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Page added on June 12, 2020

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Kunstler: The Party of Chaos and Falsehood

Kunstler: The Party of Chaos and Falsehood thumbnail

The USA has gone so batshit crazy in these months of the corona virus freak-out that an orgy of looting, arson, and murder, on top of epic job loss and business failure, propelled the stock markets up-up-and-away back to near-record highs — until it finally puked yesterday in a rare moment of self-revulsion, like a sot who has been drinking after-shave. The news media barely mentioned it, though, so fraught are they by the toils of systemic racism, a morbid condition not unlike “the vapors” of Sigmund Freud’s early days, curiously lacking specificity.

Which raises the question: how much of the response to the public killing of one George Floyd has been an engineered operation by the Democratic Party and its allies in the propaganda industry? I’d say, an awful lot, considering the presentation of events in The New York Times and other organs of the perpetual Resistance that have been luxuriating in existential woe surrounding the indecencies of whiteness, culminating in the fake abject ritual of contrition put on by Ms. Pelosi and Chuck Schumer taking-a-knee in their Kente cloth prayer shawls. Within a few more days, at least four cops around the country were ambushed and shot in the head, but there were no public displays of mourning for them.

Holler when you find that contact lens!

Meanwhile, the country has watched countless scenes captured on smartphone video of young people in flash mobs looting, trashing, and burning one city business district after another — but don’t believe your lying eyes, these were “mostly peaceful protest demonstrations” (Ali Velshi, MSNBC). The police mostly stood by and watched, under instructions to avoid producing a batch of fresh martyrs to feed the flames of rage stoked by the talking heads of cable news. By some miracle, the cops’ restraint prevailed, but many of the trashed and looted businesses will not come back, and the cities themselves will be permanently diminished by the losses suffered.

The Democratic Party Resistance apparently believes that all this mayhem, and the false sanctimony excusing it, works to their advantage in the coming national election. They may be disappointed about how that works out, as they’ve been disappointed in three years of previous gambits to overthrow the government and seize power by any means necessary. The picture of them is resolving into the party of bad faith, foul play, coercion, and tyranny. Even the corona virus scare carries a taint of Resistance manipulation. One moment the populace is hustled into an economically devastating lockdown; and then suddenly, on a fine spring day, they’re incited to mix in moiling mobs of street protests with the predictable result of a fresh spike in virus contagion and the possibility of a second lockdown. Like many activities in our national life lately, it’s another hostage racket, and, guess what, you’re the hostage.

Their most transparent artifice is the utterly false elevation of Joe Biden as their candidate for president. Everybody knows he’s incapable of performing the job, and probably even of functioning through a campaign. His inchoate utterances on events and policy make Donald Trump sound like Ralph Waldo Emerson. He’s left behind himself an evidence trail of financial crimes running to at least nine digits of grift. And, of course, if you believe all women, he’s a sexual molester. Everything about his public presentation is false, including his hair, teeth, and soul.

This past week, his handlers posed him as Grief Counselor-in-Chief (via video from his basement) at the state funeral for George Floyd, accompanied by an inspirational music soundtrack to shore up the sham sentimentality. (Click here for video.) Never have so many hollow platitudes been woven into such a garment of alternative reality for public consumption. Most pathetically of all, the audience of mourners, mere props, as black America has long been employed by the cynical party, went along with the charade that George Floyd was a model citizen and father, now soaring on golden wings to the place on high where you don’t need methedrine and fentanyl to feel happy. A couple of days later, Democratic Party bigwig and Clinton henchperson Terry McAuliffe told a meeting of the faithful that Joe Biden should remain confined to his basement. In a matter of weeks, you may be sure, we’ll learn that the party is compelled to draft Hillary Clinton as poor Joe’s replacement. It can’t be helped. Her turn will not be denied, even if she has to destroy the country to take it.


