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Page added on March 3, 2019

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Doug Casey On The Climate-Change Hoax

Doug Casey On The Climate-Change Hoax thumbnail

Climate change is a hoax.

Not many people would go out on record and say this. After all, the idea of man-made climate change is practically universally accepted at this point, at least among the general public.

But Doug Casey says this notion is nothing more than hysteria. Strategic Investor editor E.B. Tucker shares this controversial opinion.

So I recently got them both on the phone to discuss this matter. Doug and E.B. had so much to say that we decided to run the interview as a special, two-part Conversations with Casey. Look for the second part of this discussion tomorrow.

And if you missed last night’s landmark event – when both Doug and E.B. went on record and revealed the No. 1 way to make a fortune in 2019 – we have a special offer for you at the end of today’s interview.

Justin: E.B., you called global climate change a “hoax” in your January issue of Strategic Investor. I thought that was a bold claim. After all, most people think that, one, climate change is happening and two, that humans are causing it.

Why do you think it’s a hoax?

E.B.: Let me start by saying that I’m skeptical of anything about matters where everyone is in agreement. I’ve been this way my whole life. This goes for things like, “You’ve got to go to college. You’ve got to have medical insurance. You’ve got to vote. You’ve got to buy a house.” Everyone says you should do these things, but those things don’t always work out so well for people.

And climate change has reached the point where there’s universal agreement. On a hot day, the average person will tell you it’s because of climate change. Then, he might say that it’ll be 175 degrees here in 75 years if we don’t do something about the climate.

Just the other day, I was having lunch in Delray Beach and I overheard the guy behind me telling the people at his table how there’s not going to be any snow in Aspen 50 years from now because of climate change. And everyone agreed saying, “I know. I heard the same thing. It’s just awful.”

I just started cracking up. I mean why would there be no snow in Aspen 50 years from now? What would cause that?

The average person has no clue. And yet, there’s now this hysteria around climate change. People are completely sure that humans are causing the planet to warm. The lady at the checkout counter will tell you that climate change is going to be the end of us.

Justin: Sure. But there’s a consensus among the scientific community that humans are causing global warming… The statistic I hear a lot is that 97% of climate scientists think global warming is real and largely caused by humans.

Doug: Yeah, this 97% figure keeps popping up. Regrettably, it’s impossible to properly debunk the number in a brief discussion such as we’re now having. I suggest readers simply google “97% of scientists climate claim debunked” and see what they get.

That 97% number was promulgated by an Australian blogger named John Cook in 2013. It’s as ridiculous, but has as much popularity, as Al Gore’s “hockey stick.” Out of hundreds of thousands of papers that have been done on climate, he chose 12,000 and manipulated and subjectively interpreted parts of their abstracts to support his a prioribeliefs. Many scientists whose names were used subsequently protested. A subsequent recalculation showed that less than 2% of the papers cited actually believe mankind is mainly responsible for any global warming.

But the usual suspects in politics, the media, and the entertainment business picked up on the terms “97%” and “scientists.” They repeated them as a mantra, and now the public assumes – based on almost nothing but repetition – that anthropogenic global warming [AGW] is a critical danger to life on Earth.

Truth in science isn’t determined by consensus. But, for what it’s worth, another survey was taken in 2009 among 31,000 hard scientists, including 9000 with PhDs, who explicitly stated they believed there was no evidence of significant AGW.

Justin: Okay. But data from NASA shows the last five years have been the hottest years on record.

What do you make of this, E.B.?

E.B.: Look, what if today is warmer than yesterday. Does that necessarily justify a trend? I wouldn’t say so. I need to see a lot more than that to be convinced.

The problem is that a lot of times you look at this stuff and they’ll say, “It’s the warmest weather on record back to 1910.” Wait a minute. What was happening then?

I believe that the planet goes through weather cycles. And these cycles have much more impact on the climate than humans. But people are uncomfortable with that because they like to think that humans are the most powerful organism in the universe. I’m not sure that that’s the case.

I think that the patterns of weather are much bigger than human influence.

