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Page added on November 9, 2019

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Enter the Old White Knight

Enter the Old White Knight thumbnail

They say he has beheld the weenies of the field and found them wanting — no, dangerously feeble, limp, insipid, deluded unto a kind of hebephrenia — and now, just maybe, Michael “Mike” Bloomberg will don the old steel breastplate and Kevlar jockstrap, take up the lance, and sally forth in a Lincoln Navigator to slay the Golden Golem of Greatness stalking the land… the last Great Hope of the Boomer Gen! That’s the scuttlebutt, anyway, or maybe more like a fevered dream of the restive elites stewing in their private equity aeries amid all this bothersome talk of wealth confiscation far out in the primary state flyover thickets.

Here’s what is generally misunderstood about Michael Bloomberg’s mayoral career in New York City. He did not so much manage or personally direct the fabulous post-9/11 revival of Manhattan and Brooklyn, the renovation of all those skeezy neighborhoods, the construction orgy of so many gleaming new apartment towers, the wondrous buff-up of Olmstead’s green gem, Central Park, the cleanup of the disgusting precinct around Times Square, and the defeat of common street crime — palpable improvements for sure — as he presided over the financialization of the economy run from those elite aeries on Wall Street, to the prodigious advantage of Old Gotham as all the assets stripped from the sclerotic industrial USA outlands got converted, abracadabra, into an infinity of digital dollar credits on the Too Big To Fail bank balance sheets, of which the revival of New York City was a mere byproduct. And so, Mike Bloomberg is now called to defend the empire of money under grave threat from these yipping midgets of socialist Jacobinism come to infest the Democratic Party. Or something like that. (Isn’t it all about narratives these days?)

People seem to forget that Mike was a Republican when he presided over all that glory, but let’s face it, maybe what the other party really needs is a less democratic approach to the situation at hand: the epochal inequality of wealth and the sickening twilight of the long “American century,” and all its usufructs.

Of course, at 77, Mike also represents the arch-hobgoblin of Wokesterism, the religion of the neo-Jacobins, namely, old white men — the horror and effrontery! The ultimate slap-in-the-face to all those roistering trans-humans on campus, the lame, the halt, the mis-gendered, the perpetually victimized, the intersectionally oppressed, the over-phoned! Will they stand for this billionaire ringer being sent into combat by all those top-hatted, silk-stockinged villains of Capital? More precisely, will Bernie call “foul,” as he kind of failed to do in 2016 after Hillary’s DNC stooges flooded-the-zone and drowned him in super-delegates? Will Elizabeth Warren break out in a war dance? Will Hillary find a way to deliver 7.5 grams of lead to Mike’s medulla oblongata?

And how does Mike measure up against his old Boomer Gen fellow New Yorker and sometime adversary, Mr. Trump? For all of his gilded trappings, there’s no denying that Mr. Trump is beloved by what used to be known as the Salt of the Earth — more lately the “Deplorables” — despite the fact that the president may have actually never been on a New York Subway once in his well-padded life, while Mike was a renowned “strap-hanger” in his city hall glory days. The awful irony! Also, President DJT is almost never seen dressed in anything but that straightjacket of a business suit and tie, gold cufflinks and all, while Mike has often appeared in Hamptons casuals of perfectly distressed blue jeans, polo shirt, and Gucci loafers which, these days, is tantamount to hippie garb.

Mike’s most obvious selling point is that he appears to be what used to be known as “a normal person,” that is in speech, manner, and general comportment. But, normal to whom these days? Perhaps not to the WalMart shoppers moiling by the tens of thousands in those heartland arenas where Mr. Trump casts his magic spells of plain speech and surly manner, much beloved in these days of dastardly, confabulating lawyer-speak, gender studies crypto-metaphysical bullshit, and self-serving New York Times Ivy League ambiguation.

Speaking of which, what might Mike Bloomberg do about the impeachment circus led by the imbecile Adam Schiff that is liable to end in a farrago of humiliation so intense that all the Lawfare ninjas on God’s green earth will not avail to rescue the Democratic Party’s lost honor? Or, how will a Bloomberg campaign maneuver through the blizzard of indictments coming down against the former agents, servelings, chore-boys, foot-soldiers, and media sirens of Barack Obama’s runaway Deep State?


25 Comments on "Enter the Old White Knight"

  1. Sissyfuss on Sat, 9th Nov 2019 2:14 pm 

    What else has Bloomberg to do at 77? The billions$ have to stay behind. Let’s spend some.

  2. Cloggie on Sun, 10th Nov 2019 2:43 pm

    “Jewish ex-Labour peer Lord Sugar says he would vote for Boris Johnson to be Prime Minister rather than Jeremy Corbyn as the party’s support plummets amid anti-Semitism crisis”

    In the USSR they were the leaders of the little guys in order to overthrow the Czarist order.

