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Page added on February 20, 2021

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Is The Temporary Collapse Of Texas Foreshadowing The Total Collapse Of The US?

Is The Temporary Collapse Of Texas Foreshadowing The Total Collapse Of The US? thumbnail

We are getting a very short preview of what will eventually happen to the United States as a whole.  America’s infrastructure is aging and crumbling.  Our power grids were never intended to support so many people, our water systems are a complete joke, and it has become utterly apparent that we would be completely lost if a major long-term national emergency ever struck.  Texas has immense wealth and vast energy resources, but now it is being called a “failed state”.  If it can’t even handle a few days of cold weather, what is the rest of America going to look like when things really start to get chaotic in this country?

At this point, it has become clear that the power grid in Texas is in far worse shape than anyone ever imagined.  When extremely cold weather hit the state, demand for energy surged dramatically.  At the same time, about half of the wind turbines that Texas relies upon froze, and the rest of the system simply could not handle the massive increase in demand.

Millions of Texans were without power for days, and hundreds of thousands are still without power as I write this article.

And now we are learning that Texas was literally just moments away from “a catastrophic failure” that could have resulted in blackouts “for months”

Texas’ power grid was “seconds and minutes” away from a catastrophic failure that could have left Texans in the dark for months, officials with the entity that operates the grid said Thursday.

As millions of customers throughout the state begin to have power restored after days of massive blackouts, officials with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, or ERCOT, which operates the power grid that covers most of the state, said Texas was dangerously close to a worst-case scenario: uncontrolled blackouts across the state.

I can’t even imagine how nightmarish things would have eventually gotten in Texas if there had actually been blackouts for months.

According to one expert, the state really was right on the verge of a “worst case scenario”

The worst case scenario: Demand for power outstrips the supply of power generation available on the grid, causing equipment to catch fire, substations to blow and power lines to go down.

If the grid had gone totally offline, the physical damage to power infrastructure from overwhelming the grid could have taken months to repair, said Bernadette Johnson, senior vice president of power and renewables at Enverus, an oil and gas software and information company headquartered in Austin.

For years, I have been telling my readers that they have got to have a back up plan for power, because during a major emergency the grid can fail.

And when it fails, it can literally cost some people their lives.  I was deeply saddened when I learned that one man in Texas actually froze to death sitting in his own recliner

As Texas suffered through days of power outages, a man reportedly froze to death in his recliner with his wife clinging to life beside him.

The man was found dead in his Abilene home on Wednesday after being without power for several days in the record cold.

Most Americans don’t realize that much of the rest of the world actually has much better power infrastructure than we do.  Just check out these numbers

In Japan, the average home sees only 4 minutes of power outages per year. In the American Midwest, the figure is 92 minutes per year. In the Northeast, it’s 214 minutes; all those figures cover only regular outages and not those caused by extreme weather or fires.

As our population has grown and our infrastructure has aged, performance has just gotten worse and worse.  In fact, things ran much more smoothly all the way back in the mid-1980s

According to an analysis by Climate Central, major outages (affecting more than 50,000 homes or businesses) grew ten times more common from the mid-1980s to 2012. From 2003 to 2012, weather-related outages doubled. In a 2017 report, the American Society of Civil Engineers reported that there were 3,571 total outages in 2015, lasting 49 minutes on average. The U.S. Energy Administration reports that in 2016, the average utility customer had 1.3 power interruptions, and their total blackout time averaged four hours.

America is literally crumbling all around us, and it getting worse with each passing year.

Our water systems are another example.

In Texas, the cold weather literally caused thousands of pipes to burst.  The damage caused by all of these ruined pipes is going to be in the billions of dollars.

Right now, we are being told that a total of 797 water systems in the state are currently reporting problems with “frozen or broken pipes”

Some 13.5 million people are facing water disruptions with 797 water systems throughout the state reporting issues such as frozen or broken pipes, according to Toby Baker, executive director for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. About 725 systems are under a boil water advisory, Baker said during a press conference Thursday.

Overall, approximately 7 million residents of the state live in areas that have been ordered to boil water, and it could take months for service to fully return to normal.

