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Page added on December 29, 2019

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World’s power demand requires fossil fuel energy


Approximately 40% of the world’s electricity is produced by burning coal. Coal is the world’s reliable energy foundation, and it’s expected to remain the leading fuel for power generation well into the future.

Energy from coal power increases productivity. It builds and illuminates schools, cleanses water, powers farm machinery, drives robot assemblers, stores and moves information, and advances science and technology.

The share of energy supplied by electricity is growing rapidly in most countries and worldwide. At the same time, world population is steadily increasing, having reached 7.5 billion in 2018. Yet more than one billion people lack access to electricity. This is an enormous problem.

The great advantage of coal is that the resource is spread around the world. Coal supplies about 25% of the electricity in the U.S. but accounts for more than half of the electricity in China and India, and both countries are building more coal plants. With 6,704 operating coal plants worldwide, coal is meeting the annual electrical needs of more than 3 billion people.

Despite the claims of environmental organizations, fossil fuels are neither dead nor dying. We are in an era of energy expansion, not transition. While fossil fuels’ future share of the global energy market may decline, their overall use is expected to grow.

Among the countries that use substantial amounts of coal for electricity generation are Germany, Australia, South Africa, India, China, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Poland, South Korea, and the United States. Some countries, like the U.S. and Australia, are major coal exporters. The U.S. exports just under 100 million tons of coal annually. Although additions of new coal plants around the world have slowed, many existing plants will remain operational for decades.

Even if the cost of renewables continues to drop and issues such as reliability are solved through large-scale electricity storage, the global fossil-fuel system cannot be mothballed or displaced quickly. Because of its vast scale and huge amounts of capital deployed, the fossil-fuel system dominates energy production, illustrating why fuel switching is a non-starter, especially in Asia where coal plants are younger and alternative energy sources are more expensive.

In formulating sound energy policy, we must be realistic. To meet the growing need for carbon dioxide mitigation, the U.S. must take the lead in technology development. And reducing carbon dioxide emissions requires far more than just additions of solar and wind power. Instead of pretending that fossil fuels are replaceable, we need to focus instead on technologies that can clean them up. What’s needed is a major commitment to reducing emissions with the help of carbon capture use and storage (CCUS) technology at coal and natural gas plants.

Ultimately, countries like India and China will need a profit incentive to reduce emissions. This explains why the private sector and governments are investing in research and development on ways to turn carbon emissions from coal and natural plants into useful carbon products such as chemicals and durable, light-weight and high-strength composite products for infrastructure, concrete and building materials.

Even environmentalists should welcome the transition to CCUS technology and reconsider their infatuation with renewable energy sources. Instead of regarded as waste, carbon dioxide can become an essential ingredient in the economies of tomorrow.

Randall Atkins, chair of a National Coal Council report on the new carbon age, said that “volume utilization of domestic U.S. coal resources for coal-to-products applications has the potential to be on the same order of magnitude as applications for coal power generation.” Such a major commitment to the development and demonstration of CCUS technology, along with rapid commercialization, could not only halt but eventually even reverse the continuing buildup of carbon in the atmosphere. For the next few decades at least, the unfolding carbon products saga in emerging markets will continue to make coal a global growth business.

Dan Ervin is a professor of finance at Salisbury University in Salisbury, Maryland.

46 Comments on "World’s power demand requires fossil fuel energy"

  1. Anonymouse on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 5:13 am 

    ‘Professor of ‘finance’ huh? As in financed by the National Coal Council perhaps?

    In amerikkkka, everyone is for sale. I bet they got Dan Ervin cheap. Being how ‘economists’ are a dime-a-dozen in the uS on a bad day and all.

  2. JuanP is stupid on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 6:16 am 

    LOL, stupid is doing ID theft on his buddy annoymouse.

