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Page added on May 9, 2021

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“Great Reset” Will Force Businesses To Comply

Recently, economies throughout the world have been completely transformed. Numerous attempts have been made to lead people to continue to believe that it’s a straight-up conspiracy hoax. It’s not a conspiracy theory, however. It’s true and it’s happening now.

The Blaze’s Glenn Beck recently discussed how “the great reset” is currently taking place in Europe. The following were the points he raised.

What it is.
Per Beck, the Great Reset is a political theme for a strategy to reset the world economy with the slogan “build back better.”

The motto is often seen as a rallying cry for the great reset’s corruption. It is supported by various elected and business and union officials, including the current president of the United States, chief executive officer of the biggest companies, business, as well as their respective vice presidents and chairs and board of trade unions.

“So, ‘build back better’ was used not only here in America but in England and in France…Whoa! what a coincidence! It’s also the slogan for the greed rate for the ‘great reset,'” Beck said.

Traditional Capitalism v. Stakeholder Capitalism

“Now, we’re not practicing capitalism. Now, what we’re practicing is corrupt, capitalism or crony capitalism,” he said.

True capitalism is a free economy in which the government cannot decide who wins and who loses. In contrast, “stakeholder capitalism is the Chinese paradigm,” he noted, explaining that whatever is going on in China with their regime is essentially what’s going to happen all over the planet with a massive world government.

The Infrastructure Bill

The infrastructure bill now refers to government schemes that have measures close to the far-left green new deal resolution.

“Put that in perspective, all of the things that were in the Green New Deal, most of them are now in the, in the Infrastructure bill. The second thing is the global adoption of environmental, social and governance standards (ESG),” asserts Beck.

The ESG Model

“Under the ESG model companies are not only rated using traditional metrics, such as revenues and the quality of goods and services offered, but also on a variety of social justice, metrics, such as your carbon footprint,” said Beck.

The banks, however, said that ESGs are just for people’s education so they can make smart investments.

Nonetheless, according to Beck’s findings, ESG governance criteria such as carbon footprint and air quality standards, as well as the ratio of Asians to Hispanics employed with the organization, have been embraced by 82 percent of companies in the United States.

“Look up any company. Just look up their report. Any company, and just type in Coca Cola ESG, Ford ESG, Mercedes Benz ESG, you’ll see, they’ve all adopted.”

The government’s policies and ESGs, mostly from these massive companies, would be codified.

 “It’s all gonna start to come together where a bank can’t give your company a loan unless you have a high ESG storehouse score. If you invest your money in Wall Street, and 401k, if you invested in a low ESG scored company because believe in the company, but it’s not playing the game, you’ll be penalized. You’ll find it harder to get a loan,” he explained.

Now in Europe

The European parliament recently voted in support of the demand to ensure that all businesses adhere to ESG requirements. Beck noticed that the resolution approved by the European Parliament is, while not yet legally binding, a clear indication that the screws are falling out. Out of necessity, everyone is going to accept them.

To do business in the UK, businesses will have to comply with left-wing social justice agendas. The resolution calls on companies to match their strategic strategies with union policy goals in the areas of civil rights and the climate.

Businesses who do not cooperate with the green agreement and its pledge to cut greenhouse gas pollution by at least 55 percent by 2030 will be barred from doing business with the European Union.

“Perhaps most importantly for Americans and U.S. businesses, the parliaments resolution calls for these ESG requirements to cover all business activities, including its value chain,” said Beck.

The aim is to have both direct and indirect business associates, as well as upstream and downstream stakeholders, in human rights and environmental good governance policies.

4 Comments on "“Great Reset” Will Force Businesses To Comply"

  1. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 10th May 2021 3:13 am 

    Niall Ferguson – Doom: The Politics of Catastrophe Hardcover – May 4, 2021

    Uncommon knowledge interview:


    Typical Anglo book, written by a British historian, with a strong sense of foreboding that Anglo-Zionist liberalist supremacy 1945-2016 (Trump, Brexit) is coming to an end, but unwillingness to acknowledge just that.

    Reading the book is a waste of time, just read a review or the title. For a Eurasian, West or East, this book causes one to grin, because everything goes the right way, for Eurasians that is. The West is something to piss upon.

    Here is another British Marxist (but I repeat myself), Martin Jacques, who professes the unstoppable rise of China for more than a decade now:

    I’m not convinced that a Chinese-run planet is inevitable. But I do agree that China will overtake the US and as such it could make itself indirectly enormously useful for continental Europe and its prospects for (white) survival, just like the US couldn’t blossom for a few decades as a windfall empire, without the clash Germany-Russia. Europe (EU+Russia) will end up as a laughing third of the coming clash in the South China Sea.

