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Page added on August 9, 2017

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If America Was Trying To Start A World War, This Is How It Would Happen

If America Was Trying To Start A World War, This Is How It Would Happen thumbnail

Last Wednesday, U.S. President Donald Trump signed new sanctions into law against Russia, Iran, and North Korea. The legislation was supported so overwhelmingly in Congress that President Trump’s ability to veto the legislation was rendered completely ineffective.

Even anti-interventionist Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard voted in favor of the bill, once again proving that Republicans and Democrats always find common ground when it comes to beating the drums of war against sovereign nations who have taken very little unwarranted hostile action — if any — towards the United States.

But these are just sanctions, not acts of war, right? There’s nothing wrong with economically bullying other countries into submission over non-compliance with the current global order, right?

Not quite.

Sanctions are always a prelude to war.

Though few are aware, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 was arguably in response to America’s attempt to cripple Japan’s booming economy through embargos and asset freezes, ending Japan’s commercial relationship with the United States and provoking the desperation that led to their attack.

In August 1990, the U.S. began a sanctions regime against Saddam Hussein in Iraq. In 1991, the United States invaded Iraq and completely decimated its armed forces, also directly targeting its civilian infrastructure. Following this devastation, the U.S. extended and expanded these economic sanctions on Iraq as further punishment. The U.N. estimated these sanctions led to the deaths of 1.7 million Iraqi civilians, including between 500,000 and 600,000 children.

When Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State Madeleine Albright was questioned on these statistics, she intimated that the price was “worth it.”

These sanctions only came to an end after the U.S. invaded again in 2003 (and the complete international sanctions regime was only lifted in December 2010).

Libya also faced American-imposed sanctions beginning in the 1990s, as well, and we all know how that story ended.

In May of 2004, the U.S. imposed economic sanctions on Syria, supposedly over Syria’s support for terrorism and its “failure to stop militants entering Iraq” – a country the U.S. destabilized in the first place. In reality, these sanctions were a response to Syria and Iran’s growing relationship as the two countries had reportedly agreed to a mutual defense treaty that same year.

Syria has been the target of a regime change operation since as far back as 2006, and the U.S. has been openly bombing its territory under both Barack Obama and Donald Trump; the U.S. has already bombed the Syrian government multiple times over the past year. If it had not been for the Russian intervention, the U.S. most likely would have ousted the Syrian government by force before Trump even took office.

Iran has been battling with sanctions for some time now, with the anti-Iranian sanctions regime serving as a smokescreen for regime change in the same manner that Libya, Syria, and Iraq were targeted previously.

In the case of Iran, the underlying motives are quite clear: the renewed set of sanctions is designed to undermine the 2015 nuclear agreement, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Even though the Trump administration is aware that Iran is in full compliance with the JCPOA, Trump has made it an official policy of his own to deliberately erode the deal.

Why would he do that?

As explained in the book Which Path to Persia? Options for a New American Strategy toward Iran, authored by an ex CIA analyst who promoted the 2003 invasion of Iraq:

“For those who favor regime change or a military attack on Iran (either by the United States or Israel), there is a strong argument to be made for trying this option first. Inciting regime change in Iran would be greatly assisted by convincing the Iranian people that their government is so ideologically blinkered that it refuses to do what is best for the people and instead clings to a policy that could only bring ruin on the country. The ideal scenario in this case would be that the United States and the international community present a package of positive inducements so enticing that the Iranian citizenry would support the deal, only to have the regime reject it. In a similar vein, any military operation against Iran will likely be very unpopular around the world and require the proper international context – both to ensure the logistical support the operation would require and to minimize the blowback from it. The best way to minimize international opprobrium and maximize support (however grudging or covert) is to strike only when there is a widespread conviction that the Iranians were given but then rejected a superb offer – one so good that only a regime determined to acquire nuclear weapons and acquire them for the wrong reasons would turn it down.” [emphasis added]

This paradigm brilliantly explains why hawkish members of Trump’s team are completely opposed to Trump unilaterally derailing the JCPOA: These officials don’t want the blame to rest on the U.S., as it will ignite new tensions within the international community and directly affect the U.S. dollar.

That being said, if the U.S. government continues to undermine Iran with sanctions that target the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) – a very powerful entity within Iran – the U.S. may end up forcing Iran to walk away from the deal, anyway. In that scenario, the U.S. will have the outcome that they long have desired.

North Korea has been on the receiving end of a U.S.-led sanctions regime for years, as well, and the American military is now flying bombers over its airspace, provoking the country to respond in kind.