    This is from stupid:
    Anonymouse said ‘Professor of ‘finance’ huh? As…

    Anonymouse said Hey mak, did you catch the picture of Davy holding…

  3. Davy on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 6:27 am 

    “Corporate defaults in China surge in 2019 to record $18.6 billion” gata

    “Corporate defaults in China surged to a record high in 2019, raising new questions over how policymakers in Beijing will manage mounting financial distress among large private and state-owned companies. Onshore corporate defaults hit 130 bn renminbi ($18.6 billion) in the final weeks of the year, breaking the record of Rmb 122 billion last year, according to data compiled by Bloomberg, as economic growth fell to a three-decade low.”

  4. Davy on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 6:28 am 

    “Bills Now Due on Vacant Useless Chinese Properties” mish

    “After years of malinvestment, the bills are now coming due in China. With more than $6 trillion worth of debt, Chinese SOEs and cities find it increasingly difficult to meet payment deadlines. Malinvestments aside, the Bills Come Due for China’s Local Governments. For decades, local governments in China borrowed heavily to build urban infrastructure, helping to fuel the country’s red-hot economic growth. Now, they are under pressure to pay the bill, adding another financial worry to Chinese policy makers’ list. Independent economists estimate that China’s municipalities have racked up more than $6 trillion in debt—including debts authorities don’t acknowledge on their books. Tax revenue and returns on the roads and other infrastructure built with borrowed money aren’t enough to pay down the debts. Land sales, which local governments have relied on, have weakened as the economy slows. With nearly 3 trillion yuan ($428 billion) in bonds coming due in the next two years, on top of bank loans and hidden debt, local governments need to find ways to refinance. Meanwhile, it has become nearly impossible for local governments to tap riskier lending channels. Beijing’s efforts to rein in overall debt has meant new restrictions on informal lending. “Previously, local governments could just keep on rolling over debt, but now they can’t do that,” said Allen Feng, a China analyst for consulting firm Rhodium Group in Singapore.”

  5. Davy on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 7:17 am 

    “Bills now Due on Davys Vacant Useless Missouri Property.

    “After years of sitting on his ass, doing nothing at all, the bills are now coming due at Davy’s not-a-farm. With thousands of dollars in unpaid county taxes, electricity bills, ISP charges, and unpaid debts piled up all around him, he is finding it increasingly difficult to make payment deadlines. Malfeasance aside, the bills come due at Davy’s not-a-farm. For decades, Davy has lived hand-to-mouth, sponging off relatives and and borrowing heavily from anyone he could, to build a shack he could call his own. Now, he is under pressure to pay the bills, adding another financial worry, on top of his raging delusions and dementia. Independent economists estimate Davy has racked up many thousands in debt, including debts he wont even acknowledge in his documentation. Having no revenue, and his return on goat-farming, bee-keeping and selling excess electricity from his vast solar array, are not enough to pay down davys debt. With interest payments on interest payments coming due at the end of the month, on top of his unpaid property taxes, liens, and hidden debt, davy needs to find ways to refinance. Meanwhile it was become nearly impossible for local governments to actually talk to davy, as he grabs his cell phone and runs deep into the bayou whenever he sees a municipal official coming up the driveway. Davy has made no effort to rein in his overall debt, but faces new restrictions from the payday loans outfit in East St.Louse. Meanwhile, it has become nearly impossible for local governments to actually get in contact with davy in order to collect from him. Previously, davy would just use IOUs, mumble a lot, or make strange vague noises no could decipher or roll over and over in the dirt in order to deflect attention from his debts, but now he cant do that. People are starting see through his act, said JuanP, a Davyskum analyst for the Peak Oil Group in Miami Beach.”