    Share defeat Germany, the core strength of the white race:

    USSR 80%
    USA 15%
    UK 5%

    This Chinese map says all about Chinese views and intentions:

    It is a Eurasian integration strategy, that clearly foresees 2 major poles dominating Eurasia: Europe and China. It is a Chinese invitation directed at Europe.

    “China presses Europe for anti-U.S. alliance on trade”

    EU-Chinese trade has just surpassed EU-US trade and the gap will only increase.

    Here two Anglo foreign policy Jews Raab and Blinken, trying to set up the West against Russia and China, in a last desperate attempt for their rotten anti-white system to prevail and to achieve Planet Zion after all:

    “UK and US urge G7 to ally against threats from Russia and China”

    Unfortunately for them and fortunately for us, they are going to fail. Several Big Jews, like Kissinger, Bloomberg, Rothschild and Haas have already indicated they no longer believe in their global integration project and continuing that project could lead to disaster (for the US and its billionaire caste).

    “US Deep State Throws Imperial Towel in the Ring”

    Way forward? Let time work for itself. Let China outgrow the US on all counts. Let Europe continue with its renewable energy program and avoid being pushed into a cold war with Russia, complete Nord Stream 2, let EU-Chinese trade grow further. Widen the gap EU-UK post-Brexit, oversee the dismemberment of the UK (Scotland, Ulster).

    And in the end of the day, the infamous Anglo-USSR percentage agreement over Europe, will be replaced by a European-Chinese percentage agreement regarding Anglosphere.

  2. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 10th May 2021 5:30 am 

    The West spiraling towards the end:

    “French soldiers accuse government of trying to ‘silence’ warnings of civil war”

    First it were 18 retired French generals, who warned for a brewing civil war in France. Now it is regular officers in active service doing the same. Difficult to spin that away, or punish the whistle-blowers.

    Meanwhile, in the US:

    “The Camp Of The Saints Is Upon Us”

    The situation in the United States is far more serious than in France.


    Few see it coming.

    In July 1914, everything looked great. Europe was blossoming, weather-wise and economy-wise, but behind the scenes, a few Brits, French and Russian deep staters were plotting for war against Germany. The assassination in Sarajevo delivered the long-awaited opportunity for a war that had been planned since 1891 in London.

    Very few grasp that in 2021, either the US or France or both could be in flames in a matter of a few months from now. Or not, maybe it will take years.

    In the Ukraine, the US and Merkel-Germany had been preparing for the anti-Russian Euro-Maidan uprising for years, but when it happened, a civil war erupted a few months later in the East. Nobody had seen that war coming, months before it started.

    Nobody knows what the trigger will be in the US or France. A mass shooting or terrorist attack?

    But it IS going to happen.

  3. Hello on Mon, 10th May 2021 6:19 am 

    >>> Nobody knows what the trigger will be in the US or France. A mass shooting or terrorist attack?

    That is the weird part. Shouldn’t them all-knowing jews know what and when stuff happens? I thought they are the all-powerful orchestrators of the future?
    Could it be that they are simply pawns in a big game, just like everybody else? Almost seems like.

  4. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 10th May 2021 9:01 am 

    That is the weird part. Shouldn’t them all-knowing jews know what and when stuff happens? I thought they are the all-powerful orchestrators of the future?
    Could it be that they are simply pawns in a big game, just like everybody else? Almost seems like.

    They are not “all-knowing”. They embarked on their Open Society program when the US-led West was all-powerful:

    Here the closet Texan Jew LBJ signing the landmark 1965 Immigration Act, that would open the door for mass immigration from the third world:

    For the sordid details, read this:

    Problem for our poor Jews is that since 1965, the geopolitical landscape radically changed: European unification and Chinese rise to become the next #1. Not even these smarties foresaw. Now the suckers own a mix of Sweden and Nigeria, with which you no longer can hope to conquer the world with.

    It will end like it always ends in history with these folks:

    These people always manage to make themselves impossible. And in the end, cornered whitey realizes that he may have fewer IQ-points than the Jews, but he certainly has more fists. Expect a little game cowboys and jews in the US.

    “Could it be that they are simply pawns in a big game, just like everybody else? Almost seems like.”

    Normal Jews (most Jews) are indeed pawns in the big game of Big Jew (the Soros and Rothschild types). Big Jew loves anti-Semitism: it is a perfect scheme to get rid of the dumber Jews (think Anne Frank types), and thereby increasing the group average IQ. After all, at the top there is only room for a happy few.

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