The only question now becomes: who will Trump set America on a warpath with first: Iran or North Korea?

Trump is reportedly setting the stage for a confrontation with Iran as early as October, having found a new strategy to demonize Iran should the sanctions regime fail to bring about the war he desires before he is due to certify Iran’s compliance for the following 90-day period. This strategy involves Trump tasking his team with setting up spot-inspections at Iranian facilities in the hopes of finding ways that Iran is not complying with the JCPOA.

In the meantime, America continues its unilateral policy of bullying non-compliant states, further isolating itself from its traditional post-WWII allies. For example, Germany does view sanctions that target Russia favorably, as these sanctions hurt Germany’s own economic interests.

Not to mention that American-led sanctions push these defiant countries into the open arms of one another. Iran and Russia just signed a $2.5 billion deal last Monday, going about business as usual and giving Donald Trump the political middle finger in the process.

If the U.S. continues to use its global stranglehold over the financial markets as a tool to weaken other countries, these countries will also have no choice but to ditch the dollar and to seek alternative currencies through which to complete transactions. Not surprisingly, Russia has just responded on Monday by announcing it will seek to end its reliance on the U.S. dollar.

Make no mistake: the U.S. is at the crossroads of its dying status as a global superpower. In order to stay afloat, it has only one real option – to continue down the warpath it has set itself on and confront those countries that seek to rise up in the post-American led international order.

The newly signed sanctions regime is just the beginning, and there will be a difficult road ahead. Cooler heads may ultimately prevail, given the way these sanctions are already being seen to backfire.

It will be almost impossible to sell these wars to the American public and the international community at this stage considering the evidence shows the U.S. is acting rashly and out of order with the rest of the world. However, if the U.S. can provoke Iran or North Korea into doing something regrettable first, the U.S. may finally reward itself with the justification to go to war which it so desperately needs.

And when that happens, all bets will be off the table.

83 Comments on "If America Was Trying To Start A World War, This Is How It Would Happen"

  1. paulo1 on Wed, 9th Aug 2017 6:50 pm 

    Just like WW2 ended Britain’s Empire and ensured a ateady but slow decline, so will war affect the US. Take your pick; it will either be a total world revolt against US after hundreds of thousands die in and around north Korea, (perhaps millions), or it will simply be the slow grind of Afghanistan and other perpetual wars the US has to borrow money to fund.

  2. Cloggie on Wed, 9th Aug 2017 7:06 pm

    DefSec Mattis threatens North-Korean regime and population with annihilation.

  3. Anonymouse on Wed, 9th Aug 2017 7:29 pm 

    If America Was Trying To Start A World War, This Is How It Would Happen

    America IS Trying To Start A World War, This Is How It Would Happen.


  4. Makati1 on Wed, 9th Aug 2017 7:30 pm 

    The elite of the Fascist States of America have been trying to get a war started for years, but not one that will actually happen on American shores. Not going to happen. The next one is gong to see American cities bombed and American ‘collateral damage’ (innocent men/women/children killed) as both Iran and N.Korea are red lines for China and Russia.

    ALL Americans need to suffer personally and locally before they will rise up and end the madness in DC. Blood needs to flow on American streets and cities be burned. Riots and/or war is the U$’ near future. Long overdue. Wait and see.

  5. Cloggie on Wed, 9th Aug 2017 7:33 pm 

    “Though few are aware, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 was arguably in response to America’s attempt to cripple Japan’s booming economy through embargos and asset freezes, ending Japan’s commercial relationship with the United States and provoking the desperation that led to their attack.”

    In 1941 the US had 29% global GDP, Japan merely 6%. The US government imposed an oil boycott against Japan one week after Japan had joined the Axis. The clear purpose of the Roosevelt government was to provoke Japan into war, because now the US had found a way to get its desired war against Germany “via the Japanese backdoor”, which would enable Washington to destroy Europe together with their Soviet palls and get the “American Century” started. Roosevelt knew that Japan had no choice but to attack, because it was running out of oil and had to get it from somewhere else. And that could only be the Dutch East Indies. But the fleet at PH had to be destroyed in a surprise attack to prevent it from being used against the Japanese navy advancing southwards.

    The notes made by Henry Stimson reveal that the US cabinet was aware of the precise location of the japanese fleet. The challenge was to keep local commanders Kimmel and Stark in the dark about what was to happen. PH was an intentional pawn sacrifice to create the excuse for US war entry against Germany, the main prize, because it would enable the US and its ruling kosher class to destroy the European empires and take its place, by using the good services of the USSR.

