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Page added on February 11, 2010

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Petrobras Shares Some Considerations in a Response

Lucio Pimentel of Petrobras sent The Oil Drum a response to Tony Eriksen’s post World Oil Capacity to Peak in 2010 Says Petrobras CEO that TOD published last week. In the spirit of courtesy and the exchange of ideas, it is posted below the fold in its entirety with the permission of Mr. Pimentel.

Petrobras would like to share some considerations regarding the “World Oil Capacity to Peak in 2010 Says Petrobras CEO” post, published on February 4:

The post written by Anthony Eriksen (ace) right in its title makes an erroneous interpretation of the graph presented by Petrobras in December 2009. In no moment was the graph intended to provide an estimate of peak oil date. The mentioned slide was put together intending to show a reasonable estimate of the

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