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Page added on January 14, 2023

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Kunstler: Glug Glug, Gurgle Gurgle

Public Policy

You thought the Titanic sinking was an astounding spectacle? Looks like the ship of the Deep State got some holes ripped in its hull and may be fixing to go down sometime in 2023. The fun-and-games about voting for Speaker of the House are over. Time to get down to bidness and compel some folks to do some ‘splainin’ under oath. You don’t know for sure who will be chair of exactly which congressional committee, but there will be several of them running investigations at the same time, looking to shake out some verifiable truth from the dumpster of misrule, sedition, and perfidy that America fell into the past decade. Here are a bunch of my top outlines for inquiries.

Covid-19. Forget about Fauci for the moment. First, subpoena the various deputies working under him going back as far as the twentieth century and see what they know about the twisted path that gain-of-function research on coronaviruses traveled from the DOD’s DARPA to the labs of Dr. Ralph Baric at the U of North Carolina, to labs in Canada, Ukraine, and finally to Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. Then put Dr. Fauci’s ass in the witness chair and wring out the ‘splainin.’ Ask about the patents on the various parts of C-19 and on the mRNA “vaccines” cooked up to fight it, and who got the royalties emanating from all of that. Ask him how and why he continued gain-of-function research post-2014 after the White House directed it to stop. Ask him to ‘splain’ his relations with one Peter Daszak of the EcoHealth Alliance.

Ask Deborah Birx to ‘splain’ exactly what was going on in that White House C-19 task force. Why did the public health officers demonize early treatments with known, safe drugs and censor anyone who spoke out against their insane policies? What did the task force know about Pfizer and Moderna’s “vaccine” trials? Ask Rochelle Walensky how come she and the CDC kept pushing mRNA shots and boosters long after a broad array of injuries and deaths presented from their use. Put Bill Gates’s ass in the chair and have him ‘splain’ the labyrinth of funding mechanisms he set up to push “vaccines” all over the globe and how his tentacles happen to penetrate into the World Health Org (WHO). Ask him if he ever had conversations with the leadership of the WHO and the World Economic Forum (WEF) about population reduction and methods for achieving it.

Weaponization of Government. Time for FBI Director Christopher Wray to ‘splain’ how come he sat silently in possession of the Hunter Biden laptop — stuffed as it was with deal memoranda about payoffs from Ukraine and other foreign lands — through the first impeachment of Mr. Trump in late 2019 and early 2020, from the initial House hearings into the Senate trial… when said laptop was full of exculpatory evidence (“Brady material”)proving that Mr. Trump had a good reason to inquire about those matters in a phone call with V. Zelensky. Ask Mr. Wray what he knows about the roles of “whistleblower” (CIA agent) Eric Ciaramella and Intel Agency Inspector General Michael Atkinson and their relations with former House Intel Committee chair Adam Schiff. Ask Mr. Wray how many federal agents were involved in the January 6 riot at the Capitol building, both inside and outside. Ask him why one Ray Epps was never indicted for incitement captured on video. Ask him why the FBI never made a murder or manslaughter referral in the death of Ashli Babbitt. Don’t let him bullshit the committee about “ongoing investigations” blah blah. Ask Mr. Wray if he directly ordered his agents to monitor and censor social media companies, and, if not him, who did?

Summon the ghost of James Comey to ‘splain’ the finer points of RussiaGate: how he fell for Hillary Clinton’s Steele Dossier prank; how he used Columbia University law professor Daniel Richman to leak info about confidential meetings with Mr. Trump; whether he ordered Peter Strzok’s sandbagging operation on Gen. Mike Flynn, the FISA court shenanigans, the hiring of CrowdStrike instead of using FBI forensic experts to vet evidence; the run-up to “Crossfire Hurricane” the roles of international men of mystery Stefan Halper and Josef Mifsud in the operations to incriminate Trump appointees, Nellie Ohr’s role as a DOJ-FBI go-between with the Fusion GPS company.

