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John Bolton likely to turn up heat on Iran and boost oil prices

Public Policy

The appointment of John Bolton as his national security advisor signals President Trump is now looking to pursue a more hard-line approach against U.S. adversaries, like Iran or Venezuela. Bolton, a former U.N. ambassador, has said the U.S. should act pre-emptively against North Korean and Iranian nuclear programs, and his arrival makes it more likely […]

Introduction to carbon pricing

Public Policy

Regular readers of my blog will probably be familiar with most of the material but I hope they will be nevertheless be useful both as a refresher and a guide for people who are new to the area. The three talks I’ve produced so far are: 1. An introduction to carbon pricing, which explains the […]

Kunstler: The Unspooling

Public Policy

With spring, things come unstuck; an unspooling has begun. The turnaround at the FBI and Department of Justice has been so swift that even The New York Times has shut up about collusion with Russia — at the same time omitting to report what appears to have been a wholly politicized FBI upper echelon intruding […]

Anti-pipeline fight heats up

Public Policy

March 19 “Burnaby Mountain, British Columbia, Canada” People blocked tree cutting equipment, slated to clear the way for Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion, that would bring oil from Alberta’s tar sands to the port of Vancouver. These actions were done by autonomous individuals unaffiliated with environmental ngo’s, currently engaged in a week of symbolic […]

Trump Greets Visiting Saudi Prince

Trump Greets Visiting Saudi Prince thumbnail

President Donald Trump welcomed Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to the Oval Office on Tuesday by showcasing photographs of tanks and helicopters that the U.S. has sold the Middle East kingdom to help it build up its military muscle. Across town, senators debating a contentious proposal meant to curb American military support for […]

Why Is America In Decline?

Public Policy

Jake Lloyd explains the conditions that allowed radical ideology and anti-American ideals to push America into decline.

Subsidies and Puppies

Subsidies and Puppies thumbnail

Everyone likes a puppy. You get a puppy you’re immediately in love. You never want to get rid of it. Puppies also come in all sizes. Look at that face! The same is true for energy subsidies. The government essentially decides on what type of behavior (e.g., using public transport instead of your personal car […]

Kunstler: If You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It

Public Policy

Various readers, fans, blog commenters, Facebook trolls, and auditors twanged on me all last week about my continuing interest in the RussiaRussiaRussia hysteria, though there is no particular consensus of complaint among them — except for a general “shut up, already” motif. For the record, I’m far more interested in the hysteria itself than the […]

Kennedy Jr. takes bullish stand on e-revolution fast overtaking oil

Kennedy Jr. takes bullish stand on e-revolution fast overtaking oil thumbnail

Expect peak oil production to arrive in something more like five years than the 50 years forecast by much of the energy industry, environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said Thursday. It won’t be because the world is running out of oil, but because that’s how fast he’s betting innovations in cheap renewable power, batteries and […]

Russia’s economy : still dependent on oil

Public Policy

After two years of recession caused by lower oil prices and western sanctions, Russia’s recovery benefits Vladimir Putin as he seeks a new term in office. However, this improvement won’t last long without structural reforms. reports. Russia’s economic recovery is timely for Vladimir Putin, following a 15% peak in 2015, inflation fell last year […]

UK ‘looking to other countries’ for natural gas supply amid Russia spy row

Public Policy

UK Prime Minister Theresa May said Wednesday the UK was “looking to other countries” for gas supply due to deteriorating relations with Russia triggered by the poisoning of ex-spy Sergei Skripal in the UK.   UK planning series of measures against Russia Russian gas not a big source of UK supply No UK gas price […]

Millions Own Gas And Oil Under Their Land. Here’s Why Only Some Strike It Rich.

Millions Own Gas And Oil Under Their Land. Here’s Why Only Some Strike It Rich. thumbnail

The U.S. is one of the only countries in the world that lets private individuals own the minerals under their land, a policy that dates to the founding fathers as they sought to elevate private interests over those of the British Crown. This financial incentive to allow new drilling goes a long way in explaining […]

Saudi crown prince: If Iran develops nuclear bomb, so will Saudi

Saudi crown prince: If Iran develops nuclear bomb, so will Saudi thumbnail

The next leader of Saudi Arabia says his country would quickly obtain a nuclear bomb if arch rival Iran successfully develops its own nuclear weapon. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman made the statement about a possible nuclear arms race in the Middle East to “CBS This Morning” co-host Norah O’Donnell, in an interview set to […]

World War 3 Is Approaching

Public Policy

“In a nuclear war the “collateral damage” would be the life of all humanity.” — Fidel Castro The Russians, in their anxiety to show the West how friendly they are, left Washington with a toe hold in Syria, which Washington is using to reopen the war. The Russians’ failure to finish the job has left […]

Heinberg: Getting Past Trump, Part 2: The Russia Connection

Heinberg: Getting Past Trump, Part 2: The Russia Connection thumbnail

In Part 1 of this essay we surveyed the historical, economic, and cultural context for the upset victory of Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. I did not mention Russian interference in that election. That’s because it is a subject that deserves to be treated on its own. It is, of course, a source […]

Saudi crown prince to visit White House

Saudi crown prince to visit White House thumbnail

US President Donald Trump will host Saudi Arabia’s powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on March 20, the White House said Monday. “The president looks forward to discussing ways to strengthen ties between the United States and Saudi Arabia,” spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said in announcing the meeting. The hugely influential Saudi prince is visiting Egypt, […]