    In Anglosphere, where they are “tres arrive”, they are on the side of globalist business and oligarchs… and on the side of the even littlerer guys than the white little guys, namely those from the third world.


    Brexit means the end of their world:

  3. Rik on Sun, 10th Nov 2019 5:41 pm 

    We need a New Right (one that is hard-core). Less taxes and more hard work. Less immigration and increase the birthrates (Multiculturalism has failed- all “migrants” should be deported back to their homelands where they can fix THEIR own problems). We need a stronger military (bring back conscription and have both sexes perform mandatory military services except for people who have serious health conditions that prevent them from working).

    We need to go back to using OUR native language.

  4. Rik on Sun, 10th Nov 2019 7:34 pm 

    The UK should get out of the EU and go back to imperialism to save its economy from collapse. Take back the Falklands (used by Argentina), Hong Kong and other dependencies (Pitcairn Island).

  5. makati1 on Sun, 10th Nov 2019 7:46 pm 

    Rik is obviously a bot or some delusional person’s sock puppet.

  6. makati1 on Sun, 10th Nov 2019 7:51 pm 

    Sissyfuss, you are correct. What does an old billionaire do for fun when he has done everything legal? Answer: Play with countries economies or their leadership. Or, run for US prez.

  7. full woke supremacist muzzies jerk maximum newspeak I know some wrong when a pretty little white girl ran to a black man's arms dead giveaway deeeeeeeee÷eeeeeeeeeed giveaway on Sun, 10th Nov 2019 8:53 pm 

    Rik on Sun, 10th Nov 2019 7:34 pm

    Welcome to the forum Rik
    I appoint you supertard. You’re known as “the lover” (of muzzies). Muzzie died like a dog is “the believer”

    Thanks supertard for using colorful language

  8. Another Davy Sock Puppet on Sun, 10th Nov 2019 10:30 pm 


  9. full sleep Christian extremists minimal english on Sun, 10th Nov 2019 11:04 pm 

    Whitey escaped Mexico for safety in us
    But supertard madkat thinks otherwise. I think when Phils go shtf they look to blame rich whitey foreigners.
    I have more when I post my manifesto
    Christian leader died like dog is not Christian but was given Christian burrial
    NJ Christian mayor Mohamed Khairullah complained DHS harrassment but he supported Christian extremists groups
    Christian in Czech has huge ink spot in forehead indicate extreme devotion charged with terrorism
    Christian doctor in Virginia tied tubes unauthorized prevent Muslim women reproducing according to doctrine

  10. Cloggie on Mon, 11th Nov 2019 1:46 am 

    “The UK should get out of the EU and go back to imperialism to save its economy from collapse. Take back the Falklands (used by Argentina), Hong Kong and other dependencies (Pitcairn Island).”

    That’s quite an impressive empire, you have in mind for the UK there, Rik. I especially love the part where the UK is taking back HK from the Chinks.


    “We need a New Right (one that is hard-core).”

    Like this?

    You have the backbone for THAT?

    “Multiculturalism has failed- all “migrants” should be deported back to their homelands where they can fix THEIR own problems”

    They won’t let themselves being deported without a fight, Rikkie boy. Can you imagine yourself parading through London or New York, rounding up the darkies? Somehow I have the feeling you are not German enough to do that.

  11. Cloggie on Mon, 11th Nov 2019 1:54 am 

    This is THE time to intervene, Rik!

    “Hong Kong police officer shoots masked protester at point-blank range in shocking encounter broadcast on Facebook Live as chaos erupts after the city’s 24th straight weekend of anti-Beijing protests”

    More good news for Rik: the UK already took back the Falklands.

    Just be on guard that these darned Yuropeans don’t finally take back Gibraltar and declare the Mediterranean Yuropean.

    After Brexit, you are no longer our friend, so we don’t need to be nice anymore. Besides we need practice material for our EU-army in status nascendi, practice for the real work in North-America and the inevitable Grand Finale of multicult.

  12. Cloggie on Mon, 11th Nov 2019 2:06 am 

    The soft-Brexit newspaper DailyMail tells Farage to get lost:

    “DOMINIC LAWSON: If he’s a true patriot, Nigel Farage must make a personal sacrifice on behalf of his country”

    Rik’s “hard right” taking shape in Spain (and everywhere else in Europe). Lefties are soooo 20th century, soooo American/Soviet:

    “Spain’s far-right Vox party DOUBLES its seats at election and ruling socialists are left further from forming a majority”

    “Boris Johnson’s olive branch to Nigel Farage: PM rules out extending the Brexit transition period beyond 2020 amid pressure on Brexit Party leader to pull most of his candidates out of election to avoid splitting vote”

    BoJo warns no more: by the end of 2020 the UK will be out of the EU or BoJo would rather be found dead in a ditch!

