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Page added on May 24, 2010

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Saudi Arab wants large jump in renewable output by 2020

Alternative Energy

Reuters reported that top oil exporter Saudi Arabia believes renewable sources could account for up to 10% of its power output by 2020 with prices coming down and a regulatory framework in place.

Mr Ahmad Al Khowaiter director of the new business evaluation department at Aramco said that “The proposed target is between 7% and 10% of peak electricity generated by renewables by 2020; most likely solar that represents roughly 5 GW by 2020. Can we achieve that target? It’s feasible.”

The Gulf Arab state has said that it was investing USD 80 billion to boost power generating capacity to 60,000 MW by 2020. Installed capacity in the kingdom had reached 46,000 MW by March. It was around 43,000 MW in 2009, with peak demand at around 40,000 MW. The kingdom, which benefits from abundant intense sunshine, had said that it was looking to start exporting power from solar energy by 2020.


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