  6. JuanP is stupid on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 7:20 am 

    LMFAO. stupid can come up with a mindless word salad but struggles to give a smart comment. This is why stupid is irelevant now. He is beaten and hung out to dry. VICTORY

    this is from stupid:

    Davy said “Bills now Due on Davys Vacant Useless Misso…

  7. JuanP on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 7:32 am 

    You have to admit there has never been a better troll than me on PO dot com. I am sorry I have run many people off but I told everyone I was going to do this. This has been going on 3 years now so I hold the record. ROTFLO

  8. Richard Guunette on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 7:33 am 

    Juan, gives us some muzzie stories so we can laugh at you.

  9. New Year tidings on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 7:48 am 

    Attention: Sir DavySkum

    I have a New Year’s wish for you.

    Eat shit and die already.

    I hate you.

  10. Trump Criminal Conspiracy on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 8:11 am 

    Trump Adviser Caught on Tape Discussing ‘Aggressive’ Voter Suppression in 2020
    “Let’s start playing offense a little bit. That’s what you’re going to see in 2020. It’s going to be a much bigger program, a much more aggressive program, a much better-funded program,” Justin Clark said

    Clark can be heard on tape at the event saying, “Traditionally it’s always been Republicans suppressing votes in places. Let’s start protecting our voters. We know where they are. … Let’s start playing offense a little bit. That’s what you’re going to see in 2020. It’s going to be a much bigger program, a much more aggressive program, a much better-funded program.”

    At least Trump’s hatchet man was honest about naming the political party is responsible for suppressing voter participation in the election process.

    Rolling Stone

  11. Richard Guunette on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 8:25 am 

    Please Juan, entertain us with your goofy mentally ill muzzie crap. We want to laugh at you. You are such a retard that thinks he is GREAT. lmfao

  12. Board Monitor on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 8:27 am 

    “Trump Criminal Conspiracy on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 8:11 am” “Trump Adviser Caught on Tape Discussing ‘Aggressive’ Voter Suppression in 2020 “Let’s start playing offense a little bit.”

    low IQ juan, link please. What a GED dumbass.

  13. Trump Criminal Conspiracy on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 8:31 am 

    US Goods Trade Deficit Shrinks To Smallest Since Trump Elected

    According to advance good trade balance data from the Census Bureau, November saw the smallest goods trade deficit since before President Trump was elected. Source: Bloomberg The $63.2 billion deficit was considerably smaller than the $68.7 billion expected: Imports fell 1.3% in Nov. to $199.568b from $202.249b in Oct. Exports rose 0.7% in Nov. to $136.375b from $135.450b in Oct. Auto exports rose 3.4%. Another ‘win’ for Trump? And if the relationship with Manufacturing PMI holds up, the deficit is set to shrink further…

    Zero hedge

  14. Board Monitor on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 8:32 am 

    “Tump Criminal Conspiracy on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 8:31 am US Goods Trade Deficit Shrinks To Smallest Since Trump Elected According to advance good trade balance data from the Census Bureau, November saw the smallest goods trade deficit since before President Trump was elected.”

    low IQ juan, link please. What a GED dumbass.

  15. Richard Guunetter on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 11:38 am 

    come on juanPee give us the muzzie routine with the long ass handle. LMFAO we want to laugh at your stupid high school drop out education

  16. Cloggie on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 12:08 pm 

    “World’s power demand requires fossil fuel energy”

    Is that so?

    “Largest Windturbine in the World Operational in Rotterdam”

    One GE-12 MW wind turbine generates sufficient electricity for a town of 16,000 homes.

  17. Cloggie on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 12:35 pm 

    “Lagerwey L100 – Inside an Efficient Large Wind Turbine”

    Lagerwey is a grass-roots Dutch wind turbine and tower manufacturer that produces the entire wind turbine chain itself and is around since 1979. Lagerwey has a “special relationship” with Russia in order to get the wind energy revolution off the ground in Russia too by licensing Lagerwey technology to Russian companies.

  18. Cloggie on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 1:33 pm 

    The KloggKoksher L100 – Inside an Efficient Large Trollish Windbag.