Let’s hear from former CIA director John Brennan about the “17 Intel Agencies” who swore Russia was behind 2016 election interference and then about the 50-odd distinguished intel officers and other high officials who swore that Hunter Biden’s laptop was a Russia put-on job. Ask former Attorney General Bill Barr to ‘splain’ if he was informed about the Hunter Biden laptop when the FBI got it in 2019. Bring back former AG Jeff Sessions to ‘splain’ how the Mueller Special Counsel’s office was stuffed with Democratic Party activist Lawfare cadres, and how he determined that Mr. Mueller was mentally up to the job. Bring in Mr. Mueller to ‘splain’ how he testified that in the two-year course of his inquiry he never heard of the company Fusion GPS.

Find a special booster chair for Merrick Garland to ‘splain’ how come so many January 6 suspects are being held indefinitely pre-trial in the DC lockup on rinky-dink charges under the harshest conditions (solitary confinement, denial of medical care) in defiance of due process of law, in particular the constitutional right to a speedy trial. Ask Mr. Garland why he’s devoting vast resources of the DOJ to pursue ever more January 6 protesters on Mickey Mouse charges. Ask him to ‘splain’ how it came to pass that he went after parents protesting at school boards about indecent sex ed for little children and racist anti-white indoctrination. Ask him about sending SWAT teams on predawn raids to the homes of investigation targets whose lawyers volunteered to deliver them to the FBI offices. Ask him why he appointed a RussiaGate-involved lawyer, one Robert K Hur, as Special Counsel in the “Joe Biden” classified document matter.

That’s just my short list of areas to begin excavations. The Biden Family influence-peddling operation would be a fertile ground for a dedicated inquiry of a special committee. So would the adventures of Democratic Party Lawfare election engineer Marc Elias, along with the election funding activities ($400-million) of Mark Zuckerberg’s Center for Technology and Civic Life in 2020. I’m sure readers can think of a thousand other matters worth airing in the public arena. Let’s see if The New York Times, The WashPo, and the cable news networks actually report any of this accurately…or if they just turn up the gaslight.

One somewhat disconnected thought, a sort-of postscript: The World Economic Forum’s annual jamboree at Davos, Switzerland, opens this coming Monday. Der Schwabenklaus, Bill Gates, and an international cast of global Big Machers will be in one room for the opening plenary session all at the same time. Think about it. Just sayin’.



19 Comments on "Kunstler: Glug Glug, Gurgle Gurgle"

  1. Doug Nicodemus on Sat, 14th Jan 2023 3:54 pm 

    why is this certified insane creep allowed here…

  2. I appoint supertard Doug Nicodemus supertard this is his 3rd supertard appointment on Sat, 14th Jan 2023 4:26 pm 

    his title is “the lover” of supremacist muzzies

    this is my master treaties. i don’t waste time on this forum. it’s lame.

    France: Muzzie spotted wearing #7 ‘Mohammed Merah’ jersey — Merah murdered seven people in 2012 jihad massacre

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    muzzie sabotage airliner and got loved 1000x in the form of reporting of “union dispute”. supertard big muzzie beard SAWS pbuh swtreported it’s actually jihad.

    Then in astralia muzzie with big grin and smug looking face with a hat and meat grinder practically begged to be amputated and put on muzzie hamster wheel. cops love him 100000x more and are puzzled why he did this. i’m scratching my head too which has thinning hair

    Muzzie in NZ allah acbar and went after cop with axe. Cops loved muzzie 10000x love conquer all. No tweet AOC SAWS pbuh swt , not siri Lanka, not when muzzie shot 6 cops on philadelphia. 25 billion tweet on Christchurch though

    then there we deceptions of deep green, real green, deep deep green, fake fake green, and all the permutations of green. when AOC SAWS pbuh swt – (ZOMG i’m amazed at the technology in a sink food grinder) failed, the greta SAWS pbuh swt deception kicked in. I belived everything even the fantastic flying goat story.

