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Page added on October 1, 2022

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Kunstler: Slouching Toward Endgame

Public Policy

“There is a dark craving for rot… as if decay were an escape from the limits, the oppressive fears and the pains of an individual existence.” — Eric Hoffer

Breugel’s prophetic depiction of mid 21st century daily life in Euroland


Since “Joe Biden” flat-out promised last February to “bring an end to the Nord Stream pipeline” — and let’s assume he meant both NS 1 and 2 — why seek further to unravel a fake mystery? Is our apparitional “president” not a man of his word? Of course, the machinery behind “Joe Biden” so far denies any credit for the consequential act, but who in this land is unaware that the US government’s default setting these days for answering anything is to lie?

The purpose of the act was likewise simple, plain, and obvious: to foreclose any possibility of Germany negotiating a separate peace with Russia around the financial and economic sanctions imposed by the USA over the Ukraine operation. Don’t you suppose it was clear to any German with half a brain that NATO’s joining of the sanctions was nothing less than a one-way ticket to Palookaville for Euroland? That it would mean goodbye to its advanced manufacturing economy and then goodbye to a comfortable, modern standard of living?

Not many weeks ago German foreign minister Annalena Baerbock told the world that Germany would support Ukraine (and US-driven NATO policy) “no matter what German voters think.” That was all for show, you understand, to maintain the flimsy pretense that NATO had any actual stake in whatever happens in Ukraine — as the result of the dumpster fire set there by America. At the same time, that very same German foreign ministry was sneaking through back channels to feel out the Russian foreign ministry on ways Germany might get Russian natgas on the down-low, through third parties, say, Turkey, buying time until the glorious day those Nord Stream pipelines might re-open and the former normality of German economic life would resume.

“Joe Biden” slammed the door on that pretty conclusively Monday, blowing up the two pipelines, a premier act of insanity by a US government fueled at every level and in every direction by psychotic strategic thinking. For starters, consider that the Nord Stream sabotage amounts to the leading member of NATO committing an act-of-war against the rest of NATO. What else do you call depriving most of Europe of the means to make a living — or merely to stay alive?

As it happens, Germany is in no position to answer this casus belli by going to war against the USA. Germany has a Potemkin military — America has made sure of that since 1945, the last time these Teutons of northern forests went batshit crazy against Western Civ. Seems to me that either Chancellor Olaf Scholz acknowledges this deadly affront to Germany and negates further participation in the NATO Ukraine idiocy, OR, within a few months he will face a violent political uprising from his own people and his government will fall — and not necessarily within the framework of any orderly parliamentary procedure. More like mobs in the streets… chaos… government buildings torched… officials strung-up — real insurrection, not the fake kind we hear about endlessly from the American Party of Chaos.

How, exactly, do any of the major NATO countries continue to regard the USA as any kind of ally? They won’t and they can’t. Anyway, and despite the recent panicked expansion of NATO, member countries of the adjoining scaffold known as the European Union are peeling off one-by-one. Georgia Meloni, soon to be Prime Minister of Italy, couldn’t have put it more plainly when her coalition won last week’s election: she and they oppose in the strongest terms all the Woke nonsense that the World Economic Forum has programmed into the EU. She and they are against the cancellation of individual liberties and tyrannical affronts to due process of law; are against the degenerate campaign to undermine family, church, and national sovereignty; and are unwilling to act as a dumping ground for anymore Third World hordes the EU stupidly induces to come to Europe’s shores.

Don’t worry, before much longer something similar will happen in France, too. Perhaps the mobs of nationalists in Paris will be inflamed enough to roll out the old “national razor,” to make their seriousness emphatic. Adieu Fifth Republic. The Sixth is on its way to the maternity ward and it will not recognize the EU as its maman. There’s a whole lotta shakin’going on across Europe. Holland’s farmers were already furious over Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s disgraceful obeisance to der Schwabenklaus’s malevolent program aimed at shutting down Dutch agriculture. Rutte will be gone before spring planting time, 2023. Sweden, like Italy, had repudiated its Woked-up Leftist rulers just weeks ago in an orderly national election. Crowds of protestors lit up Prague this week. It’ll still be good marching weather all over Euroland for some weeks ahead.

The Euro currency fell below par with the US dollar. Its days are numbered and when, perforce, it must be replaced by the old national currencies — francs, marks, guilders, liras — then submission to the EU will reach a logical end and it’s back to national sovereignty, too. The UK, America’s wing-man, has become an entirely feckless, sinking operation. The country is functionally bankrupt, the pound is dying, and, by resorting again to the old QE bond-buying racket, the Bank of England has just doomed the country to even more ruinous inflation. Liz Truss will be a three-month wonder. Things might get so wild in Old Blighty that Nigel Farage will wind up in 10 Downing Street.