    Now that will cave in de facto closet remainer Nigel Fromage! ROFL

    “Historian David Starkey, 74, says Remembrance Sunday has become a ‘crazy religious ritual’ that imposes ‘poppy fascism’ on Britons”

    Tony Blair was right for a change about this obsession, the British have with WW2 and Germans, consistently claiming they “won the war” (they didn’t, instead they lost the largest empire in world history and ended up as a shabby US colony and having an Islamic capital as a consequence). These people think the entire day about Germans and nothing else.

  13. makati1 on Mon, 11th Nov 2019 2:44 am 

    Cloggie, you gotta share with us what drugs you are on. They have to be powerful to give you such visions of grandeur so far out of reality. LMAO!

  14. JuanP sock garbage on Mon, 11th Nov 2019 5:27 am 

    This is all stupid. Rik is a new one for Gaia and “full sleep Christian extremist” for supremo muzzle jerkoff. This is kinda funny and shows makato’s obliviousness to personalities here “ Rik is obviously a bot or some delusional person’s sock puppet.” RIK is your best friend JuanP, makato. Get a grip your best friend is a lunatic.

    full sleep Christian extremists minimal english said Whitey escaped Mexico for safety in us But superta…
    Another Davy Sock Puppet said Rik
    full woke supremacist muzzies jerk maximum newspeak I know some wrong when a pretty little white girl ran to a black man’s arms dead giveaway deeeeeeeee÷eeeeeeeeeed giveaway said Rik on Sun, 10th Nov 2019 7:34 pm Welcome to the f…
    Rik said The UK should get out of the EU and go back to imp…
    Rik said America should pull out of the UN.
    Rik said America should shut down the fake news that slande…
    Rik said There is no such thing as ‘climate change …
    Rik said There is no “police state” in America….
    Rik said A lot of foods imported into North America (Canada…

  15. Oblivious on Mon, 11th Nov 2019 5:34 am 

    Here is cloggo’s obliviousness also. Cloggo didn’t call RIK mobster or something like he normally does. I guess because JuanP is playing a right-wing extremist it fooled the cloggo. Cloggo acts unaware but maybe he is playing along with JuanP. In makato’s case he is just oblivious. If you two regulars and others would call out the fool he might feel shamed.

    “That’s quite an impressive empire, you have in mind for the UK there, Rik
    They won’t let themselves being deported without a fight, Rikkie boy.
    This is THE time to intervene, Rik!
    Rik’s “hard right” taking shape in Spain (and everywhere else in Europe). Lefties are soooo 20th century, soooo American/Soviet:”

  16. Rik on Mon, 11th Nov 2019 6:22 am 

    I love cooking up a fresh batch of crystal and fucking the male board of directors of the Family Research Council. Those unfortunate souls are so repressed that all formalities are ignored. First words out of their mouth are, ‘Fuck this Christian pussy’.

    It’s not complicated.

  17. JuanP garbage on Mon, 11th Nov 2019 6:39 am 

    stupid is up:

    Rik said I love cooking up a fresh batch of crystal and fuc…

    Davy Playing Cock’n a Sock said “If the USA wants to pay off its debt, annex…

  18. Davy on Mon, 11th Nov 2019 6:40 am 

    “Germany’s economic pain is here to stay” reuters

    Germany has been stuck in neutral for a year with hopes fading for a turnaround, a situation that threatens to spread lasting economic gloom across Europe. Its vast industry is in recession, a victim of shifting consumer trends, China’s economic rebalancing, and a global trade war. Investment spending is shrinking, sentiment is souring, job creation has stalled and productivity growth looks to have turned negative. Compounding the pain, what was thought to be an unfortunate coincidence of one-off factors has turned out to denote deeper structural problems that will keep Germany, and by extension, the 19-member euro zone, weak well into the next decade…Once the downturn is over, however, there is unlikely to be a strong economic recovery … the German export industry will suffer for a long time to come.”

