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kinda a shame you need a spreadsheet to compete


It might just be me in my little echo chamber, but it seems as though oil is hardly being spoken about. There was a time – in fact, there has been many a time – when the subject was on everybody’s lips. Either because supply was about to run out (Peak Oil) or because of […]

China’s Electric Vehicles Run on Coal! Yes, But …

China’s Electric Vehicles Run on Coal! Yes, But … thumbnail

China’s offhand bombshell about potentially consigning gasoline-fueled cars to the scrapheap has met, predictably, with a round of cheers and jeers. This is about one of the latter, which concerns the chart below: Steam Engines Almost 90 percent of China’s power derives from fossil fuels, especially coal Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance Note: Data are for […]

IEA: Oil Price Spike Coming In 2020


The halving of oil prices from $100 per barrel before 2014 down to just $50 today has led to a corresponding plunge in upstream investment. But even as benchmark prices seem to have stabilized over the past year, with most analysts predicting gradual and modest gains in the year ahead (depending on OPEC’s actions), there’s […]

Global Oil Demand is Surging But That’s Still Not Enough to Fix the Oil Market

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The oil industry just can’t seem to snap out of its doldrums this year. Crude remains stubbornly low, which has stalled the industry’s attempts at a recovery. However, while weaker prices have been bad for oil producers, they’ve been great for consumers because it has kept prices for refined products like gasoline down, which is […]

Beyond peak oil


The last decade has seen a significant change in the terms of the debate around the concept of “peak oil”. Ten years ago the focus was on when oil resources would start to run out and was still based on a concept developed in the 1950s by a Shell geophysicist called M King Hubbert. Hubbert […]

The High Cost Of Going Green


It has become raison d’être that electric vehicles (EV) will keep increasing in use without considering serious factors that could hamper their growth. The British electrical grid example and the growth of EVs should bring pause to consumers, investors and governments promoting their unconstrained usage. According to the British National Grid, “the growing use of electric […]

Food or Feed? A New Look at the Global Grain Drain


The use of grains such as corn and wheat to feed cattle, chicken, sheep, and other animals destined for human meat consumption has been maligned for decades as wasteful, inefficient, and even unethical. Those grains, after all, could be used to feed hundreds of millions of hungry people, and livestock need to consume large amounts […]

The ‘Ghost Geography’ Of Midwest Farmland And A Year In The Life Of A Modern American Family …


A grain cart collects corn harvested from one of the Hammond family’s fields. Courtesy Mary Anne Andrei Every year on the farm has its challenges. There are weeds, insects and random hailstorms. Unpredictable global markets can make or break a profitable crop. Recent years, though, have been especially troubling for the Hammond farm in York […]

IEA Sees Strongest Global Oil-Demand Growth in Two Years

IEA Sees Strongest Global Oil-Demand Growth in Two Years thumbnail

Global oil demand will climb this year by the most since 2015, the International Energy Agency said, amid stronger-than-expected consumption in Europe and the U.S. The IEA, which advises most major economies on energy policy, increased its estimate for demand growth in 2017 by 100,000 barrels a day to 1.6 million a day, or 1.7 percent. […]

Gail Tverberg: Why Oil Prices Can’t Bounce Very High; Expect Deflation Instead

Gail Tverberg: Why Oil Prices Can’t Bounce Very High; Expect Deflation Instead thumbnail

Economists have given us a model of how prices and quantities of goods are supposed to interact. Figure 1. From Wikipedia: The price P of a product is determined by a balance between production at each price (supply S) and the desires of those with purchasing power at each price (demand D). The diagram shows […]

China to Phase Out Internal Combustion Engine Cars


  In the first day of trading after China said it’s working on a deadline to end sales of fossil-fuel-powered vehicles, shares are holding ground in the oil companies that stand to lose out. The listed units of China’s big three oil companies — PetroChina Co., Cnooc Ltd and China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. — […]

More Is More


Lauren Greenfield/Institute Christmas morning at Jackie and David Siegel’s Seagull Island mansion, Windermere, Florida, 2010. Their construction of a 90,000-square-foot mansion inspired by the palace of Versailles was the subject of Lauren Greenfield’s documentary The Queen of Versailles (2012); this photograph appears in her new book, Generation Wealth, just published by Phaidon. The dictum “Less […]

To Understand Pipeline Economics, Follow the Money

To Understand Pipeline Economics, Follow the Money thumbnail

I have worked for electric and gas utilities in other states, so I am interested in seeing a modern energy system developed in Virginia. I prefer to find solutions where everyone wins, but Virginia is currently split between those who want to protect our land and waters and those who want the lower cost energy […]

Gas to Become World’s Primary Energy Source by 2035


Oil and gas will be crucial components of the world’s energy future, according to DNV GL’s forecast of the energy transition. While renewable energy will grow its share of the energy mix, gas will become the largest single source of energy from 2034. DNV GL’s Energy Transition Outlook, a forecast that spans the global energy […]

Oil fading as an energy source because of electric vehicles


The global demand for oil will peak within the next five years, driven largely by the increased market presence of electric vehicles, a top energy consultancy said. DNV GL, a Norwegian company providing risk management advice, said in an energy transition outlook that global demand for energy in general will level off by 2030 and […]