Of course, the average person doesn’t think this way. That’s because they only hear from scientists what they want to hear. But as Doug mentioned a minute ago, there are a lot of scientists that disagree with the “consensus” view on climate change.

And all these strange things happened to them. They lose grants. Their research doesn’t get published. So you don’t see them in Time magazine, USA TodayNational Geographic, or on 20/20 or 60 Minutes, which is where most people get their news.

There are a lot of scientists who don’t buy the man-made climate change theory. But they’re branded as rogue. And you’ve got the whole thing with John Coleman who co-founded the Weather Channel. He was an outspoken critic of climate change hysteria. He said there was no significant man-made global warming and no reason to fear it in the future. The Weather Channel, the company he co-founded, sent its chief executive on CNN to distance the company from Coleman.

The point is, people who come out and say, “Look, I don’t think this is the case,” are not well thought of.

Doug: E.B. is correct. The climate is changing, of course – it’s been changing for the entire 4.5 billion years of the Earth’s history.

I am, therefore, a believer in climate change. But there are many reasons why it’s changing, and we can get to those in a second. The important ones have nothing to do with mankind.

The warmists say it’s because of carbon dioxide generation. But carbon dioxide is a trace gas in the atmosphere. It only accounts for about .04% of the atmosphere. Nitrogen, on the other hand, makes up 80% of the atmosphere. Oxygen accounts for the other 20%. Water vapor, or H2O, has a far greater influence on the atmosphere than CO2.

I’ve been a science buff my whole life, and I’ve read many papers on both sides of this issue. In the ’70s, I remember seeing magazine covers showing glaciers toppling the skyscrapers of New York. The hysterics were worried about a new ice age back then.

Since the ’80s though, they’ve been beating a drum for AGW. They completely omit the fact that the Earth went through a period when it was a giant snowball.

We’ve had at least four major ice ages just during the Pleistocene, the last couple of million years. Glaciers several miles thick covered most of the United States. The last ice age ended about 11,000 years ago. Since then, the planet has been cyclically warming. But you have to keep this in context. Those were glacial periods that lasted 100,000 years or so. There have been times in the Earth’s history, like the Cryogenian period about 700 million years ago, that lasted 100 million years, when the entire planet might have been a snowball.

Put it this way. If we had a choice – and we don’t – we’d be much better off if the planet warmed a couple of degrees than cooled a couple of degrees.

E.B.: Right. This climate change stuff didn’t come out of nowhere. The propaganda is about 40 or 50 years in the making. But back in the ’50s and ’60s, people thought the opposite. People were worried about global cooling. They thought the world was going to turn into a giant frozen tundra like Siberia. That was the fear.

Then, on the first Earth Day in 1970, Paul Ehrlich said that all the fish in the oceans would die and wash up on shore.

Then, the fear was acid rain. And then everyone was worried that a hole was going to appear in the ozone layer.

Now, people don’t even use the phrase global warming anymore. They dropped that. Now, they say climate change. It’s an ongoing public relations machine. So, this thing keeps evolving.

I just wonder what the next chapter in the climate saga is going to be because they’ll come up with something new, like a marketing slogan. They’ll put it out there and then everybody will eat it up.

It’ll be fun to watch people buy into it. Somebody will go on 60 Minutes and say, “I’m here looking at this new thing and it’s really frightening for all of us.” Then, they’ll bring a 6-year-old to the White House as they always do and say, “Mr. President, please save the planet for my future.”

Justin: If humans aren’t behind climate change, what’s causing temperatures to rise?

Doug: The sun, primarily. The sun is the only thing that stands between us and the Earth turning into a dead snowball about two degrees above absolute zero. Climate fluctuations are mainly caused by fluctuations in the sun’s intensity. But they’re also caused by the gradually changing tilt of the Earth’s axis. And Milankovitch cycles, dealing with changes in the Earth’s orbit around the sun. The solar system’s movement around the galaxy may have major, but as yet unpredictable effects on the climate. But there are other important factors.

Volcanism is one. There are always 40 or 50 spewing gigantic amounts of gas into the atmosphere at any one time – and many more under the oceans. The ocean is a vastly more important heat sink than the atmosphere, and the circulation of ocean currents is critical to climate. The atmosphere is thin and lightweight by comparison to the ocean.

