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Page added on March 10, 2019

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Morning Collapse Update

Manafort sentencing, Brexit, Venezuela Blackouts, Democratic Party split, Iditarod on tap this morning with your Java.

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  1. Real Green on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 6:39 am 

    Thank you JuanP for the opportunity to educated you:

    If we look at the concept of sustainability both systematically and in the context of ecosystems this word takes on its true meaning for humans. The basis of sustainability is the dependence on daily solar energy which can be utilized by planetary activity, heating, and organic growth. This would be the wind and water influenced by solar energy. The heating of matter by the sun such as the atmosphere, land and water. The growth of organic life processing the solar energy. We have the influence of solar energy through planetary processes of wind, water, and land. This creates ecosystems of organic food chains of growth. Biodiversity then enters the definition with the organic action of processing solar energy through an ecosystem through steps that build upon a chain of communities that produce food and process waste. We have planetary system cycling chemically with cycles such as the hydrologic, nutrient, and carbon cycle along with the influence of the planetary web of life. This sustainable process is planetary and organic with the daily bathing of solar energy that stimulates the process. A sustainable system also involves organic succession with evolution and extinction. It is succession that allows an ecosystem to follow and adapt to the ever changing planetary system. The planetary system contributes a succession of geologic and climate activity to an ecosystem sustainability or there would be no activity stimulating the process. That was of course just a snapshot of a very big picture.

    We see then that sustainability goes deeper than just human considerations. Humans can be sustainable only by fitting into this greater planetary ecosystem in a true sense of the word. Yet, if one considers evolution and extinction as part of this succession then it does not matter what we do we are part of the process whether we destroy it or help build it up. For our discussion as mortal humans who desire to live and prosper then we can look at sustainability as actions that maintains and continues our lives. This ultimately involves our human community contributing to the health of the greater process. Humans are uniquely equipped to build up or destroy our connection to the greater ecosystem. This then is our subject of sustainability and that is survival.

    We modern humans have self-conscious intelligence reflecting on this process. In this respect then we need wisdom to guide our actions to maintain a healthy ecosystem that provides sustainability. This wisdom would dictate which knowledge to follow and which not to follow in relationship to what is sustainable for our greater ecosystem. This would be centered on planetary respect that involves scaling our species and individual footprint accordingly. Intelligence requires wisdom because intelligence interjects dualistic responses that create separation. This separation comes from intelligence making judgements of choice that may or may not be good for the ecosystem.

    Today we are unsustainable in multiple spheres that can only be understood through ascending levels of abstraction. Most of our intelligence is unwisely applied to further the species and individual at the expense of the greater ecosystem. This forced disturbance was once minor with a population under 500MIL but now with 7BIL living technological lives succession has gone wild in tempo and effect. Humans now are the primary succession process by making the ecosystem ours and by adapting the planet to our needs. We are changing climate and planetary cycles at a rapid pace. We are basically trapped in this self-organizing human process of 7BIL individual choices. It appears but is beyond our knowing, this destructive human process can no longer be adapted without a species and ecosystem bottleneck. We have very few awakened humans to this holistic situation. Science is partially awakened but also corrupted by goal seeking solutions that are enhancing the predicament of more of the same.
    It may be the case that intelligence is ultimately an evolutionary dead-end. It may be the case that true wisdom will be the result of this apparent planetary bottleneck that is reducing organic life to its very basic state in rapidly declining complexity. We may learn a valuable lesson and once we have passed through the bottleneck and come out the other side we will be a new species of postmodern humans with adapted intelligence. This intelligence will have advanced to a new level or returned to its proper level. We may also revert to our premodern state of wandering bands of hunter gatherers scavenging a postmodern human disrupted planet. This is not making a value judgment on premodern humans. It may be the case that intelligence should be at this level and not at higher so called modern levels. The planet will make this determination. We may also go extinct and intelligence will reform. It is likely self-conscious intelligence is innate to the complexity of life. Humans with their combination of prefrontal cortex and reptilian brain may just have been a poor vector for intelligence if we go extinct.

