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Page added on April 25, 2015

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One Last Look At The Real Economy Before It Implodes: Solutions

One Last Look At The Real Economy Before It Implodes: Solutions thumbnail

All problems, all crises, have at least one solution, if not many solutions. There is no such thing as an unwinnable scenario. Some may not be smart enough or courageous enough to see it, but the solution is always there, waiting to be discovered. The only fight that cannot be won is the fight in which the enemy makes all the rules and we foolishly abide by those rules. Life is not a game of chess, and a man can choose to be more than a pawn anytime he has the guts to do so.

In the past, I have likened the liberty movement to a rebellion against not just tyrants but the game itself – a group of people willing to walk away from the chess board and make their own rules. I stand by that assertion. However, simply walking away is not enough; we must also be willing to take actions that will destroy the game entirely.

In order to accomplish this task, any rebellion against corruption of power must be self-critical – more self-critical of its own weaknesses than opposing propagandists could ever be. Most of our problems as a society are being caused by a relatively small number of elitists, but we will never be able to undo these problems without understanding our weaknesses as much as the enemy’s weaknesses. In this final installment of my six-part series, I will talk about REAL solutions to the inevitable economic implosion in front of us, but I will also discuss the shortcomings of the liberty movement as an obstacle to the success of those solutions.

Perhaps the most detrimental of weaknesses within the Liberty Movement is a propensity of some to demand action by others before they take action themselves.  Not all solutions require a synchronized mass movement led by top-down leadership.  Often the best solutions are implemented by individuals and small groups within the local sphere.  One man alone may not be able to change the entire world, but each individual can change the immediate world around him in smaller ways each day.  Activists need to stop concerning themselves with what everyone else is doing and worry more about what THEY are doing to derail tyranny.

As noted in Part 5 of this series, segments of the liberty movement have fallen into a trap of biased assumption, namely a gullible embrace of the false East/West paradigm. I find it a little sad at times when I come across freedom activists who worship the footsteps of Henry Kissinger/International Monetary Fund puppet Vladimir Putin, or those who cheer for a globalist petri dish like China, all because they hate American imperialism so much they have decided out of reactionary fervor to cheerlead for the “lesser of two evils.” There is no difference between those who buy into the false East/West paradigm and those who buy into the false Left/Right political paradigm. There is no “good guy” in the world of geopolitical maneuvering. East or West, it is all irrelevant primarily because both sides serve the same international interests. Those who refuse to recognize this fact will find themselves utterly incompetent in terms of presenting practical solutions.  One cannot defeat the game if one plays by the unfair rules of the game.

Another issue within the liberty movement is an inability by some to consider where the globalist ideal will actually lead. I know very well that there are 1,001 theories out there as to what the globalists actually want to achieve, which is why I personally look at the evidence at hand. The best available evidence is the evidence the elites openly ADMIT to, as they are apt to do in random fits of arrogance. It is important to understand that the elites often cannot help themselves and are desperate to boast of their activities before said activities are a forgone conclusion. Some analysts in recent history have presented undeniable admission by the elites, yet some activists still bicker about the enemy’s intent.

Whether it be the surprising words of insiders like Carroll Quigley, or the in-depth investigations of Antony Sutton, or the quotable quotes of frothing Fabian socialists, there is indeed a distinct strategy in play and this strategy is hidden in plain sight; the strategy of order out of chaos. And in terms of economics, there is an openly admitted goal, namely the integration of national currencies into a single global basket system (the special drawing rights, or SDR) controlled by the IMF and the Bank for International Settlements. I do not “believe” this is the goal; I KNOW this is the goal because the elites have for decades openly admitted to it in articles like “Get Ready For The Phoenix” published by the Rothschild-owned The Economist in 1988, which stated that a global currency system will be established under the auspices of the SDR by 2018.

Further information on the plan for global economic reset can be found in my article ‘The Economic Endgame Explained.’

As I have shown with ample evidence throughout this series, the U.S. is on the verge of fiscal collapse, the dollar is already in the process of losing its world reserve status, the East is just as subservient to the reset plan as the West, and all of this is in preparation for an engineered disaster that will anesthetize the masses and prepare them for a shift toward total centralization.