125 Comments on "Kunstler: The Party of Chaos and Falsehood"

  1. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 16th Jun 2020 9:30 am 

    Object permanence is the understanding that objects continue to exist even when they cannot be seen, heard, touched, smelled or sensed in any way.
    ( this is something humans usually learn at about 18 months of age.) The president hasn’t reached that stage yet:

    Trump: If we stop testing right now, we’d have very few cases, if any

  2. CONVICT-19 muzzie humour on Tue, 16th Jun 2020 9:51 am 

    [many nazi divisions converged on bastogne]

    whitey supertard president patton to his chaplain
    “see if (((supremetard))) to work on our side”

    chaplain o’neil: “sir, it’s gonna take a very thick rug for that kind of praying”

    patton: “I don’t care if it takes a flying carpet”

    whitey supertard presdient saint coulter:

    muzzies should use camel and magic carpet for transport, dont fly with bombs

  3. REAL Green on Tue, 16th Jun 2020 9:59 am 

    We always had lots of respect fer JuanP Pink Poodle. Then we got real deranged about the feller. Kinda like the same thangs with makato and cloggo and purdy much every buddy else. Bein so negative all the time isn’t real good fer are mental being. Maybe it’d be real good if we had a change in seanery? Or took are drugs again or something?

  4. JuanP on Tue, 16th Jun 2020 11:34 am 

    “COVID-19 is the quiz, climate change the final exam”

    Duncan, that’s plain stupid

  5. JuanP on Tue, 16th Jun 2020 11:35 am 

    “Object permanence is the understanding that objects continue to exist even when they cannot be seen, heard, touched, smelled or sensed in any way.”

    This explains your derangement

  6. REAL Green on Tue, 16th Jun 2020 11:41 am 

    “( this is something humans usually learn at about 18 months of age.) The president hasn’t reached that stage yet:”

    We didn’t lurn us that yet eather Duncan.

  7. More Davy AKA The Pink Poodle JuanP Derangement on Tue, 16th Jun 2020 11:43 am 

    JuanP on Tue, 16th Jun 2020 11:34 am

    JuanP on Tue, 16th Jun 2020 11:35 am

  8. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 17th Jun 2020 9:17 am 

    Chad is ready for war:

  9. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 17th Jun 2020 10:02 am 

    Corona is on the wane and never was that big an issue in Greece. HOWEVER, what doesn’t wane is the hostile attitude of Greek borderguards vs wannabee migrants, sold by the left as “refugees”. They are now rigorously being pushed back, much to the dismay of the empire press:

    “Migrants accuse Greece of forced deportations“

    “Griechenland setzt offenbar Flüchtlinge auf dem Meer aus“

    (“Greece pushes back “refugees” back onto the sea”)

    Note that Greece is squarly backed by Brussels, that apparently no longer follows orders from empire and the Soros-bunch.

    “EU chief says Greece is Europe’s shield in migrant crisis“

    All we in Europe need to do is to wait until the fun in North-America really starts.

  10. Duncan Idaho on Wed, 17th Jun 2020 10:57 am 

    Trump praises scientists for developing AIDS vaccine that doesn’t exist

    (if his mouth is open, he is probably lying)

  11. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 17th Jun 2020 11:09 am 

    “Just more white guys…”

    “Leading European Jewish Groups Outraged Over Shouts of ‘Dirty Jew’ at Anti-Racism Protest in Paris“

    Good for something after all.

  12. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 17th Jun 2020 11:11 am 

    He may have small hands…

    “EXCLUSIVE: ‘He’s a real man.’ Melania bragged about the size of Donald Trump’s manhood to friends and was so distraught over cheating scandal, she fled to a hotel to ‘get away from him’, new bio reveals“

  13. Duncan Idaho on Wed, 17th Jun 2020 11:49 am 

    1954 — Guatemala: Making the World Safe For Democracy? US-CIA supplies & directs forces in overthrow of democracy, destroying the constitutionally elected government of Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán when it nationalizes United Fruit Co. property, & murdering many of his supporters.

    Decades of government-sponsored genocide against Guatemalan Indians follow.

    Oh the companies keep a sharp eye
    And pay their respects to the army
    To watch for the hot-blooded leaders
    And be prepared for the junta to
    crush them like flies.

    So heavy the price that they pay
    As daily the fruit it is stolen…

    — Phil Ochs, “United Fruit”

  14. Duncan Idaho on Wed, 17th Jun 2020 11:53 am 

    1972 — US: CREEP(y) break-in Watergate complex, Washington DC. Five clowns (ie, CIA-related pros), in this their fourth attempt to get into Democratic Party headquarters, are rudely arrested. This badly bungled burglary (BBB) was the beginning of the end for the dreaded Tricky Dick ‘I Am Not a Crook’ Nixon gang.