    The kloggkosher is a not from dutchland windbag and shut-in moron that produces very little of value and has been around since 1899. Kloggkosher has a “special relationship” with Missouri in order to have someone, anyone that will pay some kind of attention to his endless nonsense.

  19. Trump Criminal Conspiracy on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 2:29 pm 

    ‘Oh Look, More Evidence Trump Was Using Ukraine for Personal Gain’

    ‘It’s almost impossible to argue the president didn’t have his own interests in mind when he withheld military aid from the nation’

    By RYAN BORT, Rolling Stone, 12-30-2019

  20. MayonaiseRemover on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 2:31 pm 

    Columnist outlines the frightening similarities between Trump’s America and 1930’s Germany

  21. REAL Green on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 2:39 pm 

    Temper, temper, little man
    Control yourself
    We know you can
    Aren’t you glad you’re alive?

    DavySkum ID Theft Summary:

    Richard Guunetter on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 11:38 am

    Board Monitor on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 8:32 am

    Trump Criminal Conspiracy on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 8:31 am

    Who uses Zero IQ as his source?

    Richard Guunette on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 8:25 am

  22. Board lie detector on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 3:12 pm 

    juanskum ID Theft Summary:
    Richard Guunetter on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 11:38 am
    Board Monitor on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 8:32 am
    Trump Criminal Conspiracy on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 8:31 am
    Who uses Zero IQ as his source?
    Richard Guunette on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 8:25 am

  23. MayonaiseRemover on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 3:28 pm 

    Did I tell you guys about my vasectomy and how it changed my life?

  24. Trump Criminal Conspiracy on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 3:29 pm 

    Tell us about it mayo

  25. JuanP on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 3:33 pm 

    Trump and Tulsi 2020 and free vasectomies for gay people.

  26. Anonymouse on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 3:34 pm 

    Quit being a fag Juan

  27. Richard Guenette on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 3:59 pm 

    Nobody can change the world. It is what it is.

  28. Davy on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 4:21 pm 

    We used to be all obsessed over JuanP. Now were All obsessed over JuanPs vasectomy. We no y’all no that can’t be real menatally healthy for us.

  29. MayonaiseRemover on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 5:21 pm 

    Richard quit being a fag like Vasectomy Juan

  30. REAL Green on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 5:32 pm 

    There’s nothing rong with a man being obsessed over other men’s dicks any more Davy. It’s soshally acceptible nowadays.

  31. JuanP on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 5:48 pm 

    Did I tell you guys how my life was changed? I got a vasectomy.

  32. Davy on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 9:09 pm 

    Did I tell you guys how I added to the over populashion troubles? And that I’m a idiot?

    I’m purdy sure I might of. What else can anybody ekxspect from a lnbred redneck dumbass like me?

  33. REAL Green on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 9:16 pm 

    JuanPs write Davy. Fuckin like a rat n bringing more humans into a already bad situation was REAL Selfish and REAL unresponsible. Stupid people like us should be drawn n quartered first. And than shot.

  34. Famlin on Tue, 31st Dec 2019 12:32 pm 

    Speed at which the renewable energy is growing is much more than fossil fuels. So slowly they will grow and start eating the market share of fossil fuels.

    For 1 thing, keep looking at Tesla solar tiles which will make rooftop solar more popular and reduce the fossil fuels that a home consumes.

  35. Cloggie on Wed, 1st Jan 2020 6:12 am 

    “Renewable energy is a niche” latest:

    “Britain reaches milestone in environmental fight as zero carbon electricity outstripped fossil fuels in 2019 for the first time”

    Quite a milestone!

    But again, this is Europe, soon to be the first address on this planet again, like it always was before 1939. But there is still a vast underdeveloped dark world out there that will struggle for decades to overcome fossil fuel.