    for many years, centuries, million, quadrillion of years since (((supremetard))) SAWS pbuh swt created heaven and earth and before supertards SAWS pbuh swt big muzzie beard and glenn roberts put up web sites, i warned tards and supertards about muzzies.

    i made no progress sort of like banging head against concrete, concrete wins everytime

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    and now i have superpower, big goat SAWS pbuh swt is feeling intense heat. all stops are pulled it seems – even Robert Inget the controlled libtard opposition is deployed to censor me. but uppertard SAWS pbuh swt is not going to destroy free speech for someones love of muzzie. supertard SIS SAWS pbuh swt dropped the appeal and that’s final. it’s now as good as case law. supertard SIS SIS SAWS pbuh is back being occupied with his bunker and learjet and auto keltecs and he said absolutely do not bother him. so it’s set in stone that uppertard SAWS swt pbuh is not going to modify this forum

    supertards please change ur undies after 1 week

    plese feel at ease among friends we’re all lover of supremacist muzzies her

  3. makati1 on Sat, 14th Jan 2023 4:48 pm 

    I have to agree with JHK this time, but all he pointed out was the depth of the swamp, not how to drain it considering all of the people who could are involved. The slime is spread all through government and corporate “leaders”.

    As for the WEF, one small tactical nuke would change the world and Wizerland is only about 10 minutes by hyper missile. Sigh!

    BTW: The WEF creeps are getting worried. They are using 5,000 military troops to protect their dirty asses this year. The guillotines are being assembled and they know it.

  4. SilentRunning2 on Sun, 15th Jan 2023 5:09 pm 

    I remember when Kunstler had reasonable ideas and spoke out against Trump.

    Analyzing Kunstler’s descent into madness could provide insights into the process by which Boomers were controlled and manipulated by Right Wing reactionary elitists.

  5. Dredd on Mon, 16th Jan 2023 3:35 pm 

    The ocean is still over-heating … try to finger out why (In Search Of Ocean Heat – 11).

  6. makati1 on Mon, 16th Jan 2023 4:28 pm 

    Silent, your brainwashing by the elite is complete. You will receive your diploma in the mail. Are you and Duncan related? lol

  7. Theedrich on Mon, 16th Jan 2023 10:58 pm 

    The U.S. regime is depraved. Treason is exalted. The abnormal is proclaimed as normal, and the hitherto normal (“cis-” whatever) is officially defined as to be categorically repudiated.  The professional and entertainment classes are perverted by money into lying and concealing the truth.

    In 1976, a French intellectual, Emmanuel Todd forecast the downfall of the Soviet Union.  He has now written an important essay forecasting the same fate for the U.S., an essay largely translated at Emmanuel Todd On The Third World War (Emmanuel Todd:  « La Troisième Guerre mondiale a commencé ») at

    Any way one looks at it, the decaying American Empire is petrified in slow suicide mode.  Despite all of the technological advances, many of them created or made possible not by indigenous Americans but by imported Chinese and Indian technicians and scientists, the core American population has decided to die.  Legions of highly-paid lawyers, accountants and political pundits, whose vaporous and grossly overinflated salaries are counted as part of the U.S. GDP, will not change this fact.  For the wages of nihilism are death.

    𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖙𝖆𝖘 𝖑𝖎𝖇𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖇𝖎𝖙 𝖛𝖔𝖘.

  8. I appoint supertard Theedrich supertard this is his 4th appointment on Tue, 17th Jan 2023 12:30 am 

    his title is “the lover”
    of supremacist muzzies

    muzzie in Paris train station went “alah akbar” and stabbed 6 passengers 1/23

    at the precipitate on the eve of the grate reset the question before us is whether elite whitey supertards caused the melting of two miles of ice above most of canada and northern US

    most experts agree there were no elite whitey supertards at the time. this simply means elite whitey supertards did not cause the melting of two miles of ice.

    experts say archeological evidences show the entire expanse were full of supremacist muzzies. worldwide there were 80 billions humans at the time, all supremacist muzzies

    supertards please change ur undies after 2 weeks

    please feel at ease among friends, we’re all lovers of supremacist muzzies here.