Former Exxon Head Replaced as US Secretary of State

Public Policy

Former ExxonMobil Corp head Rex Tillerson is being replaced by Mike Pompeo, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, as the US Secretary of State, US President Donald Trump has revealed.   Mike Pompeo, Director of the CIA, will become our new Secretary of State. He will do a fantastic job! Thank you to Rex Tillerson […]

Kunstler: School Daze

Public Policy

Sunday night was Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’s turn through the CBS 60-Minutes wringer of censure with a visibly frustrated inquisitor Lesley Stahl trying to hector her into self-incrimination. The sad truth about American schools is that they’re a mirror for the painful collapse of the society they supposedly serve — a process ongoing for […]

Spooked by Quakes, Oklahoma Toughens Fracking Rules

Spooked by Quakes, Oklahoma Toughens Fracking Rules thumbnail

After swarms of earthquakes caused by hydraulic fracturing, Oklahoma has introduced tougher regulations than those used by any Canadian energy regulator. Last month the Oklahoma Corporation Commission ordered all drillers to deploy seismic arrays to detect ground motion within five kilometres of hydraulic fracturing operations over a 39,000-square-kilometre area in the centre of the state. […]

A Grand Bargain With Gazprom?

Public Policy

Can Europe, including the Eastern part, continue to profit from cheap Russian gas without succumbing to Russian energy dominance? According to a new paper from the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES), the EU should not shy away from “countervailing measures”. But these should preferably take the form of a “grand bargain” with Russia rather […]

Climate Conflicts: Myth or Reality?

Public Policy

The specter of water wars has long loomed large in political and popular imaginations. With the end of the Cold War, fresh concerns emerged that future wars would be fought not over ideology but over natural resources. The alliteratively appealing phrase of “water wars” began rolling off the tongue as United Nations leaders and politicians […]

Kunstler: Light it Up

Public Policy

It must be hard on The New York Times editors to set their hair on fire day after day in their effort to start World War Three. Today’s lead story, Russian Threat on Two Fronts Meets Strategic Void in the U.S., aims to keep ramping up twin hysterias over a new missile gap and fear […]

Iran bans US dollar

Iran bans US dollar thumbnail

The government of Iran imposed new restrictions on the use of the US dollar in the country. The use of the US dollar for import operations in the Islamic Republic of Iran has been banned from February 28, Forbes reports with reference to Iranian media.   Starting from February 28, any supply orders or other […]

The Syrian quagmire

Public Policy

The world was horrified yet again by gruesome images of Syrian children being torn to shreds by indiscriminate shelling and international media seems to have focused once again on the tragedy that is Syria. The conflict has intensified after Turkey launched Operation Olive Branch in the Kurdish-controlled Afrin district in Northern Syria. The operation began […]

Venezuela oil workers are dying of hunger – a military coup in 2018 seems inevitable

Venezuela oil workers are dying of hunger – a military coup in 2018 seems inevitable thumbnail

Starving Venezuelan oil workers are growing too weak for heavy labor. They are too fatigued to act quickly which leads to more fatal accidents. Crude oil makes up about 95% of Venezuela’s exports. The country has no other source of foreign income. Nextbigfuture predicts that the Maduro government will be overthrown in a military coup […]

Trump pushes Big Corn and Oil to break biofuels deadlock

Trump pushes Big Corn and Oil to break biofuels deadlock thumbnail

U.S. President Donald Trump urged representatives from the rival oil and corn industries on Thursday to break a deadlock in talks over the future of the nation’s biofuels policy by accepting a deal involving reforms sought by both sides. FILE PHOTO: The Philadelphia Energy Solutions oil refinery is seen at sunset in front of the […]

Venezuelan crisis: All the oil, but no food

Venezuelan crisis: All the oil, but no food thumbnail

Alejandro Manuel Mago Coraspe is an inmate at the Vista Hermosa prison in Bolivar, a city in northern Venezuela. The 41-year-old is serving a nine-month sentence for vehicle theft. He was hospitalised recently for complications from food poisoning. Coraspe was so hungry that he ate dead rats found in the prison’s garbage dump, and the […]

Exxon Quits Some Russian Joint Ventures Citing Sanctions

Public Policy

Exxon Mobil Corp will exit some joint ventures with Russia’s Rosneft, citing Western sanctions first imposed in 2014, while the Russian company said the pullout will result in serious losses for its U.S. partner. The move is an about-face for Exxon, which had opposed the sanctions over Russia’s invasion of Crimea and argued they unfairly […]

Venezuela’s Petro: Stable Coin For Crypto-Economy Or Illegal Oil Futures?

Venezuela’s Petro: Stable Coin For Crypto-Economy Or Illegal Oil Futures? thumbnail

Starting in late 2017 Venezuela’s President Nikolas Maduro began expanding heavily into media space in an attempt to promote a new payment instrument– the government-issued cryptocurrency Petro. On Feb. 20 the pre-sale of Petro was launched and has already raised $735 mln, according to Maduro’s Twitter. Total amount of PTR issued for sale is 100 mln […]

Why America wants a war with Russia

Public Policy

Just recently I saw this innocent question asked on Moon of Alabama’s website, and decided to post a reply: “For the life of me I cannot figure why Americans want a war/conflict with Russia.” Ever since US Crude Oil production peaked in 1970, the US has known that at some point the oil majors […]

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