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Page added on September 9, 2023

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Kunstler: A Theory of the Game

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss was a bigger shock to the Washington DC deep state Blob than Donald Trump’s victory. But the dynamics of this trauma operated at many levels. At the most superficial level was the hysterical response of Democratic Party rank-and-file women who regarded Donald Trump as the most extreme and horrifying embodiment of an archetypal “bad daddy.” This was all sheer psychodrama of course, but women are engrossed with psychodrama — generating it and relishing it — which men often fail to appreciate.

In cases of madness, there is often a dark, sordid secret behind the weird behavior that presents outwardly. In the group madness provoked by Hillary Clinton’s loss, the dirty secret was that she had actually bought the Democratic National Committee in 2016, meaning the machinery that runs the party. She used lavish contributions to the Clinton Foundation to accomplish that. And Hillary along with her foundation — and husband Bill, who had been reduced by late career misadventure to a kind of political fashion accessory — had committed any number of grave crimes against our country over the years, especially during her service as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State. Think: Skolkovo… Uranium One…. In 2016 Hillary used her ownership of the DNC to underhandedly de-rail the likely Democratic primary winner, Bernie Sanders, from being nominated.

The initial act of madness by the “Resistance” on Mr. Trump’s inauguration day was the women’s march of pink pussy-hats, so called, a symbolic exhibition of fleering female genitalia in Mr. Trump’s face, so to speak, as an act of defiance against the new national daddy figure (and his millions of deplorable supporters watching the ceremonies on TV). This proved to be a mere overture to the more extreme sexual acting-out that evolved in the years to follow, overall a campaign to horrify people of normal appetites, beliefs, and moral codes, culminating in the drag queen story hours aimed at maximally inducing outrage among people organized as families.

All of that psychodrama was hijacked, of course, by the serious neo-Marxists lurking among the Left, who used it in the usual neo-Marxian way: to overthrow everything in the established social order. And who were these? The circle around Barack Obama. And who was Barack Obama exactly? Good question. This mysterious figure who rose so swiftly from being, briefly, a mere state senator in Illinois, then to the US Senate — for only a few years, accomplishing next to nothing there — then to being nominated for president, and actually winning the 2008 election!

Since we’re speaking in terms of psychodrama, Mr. Obama was liberalism’s wish-fulfillment: a half-century after the Civil Rights movement,


elects the first black president (half-black, anyway)! Liberalism needed, above all, a sense of moral superiority, to heal an imperfect world, to be ahead-of-the-curve in mankind’s implacable march of progress toward perfection, and especially to set an example for how to live for all those gun-loving, bible-thumping, meth-smoking, opiate-scarfing, racist, rapist flyover rubes who would dare to vote for such misogynistic vermin as the TV-clown Donald J. Trump.

It was known, at the time, that Mr. Obama was a close associate (probably an apostle of) Chicagoan Bill Ayers, a former leader of the 1960s domestic terrorism group called The Weathermen. But by 2008, Mr. Ayers had managed to rehabilitate himself into professor of education at the U of Illinois Chicago campus, and hitched himself to Chicago school czar Arne Duncan, who would be appointed Secretary of Education by Mr. Obama, opening the doors for a neo-Marxist coup in the public schools — now on display in the battles raging over race-and-gender-Marxism installed in the Common Core State Standard Initiative.

To what degree was Mr. Obama a tool of other forces lurking in the deep background of world politics, and what are these forces?  Many of the non-Left will say they are a loose consortium of corporate and financial actors desperate to keep in motion a set of rackets that magically stabilize business-as-usual, which asset-strips the remaining wealth of the middle classes and transfers it to the already super-wealthy.

I’m not so sure about that, though the role of Davos remains persistently murky. Why, after all, would the super-rich invite as front-man a crypto-Marxist, as Mr. Obama is alleged to be, dedicated to destroying the existing social order that is the very ecosystem of the super-rich? Is it possible that Mr. Obama is fronting for nothing more than Mr. Obama now, desperately, as they say, weaponizing the “Joe Biden” government against its own people just to save Barack Obama from discovery, infamy, and loss of power?

Mr. Trump proved to be easily controllable in office with the Blob and all its primary agencies marshalled against him, systematically disabled and humiliated by serial Blob hoaxes during his tenure, culminating in the bizarrely successful criminal plot to launch Covid-19 as an election-rigging device. Mr. Trump was thereby neatly disposed of in 2020. Of course, RussiaGate, the Mueller business, Impeachment No. 1, and Covid-19 were all essentially acts of treason and perfidy — that is, high crimes committed by the Democratic Party.

