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“Perceptions” about Oil or Demand Realities?

Public Policy

Amin Nasser, Chief Executive Officer of Saudi Aramco, whose shareholder is a sovereign nation, weighed in this week with a warning against U.S. and European activist shareholders who are making demands of the world’s largest publicly traded oil companies. Nasser told an industry audience in London that the oil industry faces a “crisis of perception” […]

Kunstler: Marching to Gilead

Public Policy

I suppose Mr. Trump dangled visions of North Korea’s future as a Buick showroom and the mysterious Kim Jong Un detected some kind of trap there. A correspondent with military intel credentials writes: “[Eric] Hoffer’s observation that people only revolt when things are getting better seems applicable to DPRK. I can only assume that Kim […]

Pak-India Nuclear War Can End World Population By 90%

Pak-India Nuclear War Can End World Population By 90% thumbnail

The US expert warned that other neighbouring countries would also have to face heavy losses in case of a nuclear war between India and Pakistan. Islamabad (Pakistan Point News – 23rd February, 2019) The Pak-India war can reduce the world population by 90 per cent, a US expert has observed. The US expert has made […]

Anyone Buying This Venezuela Bullshit Is A Complete Fucking Moron

Public Policy

#VenezuelaAidLive is trending on Twitter in the USA as I write this, forced to the forefront of public consciousness and into everyone’s eyeballs by a concert staged by billionaire plutocrat Richard Branson. Branson’s Virgin Group controls hundreds of companies and brings in some $21 billion annually, with Branson himself valued at around five billion dollars. […]

Cracks Begin To Form In Saudi-Russian Alliance

Cracks Begin To Form In Saudi-Russian Alliance thumbnail

Could cracks be forming in the bromance between Saudi Arabia and Russia over oil production quotas? According to one analyst, the answer could be – yes. The background for one of the biggest structural changes in global markets in recent history dates back only a few years when OPEC defacto leader Saudi Arabia mismanaged its […]

Iran Starts Massive Drill in Persian Gulf, Sea of Oman

Iran Starts Massive Drill in Persian Gulf, Sea of Oman thumbnail

Iranian naval forces on Friday started a massive three-day drill, codenamed “Velayat 97”, in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman. The drill is being held in an area of two million square kilometers, from the Strait of Hormuz to the southeastern coasts of Makran, the Sea of Oman and the northern parts of […]

Fueling a Green New Deal with Liquefied Natural Gas

Public Policy

Freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has gotten much attention by proposing a Green New Deal, a far-ranging proposal to shift the U.S. economy away from fossil fuels over the next decade while somehow creating millions of good-paying jobs. Her plan amounts to turning success into failure by ignoring the vast economic and environmental benefits natural gas […]

Iranian Says Israel ‘Looking for War’

Public Policy

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said the EU needs to be willing to ‘get wet’ [Andreas Gebert/ Reuters] more on Iran Iran summons Pakistan envoy to protest deadly suicide attacktoday Iranian FM Zarif says Israel ‘looking for war’today Rouhani unveils Iran’s cruise missile-equipped Fateh submarinetoday Javier Solana on possible arms race in Europe: ‘I’m […]

Who is Elliott Abrams, US special envoy for Venezuela?

Who is Elliott Abrams, US special envoy for Venezuela? thumbnail

Almost immediately after Venezuelan Juan Guaido declared himself the country’s interim president on January 23, the United States led a chorus of other countries in recognising the opposition leader as Venezuela’s legitimate interim president. President Nicolas Maduro, who enjoys the support of the highest ranks of the military, as well as China, Turkey and Russia, […]

Kuntler: Worms Turning

Public Policy

And so now along comes Andy McCabe, former Number Two at the FBI, publicizing his new book, The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump, on this Sunday’s CBS 60-Minutes show, confirming what I said on this blog two years ago — that the Deep State would try to […]

The World Oil Market and U.S. Policy

Public Policy

The United States, as the largest consumer and producer of oil, plays a major role in the  world market. Policy decisions can affect the price of oil and petroleum products (e.g., gasoline) for U.S. consumers and  companies operating in U.S. oil production, transportation, and refining sectors.Congress considers policies that can affect the world oil market, […]

Mike Pence claims Iran’s mullahs are plotting a ‘new Holocaust’

Mike Pence claims Iran’s mullahs are plotting a ‘new Holocaust’ thumbnail

Vice President Mike Pence told a conference of European and Middle East leaders on Thursday that Iran is plotting to eliminate Israel from the face of the earth, and seeks to unleash a ‘new Holocaust.’ With Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu watching, Pence said in Poland that Tehran poses ‘the greatest threat to peace and […]

Green New Deal Would Unleash A Catastrophic Food Collapse

Green New Deal Would Unleash A Catastrophic Food Collapse thumbnail

The widely-touted “Green New Deal,” aggressively pushed by AOC and radical left-wing Democrats, demands ending reliance on fossil fuels in ten years. All combustion engines must go, the plan insists, and “clean” energy sources such as wind and solar must replace them in order to save the planet from total destruction that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims will […]

2 Dozen Iranian Revolutionary Guards Reportedly Killed In Bomb Attack

2 Dozen Iranian Revolutionary Guards Reportedly Killed In Bomb Attack thumbnail

A truck bomb attack on a bus carrying members of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, killed 27 Guards and wounded 13 others in the southeastern Sistan and Baluchistan Province on Wednesday, according to Iranian media reports. The Guards, part of the elite branch of Iran’s armed forces, were traveling a 100-mile mountainous route from the […]

