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What Will Follow The Age Of Oil?


U.S. natural gas production will increase by 10 percent this year alone and by as much as 60 percent by 2037, a new report from IHS Markit has forecast. The market research company is extremely upbeat about U.S. gas because of the shale gas revolution, seeing the country becoming a leading LNG exporter thanks to […]

Appalachian Natural Gas Prices Up Even As Production Jumps


According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, natural gas prices at trading points around the Appalachia region have generally increased in the past three years relative to the benchmark Henry Hub in Louisiana, even as production in that area reached new highs. Natural gas production in the Appalachia region averaged 22 billion cubic feet per […]

Eight insights based on December 2017 energy data

Eight insights based on December 2017 energy data thumbnail

BP recently published energy data through December 31, 2017, in its Statistical Review of World Energy 2018. The following are a few points we observe, looking at the data: [1] The world is making limited progress toward moving away from fossil fuels. The two bands that top fossil fuels that are relatively easy to see are nuclear […]

Richard Heinberg: Electric Cars to the Rescue?

Richard Heinberg: Electric Cars to the Rescue? thumbnail

My wife Janet and I recently bought a used Nissan Leaf from a friend. We are now proud electric vehicle (EV) owners, and we love our plug-in, battery-powered car: some days we almost fight over who gets to drive it. If this essay were a consumer review, it would glow in the dark. The car […]

Why OPEC Isn’t Going To Give Up On High Oil Prices That Easily


With the most highly-anticipated OPEC meeting since November 2014 taking place Friday in Vienna, Macrovoices host Erik Townsend made this week’s podcast all about oil. He started his three-part interview series with Dr. Ellen Wald, the author of “Saudi Inc.”, a book about Aramco. During their discussion, Wald shares what she learned about the Kingdom […]

What Happens If All The Oil Just Disappears?


Crude oil, or petroleum, is made of decaying organic matter which has been trapped underground, under intense heat and pressure, for millions of years. Oil is a nonrenewable resource; there’s only so much of it. You might have heard the term “peak oil” before. Most experts have predicted that peak oil will occur by 2020, […]

Oil producers face their ‘life or death’ question


Asked last month by a frustrated investor if, “hand on heart”, Royal Dutch Shell was more concerned about “the sustainability of the company or with the sustainability of the planet”, chief executive Ben van Beurden acknowledged that climate change will be “the defining challenge” facing the oil industry for years to come. He then went […]

Why Goldman Sachs still sees oil peaking above $82 a barrel this summer


Goldman Sachs on Monday said it continues to expect Brent crude oil prices to peak above $82 a barrel this summer, even after assuming that the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries will soon agree to lift production. “Oil prices have sold off over the past three weeks on concerns over higher OPEC production, weaker […]

Why $100 Price Forecasts Are More Sensational Than Logical


Towards the end of 2017 and for much of the first quarter of this year, both oil futures benchmarks – i.e. Brent, the global proxy gauge, and West Texas Intermediate, the keenly watched U.S. contract – oscillated in very predictable ranges marking a gradual uptick to sub-$70 per barrel for the former, and sub-$65 for the […]

Nigeria plunged in to darkness by power grid meltdown as millions watched World Cup build-up on TV

Nigeria plunged in to darkness by power grid meltdown as millions watched World Cup build-up on TV thumbnail

NIGERIA suffered a major power cut on the first day of its World Cup campaign, according to local reports. The power grid melt down came on the same day the national team played Croatia in its first fixture. AP:Associated Press 3 Nigeria has suffered a nationwide power cut after millions watched their national team play […]

Steep Oil and Strong Dollar Make Toxic Brew for Global Economies


For Americans, rising oil prices are threatening $3-a-gallon gasoline and pushing up prices for plane tickets. In many other parts of the world, today’s crude rally is more painful—sparking protests, gas lines and emergency subsidies to quell unrest. That is because many consumers outside the U.S. face a double whammy when—like now—the dollar gets stronger […]

The Bullish And Bearish Case For Oil


Oil prices are in a holding pattern as we await the outcome of the OPEC+ meeting in a few days, and while the result of that meeting will almost completely control the direction of oil prices in the near-term, there is a bit of disagreement among analysts over the bigger picture in regards to the […]

What’s Wrong With The Economy: 9 Toxic Dynamics


These nine dynamics are mutually reinforcing. Beneath the surface signals of an eternally rising stock market and expanding GDP, we all sense something is deeply, systemically wrong with the U.S. economy. These nine structural dynamics generate secondary dynamics, all of which are toxic to social mobility, sustainable prosperity, accountability and democracy: 1. The financialization of the […]

Oil Markets Unmoved By North Korea Summit


Oil markets largely ignored the much-anticipated meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, though further geopolitical maneuvers should weigh on crude prices moving forward. (Click to enlarge) (Click to enlarge) (Click to enlarge) (Click to enlarge) – LNG exports have increased sharply around the world, after the inauguration of a […]

How many vehicles can the earth sustain?