Solutions require us to first grasp the fundamental nature of the greater threat. The cold, hard truth is that we as a movement for freedom are alone in the fight against globalization. There are no nation states to fall back on. There is no safe region on the planet to run away to. No white knight is coming to our rescue, and any embrace of the East will end only in co-option and defeat for liberty activists.

Believe it or not, though, I am still an optimist.

Knowing the scale of the threat gives clarity to our response. The movement stands alone, therefore, we must act without naively waiting for outside aid. We must take on an attitude of self-reliance.

The gravity of our situation also reveals to us what solutions actually have merit and which “solutions” present false hopes. I have seen numerous attempts at silver-bullet solutions in the movement over the past decade, from useless and intangible crypto-currencies to pyramid schemes designed to generate enough revenue to “sue” the Federal Reserve to blind armed marches on Washington planned by tactically retarded spokesmen to even more national election drives wasting even more money and more energy on candidates that may mean well but have no chance at defusing the economic time bomb already ticking away.

If the solution presented seems too easy, then it is probably nonsense. If someone is trying to sell you on the idea that no sacrifice, no struggle and no pain will be required to defeat globalism, then they are probably a con man trying to take something from you, whether it be your money or your common sense. Throughout history, the only real solutions to real problems — economic, social or political — require much pain and sacrifice. To change the world for the better, to fight for the truth, you must be willing to take risks up to an including risking your life, otherwise failure is guaranteed.

I do not believe in silver-bullet solutions. I do not believe there is a path of “least resistance.” The following methods are not academic. They are not philosophical. They will not appeal to the egghead libertarian portion of the movement, obsessed with theory rather than practice. And they will not appeal to self-proclaimed pacifists terrified of consequence and public perception. These are difficult actions requiring the will to endure.  Every response listed here is a response I am applying in my own community, and I would not suggest a solution that I would not undertake myself.


If you want to undermine a concerted campaign of globalization, you must generate an opposing system. The opposite of tyranny is voluntarism. The opposite of collectivism is individualism. The opposite of globalism is localism.

Localism is economic organization based upon the methodology of self-reliance. While globalism forces people, cities, states and countries to become interdependent and unable to survive or prosper without each other, localism brings internal economic stability and removes dependency. If all communities were based on localism and independent fiscal strength, such redundancy would make widespread financial collapse a thing of the past.

While globalism is a top down model in which all decisions and power bottleneck at the peak of the pyramid, localism is a bottom up grass-roots initiative completely voluntary in nature.  It is a methodology in which no one has power over the lives of others. That said, in order for localism to become a reality, these things must be accomplished first…

Real Preparedness

Self-reliance requires preparedness. There is no way around it. There is no such thing as crisis for those who are prepared. This means placing oneself in a position to provide the necessities of life so that one does not become a slave to need. Desperation often leads to moral relativism, and tyrants thrive on the moral weakness of a population. The more prepared an individual is, the more likely he is to fight back against despotism. The more prepared a community is, the less that community will feel inclined to request aid from those who might leverage such aid to oppress that community.

Preparedness can also in some cases include commodity investment by individuals and networks of individuals. While beans, bullets and Band-Aids are a priority, no one can deny the trend of foreign central banks stockpiling precious metals. And this stockpiling is clearly being done as a parallel measure to de-dollarization and the rise of the SDR basket. Metals are useful during windows of time just before collapse and after rebuilding has begun. They are a back-up. They are not a solution by themselves.

Real Production

Americans, in particular, will have to become producers again. And by production I mean useful items, useful skills and useful ideas, rather than frivolous attempts to sustain our avarice and empty materialism. Do you have the skills to produce food, clean water, shelter, warmth or energy? Are you able to invent or reimagine useful tools? Can you repair useful items? Do you have any experience with hard labor whatsoever? If you have answered in the negative to these questions, then you have a lot of work ahead of you to learn what you can in the time we have left. If you were to approach a group of people today and try to convince them of your value as a producer, what would you tell them? If you were thrust into an economic system in which barter was the primary means of wealth circulation, what would you trade that people would actually want?  It is not about being “communally useful”, but it is about supply and demand.  What can you provide that is commonly in demand during faltering fiscal conditions?