The thing that most concerns me about global warming hysteria is that it might discredit the very idea of science for the average man. They vote on concepts they have almost no understanding of. The average voter has a far better understanding of the Kardashians than science. There have been a lot of spoofs where the masses have signed petitions to ban sodium chloride – table salt – and dihydrogen oxide – water – as dangerous poisons. The AGW hysteria is similar.

Justin: Do you think the planet could actually start cooling soon? If so, how soon could that happen?

Doug: It’s hard to say. But any geologist will tell you that we’re in an interglacial period, and it’s highly likely there is going to be another genuine ice age when this interglacial period ends, just as they were predicting back in the ’70s. It’s just that the timing is up in the air.

The warmists never, ever, mention the Earth’s geological history. Not even its very recent history, just since the invention of writing. There have been large fluctuations in climate, confirmed with ice core drilling in glaciers, sediments on the ocean floor, and tree rings.

For instance, we know about the Roman Warm Period between roughly 250 BC and 400 AD which coincided with the rise and peak of the Roman Empire. That was followed by a serious cold snap that may have been instrumental in causing the barbarian invasions from the north, followed by the Dark Ages. Then came the Medieval Warm Period from about 950-1250. Then the Little Ice Age followed, which took place between roughly 1300 and 1850.

Since then, the planet has been gradually warming again. Of course on a larger scale it’s been warming since the last major ice age ended 11,000 years ago. Meanwhile, in the midst of all the propaganda and hysteria, the Earth’s climate has been stable to cooler for the last 15 years.

39 Comments on "Doug Casey On The Climate-Change Hoax"

  1. Chrome Mags on Sun, 3rd Mar 2019 8:29 pm 

    The world is flat
    There was no collusion
    GW is a hoax
    CO2 & methane are not greenhouse gasses
    DDT did not cause soft bird egg shells
    Radiation exposure is beneficial
    Mercury levels in water should not be capped
    Insecticides are not killing bees
    Salmonella does not cause upset stomach
    Allergies are purely psychological
    The world is only 2,000 years old
    Man & dinosaurs roamed the earth together
    Settlers treated the Indians fairly
    Pizza is the only food a person needs
    Salami has the same nutrients as a salad
    There is no risk in hugging a wild bear
    Aerated asbestos fibers are good for lungs
    Scorpions make good bedtime buddies
    There are no different blood types
    Healthier to sit than walk
    Tsunami’s wash away problems
    Tornadoes lift our spirits
    Couch potatoes make the best QB’s

  2. Keith McClary on Sun, 3rd Mar 2019 10:03 pm 

    “”The warmists never, ever, mention the Earth’s geological history.”
    It’s called paleoclimatology.

    As for the 97%, Trump will have trouble finding a handful of scientists for his Climate Panel. I suppose he could pad it with Foxnews weatherpersons.

  3. Cloggie on Sun, 3rd Mar 2019 10:04 pm 

    Oh my goodness, first peak-oil, now climate… are we spared nothing?

    The interesting thing is that if renewables will beat fossil fuel on price, once the storage problem will be solved, the entire climate change discussion will become obsolete.

    The EU is the only political entity with a deep, all-encompassing renewable energie program. Why? Because Europe has no (conventional) fossil fuel sources worth mentioning.

    So what Europe is doing is dissing the energy sources of its geopolitical competitors, like America, Russia, Arabia, Canada. The most enthusiastic supporters of the renewable energy policy of the EU are China and Japan, who “coincidentally”, have little fossil fuel either.

    Europe has one competative advantage over the rest: its immense scientific, technological and engineering capabilities. It is quite literally able to create new energy sources “out of thin air”.

    Now what is my personal opinion about man-made climate change? Is Casey right? Is it a hoax? Glad you ask. Honest answer: I don’t know. When I adopted renewable energy and based my choice of academic discipline on it, in the mid-seventies, it was under influence of the Club of Rome, Limits to Growth, etc. Depletion was the motive and pollution.

    Climate change and global warming at the time were no issue.