    We as a people are now at the point of a human induced paradigm shift to our planetary system and the web of life. Even though we are trapped as individuals in consequences of our collective actions you as an individual can seek out the truly sustainable as part of this resulting awakening. It appears intelligence seeks out meaning. For an individual an awakening to the truth is this meaning. This awakening appears to be about lifeboats to the other side and it is about hospices for those who will not pass. It is about assembling wisdom for those who make the trip. This wisdom is the best of our accumulated knowledge digested according to sustainability. The greatest knowledge is the wisdom of the humility of the failure of human knowledge. It is about acceptance of loss and the resulting call to action of survival from our awareness of failure.

  2. Real Green on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 6:47 am 

    Thank you JuanP for the opportunity to educated you

    Spam (stylized SPAM) is a brand of canned cooked meat made by Hormel Foods Corporation. It was first introduced in 1937 and gained popularity worldwide after its use during World War II.[1] By 2003, Spam was sold in 41 countries on six continents and trademarked in over 100 countries (not including the Middle East and North Africa).

    Sliced Spam
    According to its label, Spam’s basic ingredients are pork, with ham meat added, salt, water, modified potato starch as a binder, sugar, and sodium nitrite as a preservative. Natural gelatin is formed during cooking in its tins on the production line.[3] Many have raised concerns over Spam’s nutritional attributes, in large part due to its high content of fat, sodium, and preservatives.[4]

    By the early 1970s the name “Spam” became a genericized trademark, used to describe any canned meat product containing pork, such as pork luncheon meat. With expansion in communications technology, it became the subject of urban legends about mystery meat and other appearances in pop culture.[5] Most notable was a Monty Python sketch which led to its name being borrowed for unsolicited electronic messages, especially spam email.[6

    Spam was introduced by Hormel on July 5, 1937.[7] The Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America states that the product was intended to increase the sale of pork shoulder which was not a very popular cut.[7] Ken Daigneau, brother of a company executive, won a $100 prize that year in a competition to name the new item.[8] Hormel claims that the meaning of the name “is known by only a small circle of former Hormel Foods executives”, but popular beliefs are that the name is an abbreviation of “spiced ham”.[7][9] The difficulty of delivering fresh meat to the front during World War II saw Spam become a ubiquitous part of the U.S. soldier’s diet. It became variously referred to as “ham that didn’t pass its physical”, “meatloaf without basic training”,[1] and “Special Army Meat”. Over 150 million pounds of Spam were purchased by the military before the war’s end.[10]

    During World War II and the occupations which followed, Spam was introduced into Guam, Hawaii, Okinawa, the Philippines, and other islands in the Pacific. Immediately absorbed into native diets, it has become a unique part of the history and effects of U.S. influence in the Pacific.[11]

    As a consequence of World War II rationing and the Lend-Lease Act, Spam also gained prominence in the United Kingdom. British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher later referred to it as a “wartime delicacy”.[12][13] In addition to increasing production for the U.K., Hormel expanded Spam output as part of Allied aid to the similarly beleaguered Soviet Union.[14] Nikita Khrushchev declared: “Without Spam we wouldn’t have been able to feed our army”.[15] Throughout the war, countries ravaged by the conflict and faced with strict food rations came to appreciate Spam.[16]

    The billionth can was sold in 1959,[17] and in 2007, the seven billionth can of Spam was sold.[8]In 2012, the eight billionth can of Spam was sold

  3. Real Green on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 6:49 am 

    This is for you JuanP. You can change from the Miami Beach playboy brat you are:

    Prepper dream home is not the point of prep. The physical structure is important but bunkers are not it. They only give a false sense of security. They are lifeless monuments to egos. The ideal security is community. The structure you choose for your doomstead is important but it should be more oriented to efficiency and act as workplace because prep is about work and activity. Your doomstead will be where you do your work repairing equipment, preparing food, and houses your life-support systems that must be managed. These life support systems would be you energy collecting devices, water, and storage of food, equipment, and knowledge. Ideally a good doomstead will have a renewable system but grid tied too. The grid is a valuable asset but complete reliance on the grid is minimized. This system will be capable of getting you by when the grid goes unstable or gone altogether. You might have a safe room for fallout and or security. A safe to keep guns, gold, and cash. You would have multiple months of long shelf life food and water. Water purification devices. You might have this place fenced and with dogs.