Peak oil demand in 2022


Energy demand will plateau after 2030, according to a new DNV GL (stand 5B51) model which forecasts the pace and extent of the global energy transition until 2050. While fossil fuel will still provide more than 40% Peak of the world energy demand, the consequences of the decarbonization of the energy mix and of the […]

Oil Majors See Upside At $50 Oil


  Although oil prices are now half what they used to be three years ago, Big Oil is better positioned now than it was when oil prices were sky high, Michele Della Vigna, co-head of European equity research at Goldman Sachs, told CNBC in an interview on Monday. In the dizzy spending days between 2010 […]

How EIA Guestimates Keep Oil Prices Subdued


The EIA has once again undercut its previous estimates for U.S. oil production, offering further evidence that the U.S. shale industry is not producing as much as everyone thinks. The monthly EIA oil production figures tend to be more accurate than the weekly estimates, although they are published on several months after the fact. The […]

If $26 oil doesn’t do us in, 52 inches of rain won’t either


Frenzied motorists scrambled to find gasoline in Dallas-Fort Worth as reports of imminent shortages spread on social media, fueled by refinery and pipeline shutdowns along the energy-rich Texas Gulf Coast. Storm-weary homeowners and renters by the thousands fled water-filled properties with whatever they could carry, not knowing what would be left of their belongings when […]

Oil Demand Is Growing Nearly Everywhere


Earlier today I delivered the keynote address at the Uintah Basin Energy Summit in Vernal, Utah. The Uintah Basin is an oil-producing region predominantly in the eastern portion of Utah. Like many other oil-producing states, Utah saw its oil production more than double from 2004 to 2014, before retreating in the face of the oil price […]

The world could run out of food two decades earlier than thought

The world could run out of food two decades earlier than thought thumbnail

By 2027 the world could be facing a 214 trillion calorie deficit, says Sara Menker, founder and chief executive of Gro Intelligence, an agricultural data technology company. In other words, in just a decade, we won’t have enough food to feed the planet. We’ve long known that we might reach a point where we have […]

We’re Running Out of Fish


More and more, around the globe, fish is what’s for dinner. The average person eats more than 20 kilograms a year, double the level of the 1960s. But all those fish dinners are taking a heavy toll on ocean populations.  Bloomberg QuickTake explains the looming crisis of overfishing our oceans. (video by Dan Wallenstein, Madeline Quinn) (Source: […]

“There’s No App for That” — Richard Heinberg


Richard Heinberg published his excellent and influential book, The Party’s Over, the same year as The Long Emergency and we met many times since then on the conference circuit. Richard is Senior Fellow of the Post Carbon Institute. He’s the author of 13 award-winning books, including six on the subject of fossil fuel depletion. He […]

Why The Shale Oil “Miracle” Is Becoming A “Debacle”


Energy is everything.  This is an amazingly important concept. Yet it’s almost universally overlooked. Sometimes it’s hard to appreciate the magical role energy plays in our daily lives because most of what we experience is a derivative of it. The connection is hidden from direct view.  Because of this, most people utterly fail to detect […]

Harsh realities of global food situation


It is now a well-known fact that humans are depleting vital groundwater resources across the globe. But a new study shows one of the biggest causes of disappearing groundwater is the international food trade. About 70 per cent of freshwater around the globe goes toward irrigation. Researchers from the University College, London and NASA’s Goddard […]

Slow economic growth? ‘Who cares?’


The persistent belief that global economic growth is “dangerously slow” and fragile is just a myth, DBS said in a note on Thursday. “If you’re worried about slow growth today, get used to it. It’s probably going to be slower five years from now and slower yet five years after that,” David Carbon, chief economist […]

The end of the car as we know it


The world’s biggest oil producers are starting to take electric vehicles seriously as a long-term threat, Bloomberg noted in July. OPEC quintupled its forecast for sales of plug-in EVs, and oil producers from ExxonMobil to BP also revised up their outlooks in the past year, according to a study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance released […]

A Contrarian View On The Peak Oil Debate

A Contrarian View On The Peak Oil Debate thumbnail

Summary Because peak oil demand theory has become self-evident truth, it is hard to even suggest at this point that the theory might be wrong, even when backed by solid evidence. Conventional oil production only increased by about 1.5 mb/d over the past decade. Discovery as well as current reserves data suggest a peak and […]

No Emotions, Only Facts And Numbers


Summary Over the past quarter, the global oil market balance became more of a positive for the price of oil. Judging by the dynamics of OPEC forecasts, global oil demand has been underestimated in the current year while supply has been overestimated. There is reason to believe that, after the end of Q1 2018, OPEC […]

The Economics of an Electrified Autonomous Future


Would Autonomous Electric Vehicles Eliminate Transportation Externalities? After one of the many fun and inspiring lunch conversations here at the Energy Institute, I realized that my thoughts on the economic consequences of an electrified autonomous personal transport sector were in complete disarray. So, I am going to use this self-help outlet to clean house. As […]

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