Without water, none of us can survive for long, and it is absolutely imperative that you have a back up plan in case your local system goes down.

In Houston, people that are without water in their homes have been forced to line up to fill buckets at a public spigot

Meanwhile, in scenes reminiscent of a third world country, Houston residents resorted to filling up buckets of water from a spigot in a local neighborhood.

One Houston resident, whose power has just gone back on Thursday after three days but still has no water, told ‘It is crazy that we just watched NASA land on Mars but here in Houston most of us still don’t have drinking water.’

You can watch video of this happening right here.  Of course if your local water system completely fails, there won’t even be a public spigot available for you to get water.

Shortages of food and other essential supplies are also being reported in Texas.

For Philip Shelley and his young wife, the situation became quite desperate fairly rapidly

Philip Shelley, a resident of Fort Worth, told CNN that he, his wife Amber and 11-month-old daughter, Ava, were struggling to stay warm and fed. Amber is pregnant and due April 4.

“(Ava) is down to half a can of formula,” Shelley said. “Stores are out if not extremely low on food. Most of our food in the refrigerator is spoiled. Freezer food is close to thawed but we have no way to heat it up.”

So what would they have done if the blackouts had lasted for months?

All over the state, extremely long lines have been forming at local supermarkets.  In some cases, people have started waiting way before the stores actually open

Joe Giovannoli, 29, arrived at a Central Market supermarket in Austin at 8:30 a.m. Thursday, an hour-and-a-half before it opened. Minutes later, more than 200 people had lined up behind him in the biting 26-degree weather.

Giovannoli’s wife is three months pregnant and the power in their one-bedroom Austin apartment blinked out Tuesday night. After a water pipe broke, firefighters also turned off the building’s water, he said. Giovannoli said he realized he still had it better than many others across Texas, but worried how long things will take to get back to normal.

This is happening in communities across Texas, and you can see video of one of these “bread lines” right here.

Of course those that had gotten prepared in advance did not have to wait in such long lines because they already had food.

Sadly, even though Joe Giovannoli had gotten to the supermarket so early, he later received really bad news

A few minutes before the store opened its doors, a manager stepped outside and warned those waiting in line that supplies inside were low: No produce, no baked goods, not much canned food.

“We haven’t had a delivery in four days,” he said.

Remember, this is just a temporary crisis in Texas that is only going to last for a few days.

So what would happen if a severe long-term national emergency disrupted food, water and power systems for months on end?

All it took to cause a short-term “collapse scenario” in the state of Texas was some cold weather.

Eventually, much worse things will happen to our nation, and it has become clear that we are not ready.

So get prepared while you still can, because time is running out.

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68 Comments on "Is The Temporary Collapse Of Texas Foreshadowing The Total Collapse Of The US?"

  1. ThisWillExplainALotOfThings on Sat, 20th Feb 2021 12:40 pm 

    Interesting stuff. For entertainment. It will help killed a couple minutes

    Francois Legault(premier of Quebec) is even on the list so is Trudeau. Entertaining conspiracies theories

    This is really entertaining. If you cannot sleep, this might help you kill some time.


    If this is real, it seems like it is, explain so many things.

  2. Cloggie on Sat, 20th Feb 2021 12:42 pm 

    The article probably exaggerates a little, but it is clear that the US would be well-advised to abandon its (futile) NWO-program and slash “defense”-spending and completely withdraw from Eurasia. US police “services” are not asked for by anybody, we’ll help ourselves, thank you very much.

    In Japan, the average home sees only 4 minutes of power outages per year. In the American Midwest, the figure is 92 minutes per year. In the Northeast, it’s 214 minutes; all those figures cover only regular outages and not those caused by extreme weather or fires.



    2019: <20 minutes
    2018: 27 minutes

    Usual cause power outage: damage caused digging.

    But the real kicker is Denmark, as we all remember, the country with 50% green (=intermittent) power supply. They must be in the dark for weeks, right, during these feared "dark doldrums"?

    Eh, no:

    Danish power consumers experienced fewer power supply interruptions than anywhere else in Europe last year, according to a report by Danish Energy.

    Looking at the whole year of 2018, electricity in Danish households were involuntarily turned off fewer times than anywhere else in Europe.

