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Here’s Why Oil Is Headed To $80


Summary The oil sell-off was extremely overdone and anticipated scenarios that are very unlikely to occur. Saudi Arabia’s power to control prices intermediate term is vastly underappreciated by shale struck traders. Canada cutting oil exports to the U.S. is one part smart for them and one part “Trudeau’s Revenge!” Oil inventories have been showing draws […]

Waking up from the Chinese dream


There have been better starts to the New Year. The December Caixin Manufacturing PMI, a survey of Chinese manufacturing activity, contracted for the first time in 17 months. Soon after, reports began to emerge that China’s growth target will be lower than that set for 2018. Apple, once the world’s most valuable company, sent shock […]

2019: World Economy Is Reaching Growth Limits; Expect Low Oil Prices, Financial Turbulence

2019: World Economy Is Reaching Growth Limits; Expect Low Oil Prices, Financial Turbulence thumbnail

Financial markets have been behaving in a very turbulent manner in the last couple of months. The issue, as I see it, is that the world economy is gradually changing from a growth mode to a mode of shrinkage. This is something like a ship changing course, from going in one direction to going in reverse. The […]

India likely to overtake US to be world’s second largest economy by 2030

India likely to overtake US to be world’s second largest economy by 2030 thumbnail

As per the economists, India is projected to accelerate to 7.8 percent by the 2020s while China’s will moderate to 5 percent by 2030 reflecting a natural slowdown given the economy’s size. As per the economists, India is projected to accelerate to 7.8 per cent by the 2020s. (File) India is likely to overtake the […]

The Recession Will Be Unevenly Distributed


Those households, enterprises and organizations that have no debt, a very low cost basis and a highly flexible, adaptable structure will survive and even prosper. The coming recession will be unevenly distributed, meaning that it will devastate many while leaving others relatively untouched. A few will actually do better in the recession than they did in […]

Darkening Outlook For Global Economy Threatens Crude


“The outlook for the global economy in 2019 has darkened.” That conclusion came from a new report from the World Bank, citing a variety of data, including softening international trade and investment, ongoing trade tensions, and financial turmoil in emerging markets over the past year. “Storm clouds are brewing for the global economy,” the World […]

Can Hacking Plants Feed the World?

Can Hacking Plants Feed the World? thumbnail

Scientists Amanda Cavanagh (left), Paul South (center) and Donald Ort (right) found tobacco plants engineered to shortcut photorespiration are about 40 percent more productive in real-world field conditions. Claire Benjamin/RIPE Project Plants are good at what they do — turning sunlight into food. However, some researchers have found the leaf world could improve, and that […]

Has oil’s demise been greatly exaggerated?


I often speak to people who are concerned about how long the oil industry will last and have the misconception that its demise is just around the corner. This is very far from the truth and I think comes from two factors, that oil price has been below the heady days of $100/bbl for some […]

Oil ends year down 25%, its worst annual showing since the crash of 2015


Oil capped its worst annual showing since 2015 as fears of scarcity turned into panic about a glut. Futures in New York eked out a small gain on Monday but finished the year down 25 per cent, completing a reversal few anticipated just three months ago, when prices jumped to a four-year high. There’s growing […]

Oversupply Will Keep Oil Prices Under Pressure

Oversupply Will Keep Oil Prices Under Pressure thumbnail

An energy information provider, Argus Media stated that an oversupply of oil will ensure the prices are under intense pressure even after entering the New Year. However, with the passing time, the cuts of the producers will ensure the crude prices are boosted. This condition refers to the scenario in which the balance between the […]

US energy independence is not the shining prize it seems


It is a common sensation at this time of year: waiting for something in eager anticipation, only to find it disappointing when it eventually arrives. For decades, the US has dreamt about ending its dependence on foreign oil. Now “energy independence”, defined in that way, is very close, the limitations of that ambition have been […]

Facing soil crisis, US farmers look beyond corn and soybeans

Facing soil crisis, US farmers look beyond corn and soybeans thumbnail

Shovel in hand, Duane Hager heads for his cornfield and digs up a shovelful of dirt, revealing wriggling earthworms. Although a pelting rain has soaked his gray T-shirt in seconds, not a single puddle lies in the field or in the cow pasture beyond – a sign of vigorous, uncompacted earth. “If you have soil […]

Urban Underground Farming

Urban Underground Farming thumbnail

According to the U.N., the world population is more than seven billion and is expected to reach more than nine billion by 2050. With a vast majority of the population migrating to urban areas, cities are forced to expand. This puts a strain on rural land space and food production; urban underground farming is being […]

Russia Blames Fed Interest Hike For Low Oil Prices


It seems that the Federal Reserve can’t get a break. For months, President Trump has been increasingly criticizing the Fed’s policy of incrementally increasing interest rates, a near-unprecedented move for an American president. After the most recent Fed move to hike interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point last week, Trump tweeted on […]

Peak Oil? Unlikely In The Near Term


WTI: surges 10% on Boxing Day. Peak oil? Maybe for Saudi Arabia? One of my themes over at “the big stories” is the growing gap between Europe and the US when it comes to being energy sufficient. Major sub-themes include: US energy centers of gravity natural gas and coal in the post-nuclear world the Saudi […]