  36. Cloggie on Wed, 1st Jan 2020 6:24 am 

    “How a ROBOT is saving road-users from hundreds of hours of disruption by quickly marking out where white lines need to be painted on motorways”

    Delivery of small goods and packages (Amazon!) and groceries, using small, autonomous, slow-driving “Tuk-tuks”, that interact with clients via mobile phone to ensure he is at home to take the delivery. Client walks out, holds the bar-code on his phone to the reader, a window opens and the client can take out his single isolated package out of the “Tuk-tuk”. Absolutely doable. Eliminates a lot of unnecessary traffic.

  37. New Years REAL Green on Wed, 1st Jan 2020 6:46 am 

    I am a green prepper which means I am going low carbon and local for multiple reasons. I care about the planet and I am seeking more resilience with sustainability. I call it REAL Green This starts with acceptance of a systematic decline process that is both with human civilization and the planet. It springs forward as an optimistic pessimist. This incongruous juxtaposition meshes by looking at the journey not the destination. The journey is a departure into an alternative way of life. The end is acceptance of a dying of the status quo we have been habituated to. Once the stages of grief involving the decline of place and our way of life is accepted then one goes forth in a hybrid way to restore the local but with the help of the delocalizing global world. This is again a juxtaposition and a tricky one. One lives in a hybrid life of being in the status quo to leave it.

    The world is now Anthropocene which means we are path dependent and carbon trapped. Within this trap there is free choice to adapt and mitigate the decline of the planet and civilization by a hybridization of the best material and practices of pre-modern and the amazing advances of the modern. Low carbon capture is the key to this but is also unsupportable for most without support from the status quo of making a living to pay the bills. High volume and intensive efforts are required these days to succeed in agriculture they also destroy the harmony of the local environment. This means you must pay to go low carbon. You may be lucky to cover cost and your labor will go unrewarded. Restoration efforts cost money and time without economic return likely for years if at all.

    I do a multispecies rotational grazing operation with goats and cattle. I do this with low stocking rates. I chose this mix because my fields through years of being left to themselves have developed a polyculture pasture of numerous plant types IOW they are overgrown with invasives but also have rich stands of grasses both native and introduced, weeds, and brush. Goats and cattle manage this pasture type well. This allows me to greatly reduce diesel needs for mowing fields and lower significantly chemical use. Chemicals are only used along fences and not every year. I also do renewable power and biomass heating. This involves introducing modern elements of low carbon capture with excellent tech. I am utilizing biomass in the fields with hay and animal grazing. I have gone low horse power with collecting hay in small batches at optimum times. I hope to get an electric tractor if one becomes available to be powered by solar. I also have custom haying done by contractors mainly in an effort to have some fields adapted to hay production. I do this operation along with land dedicated to natural growth for wildlife. I have a garden, orchard, and grapes. I have opened my farm to beekeepers with several hives. I garden minimalist because I don’t have time to specialize. I also have chickens. I have livestock guardian dogs that also serve as potential security.

    REAL Green involves doing the basics of prep with security, food storage, and basics of sheltering. This way of life involves a triage effort of distancing oneself from delocalizing lifestyles that damage a healthy local. This is done with a relative effort that does not damage status quo ties too much. You do not want to alienate and destroy status quo connections that support your efforts. Significant others can be alienated by radical efforts. You do REAL Green under the radar screen but are honest with those who seek this way of life. The basic REAL Green effort means primarily trying to limit the car and consumer culture when ever possible. REAL Green is a relative effort which means you live in and out of the status quo. This is both with relationships and with place. The relative part is a balance of the status quo and the departure from it. Your significant others will most likely not be committed REAL Green. Your place is probably not REAL Green because of delocalization. Yet, it might have the bones of a beautiful REAL Green monastery with a local both natural and human that can be restored.

