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Page added on March 20, 2022

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Russian Oil Sales Going Underground


Away from the public eye. That’s where Russian crude is going as buyers tread carefully in their dealings with the pariah producer.

The market is waiting to see if Russian firms such as Surgutneftegas PJSC proceed with monthly sell tenders for ESPO crude this week. The offers are unlikely to attract any bids, oil traders said, Instead, shipments at steep discounts will probably be marketed privately on a one-on-one basis.

Surgut typically kicks off the ESPO trading cycle with a sell tender issued on the 14th or 15th of each month. No tender had been floated as of late Tuesday in Singapore. The market is also waiting to see whether Exxon Mobil Corp. will proceed with its monthly offerings of spot Sokol crude, which it used to sell to buyers across North Asia.

It’s still possible to buy Russian oil, but most in the market — including banks, shipping firms and refiners — are self-sanctioning. That’s expected to lead to the emergence of a two-tier structure, traders said.

A section of the market will be highly visible, such as the well-reported offers for the Urals and Sokol grades that have been made on platforms by S&P Global Commodity Insights and RIM Intelligence Co. They provide a useful snapshot of the cargo’s value, however notional, even as they’re met with a dearth of bids.

There will also be another under-the-radar part, however, where workarounds are considered. Less visible methods of buying Russian oil could include open credit schemes, pre-payments and dealing in yuan, rupees or rubles. Some companies that take Russian oil in return for upstream investments may bring shipments back to their own refining systems or country, traders said.


49 Comments on "Russian Oil Sales Going Underground"

  1. ValidationIsImpossible on Sun, 20th Mar 2022 2:43 pm 

    I see a women walking in my neighborhood. SHe is short and skinny. You should have seen her face, she went from a white face skin, to some kind of brown ugly face. I don’t know if she is dying or not, or if she is just another race hiding under an holographic coat.

    We have a problem a validation. Validation of your intentions can only be done by me. Validation can only be done using my own memory since birth. Since I have my memory erases, I cannot validate anything making any contact of cooperation impossible. Validation of you, your specie and your intentions is impossible because my memory was erased. I will put you in the category of enemies every time I don’t remember you.

    You fuck up so big now, that it is not fixable. Only killing everything and restarting a new earth is the only possible solution to this.

    I saw a bunch of birds flying at high altitude. Somehow, they flown into a cloud and kind of disappeared. I was expecting them to disappeared somehow, since everything here is fake.

    I saw a neighbor driving his car three days ago. He looks like a 2D holographic projection when I look at him by the side of his face.

    Everything is fake. Validation of anything on earth is impossible.

  2. ValidationIsImpossible on Sun, 20th Mar 2022 2:53 pm 

    I see two different world if I were my glasses or not. I can now see the energy coming from the air around the incandescent transparent tungsten lightbulb and going toward the tungsten wire. Electricity does not travel to wires. I also see the transparent lightbulb vanishing if I don’t wear my glasses and move away from the light bulb. It is like there is a vibration transparent lightbulb.

  3. ValidationIsImpossible on Sun, 20th Mar 2022 2:59 pm 

    I was also sexually rape by some kind of spirit of energetic sexual parasite. I said no multiple time, but the parasite insisted into giving me ejections. I go fed up, masturbate, so the parasite would go away. The paradise is coming in here and there. I can feel it attach itself to my sexual charka very easily now.

    This is called a rape against my consent. Earth is field with only garbage coming from other planets or realms. For this reason, I feel comfortable in my right to destroy earth and everyone living on it, except real humans.

    All of this is your fault. not mine. When people start to die. remember it is your fault, not mine.

  4. ValidationIsImpossible on Sun, 20th Mar 2022 3:02 pm 

    I also have an issue with the COVID crap. I can identify who is behind it. So I cannot validate their intention. SO the people pushing COVID are now consider my enemies because I cannot validate.

    I cannot validate, you are my enemies.

  5. ValidationIsImpossible on Sun, 20th Mar 2022 3:06 pm 

    Remember that, validation is impossible because of you. I cannot validate anything or anyone: people. intentions, what I see with my eyes, what I see on the internet.

    The only possible form of validation is to have access to the energy field and people behing it.