  15. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 17th Jun 2020 2:23 pm 

    Woksters & MAGA-tards, two sides of the same useful idiot, true believer coin.

    The woke have no vision of the future

    Like medieval millenarians, today’s SJWs believe all that needs to be done to bring about a new world is to destroy the old one

    “As some conservative commentators have observed, there are striking similarities between woke militants and the Bolsheviks who seized power in 1917. But what is unfolding, in the US and to a lesser extent in other countries, is at once more archaic and more futuristic than a twentieth century revolutionary coup. The current convulsion is an outbreak more closely akin to the anarchical millenarians movements that raged across Europe in the late Middle Ages, whose vision of redemption from history was shared by America’s founders, who carried it with them to the New World.

    Nevertheless, Bolsheviks and woke militants do have some things in common.”

  16. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 17th Jun 2020 2:59 pm 

    Half a year after “the very Churchillian” BoJo got Brexit done, the memory of the greatest empire in world history has been discredited, now that the future brains of Britain have decided that figure head of said empire, Cecil Zimbabwe, has been morally weighed and found wanting and needs to be erased from history.

    “Cecil Rhodes WILL fall: Oriel College in Oxford opts to remove statue of British colonialist – less than 24 hours after latest protests through the city in wake of BLM movement“.

    Britain-2020 has surely a bolshevik smell about it. Let’s see if this spreads to continental Europe and its post-colonialist powers. I tip it won’t.

    The post-Brexit gap is rapidly widening.

  17. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 17th Jun 2020 3:25 pm 

    Chris Hedges: Gaslighted by the Ruling Class

    “The mayor of Washington D.C., Muriel Bower, had the words “Black Lives Matter” painted in 35-foot-tall letters on a street near the White House but has also proposed a $45 million increase in the police budget and the construction of a $500 million new jail.”

    “Police unions, often little more than white hate groups, continue to have the unassailable power to brush aside would-be reformers, including community review boards, mayors and police chiefs. These unions generously bankroll the campaigns of elected officials, including public prosecutors, who do their bidding. Police unions and associations have contributed $7 million to candidates running for office in New York state alone, including $600,000 to Andrew Cuomo during his gubernatorial campaigns.”

  18. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 17th Jun 2020 3:45 pm 

    Chris Hedges: “America, the farewell tour”

  19. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 17th Jun 2020 3:52 pm 

    “Brexit: European Parliament says it won’t ‘consent’ to watered-down trade deal“

    Just go lads, you are not one of us.
    We are Europeans, you are globalists.

  20. Duncan Idaho on Wed, 17th Jun 2020 4:38 pm 

    4. Trump reportedly did not know Britain is a nuclear power

    This is a basic fact about world politics, and yet the president seems to have no clue what’s going on.

  21. Duncan Idaho on Wed, 17th Jun 2020 4:40 pm 

    5. Trump reportedly asked if Finland is a part of Russia

    The report doesn’t say who Trump asked. Hopefully, it wasn’t the Finns. Or the Russians.

  22. makati1 on Wed, 17th Jun 2020 5:45 pm 

    Trump is an “acting” president, similar to his TV show character. If he is not acting, he is the most clueless, stupid, uneducated, arrogant, asshole that has ever been president. And, after the Village Idiot, Bush Jr, that is saying a lot. Next up “Where am I?” Biden? Whew! If his actually running for prez is not a sign of Amerikan collapse, there is none.

    The real masters of the Amerikan tax donkeys are behind the scenes, as always. The government whores are for show. All are owned by the multi-nats and the M.I.C..

    Pull up a seat (preferably in another country) and watch the collapse of Amerika. The show is just getting started. Pass the popcorn.

