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Page added on November 5, 2023

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Is the West ready for World War 3?

In case you missed the memo, we are apparently entering the first phases of World War 3. Or, if you count the Cold War, World War 4. All of these previous struggles were won not only thanks to good political and military leadership, but also by the sheer force of industrial power and ample natural resources. Does the West have what it takes to win out again today?

A 21st-century world war would pit the West and its Asian allies – notably Japan, South Korea and India – against a modern-day version of the 1940s ‘pact of steel’. This time, however, the alliance is between China, Russia and Iran. In facing this threat, military preparedness is essential. But so too is boosting the West’s economic power, and rapidly.

To counter China, Russia, Iran and their accessories, the West needs not a ‘Green New Deal’ (parts of which Joe Biden has slipped into his poorly named Inflation Reduction Act), but something closer to the original New Deal of the 1930s – a programme which, as Robert Gordon has pointed out, enhanced infrastructure, energy generation and industrial productivity. These policies laid the basis for allowing America and its allies to transform themselves into what Franklin D Roosevelt labelled an ‘Arsenal of Democracy’ – turning the US into an industrial hub to support the fight against fascism.

Of course, any attempt to re-industrialise will face opposition from much of the American establishment. This includes financial firms like BlackRock, whose largely unprofitable ‘Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance’ (ESG) policies seek to promote investments in firms that purport to meet their Net Zero obsessions. In practice, these policies perpetuate China’s industrial hegemony by hamstringing Western industry. Meanwhile, BlackRock happily expands its business in China, the world’s dominant polluter and autocracy par excellence.

Free-market dogmatists have played a part in the deindustrialisation of the West as well. Consultants and investors pushed businesses to look offshore for virtually every critical production input. Between 2004 and 2017, the US share of world manufacturing shrank from 15 per cent to 10 per cent. Our reliance on Chinese inputs doubled. The trade deficit with China, according to the Economic Policy Institute, has cost as many as 3.7million American jobs since 2000. Overall, the US and the EU have seen their share of value-added manufacturing drop from 65 per cent in the 1960s to barely half that today.

Our enemies are not likely to make the same mistakes. They are attacking on several fronts – the Russians pushing against Ukraine, the Arabs against the West’s Israeli outpost, while China prepares to take over Taiwan. The West is pitifully ill-equipped to meet these challenges. A recent study by Cynthia Cook of the Centre for Strategic and International Studies found that even before the Hamas attack, the need to supply Ukraine with weapons ‘triggered concerns as to whether there are sufficient residual inventories for training and to execute war plans’.

The US’s military shortfalls are made worse by the unravelling of the industrial base. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the US was forced to lean on its leading geopolitical rival, China, to address a health emergency that originated there.

The claim that the US can make up for import dependence due to our technological brilliance is a cruel obfuscation. The US net deficit in high-tech trade was $242 billion last year, and it seems to be following a similar track this year.

Remarkably, this includes critical components for military goods, many of which are now produced in China. This dependence could worsen if China, seeing the disarray of the West, chooses to invade Taiwan, a country many American industries count on for key components. One Taiwanese company, TSMC, is particularly critical. It supplies Apple, Intel, Qualcomm, AMD and Nvidia, among other Big Tech companies. It also produces the semiconductors used in F-35 fighter jets. Imagine what would happen if China managed to seize these assets.

As the capitalist elite undermines our economic security, the powerful climate lobby’s obsession with renewable energy only aids China’s dominance of green industries. China maintains effective control of both the requisite rare-earth metals, as well as the technology for processing them. As a result, China has a virtual monopoly over the solar-energy industry, and now produces twice as many electric vehicles (EVs) as the US and the EU combined. China’s leading EV maker, BYD, is now the world’s largest. Eco-obsessives like California governor Gavin Newsom cheer on China’s domination of the EV market as a step towards Net Zero, even as China goes on a coal-plant building spree and emits more greenhouse gases than all developed countries put together.

While China gets essentially a free pass for polluting, current green policies are weakening the West. Newsom’s California in particular, desperate to get rid of both fossil fuels and nuclear power, now suffers one of the highest electricity prices in the country. As a result, many companies, including tech firms, are finding it increasingly challenging to stay in the state. This is bad news for California, which has lost one-third of its manufacturing jobs since 1990, well above the national average. As of last year, the state was left with only 1.3million factory positions. In Europe, the picture is similar. Germany, the lone economic superpower in Europe, is also rapidly deindustrialising, largely due to its extreme green policies.

Yet the battle is not yet lost. One welcome development is the recovery of the US as a dominant fuel producer. During the Yom Kippur War 50 years ago, domestic oil production was faltering and the US was becoming more reliant on oil from the Middle East. Now, thanks to the fracking revolution, the US exports about four million barrels of crude oil per day, as well as record amounts of natural gas (about 20 billion cubic feet per day). Today the US is the world’s biggest exporter of liquified natural gas.