  6. Cloggie on Wed, 9th Aug 2017 7:40 pm 

    Agree with makati that the only ones who are able to stop this madness is the US population itself through an uprising against Washington.

  7. GregT on Wed, 9th Aug 2017 7:58 pm 

    Also agree Cloggie, which I have stayed here many times before. The U.S. Is in dire need of true patriots, instead of flag waving enablers.

  8. onlooker on Wed, 9th Aug 2017 8:00 pm 

    Unfortunately, Mak and Clog you are right. Makati you are speaking from the vantage point of all those around the world who have witnessed and experienced the covert and overt aggression and corrupt influence originating in the US. Our population is mostly narcisstic, spoiled, greedy, overly competitive and childish. Such is the product of a people too overly materialistic and indulgent without being accustomed to sacrifice or to deep sorrows and sufferings.

  9. GregT on Wed, 9th Aug 2017 8:01 pm 

    Said. Love the IPad technology, not so fond of the spellchecker.

  10. onlooker on Wed, 9th Aug 2017 8:01 pm 

    Oh and we are too selfish haha.

  11. MASTERMIND on Wed, 9th Aug 2017 8:07 pm 


    The plan could be to provoke North Korea to cover for the economic collapse. They could get them to drop a nuclear bomb on a major us city to cause chaos. The elites would hide in their silo’s while the public suffers. Economic problems solved, angry US population neutralized.

  12. Makati1 on Wed, 9th Aug 2017 8:29 pm 

    MM, or the US could set off a nuke in their own city or cities and blame it on the N.Koreans. Just another of their ongoing ‘false flags’ and the gullible American serfs would swallow it whole. They have no idea what a war in Korea would do to their own lives at home. Not a clue.

    BTW: Chicago looks like a good “F F” target at this time. No one would miss it. Needless to say, ANYTHING the U$ does will bring down the U$ economy/financial system. That just might be worse than war for Americans as it will put THEM in the 3rd world, or worse.

  13. Davy on Wed, 9th Aug 2017 8:51 pm 

    Another circle jerk of binary simpletons expressing hypocrisy. You all are a part of this especially the Eurotards and the Anglotards. You extremist make me sick. There is a handful of you who support each other and you think that makes you right. This subject is far too deep for your agendas to process.

  14. Davy on Wed, 9th Aug 2017 8:53 pm 

    look at the war pig makat, gleefully wishing death to Americans. How sick is that. He could give a shit about his family.

  15. dooma on Wed, 9th Aug 2017 10:26 pm 

    Davy. You are the dumbest redneck flag-waving idiot that ever stole oxygen. CAN you not read history and of the absolute bully your nation has been since WW-2. Which happens to be when the Zionists have had their hand firmly inserted into your arse? They (Jews) control every facet of American life. Go on, GIVE ME PROOF WHERE I AM WRONG?

    NO war is a good war. NO loss of a civilian life is justified. Let alone 600,000 children. Think about those numbers for just a minute please? 600,000 innocent children.

    This madness has to stop! Enough is enough!

    Even if it takes the rest of the world to band together, that dumb cunt Trump will still release all of his’ missiles.

    Not since Cuba have we been so close to MAD.

    And all to create diversion from a massive debt crisis. We deserve what is coming. And by we, I mean our stupid, insane leaders and their dogs of war.

    You don’t even understand the symbolism of the meaning of Mak’s words. You SUV driving, baseball cap wearing, god fearing fat sack of useless shit.

  16. GregT on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 12:03 am 

    “This madness has to stop! Enough is enough!”

    That would be the sentiment of billions of people around the world, including 10s of millions of patriotic US American citizens.

    Davy is not one of those people.

  17. Makati1 on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 12:08 am 

    dooma, WHEW! Right between the eyes! But, he will come back with his usual putdowns and name calling as that is all the American “snowflake 1%ers” can do against truth.

    You analysis is spot on, as you, and those of us who still think for ourselves, already know. America WAS a great place when I was a kid 60+ years ago, but it is now a shit-hole, mostly full of greedy, self-righteous ignorant serfs sucking at the government teat. The innocent are going to suffer with the bad because they will not wake up and do something to stop it. So be it.

  18. Theedrich on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 1:56 am 

    Read Stinnet’s Day Of Deceit about PH.  Based on many FOIA-released documents, it is one of the best books about America’s ensnarement of Japan into WW II so that FDR (sicko friend of Brits and Yids) would have an excuse to attack Deutschland.  Mak and Clog are right on target.  The PH ploy outdid the sinking of the Lusitania (at the sicko Winston Ill-Church’s instigation) and the corrupt Fort-Sumter provocation a thousandfold as an excuse for war.

