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Page added on April 22, 2017

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“Total Chaos” – Cyber Attack Feared As Multiple Cities Hit With Simultaneous Power Grid Failures

The U.S. power grid appears to have been hit with multiple power outages affecting San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles.

Officials report that business, traffic and day-to-day life has come to a standstill in San Francisco, reportedly the worst hit of the three major cities currently experiencing outages.

Power companies in all three regions have yet to elaborate on the cause, though a fire at a substation was the original reason given by San Francisco officials.

A series of subsequent power outages in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City left commuters stranded and traffic backed up on Friday morning. Although the outages occurred around the same time, there is as of yet no evidence that they were connected by anything more than coincidence.

The first outage occurred at around 7:20 a.m. in New York, when the power went down at the 7th Avenue and 53rd Street subway station, which sent a shockwave of significant delays out from the hub and into the rest of the subway system. By 11:30 a.m. the city’s MTA confirmed that generators were running again in the station, although the New York subways were set to run delayed into the afternoon.

Later in the morning, power outages were reported in Los Angeles International Airport, as well as in several other areas around the city.


Via : Inverse


The San Francisco Fire Department was responding to more than 100 calls for service in the Financial District and beyond, including 20 elevators with people stuck inside, but reported no immediate injuries. Everywhere, sirens blared as engines maneuvered along streets jammed with traffic.



Traffic lights were out at scores of intersections, and cars were backing up on downtown streets as drivers grew frustrated and honked at each other.

Via: SF Gate

The cause of the outage has not yet been made clear, though given the current geo-political climate it is not out of the question to suggest a cyber attack could be to blame. It has also been suggested that the current outages could be the result of a secretive nuclear/EMP drill by the federal government.

As we have previously reported, the entire national power grid has been mapped by adversaries of the United States and it is believed that sleep trojans or malware may exist within the computer systems that maintain the grid.

In a 2016 report it was noted that our entire way of life has been left vulnerable to saboteurs who could cause cascading blackouts across the United States for days or weeks at a time:

It isn’t just EMPs and natural disaster that poses a threat to the grid, but there is also the potential for attacks on individual power substations in the vast network of decentralized and largely unguarded power grid chain. A U.S. government study established that there would be “major, extended blackouts if more than three key substations were destroyed.”


Whether by criminals, looters, terrorists, gangs or pranksters, it would take very little to bring down the present system, and there is currently very little the system can do to protect against this wide open threat.

Whether the current outages are the result of a targeted infrastructure cyber attack or simply a coincidence, most Americans think the impossible can’t happen, as The Prepper’s Blueprint author Tess Pennington highlights, a grid-down scenario won’t just be a minor inconvenience if it goes on for more than a day or two:

Consider, for a moment, how drastically your life would change without the continuous flow of energy the grid delivers. While manageable during a short-term disaster, losing access to the following critical elements of our just-in-time society would wreak havoc on the system.


  • Challenges or shut downs of business commerce
  • Breakdown of our basic infrastructure: communications, mass transportation, supply chains
  • Inability to access money via atm machines
  • Payroll service interruptions
  • Interruptions in public facilities – schools, workplaces may close, and public gatherings.
  • Inability to have access to clean drinking water

It is for this reason that we have long encouraged Americans to prepare for this potentially devastating scenario by considering emergency food reserves, clean water reserves and even home defense strategies in the event of a widespread outage. The majority of Americans have about 3 days worth of food in their pantry. Imagine for a moment what Day 4 might look like in any major city that goes dark.

11 Comments on "“Total Chaos” – Cyber Attack Feared As Multiple Cities Hit With Simultaneous Power Grid Failures"

  1. Apneaman on Sat, 22nd Apr 2017 1:08 pm 


    Almost 40 years of infrastructure neglect starting with Reagan, privatisation and “no new taxes” is starting to show.

    Aging US Power Grid Blacks Out More Than Any Other Developed Nation
    ON 07/17/14

  2. Anonymouse on Sat, 22nd Apr 2017 2:16 pm 

    No kidding.