Kunstler: Mistaken Futures

Public Policy

And so the Democratic Party has gone and hoisted the flag of “socialism” on the mizzenmast of its foundering hulk as it sets sail for the edge of the world. Bad call by a ship without a captain, and I’ll tell you why. Socialism was the response to a particular set of circumstances in time […]

Trouble 18: ACAB [TRAILER]

Public Policy

Cops are the front-line of the state, tasked with defending and reinforcing all illegitimate hierarchies of power. They are the armed enforcers of white supremacy who catch paid vacations for murdering Black children in the streets. They are the knock on the door to evict you from your home. They are the no-knock SWAT Team […]

Kunstler: Dreams Die Hard

Public Policy

Somewhere between the fevered Zzzz’s of American Dreaming and the blinding shock of being “woke,” there is a recognition that an awful lot about contemporary life is not working and can’t go on. At the bottom of this discontent is the mistaken notion that the unwind of modernity can be arrested or mitigated by “smart” […]

EU Won’t Block Controversial Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

Public Policy

Update: Following reports that France would effectively kill the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline, EU officials including German Chancellor Angela Merkel affirmed on Friday that an agreement has been reached which will allow construction of the pipeline to move forward – handing a major victory to Germany and Russia (and a stunning defeat for President […]

Kushner to visit Middle East to garner backing for peace plan

Kushner to visit Middle East to garner backing for peace plan thumbnail

Jared Kushner, US President Donald Trump‘s son-in-law and White House senior adviser, is expected to head to the Middle East later this month for an official visit to discuss a US proposal for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Kushner, 38, will be joined by US Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt, US envoy on Iran Brian […]

The Truth About What’s Happening In Venezuela Right Now Is Not What The Media Is Reporting

Public Policy

There have been a lot of things going on lately. The massive demonstrations in support to our Constitutional president Juan Guaido have unchained a LOT of repression and retaliation by those trying to avoid the dismemberment of the last stronghold of the Maduro and Castro gangs. This is inevitable though. The suffering has been unbelievable […]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal would reshape the economy in 10 years

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal would reshape the economy in 10 years thumbnail

The millennial architects of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal appear to be drawing inspiration from the old mantra of their generation’s most iconic company: “Move fast and break things.” That company, Facebook, has connected about a third of the world’s population in just over a decade. The insurgent political movement behind Ocasio-Cortez has something […]

Venezuela’s Collapse is a Window into How the Oil Age will Unravel

Venezuela’s Collapse is a Window into How the Oil Age will Unravel thumbnail

For some, the crisis in Venezuela is all about the endemic corruption of Nicolás Maduro, continuing the broken legacy of Chavez’s ideological experiment in socialism under the mounting insidious influence of Putin. For others, it’s all about the ongoing counter-democratic meddling of the United States, which has for years wanted to bring Venezuela — with its huge […]

Why All Anti-Interventionists Will Necessarily Be Smeared As Russian Assets

Public Policy

When Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard announced her candidacy for the presidency on CNN last month, I had a feeling I’d be writing about her a fair bit. Not because I particularly want her to be president, but because I knew her candidacy would cause the narrative control mechanizations of the political/media class to overextend themselves, […]

Mutiny Breaks Out At Venezuela’s Central Bank

Mutiny Breaks Out At Venezuela’s Central Bank thumbnail

While the world obsesses how much longer Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro can remain in power before he loses the support of the local military or the US deploys yet another “humanitarian mission” to depose him, forcing the embattled dictator to place several tons of the country’s dwindling gold on a cargo plane to a non-extradition destination […]

Air strike may have killed Iraqi civilians

Air strike may have killed Iraqi civilians thumbnail

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) says its fighter jets may have caused the deaths of up to 18 civilians in a strike on Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq. The incident in 2017 was part of the US-led coalition’s bid to retake Mosul. However, the ADF said it was impossible to “definitively know” whether its […]

It’s fossil fuels that are keeping Americans warm this week

Public Policy

What the AccuWeather service calls “the coldest weather in years” is gripping the nation, from Wisconsin to Alabama. The temperatures, AccuWeather says, “will put millions of people and animals throughout the Midwestern United States at risk for hypothermia and frostbite to occur in minutes during the final days of January.” The only real defense against […]

Treasury sanctions Venezuela state-owned oil firm

Public Policy

The Trump administration will sanction Venezuela’s state-owned oil firm, a move the White House has long put off for fear that it would raise oil prices and hurt American refiners. The move comes after a turbulent week for Venezuela that has created a standoff over the country’s leadership. The sanctions aim to transfer control of […]

Russian Troops Reportedly Descend On Venezuela To Help Protect Maduro’s Regime

Russian Troops Reportedly Descend On Venezuela To Help Protect Maduro’s Regime thumbnail

Russia has reportedly sent a contingent of shadowy private military contractors to Venezuela to help President Nicolás Maduro fend off a challenge to his authority from the President of the country’s National Assembly, Juan Guaido. It’s unclear what their exact orders might be, but whether they’re in the country to protect Maduro himself, assist government […]

Russia, China, India, & Iran: The Magic Quadrant That Is Changing The World

Public Policy

With the end of the unipolar moment, which saw Washington dominate international relations, the richest and most powerful Eurasian countries are beginning to organize themselves into alliance structures and agreements that aim to facilitate trade, development and cooperation. At the height of the US unipolar moment, Bill Clinton was leading a country in full economic […]

Kunstler: In the Deep Mid-Winter

Public Policy

Ill winds sweep across the fruited plain in the cruel heart of winter. America can resolve nothing. The state-of-the-union is a kind of hysterical nausea, and the nation hunkers into its crib of toxic diverse identities waiting for history to bitch-slap it back on its feet. History’s big sister, Reality, stands by, witnessing all. Spring… […]

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