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Page added on May 6, 2023

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The Kremlin Did Not Kill Itself: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Public Policy

Listen to a reading of this article (reading by Tim Foley):

Your rulers do not care what race you are. They do not care if you are gay, transgendered or nonbinary. They do not care how many bullets you are allowed to have in your gun. They do not care whether you are allowed to have an abortion or not. They do not care if you are racist, sexist, ableist, ageist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic or fatphobic. They do not care about diverse representation in politics or media, and they do not care about any lack thereof. All they care about is that we all keep thinking, speaking, working, consuming and voting in ways which keep them rich and powerful and keep us poor and powerless. And they will happily keep us arguing as intensely as possible about the things they do not care about so that we don’t turn our attention to the things they do care about.

This doesn’t mean those other issues aren’t real concerns, and in fact our rulers stand everything to gain by exacerbating the injustices involving issues they don’t care about in order to keep attention in those convenient areas. But the solution to the problems our rulers don’t care about is the same as the solution to the problems our rulers do care about: overthrow our rulers.

Western mass media are saturating the airwaves with the narrative that Wednesday’s drone bombing of

the Kremlin

was a “false flag”, by which they mean that Russia did it to themselves to advance some nefarious agenda.

False flags are a thing and they do happen, but to act like that’s the most likely explanation for the Kremlin bombing when Russia is currently at war with a neighbor who has the means, motive and opportunity is something only a propagandist would do. Especially when oligarchs from that neighboring nation are openly incentivizing people to attack Russia with drones for cash rewards, when Zelensky’s coinciding absence from the country prevented immediate retaliation, and when Atlantic propagandists are writing enthusiastically about the sophisticated drone facilities they visited in Ukraine.


In 2017 I was temporarily suspended by Facebook for posting an article about known false flags, because until 2022 mainstream narrative managers considered false flags to be a crazy crackpot concept. That changed the moment the idea became useful to western propagandists.

When this changed in early 2022 it initially took journalists by surprise, because until then they’d only ever heard “false flag” used to dismiss people like Alex Jones:


I say we arm Russia against Russia. If it’s bombing its own government buildings, its own pipelines, its own captured power plants, then it’s the best proxy force against Russia we’ve got. Send the Russians tanks and F-16s immediately.

Russia’s fighting Russia over there so we don’t have to fight Russia over here.


A westerner who spends half their time criticizing the US empire and half their time criticizing the US empire’s enemies isn’t providing “balance”, they’re just spending half their time contributing to an already wildly unbalanced information environment that is overwhelmingly biased in favor of US-friendly narratives.

Westerners constantly respond to criticism of US foreign policy with “You love Putin and think he is good” because they really, truly subscribe to a children’s cartoon “Good Guys vs Bad Guys” worldview. To them, saying one side is Bad means you think the other side is Good.

To a mature adult, criticizing US foreign policy is just criticizing US foreign policy, which is something everyone should do all the time. To a propaganda-addled manchild, this is a struggle of Good versus Evil, and if you’re not one then you must necessarily be the other.

Crazy how the response to Democrats saying “You have to vote for the corrupt warmonger with dementia or else America will be overrun by fascism” is mostly “Okay we’ll vote for the the corrupt warmonger with dementia” and not “Okay so we need to tear down the entire system then.”

Reading Julian Assange’s sardonic Jonathan Swift-style letter to the king is a reminder of what they took from us. His publishing and his persecution have overshadowed just what an incisive mind he has. We could really use his analysis right now, but they took him offline.


It’s obnoxiously self-righteous and condescending for older generations to worry about how the new generations are turning out. Imagine being left a bat shit insane civilization and a dying world by the people who made it that way and having to listen to them bitch about how your generation isn’t doing it right.

If you’re going to worry about the new generations, don’t worry that they’re becoming too different from the old, worry that they might remain too similar. We haven’t exactly been crushing it out here, folks. We failed. We faceplanted as hard as a generation could possibly faceplant. Let’s just hope they’re becoming different enough from us that they can undo our fuckups.

Pranksters mowing a giant penis on the grounds of an elite coronation party feels like the beginning of the end of something. People find the idea of a British king in 2023 absurd, and public opinion of the monarchy will only go down from here. Idols keep falling off their pedestals.

This sort of thing is happening everywhere; public figures once held in high esteem just keep losing face. The Catholic Church pedophile scandal kind of started it off. Twitter showed everyone that celebrities are just idiots with bad opinions. US presidents are ridiculous cartoons now, with the last one an incoherent buffoon and the current one a disintegrating dementia patient.

And it feels like it’s happening faster and faster. The Dalai Lama trying to tongue kiss that kid. Chomsky meeting with Epstein. Bernie Sanders falling all over himself to serve the establishment he once vocally decried. People just don’t get to keep their heroes anymore.

The pedestals we used to place people on are being eroded by the fact that everything’s so much more visible than it used to be. There will never be any more saints, because in the age of ubiquitous cameras people can’t falsely claim “miracles” happened when there’s no footage. We’re able to share evidence, ideas and information exponentially faster and more effectively than we could before, and we can do it on a grassroots level, and it turns out that when you do that all the Super Special People we used to place above us don’t look so special anymore.

And of course they don’t looks so special because they aren’t so special. All the people we used to regard as superior to ourselves were always just schmucks like us.

And I think there’s something very empowering and democratizing about this growing collective realization.