  23. IDAHO on Wed, 17th Jun 2020 8:15 pm 

    “Phew! Beverly Hills Safe From “Autonomous-Zone”-ification After Emergency Order Passed”

    While celebrities and wealthy virtue signallers are all too eager to rally behind leftist mobs with support and donations, they will be assuredly safe in their gated mansions as the city of Beverly Hills issued an emergency order to ban all protests in the area, ensuring there will be no lawless ‘autonomous zones’ springing up on their doorstep. “To preserve the peace and tranquility of residential neighborhoods, effective tonight and until further notice, no more than 10 people shall gather in an assembly in a public right of way in a residential area between the hours of 9 p.m. – 8 a.m.,” an announcement proclaimed on the city’s social media accounts. To preserve the peace and tranquility of residential neighborhoods, effective tonight and until further notice, no more than 10 people shall gather in an assembly in a public right of way in a residential area between the hours of 9 p.m. – 8 a.m. More: — CityofBeverlyHills (@CityofBevHills) June 14, 2020 “An assembly is defined as any gathering or group of 10 or more people on a public street, sidewalk, or other public places if those 10 people have a common purpose or goal,” the order notes. “Any assembly that is silent, such as a candlelight vigil, and gatherings on private property are exempt from this emergency order.” it clarifies. Sitting quietly on your own with a candle is about as raucous as it will get in the 90210. The emergency order seems to be a response to a recent ‘protest’ involving loud music that went on til 1am (the horror). Residents were also unimpressed back in May when portions of protesters began looting on Rodeo Drive, smashing up the likes of Gucci and Dior shops. BREAKING: Large group of protrsters just returned to Rodeo Drive. I just saw these two masked white guys deflate the tires on several police vehicles, then the female in all black pulled a metal tool from her coat and tried to do the same. @FOXLA — Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) May 31, 2020 Looting on Rodeo Drive now too. Gucci broken into. — Perez (@ThePerezHilton) May 31, 2020 Ok Twitter, have at it: I thought the Hollywood elite LOVED all these “peaceful protests” when they were in somebody else’s town. — The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone Autonomous Zone (@TheCHAZAZ) June 16, 2020 This tweet makes my heart happy. I thought the protesters were just going to be happy burning down black neighborhoods and black-owned businesses, but it appears woke Hollywood is next. #burnitdown #vurtuesignalthatyouretard — J0SEY_WALES (@GDP_07) June 16, 2020 Oh so rich liberals talk about how they support the protests but still maintain the not in my backyard thought. #chaz should set up a second place — JJ (@JJ___________JJ) June 16, 2020 AHHHH….It is ok for you Hollywood Liberals to support the protesters as long as they don’t do it in YOUR neighborhood! — Susan Nordstrom (@SusanNordstrom1) June 15, 2020 What’s good for thee is not for me. What a stinking bunch of HYPOCRITES!!! Understand something folks, the rich, liberal Hollywood Hypocrites don’t give a damn about you. They’re just showing each other & their followers how woke they are. But don’t you dare come to their house — @thebeartruth (@thebeartruth3) June 16, 2020 So the residents of your community have no problem financing protesting, rioting, and bedlam in the rest of the US, but draw the line at such activities in Beverly Hills? Such ethics appear to be in line with the bulk of your residents. — JohnnyD (@jdpersonalmail1) June 17, 2020 Lol. I was waiting on Beverly Hills. Ha ha – go get ’em Antifa and BLM. Start with Rob Reiner, Bette Midler, Cher or Alyssa Milano…it’s all good. In all seriousness, this is the leftist ideology on full display. Elites don’t mingle with the hired help. — MertzzzFred (@FredMertzzz) June 17, 2020

  24. Duncan Idaho on Wed, 17th Jun 2020 8:57 pm 

    (Sun Tzu said, “If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.” I’m still waiting.)

  25. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 18th Jun 2020 1:08 am 

    Duncan Idaho “forgot” to mention the source of these two “reportedly’s”

    “Donald Trump said invading Venezuela would be ‘cool’ and it was ‘really part of the U.S.’, thought Finland was in Russia and didn’t know Britain had nuclear weapons, John Bolton’s book reveals“

    Sneaky fellow, this Idaho. The deep stater John Bolton is a sworn enemy of Trump. No wonder Idaho declines to mention his source.

    Btw, until 1917, Finland WAS part of Russia.

    “(Sun Tzu said, “If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.” I’m still waiting.)”

    Idaho can’t imagine he himself might end up in the river, belly up in a serious confrontation.

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