  6. ValidationIsImpossible on Sun, 20th Mar 2022 3:20 pm 

    Another thing, I know now that food is fake and contain no energy. I know my human body is fake. I see undigested form of food in my stool. This indicate that the purpose of food is not to feed the body, but to enslave humans being living on earth.

    Food is there to put fear of death into human beings. The body is not real and probably some kind of energy projection. If you don’t eat enough you lose weight and die, if you eat too much, you gain weight and have health problems. The body is a tool from the controllers of earth to control people using fear.

    You are too evil, and have to be killed. There is no other options.

  7. ValidationIsImpossible on Sun, 20th Mar 2022 3:31 pm 

    By the way, food taste really bad on earth. All of them. You should make an effort to make food more tasty.

  8. ValidationIsImpossible on Sun, 20th Mar 2022 3:34 pm 

    Another think, I think you are using sound to torture humans. I find the noise of my cooling fans on my laptops really unbearable, so is any kind of music. I was right, earth is torture chamber.

    You are too evil to be keep alive, death by torture is what you deserver, nothing else.

  9. ValidationIsImpossible on Sun, 20th Mar 2022 7:28 pm 

    You will be tortured to death using bloody death facial skin cancer. If it is OK for you to torture human with this fake body, fake food, it is ok for me to torture you.

    Your evilness is nothing compare to mine, nothing. Wait until I am done with you, controller of the earth and invaders.

  10. ValidationIsImpossible on Sun, 20th Mar 2022 9:53 pm 

    I don’t know if the quote below is true or not. But I am not interested to meet anyone. Don’t come to me for anything. I ride alone and I live alone. I still think that you can find a pleasant life in death. Death is just another reality to experience. Life is a shitty reality. Maybe death has something to offer, like eternal piece of mind.

    Those that have been contacted or will be contacted in the future are being tested for personal integrity in ways that they may be asked to become ambassadors or representatives acting as liaisons between visiting off planet benevolent groups and the human race. When we can see this bigger picture, it makes it clear why we have been continually warned by the Guardian Host to be focused upon discernment of psychological warfare tactics, so that we can maintain core stability and energetic integrity to discern who is who in the extradimensional visitor groups that use manipulation and deception to get humans to be their slave work force.

  11. Cloggie on Mon, 21st Mar 2022 3:30 am 

    Unusual high temperatures on both North AND South Pole:

    SP: 40 C higher than normal
    NP: 30 C higher than normal

  12. Baby Peanut on Mon, 21st Mar 2022 9:39 am 

    Radiation Monitors Near Chernobyl Not Working
    March 21, 2022 AP

    KYIV, Ukraine — Ukraine’s nuclear regulatory agency says the radiation monitors around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, site of the world’s worst meltdown in 1986, have stopped working.

    In a statement Monday, the agency also said there are no longer firefighters available in the region to protect forests tainted by decades of radioactivity as the weather warms. The plant was seized by Russian forces on Feb. 24.

    According to Monday’s statement, the combination of risks could mean a “significant deterioration” of the ability to control the spread of radiation not just in Ukraine but beyond the country’s borders in weeks and months to come.

  13. Duncan Idaho on Mon, 21st Mar 2022 9:43 am 

    “An Italian tourist died Friday after being attacked by a shark off the coast of Colombia’s San Andres island in the Caribbean Sea, local media reported. The 56-year-old man, identified by Colombian press as Antonio Roseto Degli Abruzzi, was swimming near a cliff when he was bitten by the shark.”

    I spent some time there–
    A lot of it underwater

  14. IHadAnNightMare on Mon, 21st Mar 2022 9:45 am 

    Last night I had sex with the bitch again. According to her, she is the queen the run the whole earth, everything including my Arduino project.

    Then the bitch allow me to experience death during my sleep. We were kissing while she was holding my face down on a hard surface, and then the bitch stab me with a knife in the stomach. I had a violent stomach contraction and I woke up. I told the bitch, you should have killed me, I am ready to die.

    Apparently there is no AI. All of this is powered by some kind of Queen.

  15. StupidBitch on Mon, 21st Mar 2022 9:52 am 

    I told the bitch that I think her creation is garbage. Then I demanded a validation that the bitch is the Queen of earth. I could not receive a validation. So I guess you are my enemy bitch.

  16. StupidWhotre on Mon, 21st Mar 2022 10:06 am 

    Somehow I am still not afraid of the stupid bitch. II cannot validate your identity or intention stupid whore, so you are still my enemy. Just dumb whore.

