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Page added on February 18, 2023

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Betting on Ukraine victory was ‘suicidal’ – Seymour Hersh

Public Policy
The West didn’t even want Kiev in NATO because of corruption concerns, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist says
Betting on Ukraine victory was ‘suicidal’ – Seymour Hersh

The US and its allies should have attempted to reach an agreement with Moscow as their belief that Ukraine can win a conflict against Russia is “suicidal,” iconic American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has argued.

Speaking in a YouTube interview with the Consortium News outlet on Friday, Hersh accused the Biden administration of making “so many bad mistakes,” adding that “it’s impossible to believe just how dumb this leadership was.”

“It was suicidal to think you can win that war, that Ukraine can win the war [against Russia]. There’s just too much corruption. That was a very, very bad decision. We should have been pushing for peace, we should have made an agreement,” the former Pulitzer Prize winner insisted.

US President Joe Biden basically “blew off NATO in Europe” by telling allies that he is backing Ukraine with its “totally corrupt government,” Hersh added. The journalist also pointed out how Kiev glorifies Stepan Bandera, “the great pro-Nazi who killed Jews like crazy during World War II.”

Seymour Hersh dubs Nord Stream sabotage ‘dumbest’ US act in years

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Seymour Hersh dubs Nord Stream sabotage ‘dumbest’ US act in years

“It’s just silly not to right away assure the Russian government that we weren’t interested in making Ukraine a member of NATO,” Hersh stated, referring to long-standing concerns in Moscow. “NATO didn’t want Ukraine anyway because of the corruption.”

Hersh recently published a bombshell report which accused the US of sabotaging the Nord Stream pipelines last year. He cited an informed source as explaining that explosives were planted on the bottom of the Baltic Sea by US Navy divers under the guise of a NATO exercise back in June 2022. They were detonated in late September, rendering the pipelines, which were built to deliver Russian gas to Europe through Germany, inoperable.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, as well as Under Secretary for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, are all “very hawkish,” according to the journalist. The trio “pushed Biden very hard” to go ahead with the sabotage because “they have long-standing incredible hatred for [Russian President Vladimir] Putin. It’s almost personal, I would guess,” Hersh claimed.

US National Security Council spokeswoman Adrienne Watson branded Hersh’s bombshell report “utterly false and complete fiction.” The journalist has promised even more revelations on how the pipelines were blown up.


10 Comments on "Betting on Ukraine victory was ‘suicidal’ – Seymour Hersh"

  1. makati1 on Sat, 18th Feb 2023 3:26 pm 

    Of course Russia is going to win. The only question is if it will end with the destruction of the West or nukes.

  2. peakyeast on Sat, 18th Feb 2023 4:25 pm 

    At this point I would be super happy if Putin had nuked Davos when the combined world idiocracy was assembled there.

    EU and the European governments has declared war on their own populations for the benefit of a war mongering USA and NATO.

  3. theluckycountry on Sat, 18th Feb 2023 6:31 pm 

    “The US and its allies should have attempted to reach an agreement with Moscow as their belief that Ukraine can win a conflict against Russia is “suicidal,”

    Another Moron who has no idea how the world works. We all know there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and most people are waking up to the fact that this war, this proxy war of the US and the EU, is being promulgated for basically the same reason. The enrichment of the arms dealers, the largest corporation block on the Planet.

    I have hardly read a story about that war since it began, it’s all BS yet the stupid people were there from day one waving their Ukrainian flags and demanding justice and democracy.

    God I’ll be glad when the nuclear war begins, sure it will be hell but at least it will cleanse the planet of a few billion ignoramuses

    “ignoramus” noun. An ignorant person; especially, one who lacks necessary knowledge; an ignorant pretender to knowledge.

  4. theluckycountry on Sat, 18th Feb 2023 6:32 pm 

    How do you NOT die in a nuclear war?
    Location Location Location

  5. makati1 on Sat, 18th Feb 2023 9:21 pm 

    Yep! Location. Best location, south of the equator. Worse location, a major Western city/port.