    One of the bizarre realities of history is that leaders who win wars are typically deified, the losers demonized.  Attila the Hun was by this measure “great,” which shows the way forward for the D.C. cosmic masters.  Ponzi-scheme America needs to save itself from its self-caused decline, and war is the tried and true way to postpone the inevitable while deluding the herd.  All hail the conquering hero!

    By the way, the above title should be “If America WERE Trying To Start A World War,” not “WAS.”  the conjunction “if” here introduces a contrary-to-fact clause, which requires the subjunctive form “were,” not “was.”  Alas, more evidence of the decline in American education.

  19. Cloggie on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 2:42 am 

    FDR (sicko friend of Brits and Yids)

    FDR was the friend of the British war party around Churchill, Duff Cooper and Vansittard, totally in the pay of the koshers. Churchill was kept afloat financially by heebs like Waley Cohen, Baruch and several others, with the clear intent that Churchill should bring Britain into war with Germany. Churchill, the best politician Jewish money can buy.

    Despite repeated invitations of PM Chamberlain by Roosevelt, Chamberlain refused to meet Roosevelt ever, because Chamberlain knew exactly what Roosevelt was up to: the destruction of Europe and even the British empire.

    It was the clumsy maneuvering of the Austrian in Prague that cost him the goodwill of Chamberlain, so the war-party could take over to set Britain on the fateful war path, all in the interest of international Jewry. It was the only mistake AH made. Czechoslovakia, a British artificial construct from Versailles, was falling apart anyway without the Sudeten Germans.

    But Germans and diplomacy, rolleyes.

    After 1945, thanks to they Americans, the proud white race was owned by the Jews and the latter began to plan for thorough destruction of the European race in both Europe and America through mass immigration and multicult. Until today.


    Or was it? At the same time, thanks to Joe Stalin, peace be upon this crook, the Jews began to lose control of the USSR, in a gradual process between 1938-1953. Joe had begun to opt for national Bolshevism, rather than international Bolshevism, the (((Leon Trotsky))) flavor of that barbaric system. Joe, who had thoroughly read Mein Jihad, assured German foreign minister von Ribbentrop, when the latter landed in Moscow in August 1939 to walk straight into the Non-Agression Agreement trap, that his Dolfie boss was so right about “Jewish communism”, but that the Germans didn’t need to fear “Jewish communism” because he, Joe Stalin, intended to end it. And Joe wasn’t even lying.

    Next year Stalin’s agents killed Trotsky in Mexico with an ice pick, good riddance to him. What Stalin didn’t tell the Germans in 1939 was that he intended to overrun entire Europe anyway, but the Germans acted in good faith and believed Stalin when he said he wanted peace and cooperation. Until the war with Britain and France was a fact (thanks to the Non-Agression Agreement, so AH could come to the aid of his beleaguered German countrymen in Poland who faced ethnic total cleansing; or to “start WW2” as common Anglo wisdom would like to have it) and Molotov visited Berlin in November 1940 to show his true colors and was mocking Hitler when they were forced to flee in a shelter against British bombers.

    Hitler realized he was trapped and that it was only a matter of time before the Soviets would attack. The USSR had meanwhile begun to quietly mobilize its gigantic army (in full knowledge and approval of Churchill and Roosevelt). The Germans saw it happening and decided to deal the first blow against “peace-loving USSR”. The rest is history as they say.

  20. Cloggie on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 3:08 am 

    Read Stinnet’s Day Of Deceit about PH.

    Stinnett, a total Roosevelt groupie, who admired Roosevelt for his cunning and the way how he had handled America’s ascent to planetary pole position (at the cost of Europe, but I digress), wasn’t the first one to see through the Pearl Harbor scam.

    Roosevelt had a daughter Anna:

    And she was married to a Curtis Bean Dall, a bit of a cuck:

    Mr Dall, because of his marriage with Roosevelt’s daughter, was a regular guest at the White House, so he accurately could see what was going on there and decided to write a book about it, but not before his divorce. First things first of course.

    The encyclopedia of the New World Order Wikipedia, tries to portray Dall as a lunatic:

    After the war, Dall moved to Texas and gradually became involved with right-wing fringe elements.

    Dall’s book My Exploited Father-in-law, can meanwhile be downloaded for free, thanks to das Internetz, as Dolfie would have called it [*]:

    In chapter 21, Dall visits admiral Kimmel, who tells his side of the Pearl Harbor story. Stinnett no doubt picked up his story up from Dall.