    There is little doubt that depletion of conventional fossil fuel is real. But it only began to dawn on me since 2012 (thanks to my presence here) that there are other immense unconventional fossil fuel reserves, that dwarfs depleting conventional reserves and that could be exploited thanks to the highly dynamic factor technology.

    Climate change hysteria? It is absolutely true that AGW is “corn on the mill of globalist politicians”, like Al Gore, because the topic yearns for global governance. If we can’t unite the world by force, we can always try to unite it via unifying ideas and problems, right? “Humanity” has a common problem that can only be solved by large bodies like global proto-government UN.

    But is AGW real? Again, I honestly don’t know. I have no time to really dive deeply into it the subject matter. My deeply cynical self-serving (European) attitude is: let’s continue on the path we have chosen… because it is good for Europe anyway. Through renewable energy Europe can make itself energy-independent from a hostile world and at the same time develop products and skills with which we can prevail on world markets. Because I do know from history the immense geopolitical advantage of mastering a new source of energy first (Holland wind 17th, Britain coal and steam 19th, US oil 20th century).

    Global warming is real, even Casey admits that. The debate is about the real causes. There is also little doubt that runaway global warming of say 4C is something you would like to avoid.

    All-in-all, I would say, give renewable energy the benefit of the doubt and use “climate change hysteria” to push it through. Perhaps global warming is man-made, perhaps not.

  4. asg70 on Sun, 3rd Mar 2019 11:13 pm 

    Why is this story here? Seriously, just when you thought couldn’t get any lower.

  5. makati1 on Sun, 3rd Mar 2019 11:36 pm 

    Chrome Mags, good list. This ‘Doug Casey’ is not only an expert on finances, economy and now science! Wow! I thought Michelangelo was dead!
    I guess false news, aka propaganda, is good for his business. Wouldn’t want anyone to stop gambling…er…investing in his advice. Gawd forbid! He might have to sweat for a living.

    Amazing that he knows more than the thousands of real climatologists that recognize that the world is getting warmer and attributes it to human burning of FFs. Such Casey BULLSHIT!

    If I was foolish enough to have any money invested with him, it would get yanked right now. Such arrogance. It’s ALWAYS about $$$ not facts. Too bad the whole shebang doesn’t collapse on him today. LMAO

    BTW: He’s a fan of Ann Ryan and is a gambler…er…speculator with other people’s sweat …er…$$$. Lives in Argentina on some big estate. (WIKI)

  6. makati1 on Sun, 3rd Mar 2019 11:37 pm 

    asg70, I agree. This article is definitely a piece of verbal trash.

  7. makati1 on Sun, 3rd Mar 2019 11:46 pm 

    Keith, climates change, yes. But we are seeing an exponential change that usually takes millenia, not decades.

    Suggestion: If your house is warmed by an oil furnace, or NG, next summer, fill the tank, turn it on full blast, close all of the windows and doors and see what happens.

    Does it get cooler? That wall and ceiling insulation is keeping the heat in. Ditto for the gasses we released from millions of years of sunlight energy we are burning. Burn a tank of fuel oil in a day and see how hot it gets.

  8. Shortend on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 12:06 am 

    I really like this article and thank you for posting it here at PO News.
    It fits the venue and keeps me in a state of perplexed animation!
    Did it make copy at American Thinker? Wattsup with that? Or GOP News?
    Yes, we must keep the debate going, at least until the REAL PEAK hits us.

    P.S. is Shorty going to start a GoFundMe to pay off the wager? Tired of hearing of it here already. I’ll throw in a few bucks.
    Perhaps the winner should do it because it’s soooo tiring to hear. Like all the end of the world pronouncements.
    Life changes, deal with it folks

  9. DerHundistLos on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 12:42 am 

    “Another survey was taken in 2009 among 31,000 hard scientists, including 9000 with PhDs, who explicitly stated they believed there was no evidence of significant AGW.”

    This BS was debunked years ago. Firstly, anyone could sign the petition. Second, the petition creators used an old con man’s trick of bait and switch. The vast majority of PhDs referenced were led to believe false and misleading information.

