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Page added on October 1, 2022

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Russian Gas Stops Flowing To Italy After ‘Problem’ In Austria

Russian Gas Stops Flowing To Italy After ‘Problem’ In Austria thumbnail

Russian energy giant Gazprom PJSC suspended natural gas deliveries to Eni SpA, Italy’s largest oil company, on Saturday, reported Bloomberg.

“Gazprom informed that it is not able to confirm the gas volumes requested for today, stating that it’s not possible to supply gas through Austria. Therefore, today’s Russian gas supplies to Eni through the Tarvisio entry point will be at zero. Eni will provide updates in case supplies will be restored,” Eni wrote in a statement on its website. 

An Eni spokesperson told Bloomberg that Austria is still receiving NatGas from Gazprom:

“We are working to check with Gazprom whether it is possible to reactivate the flows to Italy.” 

Gazprom said NatGas flows from Austria to Italy were suspended because the Austrian operator refused to confirm “transport nominations” after recent regulatory changes in the landlocked country in the southern part of Central Europe.

It’s important to note most of the Russian NatGas delivered to Italy flows through Ukraine via the Trans Austria Gas Pipeline to Tarvisio in northern Italy on the border with Austria. Before Russia invaded Ukraine, Italy imported 95% of its NatGas, of which 45% came from Russia.

Those figures are drastically different today as Italy rejiggers its energy supply chain away from Russia and finds alternative supplies of NatGas from North Africa. Before this weekend, Russian NatGas accounted for only 10% of Italy’s imports. The new suppliers will help Italy boost storage levels ahead of winter.

“Outgoing Prime Minister Mario Draghi has been scouring the globe to secure gas supplies to protect Italy from potential supply interruptions from Russia, which has been putting pressure on the European Union over several rounds of sanctions in response to the invasion. Italy has been one of the most successful countries to source alternative supplies,” Bloomberg noted.

Last week, Gazprom said one of two remaining routes carrying NatGas to Europe — via Ukraine — was at risk because of legal issues.

Today’s news comes days after underwater explosions damaged Gazprom’s Nord Stream system in the Baltic Sea. And less than a day after Russia annexed four regions in Ukraine, as well as Ukraine, applied to join NATO.


20 Comments on "Russian Gas Stops Flowing To Italy After ‘Problem’ In Austria"

  1. randomguyonabike on Sat, 1st Oct 2022 3:26 pm 

    Europe is finished.

  2. makati1 on Sat, 1st Oct 2022 4:59 pm 

    Eventually (Soon) All gas to the EU will be cut off and the US cannot replace it. Sounds like a very cold and messy (No toilet paper) winter in the suicidal EU.

  3. makati1 on Mon, 3rd Oct 2022 3:02 am 

    Perhaps the Russian view of the events in the Ukraine is best to come from the boss, Putin, but the Russophobes on here will never actually look at the truth. They prefer CNN bullshit in 20 second bits.

    Ignorance is bliss and the serfs of the West love bliss. Lots of unicorn farts and candy colored shit in their diet.

    Normal people can read the above speech in less than 30 minutes. For Americans it will probably take an hour or more.

  4. makati1 on Mon, 3rd Oct 2022 3:05 am 

    If you want my info, I will just stop coming here. I thought P.O. was open to free speech. Obviously not. It will not last long as intelligent commenters don’t like censorship.

  5. Hello on Mon, 3rd Oct 2022 11:14 am 

    Vlad now facing riots at home.
    Soon he will be needing the army to fight his own people instead of ukraine.

    Let’s recap the situation.
    Russia, a country 30 times the size of ukraine is not capable of even holding on to a few 100 miles of ukrainian territory, risking to lose even the Krim that was annexed a few years back.

    Vlad made a complete fool out of himself and russia. He’s showed to the world that russia’s military is nothing to be afraid of. He also shows that advanced weapons need advanced electronics. Before getting entangled in a clusterfuck Vlad should have double checked with the Mikron fab about their capabilities for advanced electronics. It ain’t that good.

    A demonstration zirkon missile using clobbered together electronics recycled from apple iphones ain’t good enough.

  6. makati1 on Mon, 3rd Oct 2022 4:05 pm 

    Hello, keep sucking up that USMSM propaganda bullshit! You will eventually get totally brain dead. Obviously you are getting close.

    But of course, you will not take time to educate yourself on the real world. That takes real thought. Try reading Putin’s speech above for reality.

    Much as you Russophobes and Sinophobes want the world the way it was, it is over. The WEF covid plandemic changed everything. Power has moved East. The West is in the ICU with only a short time to live. So be it. Well deserved.

  7. Hello on Mon, 3rd Oct 2022 6:53 pm 

    >>> Try reading Putin’s speech

    I thought you came of age.
    You still believe what politicians blabber?

    You also believe uncle Joey’s random rants?
    By golly, you’re a model citizen and any politician’s dream. Consuming and believing….