    [*] –

  21. Davy on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 5:43 am 

    Dumba, I put you right in there with grehg and makat. Your opinion means nothing to me. So go whine elsewhere. It is just fodder for your dork friends. Easy to do when you hang out with a gang. Have at it and knock yourself out. australians are fat and stupid. There are more smart and shiny people in the US than your entire stupid country. I tell the Stupid canadians that too. The same shoe fits but at least a big ocean separates us. The stupid canadians are backstabbing neighbors unfortunately. You are an ant-American asswipe that is not even good at being an anti-American. With you it is emotional and sloppy. I respect proper anti-American efforts. The US is the biggest problem in the world followed closely by the China, Anglotards world, and Eurotard land. Like grehg, you are the biggest board hypocrite. You point fingers at the US and the American people and rarely talk about your stupid australia.

  22. Cloggie on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 5:49 am 

    Qatar gives KSA the finger:

    Combined military maneuvers with Turkey, massive arms bought in Italy.

    Oh and Israel insists that Qatar closes down Al-Jazeera. So you immediately know who gave the nod, via America, to KSA to go on the offensive. Israel and its proxy America are afraid that the “House of Saud” could be overthrown by Jihadists and turn against America.

    Probably exactly that will happen anyway.

    Interesting is that Turkey is slowly turning against KSA… because it is a proxy of America. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Turkey has secret agreements with the Iranians to get the House of Saud over with and divide the loot between them.

    Erdogan was never interested in this Catholic/Protestant… err… I mean Sunny/Shia divide anyway and would prefer to combine forces and not only get America out of the Muslim world, but Israel as well.

    And I think he is going to succeed, if he manages to get a geopolitical understanding with the Iranians.

    Last week Erdogan said in an interview that he could overrun “Germany in three days and France in one hour” (parroting George Friedman, who said something similar a year or so ago). Ignoring the fact that France could turn Turkey in a plate of smoldering kebab in 5 minutes.

    It is rubbish of course, he couldn’t even successfully intervene in Northern Iraq or Northern Syria, but it clearly indicates that Turkey is moving away from Europe and secularism and is setting itself up as the leader of global Islam.

    Splendid development. It means the Europe’s leftist vassals of Washington are failing majestically with their multicult project. Darkies not interested. Now that is something new!

    Ceaselessly, Europe is moving towards its own 1989, to mark the end of membership of the US empire. The revenge will be sweet.

  23. Davy on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 5:50 am 

    “dooma, WHEW! Right between the eyes! But, he will come back with his usual putdowns and name calling as that is all the American “snowflake 1%ers” can do against truth.”

    Makat, you love this don’t you. You love siring this shit up and love a board that is in turmoil. You are the primary reason for this hate and discontent and it brings you happiness. You want so badly for there to be a big NUK war in NK. You want this to go global and in your mind it will be the end of the US. In your warped war loving hate filled mind that is what you want. You could give a shit about your family. Yea, you are thinking they are just unfortunate collateral damage. You are just a lousy parent like grehg. Do you think for a moment I care about your gang effort with grehg and dumba. I have been through it before. Do you remember stupid when it was Juan P. Ape man, grehg, and you attacking me? That is already 2 years ago. I have balls and you pussies don’t. You cannot battle on a one to one level. You pussies require gang bang efforts. Go blow the boyfriend you need a release.

  24. Davy on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 5:53 am 

    Geeze, clog, how many times are you going to republish, regurgitate, and embellish your history revisions. Who the frig cares anyway. That was the 20th century. We are now in the brave new world of the 21st century. Your Eurotard land was a failure then. It destroyed the good in the world and that destruction led to the American empire that destroyed the late 20th century with a domination by capitalism and a war economy. Give me a break.

  25. Cloggie on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 6:05 am 

    This is the real Erdogan when he thinks nobody in the West is listening. This speech will never make it to CNN:

    For those whose Turkish is a little rusty…

    Here is transcript:


    Erdogan wants to make peace between Sunnis and Shi’ites and together reconquer Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque in particular, the third holiest site in Islam. Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu had remarked recently, that “Jerusalem belongs to the Muslims, not to the Jews“. Well, that’s official then.

    Not content with Jerusalem, Erdogan wants Spain (Al Andalus) back as well. A statement from which you safely can conclude that Erdogan feels strong and anticipates that a vast increase of Turkish power is just around the corner.

    In itself there is nothing new about these standard Muslim convictions concerning Jerusalem and Al-Andalus. Remarkable is that Erdogan dares to express his thoughts in public.