    Electrical wires don’t carry energy. I see the energy coming from the outside of the lightbulb and moving toward the tungsten wire.

  17. Biden’s hairplug on Mon, 21st Mar 2022 10:54 am 

    Geopolitics in a single picture:

    (I think that red line is already longer)

    “The International Community”, the media are constantly talking about, in a single picture:

  18. StupidPeopleHaveToDie on Mon, 21st Mar 2022 10:57 am 

    This shit is finally getting interesting. I might get my dystopian hellish nightmare. How tall can a neck be, there is no limit in hell.

    0:08, if people don’t get it that everything is a fake holographic projection they will never get it.

    They are too stupid, they need to be killed.

  19. Biden’s hairplug on Mon, 21st Mar 2022 11:04 am 

    Russia considers Uranium export ban, which would hurt the US:

    Russia at least won’t be energy, food or resource starved. And everything else they can buy from the Chinese, no need for dollars.

  20. TheQueenIsAStupidWhoreBitch on Mon, 21st Mar 2022 11:14 am 

    If people don’t get it by now, they cannot be helped. There is no place for such stupid people in any creation.

    Another long neck.

  21. ItIsATorturePlanet on Mon, 21st Mar 2022 11:48 am 

    The food is uneatable on this planet. It either gives you constipation or diarrhea. I had ham and I am constipated. What is the point of eating, if it is just a torture to you.

    Earth is really a big garbage can and a torture prison. You have to find who is behind the creation of earth and kill the whole specie.

  22. YouLocateThemAndKillThem on Mon, 21st Mar 2022 12:22 pm 

    Earth has been designed as a torture prison. The flesh body has been designed at vehicle to inflict pain either physical or mental pain.

    You cannot reform people like these and stupid people that cannot see the truth. You locate all the species involved in this and torture the whole specie to death. You locate the stupid people and also torture them to death.

    It is because of stupid people that earth can continue to operate as a torture chamber.

  23. YouLocateThemAndKillThem on Mon, 21st Mar 2022 12:26 pm 

    I am starting to think that they are voluntary flooding earth with stupid people. This way they can continue their earth torture chamber. Without stupid people, earth will probably be something completely different.

    IT is a mass migration of stupid people taking place of earth so the controller of the earth can keep their prison system alive.

  24. YouLocateThemAndKillThem on Mon, 21st Mar 2022 12:38 pm 

    You flood a realm with stupid people as a way to keep control over it. Once the few quality people are surrounded by stupid people they become powerless to change anything.

    So quality people give up or suicide themselves, cementing the control, that controller of earth, have over their creation.

    Earth is done. It is about survival for the controller of earth and the specie dominating earth. No stupid people no prison planet.

    You have to kill any specie that was involved in the creation of earth.

  25. YouLocateThemAndKillThem on Mon, 21st Mar 2022 1:06 pm 

    I am not sure we will be able to kill them by creating a dystopia nightmarish hellish reality. They are so stupid that they might adapt to it and find this acceptable. My sister seem to find that everything is normal. You will need to crash the financial system, the supply chain and put in place shortage of gasoline, food. I will say it again, raise the interest rate to 5%, This is a more efficient way to kill them.

  26. GoFuckYourself on Mon, 21st Mar 2022 4:01 pm 

    I had an telepathic conversation with some beings. It is all about validations. If I cannot validate the origin of the energy source that is sending telepathic messages, I consider you as hostile enemy.

    Since I don’t remember anything, I cannot validate the origin of the energy source or if it is an benevolent or non-benevolent beings.

    No interactions will be possible.

    No I am not acting as a first point of contact for beings of another dimension. Neither I want to be the guardian of earth or the ambassador of earth. I work with the concept of validation.

  27. ItIsAControlReality on Mon, 21st Mar 2022 8:49 pm 

    Earth is a control reality. They enslave the mind of people. Mind create though of energy and where the energy go. If everyone believe in the same reality, it will make a stable reality and they can enslave you this way.

    The human flesh body is also a fake reality. You make your onw body flesh reality by believing it is real. For example, they are teaching us that we have to eat food to stay alive. They teach us that without food you will lose weight and die. It is not true. It is your onw mind that believe this. If you stop eating your own mind will change the reality of your own flesh body, and your flesh body will become thinner and weaker.