    The average Danish electricity consumer experienced 0.48 power supply interruptions and a total of 21.9 minutes of blackout during the entire year.

    And what about that other “green superpower”, Germany (also 50% green electricity)?

    The average duration of power outages per user in Germany has declined to 13.9 minutes in 2018, from over 15 minutes in the year before, the country’s Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) says.

  3. ThisWillExplainALot on Sat, 20th Feb 2021 1:23 pm 

    Morrison in Australia has been executed and they found an actor to play he is role.

    Look below:

  4. ThisWillExplainALot on Sat, 20th Feb 2021 2:49 pm 

    Do you still have doubt about I wrote above, judge for yourself. I can execute Trudeau once he is found guilty. I have a hacksaw that I modified to cut styrofoam panel. It is sharp as razor blade and 12 inch long. Should do the job just fine.

    TRUDEAU JUSTIFIES GENOCIDE Justin Trudeau vs Erin O’Toole Press Conference Debate Human Rights RU

    Why do you think Trudeau is sucking up to China

  5. makati1 on Sat, 20th Feb 2021 4:07 pm 

    As goes Texas, so goes America. The US’ infrastructure is antique and very inadequate for the demands of 2021. The US has squandered it’s wealth on “wars of choice” for over 70 years and neglected to upgrade and repair its infrastructure, from electric power to NG service to bridges to water and sewer systems to roads to airports, etc.. Now the weather is going to pound them annually for the foreseeable future.

    It is interesting to watch the West implode. Self induced suicide. Another beautiful, WARM, sunny day in the land of eternal summer. Pass the popcorn.

    BTW: US population change in the last 70 years – 1950 = ~ 150,000,000 vs 2020 = 332,000,000+

    Amerika, the newest 3rd world, fascist, police state. Papers please! ^_^

  6. ThisWillExplainALot on Sat, 20th Feb 2021 4:20 pm 

    Some of you might like this. It detail who has been arrested.

  7. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 20th Feb 2021 4:28 pm 

    Temporary collapse. Is that like being temporarily dead?

    I bet them tough talking independent texans are suck holing to legitimate POTUS Joe Biden for some of that BIG GOVERNMENT money.

    Help us Joe help!

    Beto: ‘We are nearing a failed state in Texas’ thanks to GOP leadership

    “We are nearing a failed state in Texas. And it has nothing to do with God, or natural disasters. It has everything to do with the leadership and those in the positions of public trust who have failed us,” says Beto O’Rourke amid Texas’ latest crisis: massive power outages.

  8. ILikeHavingASimpleQuietLife on Sat, 20th Feb 2021 8:18 pm 

    StarvingLion » Sat 20 Feb 2021, 20:08:54

    Either Bank Runs or Hyperinflation.

    Covid was first created to identified people like Hilary practicing child sacrifice, pedophilia, drink blood. Somehow Covid was also used to ration oil. I think, I might have contributed to this by making a comment about this on

    Hillary’s Collapse – She was ‘ARRESTED’, Hand & Leg Cuffed! (Clear Video)

    You are correct. She was hanged. Pence was executed by firing squad in November 2020. He cried and begged for his life. Nothing doing, traitor. Doubles of pols/famous people are being used while the “movie” plays, all according to Trump/DoD/FEMA, while the military is in control until such time that the masses can accept the truth of the evil done by the cabal. We’re being spoonfed info to avoid civil war and mental breakdown. Satanic NWO is unraveling, their deep underground torture chambers blown to bits, innocent children/humans being saved. Restoration of God and light is coming, and soon.

    It is really nice to be a nobody. Just finished tuning my arduino nano bed heater control. So pleasant to work on my electronics project. I don’t see myself being someone important with a lot responsibility or power.

  9. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 20th Feb 2021 10:21 pm 

    “It is interesting to watch the West implode.”

    Hate to break it to you, makati, but the infrastructure in Europe is top of the bill, even in Eastern Europe. You see, we don’t waste resources on unwinnable wars for Israel (read: for International Jewry, the world’s foremost problem, ©Henry Ford, aka neocohens).