  9. Doug Nicodemus on Tue, 17th Jan 2023 9:34 am 

    you need to speak to a therapist…you calling people “supertard” means you have the iq of a 2 yro. and the emotional stability of a rasputin…get out of your mom’s basement and get a job in the energy industry…actual experience might give you an informed opinion…in the mean suck on your binky and play with your toes…so it goes…

  10. theluckycountry on Tue, 17th Jan 2023 11:23 am 

    JHC was good to listen to a decade and more ago when he was regurgitating the peakoil mantra, but alas today he’s just a whiney old Boomer embittered by his politics. It wasn’t so long ago he was convinced the Democratic party could solve all the nations woes, if only the brightened up a bit. He had no idea it was all a scam.

    In reality he’s just a reporter, but he thinks his own opinions are valid fare for genuine discussion. I know this sounds all very negative (and it is) but this guy is always 1 year behind the facts and has to be dragged kicking and screaming into reality. If he just stuck to interviewing smart people and kept his mouth shut I’d follow his podcasts and writings still but listening to him is an exercise in barkwardization.

  11. Biden’s hairplug on Wed, 18th Jan 2023 2:10 pm 

    In 2004, the French Jew Todd wrote a book “After Empire”, predicting the decline of the US empire. As you can imagine, I immediately ordered that book!

    I was working in Paris at the time fir IBM-Peugeot.

    Todd is correct, this is WW3.

    A few hours ago Lavrov proclaimed that Russia and China are too strong for the West. Lavrov is right, but Russia and the US could still wipe each other out and finally bury the 20th century, the Cold War ending in a draw after all.

  12. Biden’s hairplug on Wed, 18th Jan 2023 2:18 pm 

    I am currently in Egypt, for the same reason why I was on holiday in february 2020 too, because I saw the Covid epidemic coming, so I went while I still could.

    Same reasoning today, but now because of possible expansion of the war and deterioration of the situation in Europe. I am seldom wrong with these kind of intuitions.

  13. theluckycountry on Thu, 19th Jan 2023 1:45 am 

    Egypt? I can think of 100 better places to weather the pandemic. Egypt is a shithole. And I didn’t say that either

  14. Biden’s hairplug on Thu, 19th Jan 2023 10:39 am 

    This is a 5 star “shithole”, with European guests only.

    This Red Sea resort is the closest near Europe with temps > 21C. And they don’t require vaccination, unlike the other option, Morocco.

    But indeed, I did a tour to Luxor, giving me ampel insight into the poverty of Egypt.

  15. theluckycountry on Thu, 19th Jan 2023 5:33 pm 

    This is a 5 star “shithole”, with European guests only.

    Yes well as long as you don’t leave the resort and have to interact with the locals it would be fine. The travel stories of people visiting Cairo are like an episode of the Hunger Games.

  16. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 19th Jan 2023 11:48 pm 

    This mass extinction below is little known among you pea brains & was a quick one page one day story.
    ‘there were no elite whitey supertards at the time” of this mass extinction & the run up to it either, but that don’t mean shit and is not the point or what’s interesting. What’s interesting is what physical & chemical processes lead to the warming & melting. What could have caused runaway global warming that melted all the ice so dinosaurs could live in the arctic which was a fucking tropical swamp? Lets see..

    Huge volcanic eruptions 233 million years ago pumped carbon dioxide, methane and water vapour into the atmosphere. This series of violent explosions, on what we now know as the west coast of Canada, led to massive global warming. Our new research has revealed that this was a planet-changing mass extinction event that killed off many of the dominant tetrapods and heralded the dawn of the dinosaurs.”