    “The 30,000 Global Warming Petition Is Easily-Debunked Propaganda”

  10. makati1 on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 1:13 am 

    Der, I agree. Surveys can prove whatever the surveyor wants it to prove. Ask 10,000 Dems if they like Trump and then ask 10,000 Pubs if they like Trump. Equal numbers polled, but totally different results.

  11. boff on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 2:54 am 

    That’s is true. Climate Change is a hoax.

    Have you alarmists and doomers ever thought that possibility that you are simply wrong and know NOTHING.

  12. Davy on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 5:15 am 

    The science is pretty clear that we are forcing a planetary system. This is more than climate it is multiple systems both organic and geologic. The problem with the so called science is once it get past that undeniable fact of change. The causes and solutions are all over the place. I would say there are many causes both natural and human. The human ones are most obvious. The natural ones are surprising us. Many causes we just don’t fully understand. Many feedbacks have not been fully appreciated. As for the solutions we have Twits like AOC proposing to kill civilization to save it. There is the Trump types that don’t care really. It is just another business risk type thing.

    I say we admit to a dangerous loop of consequences that will not be fixed. We can start taking action to prepare. This is about mitigation and adaptation not fixing things. We can make it less bad by actions now. We can’t stop what we are doing completely like the Twit thinks. Civilization functions because of this damage we are doing. We can reduce bad behavior and make efforts at conservation and efficiency. Let’s realize a very small amount of change is possible but any change is better than no change.

  13. shortonoil on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 5:52 am 

    “Oh my goodness, first peak-oil, now climate… are we spared nothing?”

    On my goodness, clogmister has found another set of variables with zero correlation. It is a turning point in human history! Next up peak banana peels and the anchovies die off; we are to be spared nothing.

  14. Davy on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 6:46 am 

    “Climate Change Is Here—and It Looks Like Starvation” The Nation

    “This year, CARE highlighted the fact that almost all of these crises can be traced in large part to climate change. In Sudan, unpredictable rainfall has meant “frequent droughts,” occasional flooding, and “extreme hunger.” In the island nation of Madagascar, “at the frontline of climate change,” cyclones and drought have put 1.3 million people at risk of hunger and, according to UNICEF, a staggering 49 percent of the country’s children have been left stunted by malnutrition. In the Philippines, 2018’s fiercest storm, “super-typhoon” Mangkhut, fed by the heat of the warming oceans, displaced more than a million people. In Niger, desertification has spurred violence and displacement, just as it has in Chad, where nearly half the population is now chronically malnourished. The major source of fresh water in the region, Lake Chad, has shrunk to one-twentieth the area it once covered. In Haiti it was drought again, plus three devastating hurricanes over two consecutive years, leaving nearly 3 million people in need of immediate aid.”

    “Of course, climate change is far from the only cause of all this suffering. Infrastructure was already poor or absent, inequality and instability already profound. All of these crises took shape in a global economic system in which wealth and resources flow in one direction—from poor countries to rich ones—and misery flows in the other. But the droughts and the storms have triggered what Christian Parenti has called a “catastrophic convergence” in which disasters do not merely happen simultaneously, but “compound and amplify each other.”

  15. Mick on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 7:21 am 

    Good point short . Most of us here know the Clogmister is a complete retard and his no one reads his stupid posts anyway. The old bastard has too much time on his hands and is bored .

  16. More Davy Identity Theft on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 7:45 am 

    Mick on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 7:21 am

  17. JuanPee is a Prick on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 7:53 am 

    This is JuanPee

    Mick on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 7:21 am
    More Davy Identity Theft on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 7:45 am

  18. JustPresentTheTruth on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 9:14 am 

    This site is just trolling us now. Pretty pathetic. I used to come here for good information, but it’s like reading the National Enquirer now…sad…

  19. Robert Inget on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 9:42 am 

    Alabama: Twisters?

    Just try to keep track of WW climatic disasters this year and next. (relative to historic records)

    The New Normal;

    Today’s reaction to AGW seems muted for a dozen
    good reasons. The most obvious, most everyone
    is frozen in their tracks KNOWING there is fuck-all
    ANYONE can do about the situation.