    All we need to do is wait and watch the US empire collapse, so we can finally step out of its shadow and fight with the Chinese about who gets what from the ruble and restore pre-1939 European normality, this time as a united European block, with eternal Europe wannabee saboteur England [*] out and European giant-in-waiting Russia in and next set up a real “special relationship” with those white Americans, who can jump over their own exceptionalist shadow [**] and return to their European roots.

    [*] –

    [**] –

    Prospects for whitey have never been better. Around 2002 I thought it was all over for white civilization, but now, 20 years later, I’m upbeat again. I know for a fact that the US empire nightmare is almost over.

    “Leonard Cohen: you won’t like what comes after America.”

    Right! Depends on how you define “you”. For heebs like Cohen? Definitely not! Prepare for a game of cowboys and heebs.

    “Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ Rawhide!”

  10. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 20th Feb 2021 10:43 pm 

    “Cohen did not leave words of hope behind. One of his last poems issues forth an enigmatic and terrifying prophecy, hammering away at the conceits of human power.”

    your anger against the war
    your horror of death
    your calm strategies
    your bold plans
    to rearrange the middle east

    to overthrow the dollar
    to establish the 4th Reich
    to live forever
    to silence the Jews
    to order the cosmos
    to tidy up your life
    to improve religion
    they count for nothing

    you have no understanding
    of the consequences
    of what you do
    oh and one more thing
    you aren’t going to like
    what comes after America

    Well, mr Cohen, it looks as if we are going to find out anyway. And before we part… thanks for the Gulags, thanks for US WW1 entry, thanks for WW2, thanks for the $ reserve currency (you work, we print), thanks for the holotale, thanks for the JFK hit, thanks for the 1965 Immigration Act, thanks for diversity, thanks for the porn, thanks for Hollywood, thanks for 9/11, thanks for Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine. Twas nice knowing you, mind the step on your way out. Mazzeltov.

  11. LetItBurnToTheGround on Sun, 21st Feb 2021 9:40 am 

    Here we go again with this diversity crap. This is borderline mental insanity. The only way to fix this is to let Western civilization burn to the ground, let nature kill useless politicians, whites effeminate man, gays, richs parasites like bankers, CEO, catholic priests and so on. Canada the land of metro sexual man, small skinny inferior man, pedophile provincial prime minister (province with a white a blue flag). Crash this to the ground and rebuild with who is left alive.

    NHL working to improve league’s diversity

  12. ForEntertainmentOnly on Sun, 21st Feb 2021 4:08 pm 

    I have no life and I am a loser. This web site is dead. For enterternaint purpose during long and tiring winter,

    Celine Deon Says Goodbye to Her Fans & the World as She Heads Off to be EXECUTED | “The March Massacre”: Hanx & Many Other Celebrities Snuffed-Out by Trump & The Golden Dawn | MASSIVE MEME DUMP |+Updated Celebrity Arrests & Executions as of Sep. 29, 2020

  13. DecideForYourself on Sun, 21st Feb 2021 6:41 pm 

    Listen to the first 25 seconds of this video from Leauglt. I will let you decide for yourself

    Mid-2020 GITMO Update: Arrests, Indictments, & Executions

    Line Francois Legault Premier of Quebec Arrested $ House arrest

  14. Theedrich on Mon, 22nd Feb 2021 12:15 am 

    The current prez is the favorite food of flies. He and the mob of bribe-ocratic Congressional invertebrates rule the realm.  The name of their virtual signaling game is morbid freakiness masked as “American values.”

    While Nature produces a wide variety of variations and abilities, she also imposes severe limits on life, enforced by disease and death.  In the modern West, those limits are being deliberately transgressed for the sake of money and power.  Freaks are all the rage and claimed as being entitled to more social, monetary or other privileges than traditional civilization-building individuals.  “Transgendered” male-to-female “athletes” are allowed to compete in real women’s sports and beat normal females in competitions.  The aberrant Negro or mulatto is extolled as the supreme exemplar of political leadership, and purposefully given intense affirmative action and reverse discrimination hoisting him or her into the spotlight.  Even vicious criminals are “understood” (i.e., excused) as merely the results of bad parenting and ultimately because of (White) “society,” the only repository of responsibility.