“Joe Biden” was Mr. Obama’s device for wresting control of the DNC from Hillary Clinton’s gang. But now “Joe Biden” has criminal problems of his own that threaten to take down not only his own presidency, but of everything connected to it, namely his controller, Mr. Obama & Company, and the Democratic Liberal order itself driven insane by its own criminality. Meanwhile, his nemesis, Donald Trump has proven to be extraordinarily resilient in the remorseless war against him. And now that has culminated in the (so far) four cockamamie criminal cases cooked up by Obama / “Biden” as the final line of defense against the Golden Golem of Greatness — who obviously has no intention of surrendering.

It looks like Mr. Obama is now in the process of being “outed” as something other than the suave performer he was for two terms in the White House. The Tucker Carlson interview with one Larry Sinclair, a gay cruiser and druggie who claims to have frolicked with Mr. Obama before he was a celebrity, was met with ominous silence in the mainstream media. They didn’t even dare denounce it to avoid drawing more attention to it. And the mysterious “drowning” of the Obama family’s chef, Tafari Campbell, paddleboarding at night in the shallow bay off the Obama estate on Martha’s Vineyard, remains woefully under-investigated. Will Barack Obama and “Joe Biden” end up sinking each other and the Democratic Party with them? And then, will Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. be called in to rescue the darn thing while driving all the demons out of it?


9 Comments on "Kunstler: A Theory of the Game"

  1. SilentRunning2 on Sun, 10th Sep 2023 10:18 am 

    Watching Kunstler these days is like when a dear old uncle is in the throes of advanced Alzheimer’s – you remember what he used to be, and you see the mere shell of the man – raving and twitching. You are at the same time thinking – and feeling guilty for thinking – “death, come soon and put an end to this suffering”.

  2. Theedrich on Sun, 10th Sep 2023 3:50 pm 

    The U.S. CIA is our Murder Inc. We are twisted. See the Duran at   The government of the United States is run by a small coterie of madmen fixated on controlling the world.  The rabble do not know about this because it does not WANT to know about it.

    One might also read Victor Davis Hanson on Imperialism at

    In brief, the U.S. political system is broken and will remain so until collapse or nuclear war.

    𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖙𝖆𝖘 𝖑𝖎𝖇𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖇𝖎𝖙 𝖛𝖔𝖘.

  3. Ted Wilson on Sun, 10th Sep 2023 6:53 pm 

    Everyone knows Donald Trump is a bad boy, but no 1 knows that Hillary Clinton is a bad girl and her hubby Bill Clinton is an =lly bad boy.

    Bill Clinton sent terrorists to Chechenya to destabilize Russia. Thats the reason Putin supported Trump who ensured that there is peace in Europe.

    Sadly Biden came and war started again. Who lost, the entire Europe is in recession while the Ukraine with already dwindling population is in even deeper trouble.

    If Europe grabs 1 million Ukrainians / year to fill their declining workforce, the 43 million Ukraine population including Donetsk will go down to 0 in just 30 years since the youngsters migrate and have babies in Europe while the old live and pass away.

  4. Doug Nicodemus on Tue, 12th Sep 2023 10:02 am 

    this is so sad…somebody get this man a doctor…he really should be some place nice and quiet…

  5. Dredd on Wed, 13th Sep 2023 8:13 am 

    “there is often a dark, sordid secret behind the weird behavior that presents outwardly” – Kunstler

    “I’ve got your number comes to mind.” … I mean can that number be applied to the sordid secret?

    Check out the number in DNA (Small Brains Considered – 17).

  6. Kenny Dalgleish on Sun, 17th Sep 2023 7:29 am 

    As usual these days Kunstler’s rants have absolutely nothing to do with peak oil, why are they published here?

  7. Kevin Cobley on Mon, 18th Sep 2023 5:51 am 

    This ranter has spent too much time drinking in
    boondocks of upstate NY, with hillbilly Trumpists.

  8. Theedrich on Thu, 21st Sep 2023 9:41 am 

    Christianity preaches White genosuicidism. Guilt for the genetic retardation of Negroes and others. That is the sum total of Western civilization’s demise.

  9. Kampus entrepreneurship on Thu, 21st Sep 2023 9:43 pm 

    How did the dynamics of Donald Trump’s presidency, the Blob, and various controversies such as RussiaGate and Covid-19 contribute to the current political landscape, and what potential outcomes are suggested in the article regarding Barack Obama and Joe Biden regard Tel U

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