    To sum it up: thank you America for a few unforgettable decades with moonlandings, sitcoms, iPhones, airtravel to all sorts of FarawayIstans and what not… but that delicious period is now coming to an end.

    Real history will soon be back again. In spades.

  26. Antius on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 6:12 am 


    Europe is well and truly under the thumb of far-left ideologues that are busy ruining it with ridiculous and simplistic ideas that are unworkable in the real world. Right now, they are trying to punish Hungary and the Czech republic for ‘failing’ to be more accommodating towards third world invaders.

    Your dreams of a Euro-nationalist empire are simply not supported by the bastards (like Macron) that inhabit the actual halls of power. I live in hope that one day the likes of Wilders and Le Pen can tear these people a new asshole and turn Europe back into a place that actually gives a crap about its own people.

  27. Davy on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 6:18 am 

    “To sum it up: thank you America for a few unforgettable decades with moonlandings, sitcoms, iPhones, airtravel to all sorts of FarawayIstans and what not… but that delicious period is now coming to an end. Real history will soon be back again. In spades.”

    Clog, spare me the false drama. Erdogan is a buffoon that is mentally ill. He is destroying Turkey and will be lucky to hold on to power at the rate he is going gutting is once productive country. The Muslims hate each other and will never come together to liberate Jerusalem. What they will do is continue to kill each other with the help of the US, Russia, and Europe which will continue to send displace people to your shores.

    History is being made and it is not your fantasy history with a revised 20th century history basis. It is about global decline, decay, and a coming day of reckoning with overshoot. Clog, this includes your Europe that will likely never achieve a 100% renewable world by 2050. It is likely Europe will be a Balkan mess by then. You are just dreaming. Enjoy your delicious foods and wines but forget about much of a future for your Europe. Yea, the rest of the world is in the same boat.

  28. Davy on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 6:58 am 

    I like to look at the economics of collapse. IMA a collapse of unknown degree and duration. We just don’t know how bad it could get from a major shock. I think it is clear to those who are honest any kind of major shock at this point will derail all modern productive efforts into dysfunction with plenty of economic decline. Bye Bye to a renewable future. Hello mass unemployed and hungry people. Get a grip on these factors of a NK war. This is not even factoring in war contagion and the NUK dimension. This is just the basics. It really is much worse.

    “How A Renewed Korean Conflict Is Going To Be Felt Around The Globe”

    “Casualties in an attack of the North on the South are estimated at 100,000 in Seoul in the first 24 hours. The U.S. military estimates 200,000-300,000 South Korean and U.S. military casualties within 90 days, and even more civilian deaths, many of which may be caused not by North Korean weapons but the collapse of the electric power grid, and the water, transport and sewer systems in a city with one of the highest population densities in the world. Half of the South’s population of over 50 million lives in the Seoul Capital Area, which produces almost half of the country’s gross domestic product.”

    “The effects would be felt worldwide and immediately as South Korea is a vital part of the global supply chain for high technology equipment, both as end products and parts used by other manufactures. Nor is it likely companies in other countries can quickly pick up the slack: it is estimated that the replacement cost of the display manufacturing capability of Samsung and rival LG will top $50 billion. In the words of one analyst, “If Korea is hit by a missile, all electronics production will stop.”

    “Shipping in the nearby Sea of Japan, East China Sea, and Yellow Sea will halt as there may no longer be a destination for the cargo, and spiking maritime insurance rates, if insurance can be had, will make most voyages unprofitable. Shipping to and from major Chinese ports such as Dalian, Qingdao, Shanghai, and Tianjin will halt and disrupt worldwide supply chains. Ships returning to China will have to anchor until the crisis abates, at a cost to the shipping lines (and customers). Most of Japan’s major ports are on the east coast of the main island, Honshu, and will be open for business, though with the threat of North Korean missiles early in the conflict.”

    “South Korea imports 98 percent of its fossil fuels and relies exclusively on tankers for liquefied natural gas (LNG) and crude oil. China will also be affected as it is the world’s largest net importer of crude oil and has LNG regasification terminals at Dalian, Qingdao, Shanghai, and Tianjin. Crude and LNG tankers enroute will have to be rerouted, but the product can probably be sold on the spot market.”

    “The airspace surrounding the Korea Peninsula and northeast China will be closed and will affect passenger and cargo traffic, including at Beijing, the world’s second busiest airport, and Shanghai, the ninth busiest. Eastward traffic to the region will slow and will hit the hub airport, Dubai, which is also a major tourist destination for Asia. Japan will lose eastbound air traffic, but westward traffic from the U.S. less so.”