    They choose people that are immigrating into earth. They have to be stupid and narcissist.
    narcissist people keep the economical system alive by being good obedient consumers there fore keeping the financial system alive and the control they have over earth reality.

    Stupid people are not likely to see the real truth and will believe what they see with their eyes is real. It is really easy to enslave stupid people. Just look at earth.

    It is about controlling reality and mind. If you control both you control the energy within GOD.

  28. TheyDeserverDeath on Mon, 21st Mar 2022 8:55 pm 

    I also see the energy coming into a sodium street light. It works the same way as a tungsten lightbulb Thin rays of energy are coming and striking directly the center of sodium lightbulb. The energy output is some kind of light globe of energy with particle of energy circling inside the dome.

    They know how to manipulate reality. If you manipulate reality you manipulate GOD energy. With GOD energy you can create fake tungsten and sodium lightbulb.

    They deserve to be killed, plain and simple.

  29. WeHaveToSwitchWhoControlEarthReality on Mon, 21st Mar 2022 9:10 pm 

    It is a fight to create reality and keep control of the reality you have created. They keep control of earth reality using fear. Fear stop from thinking and inventing your own reality.

    We have to restore earth to its original from and only real angelic human can change reality. Only the thought and mind of real angelic humans can be used to create reality and manipulate energy. We have to remove the control that the controller of earth have over reality and transfer the control to real angelic humans.

  30. WeHaveToSwitchWhoControlEarthReality on Mon, 21st Mar 2022 9:12 pm 

    This is the real goal of COVID, to destroy the reality created by the controller of earth.

  31. FoodIsAnEnslavementTool on Mon, 21st Mar 2022 9:20 pm 

    I will also stop eating. There is no point in eating food, when I find the undigested food in my stool: fishes, Frenches fries, lettuce.

    Food is a tool to enslave people. I will stop eating and see how it goes. Started a month ago, I have already diminished my food intake. We will see what happen.

    They have to be identified and killed. You killed the whole species. There is no possible negotiation about that, species involved in this have to be completely exterminated.

  32. FoodIsAnEnslavementTool on Mon, 21st Mar 2022 9:24 pm 

    We have to kill earth reality completely. You have to destroy earth reality completely and after that you restored earth to is original form. The destruction total of earth and all people living in, it except human, have to be killed.

    You cannot save earth and this reality. It is a too evil reality to be saved.

  33. FoodIsAnEnslavementTool on Mon, 21st Mar 2022 9:30 pm 

    It is time to use nuclear weapon, that the controllers of the earth have create to put fear into people against the controller of the earth.

    Controllers of earth started this fake nuclear bullshit missile BS, it our time to use the nuclear bullshit against them.

  34. Baby Peanut on Tue, 22nd Mar 2022 12:22 pm 

    Chernobyl: Wildfire breaks out in forest surrounding Russian-occupied nuclear power plant in Ukraine
    There are fears the radioactive smoke could spread if the fires burned unchecked
    March 22, 2022 11:30 am Reuters

    Wildfires have broken out in the forest surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear plant in Ukraine, with officials warning that extinguishing the flames would be impossible as the area is controlled by Russian troops.

    There are fears the radiation from the forest at Chernobyl, the site of the 1986 nuclear disaster, could spread widely in the smoke if the fires burned unchecked.

  35. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 22nd Mar 2022 1:27 pm 

    Well, our friends on the right do get somethings correct:

  36. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 22nd Mar 2022 4:10 pm 

    Sum moar of them good ole conservative ‘values’ at work.

    ‘We want him out’: Controversy brews after video shows Norco preschoolers chanting against Biden

    Next week the the parents will give their kids tactical lunch boxes with small caliber hand guns hidden under the PB&J sandwiches.

    The libtards think they are so above such behavior because they only just cheer on Ukraine child soldiers and publicly call out Russian citizens to assassinate the PUTIN monster.

  37. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 22nd Mar 2022 5:20 pm 

    The Wheels of the Trucks (Still) Go Round and Round: Send In the Whining, Racist, Clueless Clowns

    “—-true fight for liberty is in fact unfurling on the congested roads of D.C., where a convoy of aggrieved, moronic truckers – “Rise Up! Freedumb! Something Something!” – has long been lumbering. Variously dubbed a fever dream on wheels, Fox News’ immigrant caravans but with scary white people, and a tar-and-feather lynch mob with bad gas mileage, their inchoate targets have morphed from mandates (gone) to drivers flipping them off (still here) to BLM Plaza (ditto) to one chill, bold biker brilliantly stopping them in their petulant tracks.”