This is not necessarily a call for Americans to revert back to 18th century living; it is a call for Americans to reclaim their heritage of entrepreneurship and adaptability. Globalism is merely feudal mercantilism wearing a modernized mask. It is globalism that is taking us back to the Dark Ages. And only localism can bring us into a future where technical achievement works for the common man rather than against him.

Real Community

Humans are social beings, but there are healthy forms of social organization, and unhealthy forms.  At this stage in our society, collectivism has nearly decimated all vestiges of true community. Today, people have no clue who their neighbors are and most of them do not want to know. They have little to no interaction with their surroundings beyond superficial consumerism, and they see every other person around them as a competitor rather than an ally. Their idea of the “greater good” is a mentally deranged one. For them, the state is the root source of safety and communal coherency rather than the citizenry, and the people around them are not to be trusted.

Collectivism isolates people from each other to the point that their only means of feeling a connection with their fellow man is to do so through support of the establishment control grid. Participation in the totalitarian framework becomes a shallow replacement for participation in the world around us. By paying taxes, blindly supporting a war, giving to impotent international charities and voting once every two to four years in the farcical election process, we fool ourselves into believing we are a part of a “team” and that our civic duty has been fulfilled.

This terrible cycle can be broken, but it takes the effort of individuals going out and actively building relationships with others of like mind off the grid, so to speak. The liberty movement in particular should be forming groups and associations all over the country — not just to complain about the condition of the nation, but to take tangible actions. Mutual aid and barter groups, neighborhood watches and community preparedness teams, business ventures and engineering projects are all useful means of organization. These organizations will not form themselves. YOU must make them happen.

Real Self-Defense

As I discussed in my article ‘If You Are Not Thinking Tactically You Are Not A Survivalist,’ self-defense is an imperative that simply cannot be denied. This defense must include preparation for all enemies, foreign and domestic, and corrupt government is not excluded.

Economic collapse is very often followed by an increase in oppressive state power. And in the end, the establishment does not relinquish power over the citizenry unless it is forced to do so. Because of this reality, all honorable people should endeavor to become dangerous people, the more dangerous the better.

Voices expressing nihilism and futility in self defense are rarely constructive and should be ignored. Frankly, I find such cowardice stomach churning. There may very well come a day in which you will have to decide between freedom or absolute slavery. The size, strength and technological advancement of the enemy should have NO bearing whatsoever on the choice to fight for freedom; it should only have bearing on the applied strategy. Again, there is no problem without a solution if you have the courage to seek it. I hope that my joint project with Oath Keepers on how to build a working thermal evasion suit, due to be released in the next few weeks, will provide a good example as to why a technologically advanced tyranny is still vulnerable to a resourceful citizenry.

Real Grass-Roots Expansion

There has always been a lot of talk within the liberty movement of “nullification.” But ultimately, the philosophy of nullification is useless unless it comes from a position of strength. Federal overreach will not stop simply because a state happens to pass a bill denying the establishment full access. Here in Montana, medical marijuana legalization was crushed by the Feds despite state recognition. They simply marched in and arrested on drug charges anyone who dared open up shop, and the state did nothing to stop it. This is just one example of many in which nullification failed because people refused to accept that written law is meaningless unless it is backed by a vigilant public.  Words on paper alone have never stopped the ascendance of totalitarians.

I suspect that as the overall economic implosion becomes more obvious to average people, there will be some counties and states that develop a desire for nullification on a grand scale. Americans will want resource implementation to provide wealth protection. And some states have more than enough resources to offset a national financial disaster, or at least stop that disaster at their borders. This would require the complete dissolution of numerous federal laws prohibiting resource development.

Such dissolution will not be successful unless counties and states have enough strong grass-roots communities in place to defend against federal intrusion — or at least make the idea so costly and prohibitive that they have second thoughts. Each smaller liberty group linking with other liberty groups can eventually create this kind of expansion. This is, of course, a best-case scenario. County and state organization should take a backseat to neighborhood and town organization until wider expansion becomes realistic.  Strong counties and states begin with strong individuals, strong neighborhoods, and strong towns.