    I’m gamboling that the Philippines is far enough south and in a favorable wind pattern when it happens. I can live without the modern “conveniences” like electric, gasoline, etc.. I have my Pot-Io pills and maybe 15-20 years to live. Pass the beer and pretzels. I’m watching the show from the balcony, far from the action.

  6. theluckycountry on Mon, 20th Feb 2023 5:25 am 

    I have my Pot-Io pills and maybe 15-20 years to live.

    Good plan, an expat? I’m down in Oz, well away from the capital cities. I must admit I like my modern cons but I have stockpiled enough for 20 to 25 years I recon.

  7. peakyeast on Mon, 20th Feb 2023 6:43 am 

    In the danish MSM news yesterday: Russia has lost the war…

    It is getting ridiculous what MSM is peddling………

    I guess they have forgotten that Putin is already dead from a long list of diseases, uprisings, assassinations, poisons, coups e.t.c. that they peddled….

    How the fuck can Russia have lost the war – even before it really is starting – which is probably in a few days?

    Not even one mention of Seymour Hersh in the media. Not even one intelligent thought on what Sweden is hiding about the bombings that is too sensitive to share with other countries. It CERTAINLY is not because it is pointing to Russia.

  8. Theedrich on Tue, 28th Feb 2023 6:53 pm 

    It seems that Zelensky and his American stringpullers believe that having Ukrainian troops die for the glory of the abstract word, “democracy” (never mind for the American industrial-military-congressional complex), is the zenith of immortal beauty. The average American also prefers to remain oblivious to the grotesque horror being perpetrated by his own government on the other side of the planet. He is more interested in where his next hit of fentanyl is coming from.

    Another wierd trick of Zelsky is his sending of one of the newly imported Leopard tanks, with utterly unqualified operators, to the Artyómovsk (Артё́мовск) area. The American-updated Ukrainian drones aimed at various Russian targets have turned out to be losing ploys by the comedian as well. Both of these events are demonstrations of Ukrainian desperation.

    Just to make Zelsky more anxious, China is meeting with Russian and White Russian leaders, and “thinking” about supplying military assistance (perhaps drones) to Moscow. China has, moreover, just published a lengthy document, “U.S. Hegemony and Its Perils,” detailing the danger America hegemony presents to the world, thereby demonstrating that it is no friend of Superduperland. American politicians of both parties are meanwhile calling for World War Three in order to “save” Ukraine (and facilitate America’s plunder of Russia). They also want to nuke China. Nice.


  9. The Nationalist on Wed, 1st Mar 2023 7:02 pm 

    Western governments have hit rock bottom. The illegal wars waged on a narrative of lies and public ignorance is staggering.
    After the disaster of Afghanistan I expected my people to get wiser and take stock. Perhaps be greatful and seek more peace with the world. Instead it got worse and now we all suffer.

  10. Theedrich on Wed, 1st Mar 2023 11:40 pm 

    Ukraine is now sending teenage boys, 18 and 19 years old, into the meat grinder in Artyómovsk.  Zelensky and Biden like to see such young lives destroyed for the benefit of Ukro-American glory.  It all makes for great propaganda in American TV to affect middle-age American women and get them to vote for Biden’s crime syndicate.  In Biden’a view, the more horror, the better.

    The entire Ukraine affair has turned into a media event.  Facts and reality do not matter.  Life is a video game.  Whatever the Anglo-American fantasts imagine, if implemented, will destroy Russia and allow America to feed on the carrion.  Yup.  World Wars One and Two repeated, with America, the God of the Universe, winning as usual.  And nothing will happen to the stoned masses who support the Washington elites.

    And, according to the wonderful anti-Russian glorifiers of war, just to assure the timid:  war will never come to America.  Because God would not allow that.  And He will suppress all domestic resistance by having the protesters thrown into prison.

    𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖙𝖆𝖘 𝖑𝖎𝖇𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖇𝖎𝖙 𝖛𝖔𝖘.

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