    This effort ramp up from there until you have a farmstead because longer term it is about providing food and gathering solar energy in the form of plants and animals but also the technology of renewables. This means some acreage with barns. Ideally groups of people could participate in this so they could have their affordable private homes and together share the effort and expense of the doomstead farm. This farm would have gardens and orchards and also have natural components because nature can provide plant and animal support. This of course varies by geography so a coastal location would differ from an interior region but the same blue print applies. The human leadership and management varies according to culture but revolves around common good. People are always the most difficult aspect of community.

    Advancing this arrangement is would come down to those aspects of community where participants find common meaning. A shared respect for a higher power and a mutual effort at a human safety net. Entertainment and leisure would be incorporated. These would be tied together by localism and real green motivations. Real Efficiency which is both technical and behavioral seeks to combine low foot print sustainability with resilient demand management. These efforts would focus on adapting to seasonality and intermittency. This effort would seek a hybrid of the best of new and old technologies and behaviors. It would collect and store this information in a library placed in a setting for education. Basics of health care and mental health would be part of this place. Physical activity would be promoted as much as knowledge. Strong and fit members are essential to survival in difficult times. Security would be common and this is as much about avoidance as defense. Avoidance means trying to stay under the radar screen and have ways to monitor and dissuade trespassing.

    All this would be wrapped up in a community that realizes it can’t decouple from our modern civilization. This community would realize it must cooperate and participate to be able to earn resources from a delocalized world but wherever possible this community would produce what it needs. Ideally this community would have a participatory structure in place like the Amish but based on real green wisdom. Real green wisdom would pick and choose what technology and efforts at efficiency would be embraced. It would also make efforts at controlling how much the community participates in the delocalized world to prevent contamination. Ideally the digital mediums would have some kind of control and the laziness of TV and digital diversions discouraged. Vehicles would be limited with a minimum of discretionary transport. Consumerism would center on the doomstead. Consumerism would be utilized to advance the doomstead but anything that could be made locally promoted. Rigorous repair efforts also promoted. Consumerism would be minimized through common understanding. Consumerism and discretionary transport would be managed because these are the forces that delocalize. Delocalization and the contamination of social relativity based on thrill seeking are the primary force to be battled.

    So this doomstead is about both physical and the mental. You can do this in very small groups like a family or it can be grown to the size of a small community. It would then be small communities cooperating amongst themselves. There is nothing new here. It is about the basics of what has been in the past before delocalization and the age of transportation. There is nothing new here except that it is a new way back to the old. It is about adapting the traditional tried and true and utilizing the new and advanced with checks and balances of common wisdom based on real green. That is the hybridization. This includes triage which is the removing of the deadwood of clutter humans hoard. Most of these efforts and forces are in place in various degrees what lacks is the narrative to gather them into on place for a common effort. Civilization is the problem both with a future and the meaning it portrays. There is no perfect doomstead but there is action so start something.

  4. Real Green on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 6:52 am 

    Oops, sorry JuanP. I meant to say ‘educate’ you.

    Gawd, I’m such a dumbass.

  5. Davy on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 7:08 am 

    RG, you do realize that your word salads expose you as a complete mental case?

  6. Stop bullying dot gov on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 7:29 am 

    Report Cyberbullying to Law Enforcement
    When cyberbullying involves these activities it is considered a crime and should be reported to law enforcement:

    Threats of violence

    Stalking and hate crimes

    Some states consider other forms of cyberbullying criminal. Consult your state’s laws and law enforcement for additional guidance.

  7. Davy on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 7:56 am 

    What’s the hotline number I need to check into that?

