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Page added on May 9, 2020

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Are The Outlines of A Better World Emerging?

Are The Outlines of A Better World Emerging? thumbnail

Once the government’s ability to sustain its enforcement with money created out of thin air vanishes, the entire order vanishes along with it.

The era of waste, greed, fraud and living on borrowed money is dying, and those who’ve known no other way of living are mourning its passing. Its passing was inevitable, for any society that squanders its resources is unsustainable. Any society that makes private greed the primary motivator and priority is unsustainable. Any society that rewards fraud above all else is unsustainable. Any society which lives on money borrowed from the future and other forms of phantom capital is unsustainable.

We know this in our bones, but we fear the future because we know no other arrangement other than the unsustainable present. And so we hear the faint echo of the cries of alarm filling the streets of ancient Rome when the Bread and Circuses stopped: what do we do now?

When the free bread and entertainments disappeared, people found new arrangements. They left Rome.

The greatest private fortunes in history vanished as Rome unraveled. All the land, the palaces, the gold and all the other treasures were no protection against the collapse of the system that institutionalized corruption as the ultimate protector of concentrated wealth.

The most zealously guarded power of government is the creation of money, for without money the government cannot pay the soldiers, police, courts and administrators needed to enforce its rule. Western Rome created money by controlling silver mines; in the current era, governments create money (currency) out of thin air.

Once the government’s money loses purchasing power, the system collapses. And so in the final stages of Rome’s decline, Imperial orders still flowed to distant legions, but the legions no longer existed; they were only phantom entries on Imperial ledgers.

Our “money” is also nothing but phantom entries on digital ledgers, and so its complete loss of purchasing power is inevitable.

Without “money,” the government can no longer enforce the will of its self-serving elites: orders will still flow in a furious flood to every corner of the land, but the legions to enforce the institutional corruption will be nothing but phantom entries on Imperial ledgers.

Once the government’s ability to sustain its enforcement with money created out of thin air vanishes, the entire order vanishes along with it. The destruction of the value of central bank-created “money” is already ordained, for there is no limit on human greed and the desire to maintain control, and so governments will create their “money” in ever-increasing amounts until the value has been completely leached from the phantom digital entries.

The outlines of a better world are emerging, an arrangement that prioritizes something more than maximizing private gain and institutionalizing the corruption needed to protect those gains. We will relearn to live within our means, and relearn how to institutionalize opportunity rather than corruption designed to protect elites.

We will come to a new understanding of the teleology of centralized power, that centralized power only knows how to extend its power and so the only possible outcome is collapse. (I explain these dynamics in my book Resistance, Revolution, Liberation: A Model for Positive Change.)

We will come to understand technology need not serve only monopolies, cartels and the state, that it could serve a sustainable, decentralized economy that does more with less, i.e. a DeGrowth economy.

The Federal Reserve will fail, just as the Roman gods failed to sustain the corrupt and bankrupt Roman elites. A host of decentralized, transparently priced non-state currencies will compete on the open market, just like goods, services and commodities. The Fed’s essential role– serving the few at the expense of the many, under the cover of creating currency out of thin air–will be repudiated by the implosion of the economy as all the Fed’s phantom “wealth” evaporates.

The outlines of a better world are emerging. Do you discern them through the smoke as the last frantic phantoms of an unsustainable system issue orders to reverse the tides of history as they dissipate into thin air?

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16 Comments on "Are The Outlines of A Better World Emerging?"

  1. Abraham van Helsing on Sat, 9th May 2020 12:13 pm 

    Let’s evaluate the old disappearing world first, shall we?

    My favorite US white nationalist Alex Linder:


    UK undefeated?
    Rah-rah-rah. Cheers! Hurrah. Hurrah. Hurrah.