    “South Korea imports most of its food as it has little arable land. The U.S. is its largest supplier, providing mostly corn, meat, hides, soybeans, milling wheat, and cotton, so the U.S. farm sector will sag if the crisis happens when produce is on the way to market.”

  29. GregT on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 9:47 am 

    “Get a grip on these factors of a NK war. This is not even factoring in war contagion and the NUK dimension. This is just the basics. It really is much worse.”

    Did you not read that proganda piece in it’s entirety Davy? Those would be the consequences of a preemptive attack on NK by the USA. As per usual, collateral damage ( the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocents) would be acceptable. Get a grip Davy.

    “This madness has to stop! Enough is enough”

  30. Davy on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 11:08 am 

    Shut up grehg and take your dumbass blinders off. Everything you do is from an anti-American view point. You are always viewing things from propaganda that you cannot even see your propaganda in action. You are the worst on this board for a focused agenda of emotional hate. You disgust me because you pollute all conversations with that asshole canadian hypocritical attitude. Look at the facts and quit reading in the intent. Whoever starts this and whoever is responsible from getting us here does not matter at this point. The facts of the damage is what I am presenting here blind man. It is a mutual war that either side could easily start. One false more on either side could trigger it. China and Russia are to blame also for this situation. So go whine your anti-American whine somewhere else. You are so binary and one sided there is no way to have a rational conversation with you.

  31. GregT on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 12:12 pm 

    China and Russia are not planning a preemptive attack on North Korea Davy, but you can be sure that there will be retaliation from both of them this time if the U.S. invokes yet another brutal and uneccessary bloodbath. The world has had enough of American military adventurism. How many millions more need to be brutally massacred? Enough is enough.

  32. dooma on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 12:15 pm 

    You mouth-breathing son of a whore. “I don’t care about your opinions” is that why you have written a mother-fucking essay? You have really sent my blood to the boiling point if you can stomach the above article without staunch criticism. Just because certain beliefs of mine align with GregT or Mak, does not mean that we are a “gang”. Such a fucking typical thought pattern of a true Yank. “7 people don’t agree with our arrogant atomic dropping, nation changing, American pie version of how the world should be tipped upside down until every last shekel lands in America. So they must be evil. FOR THE LAST FUCKING TIME, AND I HAVE MENTIONED IT AT LEAST 5 TIMES, AUSTRALIA IS JUST ANOTHER WESTERN SHITHOLE. BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY THE US. I FUCKING HATE MY COUNTRY. A concept you just cannot seem to grasp. You know what? I don’t give a fuck about an island. BUT, as pointed out by myself and others, I care greatly about innocent rice farmers who will be incinerated for no other reason than to appease the Fanta-faced fool and his’ Zionist son-in-law and madmen like McCain.

    You psychopaths will not be happy until this planet is razed. For what? You already have everything on the planet.

  33. Davy on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 12:22 pm 

    China and Russia bear responsibility grehg, for coddling and supporting a brutal and militaristic regime over multiple decades. They enriched themselves and used the NK for their strategic ends and now look where we are at. This is not a deflection from the global crimes of the US. IMA, that end you spend your life’s energy preaching about in emotional anti-American rants. I am acknowledging these but also includes all the others who benefited. I know you would disagree since in your eyes all problems in the world come right back to the Americans. You act like you have all the answers but you see grehg there are few answers to this situation and none positive.

  34. Hello on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 12:25 pm 

    dooma: it’s a good thing to move if you don’t like the place you currently live in. Manila seems nice, as per Mak.

  35. Davy on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 12:28 pm 

    What is da matter dumba are you losing your cool. LOL, you, makat, and grehg are the gang of asswipes. You guys belong together. You pussies need support because you can’t face a fight alone. You hypocrites need to start your own anti-American whine, bitch, and moan site. I am sure it will be popular but stupid because you guys are idiots and your followers will reflect your immaturity. How is that for you boiling point smarty? Double fucking LOL.

  36. GregT on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 12:53 pm 

    The Empire is done Davy. There is not going to be a New American Unipolar century. The only question that remains is whether the Empire goes out with a whimper, or with a bang. A bang is not in anyone’s best interests. Especially those of us living here in North America. The next WW will not be fought only overseas.

  37. bigtard on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 1:00 pm 

    dooma I wish Senator McCain a speedy recovery.

    “Our incapacity is their livelihood”

    I was a Blue Republican so I could vote for Ron Paul but I changed back to Democrat recently.

