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Page added on August 29, 2015

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Economics At The End Of The Age Of Oil With Nicole Foss, Gail Tverberg, and Ugo Bardi

General Ideas
Streamed live on Aug 23, 2015

Economics at the end of the Age of Oil

9 Comments on "Economics At The End Of The Age Of Oil With Nicole Foss, Gail Tverberg, and Ugo Bardi"

  1. Deirdre Kent on Sun, 30th Aug 2015 3:24 am 

    Looking forward to see my two favourite commentators.

  2. dolanbaker on Sun, 30th Aug 2015 3:50 am 

    no link, no comment!

  3. dolanbaker on Sun, 30th Aug 2015 6:10 am 


  4. ronpatterson on Sun, 30th Aug 2015 6:18 am 

    Part 1 and a link to part 2 can be found here:

  5. JuanP on Sun, 30th Aug 2015 7:42 am 

    Unrelated link to an interesting article: Why we need to lie to ourselves about the state of the economy.

  6. Kenz300 on Sun, 30th Aug 2015 10:28 am 

    Fossil fuels are the past…. wind and solar are the future

    Top 10 Clean Energy Trends Driving the Global Clean Energy Revolution – Renewable Energy World

  7. BobInget on Sun, 30th Aug 2015 2:15 pm 

    It hurts me to disagree with well intentioned, honest, people.

    Part one, everyone agrees, there were no speakers in opposition. I wish these good people could support their theories with facts.

    Some inconvenient problems with deflation, the basis of most arguments.

    1) oil wars: Sudan, Iraq, Mali, Syria, Yemen.
    I listened carefully, oil wars were never mentioned. Low oil prices are gleefully ascribed to low cash flow, over borrowing, poor demand (in 2009)

    2) Oil powers lending support to client states:
    Proxy wars in Syria, Libya and Sudan as example. KSA weaponizing crude teasing Iran, Russia, to military action.
    If Pakistan and Egypt were not getting highly subsidized crude from Saudi Arabia they would implode. This summer’s heat in the Middle East
    is giving KSA a run on reserves. Power shortages
    graphically demonstrate as much.

    3) No one has figured a way to fly people around without oil. The group gave zero credit to Skype
    or mobil phones for saving energy.
    4) Forget Detroit, forget China, Japan, South Korea, VW will produce more cars and busses and trucks then last year, 16,000,000 that’s one single company.
    5) Airbus and Boeing will deliver hundreds of more fuel efficient aircraft around the planet.

    Coal is being replaced by natural gas that cost less today in actual dollars then it did 20 years ago. To say we will not be able to generate enough power if coal goes away is utter bull.
    Solar, nuclear, wind, hydro, gas are proven sources of power generation.

    Poisonous coal kills more (innocent) people then cigarette smoking.

    Coal will kill us all.

    The year the planet gives up on coal as a power resource, the planet will heat up one degree a year, ever year. WE need to replace sun blocking coal dust with another, more benign agent before we throw the planet away with the baby.

    Please, stop with this Deflation myth.
    Saudi Arabia and Iran area at war.
    This is why kSA weaponized oil.
    None of the panel can name a single oil exporting country in Deflation.
    In fact, Inflation rules. Another inconvenient truth..

  8. Davy on Sun, 30th Aug 2015 2:30 pm 

    Bob “Please, stop with this Deflation myth.” Bob get a grip on what is happening in China, EM’s, commodities, and the Fed rate conundrum. Please stop the growth myth Bob.

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