    Really. Let’s see now:

    1) millions and millions dead
    2) Empire gone
    3) in debt up to your cheering eye balls
    4) Europe in ashes
    5) an enemy always (Soviet Union) empowered and emboldened to soon openly take on their former Western Allies
    6) a country with which the British had much in common, a fellow Aryan nation, utterly destroyed and savagely stomped into the ground. And even after armistice, its people systematically starved, raped and slaughtered. By the many millions. FAR, FAR, FAR, (and then some) exceeding the officially approved Holohoax.
    7) Eastern Europe, including Poland (that the war was declared for??) (huh?) (does that make ANY sense?) casually sacrificed to Stalin. Nice old ‘Uncle Joe’ according to genius Roosevelt. Who murdered how many tens of millions in cold blood?

    WELL, EXCUSE ME. If that’s ‘VICTORY’ I sure would HATE to see DEFEAT. How about saying the OBVIOUS truth: EVERYBODY LOST, except one small, demonic, utterly evil global tribe, the world’s biggest nepotism, shakedown & extortion racket, who joyfully started and promoted it all, and who have remained an absolute pox on humanity’s soul to this day++++

  2. forbin on Sun, 10th May 2020 1:07 am 

    The era of waste, greed, fraud and living on borrowed money is dying,

    uh , no , wishful thinking . 5000 years of written history to back that up.

    this time next year everyone will be wondering what the fuss was about.


  3. Abraham van Helsing on Sun, 10th May 2020 5:04 am 

    “Are The Outlines of A Better World Emerging?”

    Yes and no. Depends on how you define “better”.

    The decades in the western empire were extremely comfortable, even for the vanquished Europeans, although at a 2nd wealth tier as compared to the Americans and their Bretton Woods reserve currency (“we print, you work and deliver”). Materialism, travel, hedonism ruled the day, with on average every year 2% more income on your bank account. Those days are over (gradually).

    The empire is going to make way for a multi-polar world. The hedonism and free sex came at the cost of the decline of marriage and family, leading to a demographic collapse of the white world, which, combined with the multicult ideology (“ethnic communism”), will lead to the loss of substantial white (Anglo) territory: Down Under, one third of the US, parts of Canada. The decline can only be halted and reversed with a sharp turn to the political right, a sort of western variety of the Islamic state. For the documentation go to the pagan French New Right and trash any book you may have from the (((Frankfurter Schule))):

    The 20th century was the Marxist age, where economic and ethnic communism ruled the day (USSR, resp. USA). This will make way for a fundamentalist, identitarian world view, where progress will have lost much of its allure and history (=identity) will become more important. “Progressives” (Marxists) will make way for “reactionaries”. The 20th century was indeed the “Jewish century”…

    …the 21st century will be European, Chinese, Islamic, Hindu, Aztek, African and what have you, all at the same time. Multi-polar. As Samuel Huntington predicted.

    – The first requirement to implement “after the catastrophe of collapse” (WW3/CW2) is to restore marriage. Reintroduce the guilt-principle (those who break lose the children, man or female); destroy online porn, teach and prepare children for separate gender roles. Introduce tax penalties for singles. New (=old) rule: men are for work, women are for children. Only when women have done “their homework”, they can aspire for some lightweight, part-time career, once the children need less supervision. People should marry young, parked in a marriage, before they start to contemplate about life, the other sex and create facts first (children).

    – Next, scale down on humanism, Christianity, do-gooderism and kill your inner Albert Schweitzer. An invader from Allahstan or Africa travelling over the Mediterranean is seen as an enemy-combatant and treated as such, between the eyes. You only need to do that a few times and eventually they will get the message and will not even try.

    – European militaries will need to be rebuilt in line with the new responsibility of being the guardian of white civilization, that needs to compete with others for territory.

    – Climate change, environmental degradation and resource depletion are very real and need to be addressed. The program Europe has in place needs to be continued.

    – Empires will probably a thing of the past, but not those in space. Nuclear weapons will probably continue to prevent take-over of land, but that does not apply to space (or bottom of the ocean).