    They appealed to my ego saying if I grow up and acquire a brain then I’d be a Republican. They know just what to say and I was ensnared.

  38. Davy on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 1:11 pm 

    No shit grehg and good riddance so what is your point Einstein? Did that make you feel good saying that?

  39. GregT on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 1:19 pm 

    No Davy, it does not make me feel good. I do not condone mass murder, and would prefer to live my own insignificant life in peace. TYVM.

  40. Apneaman on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 2:12 pm 

    Davy is an absentee father who prefers charging at windmills 10hrs a day (12 of 40 sniveling comments in the thread prove it) to spending any time with his sons. I would expect nothing less from a born & raised spoiled 1%er exceptionalist rich boy who is unable to except the/his empire is gasping and choking. The empire is falling because it has become dysfunctional and only a dysfunctional hanger-on would spend his days yelling at anyone pointing it out. It’s probably in your kids best interest that you continue to stay well away from them lest they end up thin skinned, friendless, whining losers like you.

  41. Davy on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 2:17 pm 

    Where you been ape? I thought you may have mouthed a gun or something. I see you left the conversation dragging kids into it and come back the same. You boys from BC are disgusting.

  42. Davy on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 2:19 pm 

    Grehg, don’t be so high and mighty sounding. You and the gang have a wish and that is mass murder to Americans. Like I said you stupid Canadians are disgusting.

  43. Cloggie on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 3:02 pm 

    “dooma I wish Senator McCain a speedy recovery.”

    Absolutely, as well as his highly deserved 72 virgins.

  44. dooma on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 5:51 pm 

    Wow, the things you learn. Someone actually had sex with Davy…Twice. Was it your mother or sister. They both have vaginas the size of a KFC bucket.

    I knew you had acreage but I should have expected that you would have had all the trappings that come with living in a country that has fucked every other country smaller than it over.

    Haha, I could just see it now, a sign over the gate “Ranch Pathetic”. Windmills and various gadgets sticking into the sky to attract the wrong sort of people.

    I truly hope that there is a purge of self-entitled fat bubba’s like you and they sodomise you on you front lawn and cook you pig like carcass on a shopping trolley.

    Hello, I have no beef with you so I accept you suggestion but goodbye.

  45. Davy on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 5:55 pm 

    Dumba, I love when people like you get all hot and bothered. Quit being a pussy and show your age. Are you what dumbass young Australians have become? Sad.

  46. Makati1 on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 6:20 pm 

    To all of my “gang”: I have enjoyed reading all of your Davy bashing above. I think he has set a new record for the number of worthless rebuttals on one article. I did not bother to read his rants as they are always the same and all of you covered them perfectly. Thanks.

  47. GregT on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 6:36 pm 


    My apologies for getting on your case a few years back over your exceptionalist bashing. I realize now that he deserves every last bit of it and more. Peace.

  48. Davy on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 6:42 pm 

    makat, you wanted it and you got it. You all get so bent out of shape when you get some of your own medicine back in your face. I have a backbone but you and your gang bangers don’t so keep it up. The more you whine the more successful I am.

  49. Davy on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 6:44 pm 

    oh grehger is back sweet talking his dork friend. LMFAO. Let’s see, where is dumba and ape woman? You gangsters are hurting.

  50. dooma on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 7:19 pm 

    I have a total distain for violence. Hence the strong dislike at what America has done. But Davy, you reach new heights in stupidity. The latest saying in the US is “insert insult, then finish with tard”. And that is all you are capable of. Just another sheep. Ever thought of independent thought? Oh no, I just realised I did the equivalent of asking a sloth to preform calculus.

    Let me guess, in Rancho Davy there is a trusty lever-action Winchester on the wall. Like the one uncle Billy used when he shot all them gook women and children over in that little place near Hawaii?

    Next to it is a civilian version of a an AR-15. The one Bobby Ray and his’ pals from Blackwater used to shoot all them “sand niggers”. Sheesh, sometimes they used to shoot the women in the private parts. Because we are too polite to say words like cunt, even the word toilet makes us blush.

    But don’t worry, we can carpet bomb anyone.

    We are the all singing, all dancing cancer of this planet. YEEE-HAAWWW.

    I would have no hesitation gut shooting you and watching you bleed out. Dumba- that is very creative of you David. David is what our Catholic Priest called you as you sucked his’ cock? I just hope he gave you a Mars bar after he..well you know what he left in your mouth.

    BTW, that joke of a comparison of the range of NK and the US missile ranges was taken from your erection capapility (soft,floppy) and a man.

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