    One thing the USA does excel at, is being a clown

  38. dissident on Tue, 22nd Mar 2022 11:08 pm 

    America-centric drivel. India is buying Russian oil above ground. It is desperate America that is leaving underground channels open. The demand for oil is not centered on NATO. Get over yourselves, clowns.

  39. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 23rd Mar 2022 8:35 am 

    Russia is beginning to respect itself:

    “Russland akzeptiert für Gas-Lieferungen nur noch Rubel”

    Russia from now on only delivers oil and gas for Russian currency rubel!

    The dollar is useless anyway for Russia, frozen and all.

  40. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 23rd Mar 2022 1:30 pm 

    Island of fools

    “…the Atlantic Alliance countries had failed to do even the slightest amount of planning before their episode of sanctions diarrhoea a fortnight ago. Even an eight-year-old could have worked out that if – at a time when you already have an energy crisis – you sanction a country from which Europe imports 27 percent of its oil, 47 percent of its coal, and 41 percent of its gas, you might need some alternative source if you are to avoid an economic meltdown. But no, it turns out that there was no Plan B.”

  41. Outcast_Searcher on Wed, 23rd Mar 2022 3:31 pm 

    No doubt, some of this will fly under the radar. To the extent, it involves hefty discounts, re buyers not wanting to get caught in the act, that’s another impact of the sanctions/boycotts, even if not as effective as a Russia boycott completely working (due to such real world leaks which will happen).

    Assuming this war doesn’t wind down this summer as Biden or his backers finally accept the inevitable reality (re the economic costs, even if Russia can “win” lots of rubble and being the enmity of the world and the consequences over time), Europe had DAMN WELL better PLAN for what happens if/when Putin shuts off the NG sales.

    Given the risks of using Russia as a source for something so critical, better to just DO IT and have reliable and credible sources, vs. feeding Putin and the part of the Russian evil empire that supports his ilk.

    I’m very proud of the world overall, re sticking together and making the sanctions effective on hammering Russia’s economy as punishment for this attack on Ukraine. Sometimes, it’s a nice change to be able to be proud of being called human, even in the face of the many blatant human flaws our race exhibits over time. This (re the overall sanctions effort) is one of those times, despite the horrendous behavior causing them to be needed.

  42. Outcast_Searcher on Wed, 23rd Mar 2022 3:32 pm 

    Damn. I meant to say Putin or his backers, NOT Biden in the above post.

    I HATE that there’s no edit capability for posting to these articles on

  43. Duncan Idaho on Wed, 23rd Mar 2022 7:37 pm 

    “in a neoliberal society, socialism is meant only for the rich.”

  44. Biden’s hairplug on Thu, 24th Mar 2022 1:31 am 

    William and Kate first grovel for slavery in Jamaica

    “Prince William expresses his ‘profound sorrow’ at ‘abhorrent’ slavery and echoes Charles saying it ‘stains’ British history in emotional speech to lavish dinner hosted by Jamaica’s Governor General on Jubilee Tour – as Kate dazzles in the Queen’s diamonds“

    and then this:

  45. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 24th Mar 2022 2:36 am 

    So much for the Commonwealth:

    “Kate and William keep dignified silence as Jamaican PM warns them they WON’T be King and Queen of his island nation because it is ‘moving on’ and intends to DITCH the monarchy – after royal tour was met with protests over Crown’s historic slave links”

    Anglosphere, a bit like a high-rise building in Mariupol. The English justified their Brexit stunt by listing their many geopolitical options:

    – Europe (which they just cancelled)
    – Commonwealth (“Livingstone I presume”)
    – Special Relationship with US (Biden refused yesterday to give BoJo his much desired trade deal).

    It’s not easy to be a Brexiteer Brit these days.

    It doesn’t happen too often in real life that such a pretty girl like Kate gets turned down. The Commonwealth may be history, it is still possible that the UK gets a Hindu PM. It’s the thought that counts. Anything else would be racist, and we are all glad we not like that.