The collapse itself could easily be prolonged through a series of smaller catastrophes; or it could happen in a matter of days, depending on the trigger. For now, it appears that the U.S. is to be worn down to nothing as the IMF works closely with the BRICS to promote the SDR basket system. All nations will be negatively affected by this shift, but some will be hurt far more than others. War is certainly a possibility and would make for great cover as the IMF’s global reset is enacted. I can’t speak much to this kind of event other than to say that regardless of what happens, the IMF and the BIS will remain neutral, waiting until the conflict subsides so that they can step in as “heroes” ready to rebuild the world.

The liberty movement must also be ready to rebuild, and our ideal must be fully formed if we are to compete with the globalists. The most difficult reality of all is the reality that economic implosion is only the end of one struggle and the beginning of a new struggle. Our responsibility will not only be to fight against the machinations of elitists, but also to convince the world that the way of independence and freedom is more useful and preferable than the way of collectivist peasantry. Collapse is already upon us; now we must decide who will determine what happens next.

11 Comments on "One Last Look At The Real Economy Before It Implodes: Solutions"

  1. paulo1 on Sat, 25th Apr 2015 8:29 am 

    A bit ‘out there’, however, I agree with much is said except for the idea of belonging to a ‘movement’.

    re: “Our responsibility will not only be to fight against the machinations of elitists, but also to convince the world that the way of independence and freedom is more useful and preferable than the way of collectivist peasantry.”

    As an individual I am not sure if we have a responsibilty to fight against anything, nor do I feel a need to convince anyone about anything. I certainly have no plans to join or identify with any group.

    Hank Stamper: “People do what they want, kid. I don’t tell ’em what to do.” (From Sometimes a Great Notion)

    In my rural valley we live pretty much off the radar and the way we wish. Certainly, we follow obvious and just laws….pay our taxes for roads and hospitals etc., but newbies that move here and try to enlist us for one cause or another seem to just fade away. If the elitists impose a cashless society we’ll just trade. If we are hungry we’ll just shoot something to eat or catch some fish…..harvest seasons are for town folks. Liberty movements are for weekend warriors. Some of us are already free, at least in our own minds and attitudes.

  2. eugene on Sat, 25th Apr 2015 8:30 am 

    I would never have noticed author is an optimist. No unwinnable scenarios? Or most problems are caused by a small elite? The author has lived a very tiny life. Gotta be one of those “don’t worry be happy” clowns.

  3. tahoe1780 on Sat, 25th Apr 2015 9:01 am 

    Off Topic, but want to share:

  4. Nony on Sat, 25th Apr 2015 9:22 am

  5. PrestonSturges on Sat, 25th Apr 2015 9:48 am 

    Any time you hear people yammering about how free and enlightened they are, you know you are dealing with a bunch of puppets. Look at the Bundy ranch, where a couple hundred of these tw*ts turned out to battle an imaginary Chinese solar farm, a project that never got past the study stage that was actually sited over 100 miles away. But hey, why not get killed over a conspiracy theory that is 100% false? Also, fighting solar is a chief priority of the power companies and pipeline owners (the Kochs), so it seems like these guys also function as a corporate owned militia. And the whole “all enemies foreign AND domestic” bit sure makes them sound like a bunch of brownshirt wannabees.

  6. J-Gav on Sat, 25th Apr 2015 10:00 am 

    You nailed it, Eugene. “No such thing as an unwinnable scenario?” Euh, wasn’t that the attitude before and during the invasions of Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq, regimle change in Libya, etc?

    Apparently, there is one thing American leadership absolutely refuses to do – and that is, to learn from past mistakes. What a tragic shame.

  7. yoananda on Sat, 25th Apr 2015 10:31 am 

    so localism is a solution to peak oil and overpopulation ?

  8. Cloud9 on Sat, 25th Apr 2015 12:26 pm 

    We should all remain well armed and vigilant. None of us can accurately predict what is coming. Clearly there are discernable trends of resource depletion and population growth. Have we reached overshoot yet? I don’t know. Will we ever reach overshoot? I think so, but I don’t know. A plague might end 99% of us next year.