  8. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 9:48 am 

    Anyone Who Think The Russians Or Chinese Could Defeat The US Has Never Been To Russia Or China

    Chinese are weak zombies and Russians are out dated miserable alcoholic dummies.

    America would wipe their arse with those shithole country “armies” of conscripts and drunks.

  9. Davy on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 10:17 am 

    “China Scrambles To Defuse $6 Trillion “Hidden Debt Bomb” With “Titanic Credit Risk” Zero Hedge

    “When it comes to estimating China’s total outstanding debt, there has long been confusion about the real number with most putting the debt/GDP at around 250%, while the IIF in 2017 calculated China’s debt load as high as 300% of GDP (which means that by now it is substantially higher). Then, last year, China watchers added another 40% of debt/GDP to the total when, as S&P calculated, China’s local governments had accumulated 40 trillion yuan ($6 trillion) – or even more – in off-balance sheet, or Local government financing vehicles (LGFV) debt, an amount Bloomberg has dubbed China’s “hidden debt bomb”, suggesting the already record surge in defaults in 2018 is set to accelerate further. “The potential amount of debt is an iceberg with titanic credit risks,” S&P credit analysts wrote in October 2018, with much of the build-up related to local government financing vehicles, which don’t necessarily have the full financial backing of local governments themselves.”

    “The bigger worry is the moral hazard issue,” said Zhu Ning, a professor of finance at Tsinghua University and the author of “China’s Guaranteed Bubble.” “Implicit government guarantees still lie at the core of so many problems.” And nowhere is the problem of moral hazard greater than in China, whose financial sector is approaching double the size of its US peer even as China’s GDP is years behind catching up with America’s. Which makes Beijing’s choice relatively easy: keep kicking the can, or watch as the long-overdue Minsky Moment finally arrives and topples the biggest house of financial cards ever constructed.”

  10. Cloggie on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 10:27 am 

    Anyone Who Think The Russians Or Chinese Could Defeat The US Has Never Been To Russia Or China
    Chinese are weak zombies and Russians are out dated miserable alcoholic dummies.

    America would wipe their arse with those shithole country “armies” of conscripts and drunks.

    Fascinating, mobster always makes fun of the bmi-30 “white masterrace”, but when it comes to comparisson with China and Russia, these fatties all of a sudden represent the Uebermensch.

    Btw the Russian army has more permanent personel than conscripts.

    The truth is that the US and Russia/China cannot defeat each other on their own turf, thanks to MAD. If the US wages war of annihilation against Russia, the EU and China would automatically win. Wont happen.

  11. Real Green on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 11:37 am 

    “What’s the hotline number I need to check into that?”

    Juan Perez
    MDPD Director

  12. Davy on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 1:03 pm 

    Juan Perez, sounds like a fine upstanding American citizen, and not the usual dirty immigrant dumb-ass’s I have to deal with here on a daily basis. Thanks for the heads up Real Green.

    Great essays btw, I doubt I could have done better myself if I tried. You took the word salad right out of my mouth.

  13. Cloggie on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 1:04 pm

    “Europe bans Boeing 737 MAX: Planes grounded, diverted as nations shut airspace over Ethiopia crash”

    “Trump Doctrine? Peeving allies & trashing US empire”

  14. Cloggie on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 1:06 pm 

    House of Commons live:

    Friend and foe agree that PM May’s will be crushingly defeated tonight.

    This will probably mean the end of PM May.

    This also almost certainly means that a hard Brexit will be ruled out and that the only options that remain are, well, Remain or more likely a very soft Brexit a la Norway, with the UK tied for 100% economically to Europe.

  15. Cloggie on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 1:07 pm 

    Great essays btw, I doubt I could have done better myself if I tried. You took the word salad right out of my mouth.

    Hear, hear (I’m following the debate in UK parliament, hence my choice of words).

  16. Davy on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 1:14 pm 

    Thank you for these incredible updates Cloggnazi. What would I do without you? I dont even know where Britain is, but I learned in my GED course, that America beat them in the war of Interdependence in 1492.