    The most destructive it seems, denial of reality.
    (if we all wish hard enough, clap our hands, the monster will go back in the closet)

    Banishing plastic straws is a perfect example.
    Just the notion of doing SOMETHING pitiful like replacing one single use item out of a million might make a few people less guilty. But will our oceans be any cleaner because of it?

    If Trump wanted to build SEA walls along our Eastern seaboard as an emergency effort to
    give 100 million Americans a few more dryer years, few would oppose.

  20. Sissyfuss on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 11:18 am 

    Tornadoes ripped through Alabama yesterday killing 23 and with more expected. Paul Beckwith highlighted an article showing that tornado alley has moved 500 miles to the east in the last several decades. Our time proven systems cannot keep up with the rate of change. As Lincoln said, in these times that are unique, we must think anew and act anew.

  21. I AM THE MOB on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 12:20 pm 

    The 20 warmest years on record have been in the past 22 years, with the top four in the past four years, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

    Why the fuck is this site picking up these articles by anti science far right lunatics?

  22. Duncan Idaho on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 1:28 pm 

    Why the fuck is this site picking up these articles by anti science far right lunatics?

    The frightened and confused proletariat needs simple stories to sooth and comfort their minds.
    Simple solutions, for simple minds.

  23. Outcast_Searcher on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 1:41 pm 

    Doug Casey has long been the typical doomer clown, advising clients to buy gold and silver because — financial doom. He’s been wrong since the 80’s.

    So now he’s branching out into spouting nonsense he knows even LESS about than finances.

    So what?

  24. Davy on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 1:46 pm 

    Shutup MOB.


  25. I AM THE MOB on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 1:56 pm 


    We finally agree on something..And just look at the mug on Casey..He looks like a ghoul!

  26. JuanPee is a Prick on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 2:05 pm 

    Not Davy

    Davy on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 1:46 pm

  27. Dredd on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 2:21 pm 

    “Not many people would go out on record and say this” – EB

    For obvious reasons (The Harm Oil-Qaeda Has Done).

  28. Dredd on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 2:34 pm 

    “Evidence of humans causing global warming hits ‘gold standard'” – The Hill

  29. Jeff on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 2:50 pm 

    This Doug Casey is obviously mentally ill.

  30. Mark Ziegler on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 3:04 pm 

    The hoax would be if they could play the video backwards.

  31. penury on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 3:11 pm 

    Climate change is an established fact. The argument now is: Is climate change related to human activities? For some reason, a lot of humans who are profiting greatly from current actions refuse to consider that they could be responsible for any of this conundrum.

  32. onlooker on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 4:59 pm 

    Denialist crap

  33. dissident on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 6:58 pm 

    What a retard. There are clear changes in year-round weather due to global warming. It is denier idiots who love to argue that since their ignorant a**es are freezing in winter that an ice age is coming. Polar air masses reaching all the way to the subtropics is direct evidence of global warming. The morons just don’t know or care that subtropical air masses are reaching into the polar cap.

    And no scientist who has any integrity argues from “consensus”. A consensus emerges after decades of research including observations.

    Some clown without the education, degree and weened on Rush Limbaugh’s drivel (CFCs are too heavy to reach the stratosphere…LOL) does not get to decide what the scientific facts are.

  34. Maplepeg on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 8:19 pm 

    Chrome Mags. I’m pretty sure about the couch QBs, but I wouldn’t want to start a consensus. I hate it when others agree with me. Could someone please help me find the edge on the flat earth? I’ve been looking a long time.

  35. Senor Roccoo on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 9:07 pm 

    Yahoo chrome, that was awesome comment

  36. Master of Science on Tue, 5th Mar 2019 11:35 pm 

    The world is cooling. NOAA, East Anglia and others cannot cover this up much longer. Temperatures are falling because the Grand Solar Minimum is directly ahead. Our scientific a nd political elite have failed us. Seduced by massive grant money and ego, they continue to defend a radical environmentalist’s fantasy. Their conclusions are dangerous because good government would be preparing us for massive cold impact on infrastructure, transportation a nd good shortages. But instead, our idiot elites are wasting time and money advocating rising sea levels; shutting down heat a nd transportation fuels; and subsidizing very high cost electricity. Casey is absolutely correct a nd courageous for pointing out that the Emperor has no clothes. Man made global warming hypothesis is kaput, dead, intellectually bankrupt and only defended by most foolish, sheeplike idiots!