    % uS of power outages caused by ‘cyber-attacks’ and or ‘terrorists’


    Number of uS power outages caused by; low to moderate winds, rain, birds, snow, lighting, human error and or incompetence, equipment failure etc


    But just in case cyber-jihadists are to blame, better buy some of SHTFplan.coms emergency food pails, or bug-out kits, or w/e they happen to be flogging.

  3. onlooker on Sat, 22nd Apr 2017 2:21 pm 

    America and planet have many more important things to worry about than terrorism

  4. Hubert on Sat, 22nd Apr 2017 2:42 pm 

    No way these idiots will fix the aging infrastructures when there are wars to be won!!!!


  5. Hubert on Sat, 22nd Apr 2017 2:58 pm 

    HUGE! Operation Gotham Shield 2017! Nuclear Detonation Drill To Take Place IN NEW YORK!

  6. deadlykillerbeaz on Sun, 23rd Apr 2017 5:41 am 

    Give me a hot summer day with little rain for the last month or so, I can wreak havoc with a magnifying glass and some dry grass.

    Every twenty miles, start in Kansas, start fires up and down the Great Plains for days on end. Crops will burn, it will be mayhem.

    Of course, somebody will find out who is doing the work of a firebug and just might deliver justice swiftly and shoot your sorry worthless hide.

    On second thought, it can all be avoided by not starting prairie fires. Arson is serious business. Sales of magnifying glasses need registration of owners.

    Probably shouldn’t cause power outages deliberately, cyber or by any other means, you could be in big trouble. Anybody is capable of causing huge damage to any system, so don’t do it. A very simple solution, don’t commit acts of cyber crime and physical crimes, don’t do it.

    Banking is dependent on electricity, all hell breaks loose when the bank has no electricity.

    If the power goes out, how can you buy anything if you have no cash? Always have cash.

  7. Davy on Sun, 23rd Apr 2017 5:55 am 

    “Every twenty miles, start in Kansas, start fires up and down the Great Plains for days on end. Crops will burn, it will be mayhem.”

    I am planning on burning more of my native grasses today. The mayhem you talk about would actually be beneficial in many ways. There are not that many crops in the western Great Plains. There is a significant amount of grasslands where fire is a natural part of the ecosystem. There are large areas of wheat in the north that would burn but overall much of the Great Plains is a grass desert. In the eastern grain belt you will find that corn and beans do not burn well. You need a proper mix of fuel and a stock of fuel to get a good wildfire. Grasslands need a few years to build up fuel and have it stored in the under layers. Burning is a skill and in many ways an art if it is used to create and manage habitat. It is one of the things I do on the farm that is rewarding and stressful. It is dangerous, difficult and exhaustive. I have a high degree of respect of first responders.

  8. Davy on Sun, 23rd Apr 2017 6:02 am 

    “Yesterday’s Broad Power Outage Likely Caused By Geomagnetic Storm”

  9. q on Sun, 23rd Apr 2017 7:38 am 

    The US with its huge debt will now massively cut taxes, at the same will massively invest in infrastructure (like border walls) and also lead wars with nuclear armed opponents. Then it will be great again.

  10. shortonoil on Sun, 23rd Apr 2017 1:51 pm 

    “Yesterday’s Broad Power Outage Likely Caused By Geomagnetic Storm”

    Going from memory here – but there was a massive solar storm that hit in 1857. The solar astronomer that recorded it was named “Hoyle”(?). It was reported that the EMP produced made telegraph lines, and barbed wire fences glow at night. That would take out every CMOS on the planet if it happened today. We do like to depend on flimsy systems. We like to build them on the cheap, and hope nothing goes wrong. Then we like to think of ourselves as a clever bunch of monkeys.

  11. sidzepp on Sun, 23rd Apr 2017 9:27 pm 

    Onlooker-the nice thing about terrorism is that you scare the shit out of the average Joe and Jane and they are willing to see more of their tax dollars go to more military spending and more “Patriot Act” legislation.

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