  19. Davy on Mon, 11th Nov 2019 6:40 am 

    “More than 2m people in Zambia face severe food insecurity – country could see ‘potentially catastrophic’ above-average warming by century’s end” climate centre

    A “catastrophic” combination of drought and communities’ declining resilience has left an estimated 2.3 million people facing acute food insecurity – up from an estimate of 1.7 million people a month ago. Communities across Southern Africa have been affected by drought since late 2018. This year, large parts of southern and western Zambia received their lowest seasonal rainfall totals since at least 1981, the base year from which normal rainfall is benchmarked. At the same time, northern and eastern parts of the country were affected by flash floods and waterlogging, resulting in poor harvests. Kaitano Chungu, Secretary General of the Zambia Red Cross, said: “Before communities could recover from the impacts of flood episodes that characterized the 2017–18 season, the 2018–19 season has been hit by drought. “The successive mixture of drought and flooding has been catastrophic for many communities.”

    “According to experts at the Global Change Institute at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa, temperatures in Southern Africa have risen by twice as much as the global average. In addition, GCI estimates that, based on current emissions, temperatures in the regional interior could climb 5°C to 6°C by the end of the century – well above the anticipated global temperature rise. Warming of that magnitude would be potentially catastrophic. Life-threatening heatwaves would become more frequent. The production of staple crops such as maize and wheat would be severely impaired. Water resources, already at their limit throughout Southern Africa, would be dramatically reduced in quality and quantity. Livestock would not be viable over much of the sub-continent.”

  20. Davy on Mon, 11th Nov 2019 6:41 am 

    “Today’s Electric Car Batteries Will Be Tomorrow’s E-Waste Crisis, Scientists Warn” vice

    “The lithium-ion batteries that EVs run on are made from metals that are mined at a serious environmental and human toll, and from supplies that won’t last forever. When those batteries die, they’re liable to join the tens of millions of tons of spent electronics piling up as e-waste in landfills around the world. That’s why we badly need to develop better methods for recycling EV batteries and start scaling up the recycling infrastructure now, a team led by researchers at the University of Birmingham in the UK argue in a review paper published today in Nature. As the paper notes, the one million EVs sold around the world in 2017 will eventually result in 250,000 tons of battery pack waste that the world’s recycling infrastructure is ill-equipped to handle. And while EV batteries can last for up to 20 years, the potential battery waste in the pipeline as EV sales grow year over year is enormous… Today, Harper said, most recycling revolves around using heat to melt the batteries down to slag, followed by chemical separation techniques that recover specific metals like cobalt. But these so-called pyro and hydro-metallurgical techniques are energy intensive and produce toxic gas byproducts, and the materials they recover are often low quality. A better route forward, the authors say, would be direct recycling, where cathodes are rehabilitated for use in new batteries without separating them back to the individual metals.

  21. Davy on Mon, 11th Nov 2019 6:41 am 

    “Bangladesh’s plan to massively expand coal-based power plants will be a catastrophe, says new report” scroll

    “foreign-led finance was the driving force behind plans for 29 coal-fired power stations. This expansion that has seen Bangladesh leap within just three years, from 12th to 6th in terms of global coal power under development. The South Asian nation of 180 million has entered into a faster lane of development and has been betting on this dirty fuel to support its fast-growing economy, even as other countries in Asia try to shift away from coal amid an intensifying pollution crisis.”

  22. Davy on Mon, 11th Nov 2019 6:42 am 

    “Climate change: Speed limits for ships can have ‘massive’ benefits” bbc

    “This speed limit would cut underwater noise by 66% and reduce the chances of whale collisions by 78%. UN negotiators will meet in London this week to consider proposals to curb maritime speeds. Ships, of all sorts and sizes, transport around 80% of the world’s goods by volume. However they are also responsible for a significant portion of global greenhouse emissions thanks to the burning of fuel. Shipping generates roughly 3% of the global total of warming gases – that’s roughly the same quantity as emitted by Germany.”

  23. REAL Green on Mon, 11th Nov 2019 7:11 am 

    “The City Of The Future Will Depend On Reimagining Our Lifestyles” clean technica

    “Carola Hein: It’s important to think about circularity, short processes, where goods are produced locally and where waste is recycled and becomes part of the system. Circularity is particularly broken at the waste level. So, rather than producing a waste that is the foundation for other products. We send our waste to other parts of the world; the plastic goes somewhere. So, we use the most durable products like plastic for the most short-term usages like drinking water bottles. So, how could a city of the future look like if it’s sustainable? We have to rethink mobility patterns. We have to rethink our lifestyles and that means we have to, in some ways, work against or rethink the current built environment to make it possible to have more circular lifestyles and more engagement of people with the direct environment.”

  24. Davy Approves this Message on Mon, 11th Nov 2019 8:01 am 

    Why does Davy constantly fixate on the cock (ebony and clover, thank you very much)?

  25. Sissyfuss on Mon, 11th Nov 2019 3:51 pm 

    ” The city of the future will depend on reimagining our lifestyles.”
    Sorry, we’re out of Soylent Green. Try tomorrow. And watch out for the front-end loaders.

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