As for Russia’s doings in Ukraine, the Donbas oblast elections are a done deal. Mr. Putin has not yet responded to the extreme provocation of the Nord Stream vandalism. I doubt he will make some histrionic tit-for-tat act of retaliation against any critical infrastructure of NATO or America itself. Rather, he will now methodically proceed to wipe up the floor with Mr. Zelenskyy’s army, eliminate whatever American missiles and other ordnance are stockpiled around the place, complete the occupation of the Black Sea coastal territory from Kherson to Odesa, and put that troublesome backwater of Western Civ in order. The hallmark of the operation will be a measured and businesslike approach. Russia will just get it done, put out the dumpster fire, and refuse to allow the USA to start World War Three.

“Joe Biden” and his regime of Satanic degenerates will just have to lump it. They will have lost Europe’s loyalty by the foolish Nord Stream caper. They will have enough trouble on their hands at home with America’s collapsing economy and all the ill-feeling they have generated with the Woke insults, persecutions, and punishments inflicted on half the population — not to mention the coming dire repercussions of the wicked Covid “vaccine” scam. In the meantime, “Joe Biden’s” Party of Chaos faces the wrath of American voters in the midterm election. And if, perchance, they take the majestically stupid step of cancelling, postponing or somehow messing with that election, they will face the wrath of the voters from the ground beneath the hanging tree.


19 Comments on "Kunstler: Slouching Toward Endgame"

  1. Dredd on Sat, 1st Oct 2022 9:58 am 

    One of the only “middle of the road”, “moderate”, “non-partisan”, “equality to all” players is the sea. It has equal impact on all relevant cities, counties, and nations (Seaports With Sea Level Change – 26).

  2. The Nationalist on Sat, 1st Oct 2022 12:11 pm 

    And the American defeat in Afghanistan after 20 years of destruction and waste is already being forcibly removed from the western publics’ consciousness.

  3. makati1 on Sat, 1st Oct 2022 6:55 pm 

    The western serfs have a very short attention span and an even shorter memory. They have been conditioned that way. Twenty second “news” sound bites, internet “friends” comments, etc. are all they know. Reading a long article and comprehending what it said is beyond most. And a book? Forget it! Dumbed down tax slaves all, well deserving of what is coming.

  4. Biden’s hairplug on Sun, 2nd Oct 2022 4:21 am 

    Europe will have to through a deep crisis, in order for its population to mobilize against the globalist, woke, multicultural “elite” of American c*ck suckers and diversity mongers.

    Eastern Europe got rid of the Soviets in 1989, we’ll get rid of the US-UK sooner than you think. This insane US Nordstream attack will only accelerate that process and fuel anti-Americanism.

    The deeper the crisis, the better.

    Carry a dagger under your coat and wait for China to be ready to deal the first direct blow against US interests in East-Asia and force AUKUS into war. That will initiate the Great Unraveling of the US empire, the Five Eyes and eventually the Balkenization of diverse North-America.

    The West is almost over. America can’t be saved, but Europe can.

    Hold on to your hats, its going to be a rough ride.

  5. Hello on Sun, 2nd Oct 2022 7:51 am 

    Let’s face it. Vlad fucked up royally.
    A 2 week blitzkrieg expedition to take kiev to convince the jew not to join nato and to take the 4 landbridge provinces turned in to a major clusterfuck.
    A world-wide feared military can’t take and hold on to a nation of pitchfork farmers.
    You have to give credit to adolf. At least he was able to subdue half of europe. But Vlad? A few 100 miles of farm country too much?

    Look at all of Clogs’ retired armchair generals predicting swift victory for Vlad. Them really retired military? Must be a reason them was retired.

    A gentleman would have said, good game lads, you won, I give up. Not Vlad, he’s doubling down.

    He has one last chance of using his 300k draftees to conquer and stabilize the 4 provinces. If that fails, the nukes fill be flying. The end of russia. In the east a hopelessly overpopulated china will seize the chance and pour into russia annexing some land of its own. Russia will be reduced to the west of the ural, completely destroyed.
    What a shame.

    To summarize, Vlad singlehandedly:
    1. destroys russia
    2. kills 100s of thousands of europeans
    3. revitalizes nato and friendship with the US

    Great job, vlad. I could have sucked as bad as you do.

  6. SilentRunning2 on Sun, 2nd Oct 2022 9:40 am 

    Kunstler continues to slouch towards right wing fascism – with attendant worship of Russian aggression, racism and the abandonment of Democracy.

    It’s really sad – he used to be intelligent and persuasive. Now he’s just another Faux News clone.