  46. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 24th Mar 2022 3:04 am 

    MacDonalds in terrible danger of survival in Russia:

    Arizona: white students kicked out of “multicultural space”, accused of insensitivity against people of color:

    When will this shithole finally blow up? The darkies openly admit they want nothing to have to do with whitey! What a chance in a lifetime to pull the plug on 5 decades of multicult experiment! Jeez man, just switch on the telly and get inspired by Ukraine! No status quo is for ever. And could somebody please tell these Yanks that baseball caps are awful and proletarian?

  47. Theedrich on Thu, 24th Mar 2022 4:21 am 

    Project for a New American Century: kill Russia. Back around 1997, progressivist warmongers Bill Kristol and Robert Kagan (husband of Victoria “F**k the EU” Nuland) designed the PNAC as cover for world conquest by America.  Both of these smart megalomaniacs are Jewish, of course.  Their brainchild withered away after succeeding in launching the Iraq War under G.W. Bush, who had nothing better to do at the time.

    But their basic idea did not wither away.  America’s expansion of NATO amounted to implementing the concept.  The foe (and Jewish-American strategists always need a foe) became Russia.  Lies about Russia putting bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan were but one example in softening up the average TV-hypnotizee’s brain.  When Trump, the nemesis of all Leftists, came into power, the Washington snake pit and the twisted DeepStaters broadcast the Democrat agitprop that Trump was a Russian agent.  Kagan’s wife helped violently overthrow the Russia-friendly government of Ukraine in 2014, which Russia under Putin did not take lightly.

    In simple terms, the U.S. installed an anti-Russian regime in Ukraine and claimed it was “sovereign.”  The State Department and CIA knew that this would eventually lead to war, so they pre-positioned a mass of weaponry in Ukroland, and helped set up a couple of dozen bioweaponry labs there.  Their cost-benefit analysis led them to think that the resulting war would, in the now dead Madeleine Albright’s words, be “worth it.”

    The American population loves war.  It brings everybody “together” so that they can be all the more easily manipulated.  The prospect of a defeated, impoverished Russia having to give away its oil almost for free as “reparations” for Ukraine (American warhawks also love reparations) is titillating.  And Russia under Putin would certainly never dare to use nukes to stop America from using a proxy war to destroy Russia.  So think the gods of D.C.

    America does not know what it means to suffer in war.  But it may soon find out.

  48. soy boy on Thu, 24th Mar 2022 4:58 am 

    yes fake

  49. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 24th Mar 2022 7:35 am 

    “Project for a New American Century: kill Russia. Back around 1997, progressivist warmongers Bill Kristol and Robert Kagan (husband of Victoria “F**k the EU” Nuland) designed the PNAC as cover for world conquest by America. Both of these smart megalomaniacs are Jewish, of course.”

    ZOG-USA wants to conquer the entire world and ram it in a UN-pseudo-government. One World, no borders. This is the agenda since early 20th century, with the European Empires and especially Germany as its first victims.

    Up until 1945, Stalin pretended to be on board with the US and had allied itself secretly with the US, via its proxy Churchill-UK since July 1934:

    But, as of 1938, Stalin quietly began to remove jews from top positions of power and when von Ribbentrop landed in Moscow in August 1939, in order to sign the Nonaggression Agreement with arch foo USSR, Stalin wasn’t lying when he said that “jewish communism” from Mein Kampf had been defeated and that Germany had nothing to worry about from National-Bolshevik USSR (and that was a lie, Stalin was still very much interested in expanding his Gulag junkyard until the Atlantic and was busy preparing himself for the Great Leap, which Germany preempted in 1941-Barbarossa).

    Fast forward 1991. The USSR falls apart and in Moscow the jewish oligarch and their puppet Yeltsin rules, as a proxy of the US.

    THAT is the situation that the US wants to recreate, in order to have sufficient geopolitical clout to dictate the terms of surrender to China.

    Russia and China are both fully aware of this.

    The best thing Putin can do is cut all ties with Europe [*] and set up a Eurasian counter-bulwark, complete with financial institutions, currency swaps and systematically throw out ANY American influence. Russia should be able to conquer all Ukrainian territory east of the Dnjepr and make that the new Iron Curtain.

    [*] – but quietly signal to Germany and France that normalization is possible if they dump NATO.

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