    America is still number one in my book, just like you Nedernazi. THanks again, for all you do.

  17. Cloggie on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 1:26 pm 

    The status of populism in Europe latest… with local elections coming up in Holland:

    1. VVD (right-liberal)
    2. FVD (brainy populist-right)
    3. Green-left
    4. PVV (deplorable populist-right)

    Populists: #2 and #4

    Leader FvD: Thierry Baudet

    American-English interview with Thierry Baudet (2017):

    He has the potential to become PM of the Netherlands one day.

  18. Cloggie on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 1:28 pm 

    Thank you for these incredible updates Cloggnazi. What would I do without you? I dont even know where Britain is, but I learned in my GED course, that America beat them in the war of Interdependence in 1492.

    America is still number one in my book, just like you Nedernazi. THanks again, for all you do.

    You’re welcome, mob.

  19. Cloggie on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 2:11 pm 

    The votes are being counted…


  20. Cloggie on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 2:23 pm 

    The result: Brexit deal defeated with merely 51 votes

  21. Cloggie on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 2:25 pm 

    Oops, defeated with 149 votes.

  22. Cloggie on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 2:28 pm 

    PM May does NOT stand down.

    The hardest possible Brexit has just been defeated.

    The truth is that British politics wants to remain part of Europe.

  23. Cloggie on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 2:41 pm 

    Mood in Europe is hardening.

    Would not be surprised if the EU, not the UK, will initiate a no-deal, if British politics can’t point at a road-map of how to get out of the current impasse.

    Perhaps the best way forward is to put the UK out of the EU unilaterally, let them understand the consequences of that move and “soften them up” and prepare for a Norway-deal later.

  24. Cloggie on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 3:08 pm 

    Former Australian PM comes with sensible proposal, a referendum with 2 options:

    1. Remain
    2. May-deal

  25. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 3:28 pm 

    I can’t wait till clog is a turned into a migrant.. running for his life when Europe collapse from an oil shortage..

    It will be soo funny to see him get what he deserves.

  26. Cloggie on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 3:51 pm 

    I can’t wait till clog is a turned into a migrant.. running for his life when Europe collapse from an oil shortage..

    You better worry about your own problems, as they are far worse than ours:

  27. Cloggie on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 4:10 pm 

    RT feels sorry for president Trump:

  28. Cloggie on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 4:14 pm 

    “Brexit has radicalized the UK’s political class”

  29. Cloggie on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 4:21 pm 

    The EU has enough:

    “‘Brexit was about taking back control… instead the UK spiralled out of control’: EU leaders warn Britain it will need ‘good reason’ for delay and to prepare for no deal as they’ve done ‘everything possible’ to agree a plan”

    Perhaps the EU is going to deliver what hard-Brexiteers couldn’t: a no-deal Brexit.

  30. Not Davy on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 4:41 pm 


    Davy on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 1:03 pm
    Davy on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 1:14 pm

  31. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 4:46 pm 


    You said “Brainy right”..Talk about an oxymoron..Right wingers in the US and UK have a mean IQ of only 93..While liberals have a mean IQ of 106..Which is around 40 percent more intelligent..

    I can’t wait till you are a migrant running for your life when the oil shortage hits..Talk about karma..


  32. Not JuanP obv. on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 5:19 pm 

    Davy on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 1:03 pm

    Davy on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 1:14 pm

  33. Anonymouse on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 5:49 pm 

    Holy fook are you ever stupid Davytard. 106 v 93 is only +13% dumbass, not 40%. Besides, you hate ‘liberals’ anyhow, which I take it to mean you are trying to prove your own point about how stupid ‘Right wingers’, aka YOU are. Mission accomplished exceptionaltard.

    I hope you are a better ‘farmer’ than you are at math dumbass. Oh wait, your farm exists largely inside your own imagination, nevermind.

    That makes you a shitty make-believe ‘farmer’ that cant add worth a shit. And your not very good at sock-puppeting either DAVYMOB, which is one of your stronger points, actually.