    Unbeknownst to the proletariat, however, there are evolution-established standards and norms in all biota and every ecological niche, standards which disallow freaks.  Nature will eliminate a society which deliberately acts in violation of its wide evolutionary boundaries.  Despite the deceptive drivel pouring out of the multi-billionaire-driven governmental, media, entertainment and religious orifices, we are now descending into an environment of permanent poverty, where freaks will no longer by the dominant life forms.

    We will learn the hard way.  Or the planet will die.

  15. FamousDrScanlon on Mon, 22nd Feb 2021 1:17 am 

    Why China, with same size of power grid, won’t suffer outage like in the US

    How does the US, the most powerful country on earth, keep failing so astonishingly to respond to natural disasters? That question is on the minds of many in China and beyond, as they watched in disbelief a severe winter storm sweeping through parts of the US, leaving over 30 people dead and several million in the dark without power.

    The shock was not over the havoc the harsh weather wrought, but was sparked by how unprepared various aspects of the US system were and how the country’s governing apparatus, at both the federal and local levels, responded to the natural disaster: knee-jerk fingering-pointing and partisan fights and profound ineptness and incompetence – which have already been laid bare in its failure to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

    But underneath the noisy narratives pushed by various political and other special interests, the failure was the result of a confluence of inherent problems for the country’s backward power supply infrastructure, including outdated generators and transmission lines and lack of regulation and national coordination, observers and experts noted.

    While the harsh weather conditions were the direct cause, those issues are long-standing and prevalent, as the US has one of the most blackouts among developed countries, they added.

  16. Outcast_Searcher on Mon, 22nd Feb 2021 12:39 pm 

    Leave it to idiot sites like “The economic collapse blog” to make up lots of shiite without any meaningful data or trends.

    What’s likely to happen is Texas will have more regulations, supported by folks who don’t like to suddenly be left without power, and that’s that.

    But keep making shiite up. It keeps a certain group of folks of like mind entertained.

  17. Biden’s hairplug on Mon, 22nd Feb 2021 1:05 pm 

    For people with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

    For people dedicating their lives to “economic collapse”, everything looks like “collapse”.

  18. ItIsGoingToBeARoughtYearForEveryone on Mon, 22nd Feb 2021 3:09 pm 

    Apparently, StavingLion has been from or he cannot comment anymore. His comment don’t appear. SO I guess he was saying too much truth, so some people could not handle it.

    The world garbage forum is in bed with China. This is why I get upset when I see Chrytia Fleeland member of the board WEF. This might be indication that China is controlling some Western Nation and Canada.

    Look who are the members of the board of trustee of the WEF. Look if you don’t believe me.

    This goes much more deeper that some people think.

    This goes back to England and Rothschild.
    Look for the law suit against Rothschild Family on this page.

    Because of global cooling China food production is declining. THe CCP need to take over other nation in other for Xi to stay alive. They need to control the food production of other nation. THese are my personal impression. I could be wrong or I could also be right

  19. ItIsGoingToBeARoughtYearForEveryone on Mon, 22nd Feb 2021 3:11 pm 

    I really wish I never commented on this website. I could control myself for some reason

  20. ItIsGoingToBeARoughtYearForEveryone on Mon, 22nd Feb 2021 3:15 pm 

    Malaise palpable entre Trudeau et Xi au G20

    The Chinesse gouverment has probably some dirty on Trudeau. This is why that are able to control him and this is why he is afraid of them. THese are my personal impression. I could be wrong or I could also be right

  21. ItIsGoingToBeARoughtYearForEveryone on Mon, 22nd Feb 2021 3:19 pm

    Jump to 3:25. It speak for itself

  22. ItIsGoingToBeARoughtYearForEveryone on Mon, 22nd Feb 2021 3:27 pm 

    Chinese and British leaders eat fish and chips

    Nothing you see is what it seems

  23. ItIsGoingToBeARoughtYearForEveryone on Mon, 22nd Feb 2021 3:41 pm 

    Peak oil has fucked the CCP (China)plan and globalist plan to take over the world. This is where their plan will fail, because none of them seem to understand that the world funcion on an energy equation (Joule) not a monetary equation.

