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Page added on August 31, 2014

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Peak Oil: A Farm For The Future With Colin Campball

Originally Published April 2009
BBC documentary on the precient global farming and food crisis, filmed in the UK.
Featuring Martin Crawford (Agroforestry Research Trust), Fordhall Farm, Richard Heinberg and others.

Topics covered are the influence of oil on the food production, peak-oil, food security, carbon emissions, sustainability and permaculture.

2 Comments on "Peak Oil: A Farm For The Future With Colin Campball"

  1. Richard on Mon, 1st Sep 2014 11:03 am 

    This video is so last decade. It is an interesting watch.

  2. JuanP on Mon, 1st Sep 2014 11:54 am 

    This is a very nice British documentary about farming in the future, permaculture, forest gardens, and PO. Worth the time, better than TV for tonight with my wife.

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