  37. makati1 on Wed, 6th Mar 2019 12:11 am 

    MaS … All I can says is … BULLSHIT! Denial in flashing neon letters! Are you unable to think for yourself? It appears so. You sound like our resident idiot, MOB.

    Casey is an arrogant asshole, who believes he knows everything about everything. Such purveyors of misinformation should be shot. No, they should be staked out in the desert of Australia where they have been breaking heat records for the last four years. And did you know that the cold vortex’ that have been plaguing the US are caused by HEAT moving into the Arctic? No. you just ignore reality, like A few others here.

    You can see today’s N.Pole view of the Jet Stream here:,81.21,425

    See my comment above on 3 March. LMAO!

  38. Davy on Wed, 6th Mar 2019 1:18 am 

    Master of Science, the climate has been forced and disrupted which is worse than warming. Stable climate is what gave us the chance to be civilized back 10,000 years ago. Get a grip man and climate is not the only issue. We have multiple other issues converging and creating dangerous feedbacks. These are planetary with both the web of life and the planetary support systems. The efforts we are making to combat this with renewables is good medicine for more than one problem. Conservation and demand management of power and other resource with localism, seasonality, and intermittency can only make us stronger. The old ways of waste and prolificacy are the wrong ways. Fossil fuels are wrong for the environment. We can’t leave them suddenly but we need to reduce their uses for more reasons than climate. Climate change is real its effects are not yet fully known. Denialist are just playing into the traditions of the past where Man is held to be above Nature as a conqueror and not a participant in a complex ecosystem.

  39. Davy on Wed, 6th Mar 2019 2:10 am 

    “The Weirdly Quiet Sun May Get Even Quieter (and BTW, Earth Is Still Warming)” Weather Underground

    “After the most tepid solar cycle in at least a century, several top forecasters are now predicting an even more lackluster cycle in the 2020s. The sun’s prolonged calmness is fascinating as well as mysterious, but here’s something to keep in mind: even if the sun goes into a multi-decade “grand minimum”, any climate effects are likely to be swamped by human-produced climate change.”

    “The planet was indeed chilly during the Maunder minimum, with surface temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere about 0.9°F (0.5°C) below their 1961-1990 average. However, the drop in solar input is unlikely to have been the prime cause of the cooling, since the most prolonged cold period of the Little Ice Age (from 1570 to 1750) got under way more than 70 years before the Maunder minimum. Sun-blocking volcanic eruptions are believed to be one of the main drivers of the Little Ice Age. It’s also possible that reforestation after big drops in agriculture—e.g., after the Black Plague in Europe and following the first wave of colonization in the Americas—pulled enough carbon dioxide from the air to account for some of the cooling.”

    “What next? The dynamics that drive longer-scale solar behavior remain shrouded in mystery, so it’s impossible at this point to predict solar cycles beyond the 2020s with much confidence. According to Upton and Hathaway, “it is too early to determine if this will remain a short Gleissberg minimum (like the Dalton) or if the Sun will produce a longer grand minimum (like the Maunder).” What we do know is that even the cooling of a multi-decade grand minimum, which could approach a few tenths of a degree Celsius, would be hard-pressed to compete with the increasing impact of human-produced greenhouse gases in warming Earth’s climate.”

    “A 2013 study by Gerald Meehl, Julie Arblaster, and Daniel Marsh (NCAR) came up with similar results for a 0.25% drop in solar energy across a 40-year span. They used a global model (WACCM) that extended up into the stratosphere; this allowed for ozone chemistry and stratospheric dynamics to be included, expanding the potential ways in which a drop in solar energy could influence the projected climate. Even so, global warming was dented by only about 0.27°F (0.16°C) during the modeled 40-year grand minimum. Afterward, it only took about 30 years for the amount of human-induced warming to reach the same point it would have reached had the grand minimum not slowed things down.”

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