    The histories of past empires point to an inevitable collapse. A study of those empires reveals a slow decline followed by a sudden collapse. The collapse may be nothing more than the realization that the old paradigm no longer works and the surviving population simply walks away. Mesa Verde is a classic example.

    We have built a fantastic life for millions of people who live life styles far beyond that enjoyed by the kings of old. To accomplish that level of opulence for so many, an organic system of unbelievable complexity has evolved over the past two centuries. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence understands that complexity breeds high levels of vulnerability. Those of us who have marveled at the intricacies of a Rube Goldberg machine come to realize that the magnificent system depends on the flawless function of thousands of interrelated parts. The failure of any one of those parts will instantly turn that marvelous machine into a paperweight. We live in such a system.

    We run the real risk that some madman, or true believer, or patriot will end it all with a push of a button. Never before in the history of past empires has the actions of one or two people had the capability of bringing down civilization.

    Anyone who looks comes to understand that the debt built monetary system that runs the world was built on a paradigm of never ending exponential growth. We seem, as the MIT analysts of so long ago postulated, to have reached the end of that growth. Innately many of us realize that reach arounds and patches can maintain an inherently flawed system for only so long. The political promises and the state structures built by such a system are but chaff in the wind once credit finally seizes up.

    The endless stories of graft, greed and fraud that permeate the entire economic and political system have destroyed any claim of legitimacy held by those institutions. The absolute failure of the justice system beyond scapegoating and political attacks on their perceived enemies to enforce the law has resulted in the public execution of the rule of law. The never ending parade of police assaults and murders has gendered a fear in the populace. More and more of the body politic is coming to realize there is no justice. There is just us.

    The oligarchs are doing everything possible to ring the wagons. The creation of a massive domestic army of brown shirts and private contractors over the last decade, the purchase of billions of rounds of ammunition, the dispatch of military assets to every county and parish in the nation, the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization act, the repeal of the Posse Comitatus Act, the endless training for the Zombie Apocalypse by both the military and all the agencies and sub agencies of Home Land Security, all of this is a result of the oligarch’s efforts to bunker down and retain control in this ongoing collapse. Their efforts are futile. Entropy is making them obsolete. The Patricians, Caesar and the Pretorian Guard no longer rule Rome.

    None of us can know how these events will unfold or how they will manifest themselves in our neighborhoods and down our streets. Most of us who are awake have made some effort to secure modest amounts of food, fuel and medical supplies. Millions of us have made some efforts to secure the means of our own defense. Many have reached out to networks of family and friends.

    None of us will make it to the other side of this thing because the inevitable process will span generations. If our families are to survive, we must look to our communities. We must once again embrace the bright line rules of right and wrong. Liars, thieves and murderers must be dealt with on the local level. We must once again embrace the tenants of the Declaration of Independence. We must insist that our local officials submit to the limitations placed on them by the Bill of Rights. We must on an individual basis and as a whole resist any authority either foreign or domestic that would violate these rights.

    We must never disarm because we have no way of knowing that those who would come to our door with a monopoly of force are benevolent or malevolent.

  9. Davy on Sat, 25th Apr 2015 12:29 pm 

    YO, the most important thing we can do is adapt and mitigate to the coming food insecurity that is just around the corner. That means a return to the land in permaculture and pre-fossil fuel agriculture in conjunction with a continuation of production agriculture. This will have to be a hybrid affair with new and old, in combination.

    Nothing is more important than food to social stability. This is possible but will have to have the top down support to be effective. There are too many impediments to permaculture at the moment. Permaculture must be a priority and we will be unable to abandon production agriculture in this transition.

  10. BobInget on Sat, 25th Apr 2015 1:57 pm 

    Before YOU implode from despair, check this

    If you have a boy kid between 3 and 6 make sure he sees this.

  11. J-Gav on Sat, 25th Apr 2015 1:58 pm 

    Yoananda – In answer to your question – yes, it is. But only for very few people, early adopters, and among them only those communities which have taken into account all the parameters that matter (food production, security, energy independence etc.

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