The Kremlin Did Not Kill Itself: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix


7 Comments on "The Kremlin Did Not Kill Itself: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix"

  1. Theedrich on Sat, 6th May 2023 2:58 pm 

    A drone attacked the Moscow Kremlin.  It was shot down before hitting the buildings.  Professional American liar and U. S. Secretary of State claimed that it was a Russian “false-flag” operation meant as a pretext to justify forthcoming Russian attacks on Ukraine.  Ukrainian propaganda, denying any Kievan connection with the attack, claimed that Russian oligarchs who hate Putin were responsible.  We might next expect the U.S. and its NATO vassals to say the drone came from six guys and a boat in the Moscow river.  Anyone can invent his or her own tale about it, just so long as Ukraine and the American cartel are not blamed.

    One must not reveal that the attack was orchestrated by the head of the Ukrainian Directorate of Intelligence, Major-general Kiríll Alexyéyevich Budánov (Кири́лл Алексе́евич Буда́нов).  This was the the man who planned the killing via a bomb-laden statue of a Russian blogger in St. Petersburg;  of a young woman, Dugina, by blowing up the car she was driving;  he is the man who was also responsible for Ukroid agents crossing the Russo-Ukrainian border and taking Russian citizens captive;  for the derailing of trains in Russia, and various drone attacks on Russian territory;  for attacking the airport in Belorussia near Minsk with drones;  as well for the terrorist murders of various officials in the Donbass.  Budánov is international Ukrainian terrorist #1, and must be disposed of as soon as possible

    The Ukroids still enjoy murdering civilians in Donyetzk (Доне́цк) city.  They have been doing this since 2014, and murder of defenseless non-compatants seems to send them into orgasm.  Biden and his European vassals, of course, love it too.  We can expect nothing honest or civilized from any of these animals.

    Incidentally, it was noteworthy that the 97th battalion of the 60th Mechanized Brigage turned refusenik and refused to follow the Ukroid orders to commit suicide in the meat grinder, and left its position.  This will open the way for more Wagnerian advances.  The sooner that Ukraine is completely pulverized, the better.

    𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖙𝖆𝖘 𝖑𝖎𝖇𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖇𝖎𝖙 𝖛𝖔𝖘.

  2. The Nationalist on Mon, 8th May 2023 8:27 am 

    I agree Drich, I find it amusing to watch the west get driven to madness and poverty by events.

  3. Dredd on Tue, 9th May 2023 7:58 am 

    “And they will happily keep us arguing as intensely as possible about the things they do not care about so that we don’t turn our attention to the things they do care about.”


    Even arguing about DNA (MetaSUB – 7).

  4. Theedrich on Fri, 12th May 2023 2:51 pm 

    After NS pipelines, Biden now aims at Taiwan. The zombie’s administration is currently “thinking and talking about” bombing the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) in order to prevent mainland China from getting it.  That would annihilate Taiwan’s economy and reduce it to Stone-Age levels.  Another success for the U.S.  Scorched earth is the Deep State’s plan to make sure America rules the world.  The wokies love it.

    The Taiwan government isn’t so happy about the prospect, as articles at and point out.  But the United States likes obliterating other peoples and economies.  The destruction of the world is no big deal, according to the glorious leaders of the U.S.  In the first of the above links, a letter was presented in which we find the following:

    China’s State Councilor and Foreign Minister Qin Gang rhetorically asked, “Why does the U.S. keep on professing the maintenanced of regional peace and stability, while covertly formulating a ‘plan for the destruction of Taiwan’?” After [former U.S. national security advisor Robert Charles] O’Brien made his comments and subsequently received an award from Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen, China’s foreign ministry spokesperson commented “Honoring such an individual shows that [Democratic Progressive Party] authorities do not mean it when they say they love Taiwan.  The truth is they have been selling Taiwan away.”

    Indeed.  How much longer will the planet be able to put up with the United States of America?

    𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖙𝖆𝖘 𝖑𝖎𝖇𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖇𝖎𝖙 𝖛𝖔𝖘.

  5. Theedrich on Tue, 16th May 2023 11:28 pm 

    The U.S. is the world’s largest slag heap. My condolences and sympathies are with the troops commanded by the recently fallen high Russian officers in the southern flank of the Artyómovsk (Артё́мовск) battle zone, as well as with those officers’ families.  They were men not only of great skill and intelligence, but also of immense bravery.  And we know that their troops will go on to succeed in their advance against the proxy militants.

    Avdyéyevka (Авде́евка) and its neighboring town, Krasnogórovka (Красного́ровка), are slowly being encircled.  This is extremely important, because these towns are the area whence so much of the criminal bombardment of Donetzk (Доне́цк) city has originated.  Many Donetzk civilians have died and been wounded as a result of those Ukroid war crimes.  So Russian advances in the Ukrainian sources are to be celebrated.

    Overnight there was an immense barrage of Russian missiles, including Kinžál (Кинжа́л “dagger”) missiles, around Ukraine, and especially on Kiev.  These were of course missiles that the Russians were not supposed to have.  Despite Ukroid propaganda about shooting down everything with an American Patriot bug zapper, a Patriot system was damaged or even completely destroyed by the Russian missiles.  Biden will have to ship another few $billion to Zelenskiy as a consolation prize.

    Biden and syndicate are continuing to invent ever new sanctions on Russland.  In other words, absurdity after absurdity.  Moscow is having no trouble in growing its oil exportation and economy in general.  All of this is in contrast to the socially decaying United States, where the popularity of homelessness and suicide by narco-poisons is increasing by the day.  The U.S. has turned into a society of sloth and parasitism, importing millions of Third World sludge.

  6. Territorial io on Wed, 31st May 2023 4:26 am 

    I agree with this point of view. Rulers will often be interested if they gain an advantage in this.

  7. Stephanie Dixon on Wed, 31st May 2023 7:05 am 

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