The 10 Daily Habits Of Highly Prepared People


For some people, preparedness is about the big things: the well-stocked retreat home, buying yet another firearm, or getting a super-fancy generator. While these things can certainly be classified as preparedness endeavors, it isn’t the expensive and dramatic gestures that make us truly prepared people. The way prepared people spend their time before an emergency is the real key […]

Michael Snyder: The Worst Is Yet To Come Next Year


When talking heads on mainstream news networks are using phrases such as “the worst is yet to come next year”, that is a clear indication that a new financial crisis has arrived.  And that is an extremely bold statement to make considering that this is already the worst quarter for the stock market in 10 […]

China Cracks Open Door for US Natural Gas Imports


China last month imported two tankers of U.S. liquefied natural gas, nudging open a doorway that had been closed shut for a month at a time when America is rapidly expanding its ability to export the heating fuel. The three operating U.S. terminals soaked up more than 5.1 billion cubic feet of natural gas from […]

Have we reached Peak Car?

Have we reached Peak Car? thumbnail

General Motors has announced it’s shuttering five production facilities and killing six vehicle platforms by the end of 2019 as it reallocates resources towards self-driving technologies and electric vehicles. The announcements should come as a surprise to no one, as they echo a similar announcement made by Ford earlier this year that it will exit […]

What’s Got Oil So Spooked? It’s the Economy, Stupid


It wasn’t meant to be like this. Not only are oil prices down nearly 40 percent since early October, they’re below where they were when the OPEC+ group of producers began their first round of output cuts in January 2017. There are two main factors behind this pessimism. The first stems from an undue skepticism […]

The Fabrics of Society

The Fabrics of Society thumbnail

“Yoga pants are destroying the Earth” Reet Aus We know to avoid plastics because they are made of non-renewable fossil fuels, they are not biodegradable, and they leach hormones and toxic chemicals. What many of us are unaware of is that plastics make up the fabric of our everyday life. Look down at your shoes, […]

IEA’s WEO Presents Three Futures of World Oil Demand


You know the old adage, it takes two to tango. In the global oil market, this means the dance between supply and demand. As analysts and commentators analyzed the recent OPEC agreement to cut global production by 1.2 million barrels per day (Mbd), supply-side dynamics captured the limelight of intrigue. But should supply always steal […]

The challenges of water scarcity

The challenges of water scarcity thumbnail

Water scarcity is a global challenge with rapid population growth around the world placing extreme pressure on finite water resources. The United Nations forecasts the world’s population will increase from seven billion today to 9.7 billion by 2050, leading to a 55 per cent increase in demand for water. As a result more than 40 […]

The path to the Global Depression


The world economy has never faced a more perilous situation. While many have just started to debate whether a recession will start in 2019 or 2020, very few perceive the ’black hole’ the global economy is about to get sucked into… The hole has two main “gravitational forces”: the wide-spread mispricing of risk and stagnating […]

Historical and Social Reasons Why Sacrifice As a Plan Fails


There were some emails about my article about being able to feed 40 billion people with today’s agricultural productivity. I indicated that I had many articles about food, energy, water, and ecosystems. I know food, energy, water, and ecosystems are connected. I have thousands of articles going through it in detail. Let me discuss my […]

How We Grow and Eat Food Is Going to Kill Us All

How We Grow and Eat Food Is Going to Kill Us All thumbnail

A years-long study of global food production shows that the entire system is insane. Over the weekend, more than 200 nations reached an agreement for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions over the coming decades. Even without U.S. participation, it’s a significant step in affirming the Paris climate accord. Unfortunately, it’s still only a small step toward the […]

Buenos Aires takes on the car, and it’s not alone


The global effort to reduce reliance on gasoline and diesel may be fought on the streets of the world’s cities. In Buenos Aires , officials are making it easier to get around by bike and public transport, even on foot, to reduce car traffic and fight climate change. “We are increasing the level of service […]

Global oil supply to tighten quickly in 2019


The Paris-based IEA kept its 2019 forecast for global oil demand growth at 1.4 million barrels per day. The global oil market could move into deficit sooner than expected thanks to Opec’s output agreement with Russia and to Canada’s decision to cut supply, the International Energy Agency said on Thursday. The Paris-based IEA kept its […]

Last Week, The US Ended Its Reliance On Foreign Oil

Last Week, The US Ended Its Reliance On Foreign Oil thumbnail

For the first time in 75 years, the U.S. became a net exporter of oil last week. From Bloomberg: The shift to net exports caps a tumultuous week for energy markets and politics. OPEC and its allies are meeting in Vienna this week, trying to make a tough choice whether to cut output and support […]

Uber, Moore’s Law and the limits of the technofix


Uber remains a darling of the tech world. It is regarded as a disruptive upstart that recognized the unused capacity of privately-owned automobiles and their owners. It unleashed that capacity on cities worldwide using cellphone technology to provide discount rides to customers, ones who might otherwise have taken traditional taxis or public transportation. It’s a […]

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