One of the hallmarks of the good life in developed countries is the freedom to move about as we choose in personal vehicles. However, as populous developing countries are gaining in economic power, people in those countries are asking for the same mobility that people in developed countries enjoy. Consequently, demand for personal vehicles has […]

How much raw material goes into the foods you eat and products you use on an everyday basis

How much raw material goes into the foods you eat and products you use on an everyday basis thumbnail

Each iPhone contains 31 grams of aluminum. istock; Jenny Cheng/Business Insider You’d be surprised by how much raw material goes into the everyday items you use. For example, take your coffee habit. The average cup of coffee requires about 100 beans. So if you drink one cup per day, you’d need at least nine coffee […]

The gift and the curse of China’s energy demand

The gift and the curse of China’s energy demand thumbnail

Last year, China became the world’s largest and second-largest importer of crude oil and liquefied natural gas (LNG), underscoring that the driver of global growth and energy demand has moved from west to east. While energy consumption in the U.S. and Europe has never recovered to the levels seen before the global financial crisis, China’s […]

The Resource Curse of Appalachia

The Resource Curse of Appalachia thumbnail

Jason Clark has lived near Amity, Pa., in the southwestern part of the state, since he was born. He likes to call urban Americans “hypocrites.” At 38, he’s the president of the Pork Association in Washington County, which sits at the edge of Appalachia. City dwellers are consumers, as he sees it; they gobble up […]

Equinor Sees Peak Oil Demand Around 2030


Peak oil demand could come around 2030 at 111 million bpd in the current market as road transport electrification and efficiency gains in all sectors offsets increasing petrochemical and aviation growth, Norway’s Equinor said in its Energy Perspectives report on Thursday. That assumption is one of Equinor’s scenarios for energy transition, Reform, which suggests that […]

It’s The Demand, Stupid! Is China About To Burst The Black Gold Bubble?

It’s The Demand, Stupid! Is China About To Burst The Black Gold Bubble? thumbnail

For months we have heard about how the oil market’s over-supply ‘glut’ has been removed thanks to OPEC/NOPEC’s production cut deal and the narrative of ‘global synchronous recovery’ has buoyed the demand side of the equation – sending crude prices to four year highs (helped considerably by an increasing geopolitical risk premium, that is now […]

Oil Shock!


Is the economy in for a jolting “oil shock”? Today we wander out to the tail end of the bell curve… look around for black swans… and raise scandalous questions. “Judging by internet searches for the term,” says Bloomberg commodities analyst David Fickling, “an oil shock is the last thing anyone should be worried about.” […]

Increase in electric vehicles isn’t the end of the road for oil


In 2016 electric vehicles represented about 1pc of global vehicle sales. However, by 2030 demand for such vehicles could rise to almost 20pc of annual global sales, according to a report from consulting firm McKinsey. In addition, recent surveys from suggest that 30pc of car-buying individuals and nearly 50pc of millennials around the world […]

How long before the world runs out of fossil fuels?

How long before the world runs out of fossil fuels? thumbnail

Fossil fuels are the main source of energy in the world, powering much of modern civilization as we know it, from transportation to industrial applications. But this paradigm can’t last forever. Millions of years to make, only hundreds of years to spend Fossil fuels have formed over an extensive period of time from the remains […]

Oil demand could keep growing until 2050 in conflict-ridden world


Global oil demand could peak in the early 2020s if countries pull together to hit climate goals, or keep growing until 2050 in a conflict-ridden world, according to Norwegian oil and gas firm Equinor <EQNR.OL>. Expectations for when oil demand will peak could change the supply dynamics, as investors weigh up whether to back long-term […]

Oil market to continue to support Middle East economies


Economies in the Middle East ended 2017 on a high note, with a strong final quarter in 2017, despite some short-term weaknesses surfacing in early 2018 — this pattern is in part explained by the rollout of value added tax (VAT) in the UAE and Saudi Arabia and the ensuing inflation (3.0 per cent year-on-year […]

Decarbonising Heavy Industry

Decarbonising Heavy Industry thumbnail

I was fortunate to attend part of the 9th Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) meeting in Copenhagen and participate in a panel focussed on the steps required to decarbonise the industrial sector. It is good to see that the CEM is bringing much needed focus to this area, given that industrial emissions make up about a fifth of global […]

Oil market is ignoring the big Iran story


Helima Croft, RBC Captial Markets head of commodity strategy, and John Kilduff, Again Capital founding partner, discuss what’s affecting global oil markets as oil hits the lowest level since mid-April.

Art Berman: Think Oil Is Getting Expensive? You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.


After issuing clear warnings on this program that sub-$50 oil prices were going to be short-lived, oil expert and geological consultant Art Berman returns to the podcast this week to explain why today’s $70 oil prices will go higher — likely much higher — and start materially contricting world economic growth. Art explains how the […]

Citigroup’s Morse Sees ‘Plenty of Oil to Go Around’


Ed Morse, global head of commodities research at Citigroup, discusses what comes next for OPEC as oil prices drop on production concerns as he still sees the potential for $100 oil. He speaks on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas.” (Source: Bloomber

Return to $100 Oil Is ‘Far From Unlikely,’ Norway Minister Says


Two years ago, western Europe’s biggest oil producing nation said no one should count on $100 crude coming back. Now Norway’s changed its tune. “It’s far from unlikely that we will see $100 again,” Petroleum and Energy Minister Terje Soviknes said in an interview in Oslo on Tuesday. Thanks to output cuts by OPEC and […]

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