  24. makati1 on Mon, 22nd Feb 2021 3:42 pm 

    Outcast, you see what you want to see, not the real world. tells it like it is, not like you want it to be. Refs are not required for those who get out of the fascist propaganda/brainwashing “news” sites and papers in Amerika and think for themselves.

    It may exaggerate some things, but it is a good view of reality, as the author sees it. You might also consider: and and for alternate views not likely to be seen on USMSM sites. its called “the truth”.

    A 3D view of realty cannot be seen from one viewpoint. That is why many accident witnesses accounts give a more real view of the event. But then, you are blind to the rest of the world as are most Amerikans. Sigh!

  25. ItIsGoingToBeARoughtYearForEveryone on Mon, 22nd Feb 2021 4:17 pm 

    Alex Jestaire
    Alex Jestaire
    il y a 6 minutes
    I am French and quite surprised to find this topic on an Australian channel, for I haven’t heard much of it, if at all, in the French media that I scrutinize and critisize every day. Before being President he worked at Rotschild, then he was bred into politics through French “socialist” think-tanks and became Secretary of Economy under “socialist” President Hollande – he was defined by his “mentor” Jacques Attali as a “left centrist”, which is just doublespeak for “globalist”. I really doubt he has anything against “woke”, this is all opportunistic.


    Notice the mention of Rotschild.

  26. ItIsGoingToBeARoughtYearForEveryone on Mon, 22nd Feb 2021 4:51 pm 

    The News Junkie’s Archives

    This guy has a lot of funny shit. I go there when I need to laught.

    Merrick Garland refuses to state illegally crossing the border is a crime.

    Biden labels police, military veterans as ‘white supremacists

    How much can we learn from the White House Press Briefings?

  27. ItIsGoingToBeARoughtYearForEveryone on Mon, 22nd Feb 2021 6:30 pm 

    This web site is dead. Maybe it is time for me to move to something else. I feel I am menatly sick commenting on here.

  28. makati1 on Mon, 22nd Feb 2021 9:21 pm 

    The site is not sick. A commenter named Davy destroyed it over the years, driving most intelligent people away by putting them down personally if he didn’t agree with their assertions.

    He is a sick person who needs help.

    Those of us still here and commenting rationally and intelligently are ignored most of the time by the mental deficients who remain. Sigh!

  29. Cloggie on Tue, 23rd Feb 2021 5:41 am 

    I plan on moving somewhere else. I have no idea who I am talking to, or who I think I am going to convince. Davy was my one and only true friend here, but he seems to have forsaken me and it breaks my heart. I least I think that is what is broken. Could be my bowels acting up again, not sure. He never returns or acknowledges the pictures of me that I send him on FB and twitter.

    I hope everything is alright for him and his 1000 acre farm in Missouri. I pray every day for his well-being and of course, his eventual return.

    You know what I miss the most? I miss the way he used to neuter me every single day here with his intelligence, his wisdom, and his moderation.

  30. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 23rd Feb 2021 6:38 am 

    Dutch populist Thierry Baudet, who out of the blue won the last state elections in 2019…

    …declared the Nuremberg tribunal for invalid yesterday:

    Earlier he had said in private that he doubts the holotale and claimed that WW2 was essentially a war between the Germans and the Jews (and their proxies US, USSR, UK).

    Baudet can say that freely and even participate in the upcoming national elections and will probably double his amount of seats, although he could have won more if he had kept his mouth shut.

  31. WhereAreYouPedoLegault on Tue, 23rd Feb 2021 9:04 am 

    Come on pedo Legault, when are you going to do your press conference. Do weu have kids hidden in Montreal tunnels for you to abuse, a bit like they had in Washington. The US army is in Washington to empty they tunnel and free kids from pedo like you.

  32. peakyeast on Tue, 23rd Feb 2021 9:17 am 

    In the past 10 years I have experienced 1 power outtage that lasted for about ½ hour.

    Denmark here.

  33. PedoAndStanistHaveInflitratedGouvWorldWide on Tue, 23rd Feb 2021 9:39 am 

    Did you know they had a pedo ring in Austrlia also. This is why they put the city of Victoria on lockdown. They remove the kids from undreground tunels during the night in Victoria. Morrisson is another pedo same as retard Lego. Andrews has been excuted and replace with actor. These are the rumors ciculating.