  34. makati1 on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 6:15 pm 

    Anon, maybe he uses the “New Math” where 2+2=5? You know, the math the US uses to make up it’s fake economy and employment numbers. LOL

  35. Anonymouse on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 7:25 pm 

    Might be, davymob exists in lalalala as it is, so, why bother with things like verifying if 106 is 40% greater than 93?

    Nawww, hes got new turd salads to work on. A’int got no time for fact-checking on that farm….

    I mean, its like you even need to do work that out on paper. You can tell just by lookng at it that it is not even close to +40%. You know 10+40% = 14, or 100+40% = 140 so, how he figured 106 is 40% greater than 93 is anyone’s guess. Good thing DavyMOBs ‘liberal’ alter-sock is so much smarter than the conservatard version, lol.

  36. Davy on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 7:40 pm 

    anon, I must have really kicked your ass because you talk about nothing else but Davy. At least you are not here 20/7 like juanita. He is definitely a mental case. You are more just a stupid kid with nothing going on in your brain.

  37. makati1 on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 8:03 pm 

    Delusional Davy has the usual immature putdowns…but nothing constructive or intelligent. Just more arrogant bullshit from the Missouri Jackass. LOL

  38. Mitch on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 9:11 pm 

    “At least you are not here 20/7 like juanita.”

    According to Davy, not only is JuanP everyone and everywhere, JuanP has now attained super-human status.

    That’s some seriously crazy shit there Davy.

  39. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 10:18 pm 

    Ilhan Omar suggests Trump is not ‘human’

  40. Sock on Wed, 13th Mar 2019 5:52 am 


    Mitch on Tue, 12th Mar 2019 9:11 pm

  41. Mitch on Wed, 13th Mar 2019 7:37 am 

    I am not JuanP stupid.

  42. Antius on Wed, 13th Mar 2019 8:24 am 

    Looks like another ‘trickster’ has been caught fiddling money from the Goyum.

    William Rick Singer.

    Singer Name Meaning

    Jewish (Ashkenazic): occupational name for a cantor in a synagogue, from Yiddish zinger ‘singer’. English: variant of Sanger 2, in fact a Middle English recoinage from the verb sing(en) ‘to sing’. German: variant of Sänger (see Sanger 1) in the sense of ‘poet’.

  43. Davy on Wed, 13th Mar 2019 8:36 am 

    “Mitch on Wed, 13th Mar 2019 7:37 am I am not JuanP stupid.”

    Mitch, you are a stupid bitch sock of The Miami Beach playboy punk, JuanP. I imagine JuanP is likely in a clinic at the moment on some kind of bipolar meds because he swings in and out of depression and mania.

  44. Mitch on Wed, 13th Mar 2019 12:07 pm 

    OK Davy. It would be wrong of me to cause you even more confusion. I’ll be JuanP. Just for you. I hope that makes you feel better.

  45. Juanita Pee on Wed, 13th Mar 2019 12:59 pm 

    Mitch need to clean his ass. It stinks

  46. Mitch on Wed, 13th Mar 2019 2:01 pm 

    Juanita Pee need to grow up.

  47. I AM THE MOB on Thu, 14th Mar 2019 8:42 am 

    I just dragged my old sofa out back and watched it burn earlier. It was a big plume but a couple of old tyres helped!
    I’m off to get some beef jerkey but feel free to msg me with comments of hatred and disgust!
    Cheerio suckers!

  48. Davy on Thu, 14th Mar 2019 8:44 am 

    How very well dare you pollute my loobly coountry!,
    Ya bastard son of a whore!!

  49. Go Speed Racer on Thu, 14th Mar 2019 8:45 am 

    And stop burnin’ the sofas thats my job you sonovabitch!!

  50. Cloggie on Thu, 14th Mar 2019 8:48 am 

    I wear clogs and smoke weed and dont like the dastardly English pig dogs!, my names clog and I’m a clog!
    Orange is the sexiest colour ever and I look gorgeous in my clogs baby!

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