the world’s most important topics. Visitors have free access to the Guest forums and regular Members have full access to the forum database with conversations and news items going back to 2005.

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