  34. PedoLegautlLovesDrinkingKidsBlood on Tue, 23rd Feb 2021 9:46 am 

    US and Canada are both third world nation managed and government by the worst of the human race. Again Chrytia Freeland is a member of the board of trustees of the world economical forum. Pretty obvious the globalists and CCP have a tight grip on Canada poltitics

  35. ComeOnPedoLegaultShowYourDisgustingFaceOnTV on Tue, 23rd Feb 2021 9:53 am 

    The purpose for those who don’t know is to Show HER submission to HIM. Trump went there and other countries for the same purpose. He brought a ginormous stack of documents to each leader, showing the proof of their crimes and gave them each a choice. Either submit to him, or he exposes all of their crimes and blows the whole thing up. Look it up if you don’t believe. Trump has had many world leaders submit for thier corruption.

    According to rumor she has been executed so is prince Charles. For the moment, they have been replaced with actors/doubles

  36. ThinkWhatYouWantWithThis on Tue, 23rd Feb 2021 10:13 am 

    Duchess of Cambridge visits Shooting Star Children’s Hospice

  37. CCPIsTryingToTakeOverTheWorld on Tue, 23rd Feb 2021 10:25 am 

    Now China are buying our schools.

    Look at this Chinesse diplomat lecturing Canada about interferint on China affairs. CCP members are digusting people. THye must have a lot of dirt on Trudeau, Morssion, Europeand leader for them to suck up to China.

    Jump to 7:35

  38. PedoMightBeDrinkingBabyBlood on Tue, 23rd Feb 2021 10:47 am 

    The royal familly are just fucking pretentiouis piece of crap

    Queen and Duchess view Royal wedding dress

  39. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 23rd Feb 2021 11:48 am 

    Pedo, that’s right – life in Canada is absolutely horrible, so there is no need whatsoever for Americans or any other 3rd world shit-holers to flee to Canada. Stay where you are & join the Proud Gurls or some other Cosplay homoerotic wannabe sub-tribe.

    The long history of Americans fleeing to Canada for refuge

  40. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 23rd Feb 2021 12:42 pm 

    “Manifesto for a Canadian Renaissance”

    1. Foster European culture.

    2. Ban violent religions and cults.

    3. Promote Christian values.

    4. …


    What the author wants is white nationalism, but promotes Christianity. He fails to see that Christian universal brotherhood of man & universal love are incompatible.

    Dead born child.

    This is the answer:

    “Alain de Benoist – On Being a Pagan”

    The coming Europe as a voluntary reincarnation of the Roman Empire and classic values.

    Science killed Christianity. Let’s keep it in the grave, shall we.

    Anything but jewish-invented Christianity, multicult or Marxism.

  41. MorePedophileForYou on Tue, 23rd Feb 2021 1:34 pm 

    More pedophile and blood drinking satanist.
    Jump at 13;44. Rumors are Sweden prime minister was a pedophile and was executed. Look at all the pedophile located in one place.

    Line 236. Probably a clone or an actor

  42. MorePedophileForYou on Tue, 23rd Feb 2021 2:13 pm 

    Some more pedophile royalty from Luxembourg.

    TE DEUM 2016 Luxembourg

    Jump 19:46

    I am writing comments on a dead website. Maybe I am mentally fuck up and I dont know it. Nobody is reading this website, it is dead

  43. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 23rd Feb 2021 3:20 pm 

    “Wayne Dupree: Nations rise and fall, and America’s now in danger of falling. I’ve never been more pessimistic about its fate”

    Wayne Dupree was invited to the White House to talk to President Trump on messaging to the black community. He was named in Newsmax’s top 50 Influential African-American Republicans in 2017, and, in 2016, served as a board member of the National Diversity Coalition for Donald Trump. Before entering politics, he served for eight years in the US Air Force.

    Wayne Dupree on RT:

  44. ItIsGoingToBeAToughYearForEveryone on Tue, 23rd Feb 2021 3:25 pm 

    Globalist cock suckers. This is what you need to know about Chrystia Freeland

    The world economical forum is something run the European elites (Royals) for the benefits of Europe. It is way for the Europeans elites to steal other nations naturals resources, labor and skill without having to use war like www1 and www2.