  38. New Years REAL Green on Wed, 1st Jan 2020 6:47 am 

    part 2

    Since we are Anthropocene dependent you must adapt to it to leave it. You mitigate the worst of it but with the mentality of being trapped and dependent on it. If you have the time and the resources you attempt to build a REAL Green monastery that is a manifestation of low carbon living and green prepping. It is about knowledge and wisdom. The knowledge is the best of the old and the new and the wisdom is choosing what to use and not to use. In this day and age most of the wisdom is about what not to use and avoid. This is also about building up something for the younger members of the family and local. They will see the worst of the decline process.

    This process is uncertain because of the nature of decline. Decline involves abandonment, dysfunction, and the irrational so a cascading drop in economic activity and support is possible. It is also possible this could be a drawn-out affair. We are at the cusp of change with many exciting techs that offer constructive growth but within a time of overall destructive change. This destructive change revolves around planetary decline and a late stage civilization creaking from overshoot of numbers and consumption.

    REAL Green is local and individual but reaches out to community and ranges to affect as much local as one can but with the wisdom of localism as its mission. This is about deep adaptation to shocks that involves attempts at resilience through relinquishment and restoration. This is another incongruous juxtaposition that points to a paradox of living REAL Green. To build up you must tear down just like nature does with succession and evolution. You emulate the planet and thereby strengthen your local with the understanding we are now in succession both human and natural. The planet will support you because this is the WAY. This means we are moving down a gradient of decline into a world that is altered by less complexity and more disruption. New niches will be created as old ones are destroyed. You position your REAL Green monastery to hopefully be a seed of change. This is not a religion it is an add-on to your higher power that is your own personal quest for the truth integrated with the planet and its cycles.

  39. REAL Green on Wed, 1st Jan 2020 8:46 am 

    “Germany Aims To Close All Nuclear Plants By 2022” oil price

    “In January 2019, Germany became the latest large European economy to lay out a plan to phase out coal-fired power generation, aimed at cutting carbon emissions—a metric in which Berlin has been lagging in recent years. A government-appointed special commission at Europe’s largest economy announced the conclusions of its months-long review and proposed that Germany shut all its 84 coal-fired power plants by 2038. Germany, where coal, hard coal, and lignite combined currently provide around 35 percent of power generation, has a longer timetable for phasing out coal than the UK and Italy, for example—who plan their coal exit by 2025—not only because of its vast coal industry, but also because Germany will shut down all its nuclear power plants within the next three years. The closure of all nuclear reactors in Germany by 2022 means that Germany might need to retain half of its coal-fired power generation until 2030 to offset the nuclear phase-out, German Economy and Energy Minister Peter Altmaier said earlier this year.”

  40. REAL Green on Wed, 1st Jan 2020 11:39 am 



    Delusions. These are false beliefs that are not based in reality.

    you think that you’re being harmed or harassed;

    certain gestures or comments are directed at you;

    you have exceptional ability or fame;

    or a major catastrophe is about to occur.

    Delusions occur in most people with schizophrenia

    putting together meaningless words that can’t be understood, sometimes known as word salads

  41. Davy on Wed, 1st Jan 2020 11:53 am 

    For anyone that cares.

    REAL Green is one of my sock puppets. I like to pretend he’s real. But he’s not.

  42. REAL Green on Wed, 1st Jan 2020 12:19 pm 

    Pretending something or someone is real when there not is a delusion Davy.

  43. Cloggie on Wed, 1st Jan 2020 12:21 pm 

    Allseas still completed 2260 out of 2400 km Nord Stream 2 pipeline in record time and that is sufficient to get the project completed by Russia, as the Dutch CEO of Allseas acknowledged, albeit with considerable delay:

    “Allseas CEO: “Stopping Nordstream 2 hurts our honour””

  44. Cloggie on Wed, 1st Jan 2020 12:36 pm 

    Way out of the comfort zone. Traditional New Years dive in the North Sea at 2C/35F on the beach of The Hague:

  45. boxnovel on Thu, 2nd Jan 2020 10:42 pm 

    Thank you for writing! It is very easy to understand and detail. I find it interesting, I hope you continue to have such good posts.

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