This expansion hasn’t even come at the cost of the environment. In fact, the US is leading the world in energy efficiency and CO2 reductions. According to the latest Statistical Review of World Energy, per-capita energy consumption in the US fell by about 20 per cent between 1973 and 2022. In addition, US CO2 emissions have dropped by about 915million tonnes since 2000, the biggest reduction of any country on the planet.

This progress – and the promise of energy that is free of Middle Eastern domination – faces opposition from what analyst Robert Bryce identifies as the ‘anti-industry industry’, or the $4.5 billion-per-year NGO-corporate-industrial-climate complex. This interconnected network of activist groups is raking in hundreds of millions of dollars from oligarchs like Michael Bloomberg, Laurene Powell Jobs, Jeff Bezos and John Doerr to promote renewables and halt the traditional energy sector.

Simply put, no significant industrial resurgence could occur under an all-renewable agenda. High energy costs threaten whole industries, like car manufacturing, while an ageing electric grid is made weaker still by dependence on variable solar and wind power. The West must wake up to the reality that industrial prowess and energy self-reliance are critical to security.

The self-destructive aspect of current environmental policies is also evident in their rejection of nuclear power, arguably the most effective carbon-free energy source. This is a lesson the French are belatedly relearning. Unfortunately green opposition to nuclear power in the West has helped Russia become the world’s biggest enricher of uranium, with 46 per cent of the world’s enrichment capacity.

Instead of unilaterally disarming our economies, the West needs a serious wake-up call. Fortunately, opposition to these misguided policies seems to be emerging. Across Europe, some leaders – such as French president Emmanuel Macron and Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez – have recognised the need to re-industrialise the continent. And in the US, notes Gallup, climate change and the environment is the top priority of less than five per cent of the population. Even the Biden administration has adopted more robust efforts to meet China’s mounting challenge in science and technology.

Yet military power remains a blindspot for most Western nations. The US military has prioritised developing ‘climate strategies’, while munitions stockpiles are dwindling and the quality of its fighting force has severely declined. Things are similar in Europe, with armies turning their attention to climate change, and its security services prioritising ‘LGBT+ rights’ over developing strong deterrents.

Ultimately, the West can no longer ignore the threat posed by the emerging hegemony of the authoritarians. It now seems more likely that China will achieve its stated aim to dominate the supply chains and become the leading global superpower by 2050, than Western governments’ will realise their vague dreams of ‘building back better’ or imposing the anti-growth ‘great reset’.

As we enter a very dangerous period, the West must prioritise bolstering its military, industrial and energy resources. Right now, it’s hard to see our elites rising to the challenge. But as previous global conflicts have demonstrated, this was once possible. The question now is do we have the time, and the will, to make it happen again?


19 Comments on "Is the West ready for World War 3?"

  1. KnightI on Tue, 7th Nov 2023 4:01 am 

    The concerns raised in this blog post are indeed critical. The changing global dynamics and the rise of new power alliances require the West to reassess its readiness for potential conflicts. It’s not just about military strength but also economic resilience and industrial capability. We must adapt and focus on safeguarding our interests to ensure a peaceful and secure future.For a simple and user-friendly wallet for crypto, I recommend trying out Trust Wallet. It’s a popular choice for storing various cryptocurrencies and offers an intuitive interface, making it easy for both beginners and experienced users to manage their digital assets.

  2. Meister on Wed, 8th Nov 2023 8:33 am 

    The West is ready for WW3, like an old man in a nursery is ready to die.

    WW2 brought “The West” (US empire really) into being, WW3 will bury it.

    RIP West.

    Die already, f*…. so Europe can live.

  3. Theedrich on Thu, 9th Nov 2023 2:39 am 

    Western globemasters want White genosuicide. If a man is determined to take his own life, no power on earth can prevent him from doing so.  Despite all the happy talk about “America strong,” LGBTQ+ “rights,” and blah, blah, blah, the White man has decided to destroy himself while virtue signaling.  The extinction of our once great civilization is inevitable.

    𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖙𝖆𝖘 𝖑𝖎𝖇𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖇𝖎𝖙 𝖛𝖔𝖘.

  4. Dredd on Sat, 11th Nov 2023 2:34 pm 

    “Is the West ready for World War 3?” assuming “World War 3” is a future rather than an historic event, the answer is no.

    Check your “snail science” (On The Origin Of A Genetic Constant – 9).

    “The west” and its WWx enemy are mostly machine (The Machine Religion – 3).

  5. WhereAreMyGuns on Wed, 22nd Nov 2023 5:05 am 

    A masculine king will come down on earth from the world of divinities. It greatest accomplishment will the execution of every human leaving on earth. I said many times that I will walk over the dead cadaver of earth population.