  45. makati1 on Tue, 23rd Feb 2021 4:55 pm 

    It’s obvious that the lock downs are affecting the mental state of North Amerikans. So obvious here. nothing but trivial bullshit posted by them under stupid avatars.

    Meanwhile, here in the Philippines, life goes on. The dry season is starting and that means even more sunny warm days and more flowers. The mile long dirt road to our farmhouse will get repairs and outdoor work can move forward.

    Nice to be retired, out of debt, and secure.

  46. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 23rd Feb 2021 6:46 pm 

    Oh hell ya Mak, I get arrested 6-7 times a day when I head out to the library, Walmart (I support globalists with my shopping dollars) pick up a pizza (10% off) go to the dollar store (more globalist supporting) go visit my brother, sister & mom.

    It’s totally dystopian up here in the Great White North. Don’t come to Canada no matter how awful it gets where ever you are because it will always be worse in Canada. Tell every one you know not to come either.

    Canada = Horror.

  47. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 23rd Feb 2021 7:17 pm 

    Climate crisis hitting ‘worst case scenario’, warns Environment Agency head

    Sir James Bevan says extreme flooding in UK indicates urgent need for change if humanity is to survive

    The climate emergency is already hitting “worst case scenario” levels that if left unchecked will lead to the collapse of ecosystems, with dire consequences for humanity, according to the chief executive of the Environment Agency.

    Warning that this is not “science fiction”, Sir James Bevan said on Tuesday that in recent years several of the “reasonable worst case scenarios” had happened in the UK, with more extreme weather and flooding.

    “Much higher sea levels will take out most of the world’s cities, displace millions, and make much of the rest of our land surface uninhabitable or unusable,” Bevan told the annual conference of the Association of British Insurers. “Much more extreme weather will kill more people through drought, flooding, wildfires and heatwaves than most wars have.

    “The net effects will collapse ecosystems, slash crop yields, take out the infrastructure that our civilisation depends on, and destroy the basis of the modern economy and modern society.

    “If [this] sounds like science fiction let me tell you something you need to know. This is that over the last few years the reasonable worst case for several of the flood incidents the EA has responded to has actually happened, and it’s getting larger.

    Hey I know!! tell yourself what’s happening is not happening……like with Covid & everything else your primitive tribal mind can’t handle.

    In a way, denial will reduce suffering since you & yours will be unprepared & die early.

    There’s not a lot anyone can do to prepare for what’s coming.

    “…urgent need for change if humanity is to survive”

    We’ll go to war on each other is what we’re going to do. Water wars galore, in country & abroad. Same as always.

    A 5,000-year timeline of water conflicts – Make popcorn.

  48. makati1 on Tue, 23rd Feb 2021 7:37 pm 

    famous, war is likely to be in the near future, and not just between Demoncrats and Repugnants in Amerika. I am talking world war, as a means to try to escape the financial destruction coming. The Empire needs a YUGE distraction as Covid-19 panic is waning and time is passing. Will it be in the Middle East, as I hope, or…? We shall see. Pass the popcorn.

  49. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 23rd Feb 2021 7:47 pm 

    How China and Walmart Teamed Up to Crush the American Dream

    “Senator Josh Hawley engaged in a brief spat with the globalist megacompany Walmart last Wednesday. Hawley announced on Twitter that he would contest the results of the Electoral College on the Senate floor. In a response to Hawley’s tweet announcing his decision, Walmart sent an unprovoked tweet calling Hawley a “sore loser.” Senator Hawley immediately fired back at the megacorporation.”

    “But who cares? That’s all besides the point. Now is as good a time as any for American patriots to remember that Walmart, like other globalist American megacorporations, is not our ally.”

    If you shop at Walmart & use Windows operating systems on your computer, you need to Shut-The-Fuck-Up about globalists because you have been & are funding their globalist agenda.

    You know all that money you “saved” (bought more crap) over the years shopping Walmart?

    Think of that money as your 30 silver pieces.

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