  8. Biden’s hairplug on Mon, 3rd Oct 2022 11:44 pm 

    Nick Griffin, UK’s premier white nationalist on Nordstream:

    “Nordstream – the Signal That Washington Knows It Has Lost the ‘Great Game’“

    The challenge for the European population is to get rid of the US cock-sucking “elite” and turn to Russia for survival.

    This is going to be much bloodier than “1989”.

    Like in 1939, Europe has two enemies within its own ranks: UK and Poland.

  9. Theedrich on Mon, 3rd Oct 2022 11:52 pm 

    The U.S. wants World War Three.
    It is a lie to say that there is “no proof of sabotage yet.” See
    and James Howard Kunstler’s commentary at

    We KNOW and have PROOF that Biden and his crime syndicate committed the vicious attack on Europe.

  10. Dredd on Tue, 4th Oct 2022 5:30 am 

    Russian gas, a.k.a. flatulence causes small brains Small Brains Considered – 8

  11. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 4th Oct 2022 11:56 am 

    “I’ll take ‘Life’s tough, it’s tougher if you’re stupid’ for $500, Alex”

  12. makati1 on Tue, 4th Oct 2022 5:21 pm 

    Looking in the mirror, Hello? “By golly, you’re a model citizen and any politician’s dream.”

    Ah, but what can one expect of a dumbed down, druggie, brainwashed idiot? LOL

  13. makati1 on Wed, 5th Oct 2022 1:06 am 

    Well, the site censors are finally, after what, 10 years, being applied to SOME commenters here, but not all.

    Sorry if reality is too much for you all on the unicorn farm. Words only hurt in the Amerikan “democracy”. “Feelings” are the reason the West is going down. There is no one left in those countries that can even begin to win a war against real armies like Russia or China or even Iran. No one. Few are even able to pass the test to join the military.

    Here is a very excellent view of real war, WW1. Preview of coming attractions? We shall see, although it will not take 50 months to end. Maybe 50 minutes. It will not be the killed that suffer, but the living. “BBC The Great War” series.

    The war in 26 installments. Please pay special attention to the propaganda used then vs today. Enjoy!

  14. makati1 on Wed, 5th Oct 2022 1:18 am 

    If it doesn’t hurt too much, you might want to look at WW2 from the Soviet side. 16 parts, if I remember correctly. “Soviet Storm.”

    Produced in 2011 and narrated in English.

    Keep in mind that this is the Soviet Union under Stalin, not today’s Russia, but its 1,000 year history and its people are the same survivor types.

  15. The Nationalist on Wed, 5th Oct 2022 5:37 am 

    Anyone in the West still believing the government bullshit about Russia / China and energy needs to go see a shrink.

  16. Dredd on Wed, 5th Oct 2022 7:01 am 

    Trump now wants to hire The Onion’s lawyers to replace his (On The Origin Of The Onion Brief).

  17. makati1 on Thu, 6th Oct 2022 5:15 pm 

    “US imports from Russia increase despite sanctions – US Census Bureau

    Unsanctioned goods worth millions of dollars continue to flow into the American market, a trade report shows

    US imports from Russia reached $522.1 million in August, 7.7% more than the July total of $484.8 million, and marking the first monthly increase since April, according to a report released on Wednesday by the US Census Bureau.

    The growth comes despite US President Joe Biden’s pledge to deal a “crushing blow” to Moscow through restrictions on commodity trade.

    According to analysts, Washington continues to benefit from the anti-Russia sanctions. While pressuring the EU to give up supplies from Russia, the US continues to buy hundreds of unsanctioned types of goods.

    “There is a tacit agreement between the US government and business: we puff our cheeks, and you trade with Russia if it suits you. Their words don’t meet their actions,” Aleksandr Razuvaev, a member of the supervisory council at Moscow’s Guild of Financial Analysts, told Russian state media on Wednesday.

    Meanwhile, exports of American goods to Russia slumped by 19% to $66.8 million in August from $82.5 million in July. In June, Russia imported goods worth $58 million, down from $77.4 million in May, and $89.1 million in April.

    The data shows that in total from January to August the US imported goods from Russia worth $12.1 billion, while exports stood at just $1.3 billion.”

    What a great example of Amerikan hypocrisy! LOL

  18. Hello on Fri, 7th Oct 2022 7:18 am 

    >>> US imports from Russia increase despite sanctions

    Do we know what they are importing? The article doesn’t say.

  19. makati1 on Fri, 7th Oct 2022 4:34 pm 

    Hello, the list is too long to post but, I was surprised at how much the US imports from Russia and how many things.

    Mineral fuels, oils, distillation products $18.12B 2021
    Pearls, precious stones, metals, coins $2.98B 2021
    Iron and steel $2.77B 2021
    Fertilizers $1.28B 2021
    Fish, crustaceans, molluscs, aquatics invertebrates

  20. ricano on Wed, 16th Nov 2022 10:13 pm 

    I’ll just stop coming here if you want my contact information. I believed that P.O. allowed for free speech. Of course not. Since intelligent commenters dislike censorship, it won’t last for very long. spider solitaire 2 suit

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