    And I saw an angel standing in the sun, who cried in a loud voice to all the birds flying in midair, “Come, gather together for the great supper of God, 18 so that you may eat the flesh of kings, generals, and the mighty, of horses and their riders, and the flesh of all people, free and slave, great and small.”


    Revelation 18 predict the end of all human life because of globalism and natural ressources depletion.

    Revelation 19 predict the coming of a king to take over earth energetic field for himself alone.

  6. WhereAreMyGuns on Wed, 22nd Nov 2023 5:29 am 

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  7. WhereAreMyGuns on Wed, 22nd Nov 2023 5:52 am 

    Revelation 18 and 19 is about the dead of all the human flesh bodies on earth.

    Revelation 20 is the death of all the energetic souls coming from the death of all the flesh bodies revelation 18 and 19.

    The dead of all the energetic souls is like cleaning up the energy fiels for the next king so he can work whitout having his work steal or sabotage by energetic spirites.

  8. WhereAreMyGuns on Wed, 22nd Nov 2023 6:45 am 

    The king that will come down at revelation 19 is not coming to save earth, he is not coming to stop mass migration into earth, he is coming to kill all the population of earth. This is why is coming with a robe made of blood. He is coming to dance over human cadavers.

  9. WhereAreMesGuns on Wed, 22nd Nov 2023 9:04 am 

    Notice today date, 11-22-2023, is the date I made these comments.

  10. WhereAreMyGuns on Wed, 22nd Nov 2023 9:23 am 

    By the way, why people of earth always lie. I tested chapGPT, it is incapable of solving complex differential equations. It is is not a real AI. It should be called an advanced internet search algorithm. Why people of earth lie all the time.

  11. WhereAreMyGuns on Wed, 22nd Nov 2023 9:29 am 

    Ask chatGP to solve this set of equation, you will see it is not a real AI:


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  12. WhereAreMyGuns on Wed, 22nd Nov 2023 10:20 am 

    Make no mistake I am not here to save earth or stop an immigration invasion. I am here to kill all the population of earth and take full ownership of earth energy field (planet earth) for myself only and install my creation.

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  13. WhereAreMyGuns on Wed, 22nd Nov 2023 10:50 am 

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  14. WhereAreMyGuns on Wed, 22nd Nov 2023 2:04 pm 

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  15. WhereAreMyGuns on Wed, 22nd Nov 2023 4:34 pm 

    The language spoken on earth is called: lies and deceptions. I came here to fix earth by killing everyone living on it. I came here to walk on your dead cadavers.

  16. WhereAreMyGuns on Wed, 22nd Nov 2023 4:50 pm 

    I tested bingAI with various mathematical and engineering questions. I got only generals answer. bingAI is just a more sophisticates web search engine. You should not call it AI. It is a lie. You are incapable of telling the truth. I have been send on earth to kill all of the population of earth. Read revelations 19. the king coming from haven is called True and faithful.

  17. Rocco on Fri, 24th Nov 2023 7:54 pm 

    Dredd, I just read your links, and as always I struggle to understand but appreciate the expansion it causes in me, and other times I am amazed at your insights that I forget about the lottery, Trump, woke warfare and just ponder the universe. Marcus Aurelius said too, broken failed empires are our future, but I still hope for a Star Trek type future.

  18. Theedrich on Fri, 24th Nov 2023 11:50 pm 

    World War II was a preternatural warning.  The U.S. entered it on December 8, a primary holy day of the Earth Mother, and the fighting ended in the Pacific on August 15, another major holy day of hers.  December 8 celebrated her conception (i.e., beginning), and August 15 her assumption into heaven (i.e., earthly end).

    That hideous warning, which cost the lives of many tens of millions of human lives and spread the lethal plague of atheistic Communism throughout the world, which remains in part to this day.  In fact, if the infamous quack, Dr. Morell, had not fed Adolf Hitler with all kinds of narcotics and told him that he had only six months to live, World War II might not have started for another year or two.  That would have given the German scientists enough time to develop a nuclear bomb, a true wonder weapon (Wunderwaffe).  The result might have been that the U.K. might not today exist, but would be only a large ash tray filled with dust, cinders and radioactive bones.  Ditto Washington, D.C.

    Now that Russian Soviet Communism has exhausted itself, the twisted murderous political ideology of Mohammedanism, masked as a religion, is taking its place, especially in the increasingly atheistic and suicidal West.  The future is obscure, but the present is replete with signs that we are moving toward global self-extinction.  A nuclear war would bring on the Fimbulvetr of Old Norse mythology, a three-year, terrible winter of mass starvation preceding the wars of Ragnarök ending most of life on earth.

    One would hope that the princelings of the U.S. Congress might recognize the danger we are in, but foresight seems utterly absent among our “leaders.”  Maybe the electorate can eject some of our deranged demigods from their high perches before disaster occurs.  One can only hope.

    𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖙𝖆𝖘 𝖑𝖎𝖇𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖇𝖎𝖙 𝖛𝖔𝖘.

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