  7. makati1 on Sun, 2nd Oct 2022 3:58 pm 

    Maybe he is the one who is correct Silent? I may not totally agree with all of his viewpoints, but he is mostly ‘right on’ with the direction of the world today. Like it or not, the world has changed and will never go back to “normal”. The Covid plandemic and the WEF changed that.

  8. makati1 on Sun, 2nd Oct 2022 4:13 pm 

    Hello, you really need a brain cleansing. All that USMSM propaganda bullshit has clogged your thinking. Or is thinking for yourself off limits now, serf?

    Russia seems to be doing quite well these days. Making extra profits on its oil and gas while selling less. Gaining support from the other 180 countries outside the dying West. Putin has the support of the majority of Russians. They understand why this is happening.

    Meanwhile the zombie in the White house has no real support at all. The US is digging the debt hole deeper and deeper. Real inflation is way over 16% and climbing.

    Then, in the EU, the serfs will be starving, freezing and unable to get toilet paper to wipe their butt. Russians love winter. Just ask Napoleon or Hitler.

    Russia is the last truly independent,self sufficient,resource rich, country in the world. That is why the US/West is so desperate to own/control it. NOT going to happen. The West is committing suicide in the process.

  9. Hello on Mon, 3rd Oct 2022 9:16 am 

    Vlad loosing territory fast. The pitchfork farmers are on a roll. At that rate the Krim will be ukrainian before long.
    Heck, who knows, maybe Bryansk, Kursk and Belgorod oblasts are going ukraine. Never underestimate a determined pitchfork farmer. Vlad badly underestimated. He should have been happy with the Krim, but he got greedy.

    Hell, I would be happy owning as much land as the Krim. Why would you ever need more?

  10. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 3rd Oct 2022 11:16 am 

    The tide is NOT turning in Ukraine:

    Credit Suisse near collapse:

  11. Hello on Mon, 3rd Oct 2022 11:41 am 

    >>> credit Suisse near collapse:

    finally some good news. Fucking parasites. All of them to the gulags.

  12. Hello on Mon, 3rd Oct 2022 11:49 am 

    >>>> The tide is NOT turning in Ukraine:

    is that one of them retired generals speaking?

  13. The Bastard of The North on Tue, 4th Oct 2022 9:14 am 

    I just took a huge dump!, wow! I just lost 4 pounds and painted the porcelain trumpet deep purple and chocolate!

  14. Kevin Cobley on Tue, 4th Oct 2022 9:11 pm 

    The Kunt belongs on the Alex Jones nutjob channel, he’s seriously lost his marbles palling up with Trump, who in the end has a policy “Jews will Not Replace Us”.

  15. Kevin Cobley on Tue, 4th Oct 2022 9:15 pm 

    The Klunt has seriously lost his marbles, should be posting on the Alex Jones Nutjob channel. He should remember Trump’s final solution is “Jews will not replace us”.

  16. Biden’s hairplug on Tue, 4th Oct 2022 9:30 pm 

    I would love to see Kevin Cobley replaced by a fat incompetent bubba, not that Cobley is that much more competent.

    The question is how the rest of the world can lure jew servant and bastard cobley into war directly, so the fukker can be shot to pieces and tortured to death, rather than playing this cowardly proxy wars game, in that a stinking international kike like zelensky gets a country under control and use it as cannon fodder for advancing the jew world order.

    Come on China, cross the Rubicon, together with North-Korea and chase/nuke the US out of South-Korea.

    The US bombing of Nord Stream is a hostile anti-European act that is screaming for revenge against the great satan.

    We need secret diplomacy between France, Germany, Russia and China and a sudden, collective withdrawal from UN-SC-WB-IMF and forbid the use of the dollar in Eurasia. That will terminate empire without shooting a single shot.

  17. Biden’s hairplug on Tue, 4th Oct 2022 10:59 pm 

    Woke auntie AOC doesn’t want invaders in her hood:

    It’s the same hypocritical libtard behavior we have seen in Martha’s Vineyard.

    For the peace of mind of the rest of the world: the number of jew-serving whites in the US has been reduced to less than 45% in the age bracket [0-20], so the ZOG nightmare is almost over, after the country has descended into CW2. The US system is wiping itself out, thank God.

  18. Dredd on Wed, 5th Oct 2022 7:06 am 

    Mr. Kunstler, consider doing what The Onion is doing:

    Trump now wants to hire The Onion’s lawyers to replace his (On The Origin Of The Onion Brief).

  19. Ye on Tue, 11th Oct 2022 4:58 am 

    The Kunt has gone full far right fascist trump and Putin ass licker . He has ditched peak oil for Qannon quackery

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