    Today there is no significant volcanism, in the form of volcanic traps, burning buried carbon & puking out mass extinction causing levels of those green house gases yet extinction causing levels of carbon dioxide, methane and water vapour are in the atmosphere.

    Pray tell pea brain, how have all those global heating greenhouse gases got up their?

    Instead of volcanism, a clever & rapacious ape dug & sucked up megatons of carbon, in various forms, & burned it – the gases are the waste stream.

    The physics & chemistry are the same. The only difference is who/what is burning the various forms of buried carbon. Ape or volcanism.

    So pea brain do you understand or do I need to hire a teacher who specializes in teaching chronic drooling retards?

    There’s many millions of people with no more than a government high school education who have no trouble comprehending this.

    Perhaps you sniffed too much glue growing up or suffered a bunch of head trauma & are forever unteachable. Have fun with the ever more ridiculous alternate explanations for the ever more powerful, destructive & costly disasters & 50+ years of climate science predictions coming true. Perhaps your brain will cook in the next record smashing heatwave & you’ll end up with a head full of pea soup. I hear tell muzzies luvs them some pea soup.

    10C warming locked-in

    “New research from eminent climate scientist Prof James Hansen and colleagues suggests a planet killing event. This is based on current CO2 levels in the atmosphere, not on future emissions. ‘Eventual global warming due to today’s GHG forcing alone – after slow feedbacks operate – is about 10°C.’ Collapse is inevitable.”

    Global warming in the pipeline

    Improved knowledge of glacial-to-interglacial global temperature change implies that fast-
    feedback equilibrium climate sensitivity is at least ~4°C for doubled CO2 (2×CO2), with likely
    range 3.5-5.5°C. Greenhouse gas (GHG) climate forcing is 4.1 W/m2 larger in 2021 than in
    1750, equivalent to 2×CO2 forcing. Global warming in the pipeline is greater than prior
    estimates. Eventual global warming due to today’s GHG forcing alone – after slow feedbacks
    operate – is about 10°C. Human-made aerosols are a major climate forcing, mainly via their
    effect on clouds. We infer from paleoclimate data that aerosol cooling offset GHG warming for
    several millennia as civilization developed. A hinge-point in global warming occurred in 1970
    as increased GHG warming outpaced aerosol cooling, leading to global warming of 0.18°C per
    decade. Aerosol cooling is larger than estimated in the current IPCC report, but it has declined
    since 2010 because of aerosol reductions in China and shipping. Without unprecedented global
    actions to reduce GHG growth, 2010 could be another hinge point, with global warming in
    following decades 50-100% greater than in the prior 40 years. The enormity of consequences of
    warming in the pipeline demands a new approach addressing legacy and future emissions. The
    essential requirement to “save” young people and future generations is return to Holocene-level
    global temperature. Three urgently required actions are: 1) a global increasing price on GHG
    emissions, 2) purposeful intervention to rapidly phase down present massive geoengineering of
    Earth’s climate, and 3) renewed East-West cooperation in a way that accommodates developing
    world needs”

    Pro tip – don’t shit out any kids…unless you are a sadist.

  17. theluckycountry on Fri, 20th Jan 2023 1:10 am 

    FamousDrTroll, you need to take a week or 3 off from the internutz, it’s taking you to too many dark places. Worrying about volcanic eruptions 233 million years ago is not what interests us, we are more concerned with not losing our retirement savings to inflation and with what model new car we’ll buy next year.

    Not all of us are homeless bums whose only hope of rescue from starvation is a climatic disaster of biblical proportions.

  18. Kevin Ronald Cobley on Mon, 23rd Jan 2023 5:52 pm 

    The Kunt has sold his site to Alex. Jones

  19. Kevin Ronald Cobley on Mon, 23rd Jan 2023 5:53 pm 

    The Hunt has sold his site to Alex Jones.

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