  4. Paul on Sun, 10th May 2020 5:31 am 

    Whoa, Abe (aka Dr Strangelove)! Not every man wants to have to raise kids. I don’t mind the free sex, but kids can be a pain in the ass.

  5. this is me juanPee on Sun, 10th May 2020 6:10 am 

    Paul on Sun, 10th May 2020 5:31 am

  6. Sissyfuss on Sun, 10th May 2020 9:29 am 

    No, the outlines of the world are encompassed by the Limits to Growth era we have entered. The inevitable collapse has been engendered and triggered by mans hubris in thinking he can conquer the natural world while simultaneously experimenting with deadly viruses to make them deadlier. Degrowth is being forced upon us without remittance and our system cannot abide it or survive it. The Anthropocene will be followed by the Great Die-off which will lead to a world unknown to all but the Earth which has known every possible condition in its 4.5 billion years. We will not be missed.

  7. Abraham van Helsing on Sun, 10th May 2020 12:53 pm 

    “2019 Military World Games”

    After the COVID-19 pandemic, conspiracy theories about COVID-19 attributing the virus’ creation to the CIA emerged. Some articles on popular sites in Chinese have accused American athletes participating in the Wuhan Military World Games to have deployed the virus. They claim the inattentive attitude and disproportionately below average results of American athletes in the game indicate they might have been in for other purposes and they might actually be bio-warfare operatives, and that their place of residence during their stay in Wuhan was also close to the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, where the first known cluster of cases occurred. Returning French athletes reported that a large number of athletes from different delegations had fallen ill with unusual symptoms during the games which some attribute to covid-19.

    Note that the US, ostensibly the strongest army in the world, ended up at #35 with ZERO gold medals.

  8. Dredd on Sun, 10th May 2020 12:58 pm 

    “Are The Outlines of A Better World Emerging?”

    It is hard to say out loud (On Thermal Expansion & Thermal Contraction – 45 ).

    Shhhhhh ….

  9. I AM THE MOB on Sun, 10th May 2020 3:00 pm 


    You were warned many times.

    Now we put it right on the table. Right in front of your face.

  10. Abraham van Helsing on Sun, 10th May 2020 9:44 pm 

    “You were warned many times. Now we put it right on the table. Right in front of your face.”

    And what would that be? Trying to be relevant, are we?


  11. makati1 on Sun, 10th May 2020 9:59 pm 

    forbin, this time next year the US will still be in a great depression with no light at the end of a collapsing tunnel. You are obviously out of the real world.

    Lies and fake stats cannot put food on the table or a roof over your head. THAT will be the focus of most humans next year. The Stock Market Casino is over. I hope you are not invested. LOL

  12. I AM THE MOB on Mon, 11th May 2020 12:45 am 

    What causes flu to go away every year?


    Answer the question.

    Government, of course.

  13. makati1 on Mon, 11th May 2020 1:08 am 

    Influenza and pneumonia – US

    Deaths in 2017: 55,672
    Percentage of total deaths: 2%

    I don’t remember a lock-down then. Do you?

  14. I AM THE MOB on Mon, 11th May 2020 6:05 am 


    And notice the number of deaths for flu and other things “natural causes” are way down this year.

    Wonder why?

  15. Richard Guenette on Fri, 15th May 2020 2:31 pm 

    The anti-lockdown, gun-toting groups are a threat to public health and safety (They have no medical qualifications and need to MTOB). Safety is EVERYONE’s responsibility. The ones saving lives are the doctors, nurses, PSWs custodians, truck drivers, farmers- they are the real heroes in America. Not Trump, Pence, Pompeo, Bojo, Bolsonaro etc.

  16. Richard Guenette on Fri, 15th May 2020 2:34 pm 

    Things will never be the same after this crisis ends. We will be required to maintain social distancing (keep 6 feet apart), remain indoors unless it is essential, wear gloves and masks (there are germs and other micro-organisms everywhere), cough and sneeze in our sleeve and so on.

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