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Page added on March 28, 2011

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Robin Murison: Love is the Answer to Peak Oil

General Ideas

There are many books about loving each other. There is the biggest love story of
them all the Bible. Which is how to ask the infinite great I AM into your life
and get him working for you.
This is nearer the great I am scale of the spectrum looking at our home planet
Earth and every creature on it.
It is not a book about the environment per se although of course that is a
factor. It is not about the ecology although that is a huge factor. It is not
about people or the business world all though that is a huge factor. It is not
about communities which is a load of very important factors and it is not about
all the individuals humans and other creatures that make up this world. All of
them are a part of this world and all of them need to be loved. This is book is
about developing that love to make this a place fit to live for all of humanity
by being good stewards of the world.
It touches on politics it touches on the law it touches business in each case it
is giving concrete examples of how we can love each other and the planet. It is
how to apply the love of the Great I AM which everyone of every faith can
This document is prepared as a template business plan which attempts to try
solving the global problems of the world by looking at a solution for one
community and then repeating that solution for every community.
Firstly, I list a large and rather frightening list of global problems.
I then look at an outline solution which shows that all of these problems are in
principle are solvable. All we need is to do is to learn work together as a
team. The main goal of this is to disperse some of that fear and as Obama says:
. “Yes! We can”
I then go into more details about one particular solution to put some numbers to
those outlines. Which by and large to prove we can do this.
The goal is not to lay out the plan for the future but to prove we can solve
this get a a realistic worst case scenario and start raising the bar so that we
can notice the removal of fossil fuels from our societies as little as possible.
However, a fundamental point here is to solve these issues we need to
communicate like never before.
To communicate you need two things knowledge and a desire to communicate.
The goal of this document is to give you some knowledge you really care about.
This is to really focus your mind on what is most important to you: your love
for your family, your friends, your employees your colleagues, your customers
the people you work with and live with every day.
There is no greater drive to communicate than love.
There is also give a better a mechanism for communicating faster, communication
a centralized database of problems for people to dip in and find work from based
on the idea of Wikipedia and Google.
If you have the knowledge to solve a problem look in and solve one.
The purpose for this web site is to get anyone anywhere connected with the
people that can solve their problems.
Lastly, I wanted to say is that this business plan and every idea in it is given
free and Gratis and is in the public domain and is not patentable. It is
provided as an example and is not expected to be the major part of the final
product plans
Why? This document was written to help share solutions, as a practical
application of love in a business context. It’s whole goal is to maximise
cooperation. Patenting these ideas or trying to make a profit would only slow
down what has already proven a very dangerously slow process.
All the links from this page are to separate people or organisations. Their
ideas are theirs and theirs alone. They are provided as examples of excellence,
which is why I do not mind giving them a free advertisement.
The problems
The most urgent problem the world faces
We are running out of oil fast. No oil with our current habits means major wars
and mass starvation. Thirty years away we will be looking at the same problem
for gas.
The facts behind peak oil:
BP reported, in 2009. that peak oil happening between 2006 and 2007. We are
already 3 years past peak
The most recent version available from BP is already more opaque.
Europe will definitely not have enough to continue its current life style within
5 years. Source the International Energy Agency.
We have 25 to 35 years before there will be no oil assuming maximal consumption.
Source: Michael King Hubbert predictions, who was a great statistician working
for the Shell oil company in the 1950s.
What have governments done about it? Almost Nothing! Except, America and the UK
have attacked Iraq in what seems like a ploy to steal oil from them.
Expected events when just looking at oil
Awaiting permission to publish this theoretically more accurate graph.

You will notice at several points the system cannot cope and scientists are
expecting repeated catastrophic failures of our civilization, which is why
governments are seriously afraid to talk about it. At each failure we will
loose parts of our society and some skill sets the more often we do this the
worse it gets.
The following graph
A graph of what happens when we put all the energy together. Note, the spike in
coal production starts a trend to use a lot more coal sooner to mitigate the
missing oil since 2007 that is where we currently are on this graph. Everything
before that is correct, except nuclear is based on consumption due to missing
production figures.(Wind turbines would be a very thin line on this graph so I
have not bother adding them. Production of Wind turbines is expected to be
severely disrupted by the first catastrophic failure so they never grow.) Both
the following graphs start at 2000 AD

Please note that spike in coal production is a very visible effect we can have
on this curve which follows maximum consumption curve.
The rest of the curve is best fit Asymmetric Hubbert curve to match the expected
maximal production after peak following information which matches the last 40
years production. Note using coal to replace oil will just delay the cliff a
relatively short time and make it even steeper when it comes.
The other thing to note in these curves while give the general gist, most of our
future is in our own hands and we can choose which curve to follow.
If we do not talk about this we will be continue to use the maximum energy
available to us and when it runs out we will be in free fall down an energy
cliff in the not to distant future.
However, using the same asymmetric Hubbert curve but this time deliberately
reducing consumption by 30% Something most motorists can do by driving at 40mph
instead of 60mph; a very achievable goal. You can see the difference:

Note if even a few countries or corporations carry on using maximum available
energy we revert to the previous graph. So this has to be a global effort, we
have to work as a global team.
This already looks a lot less likely to fail but I still have not added wind
power. Currently at 0.3% of global energy production because it is so unreliable
it is not thought to be worth the effort.
The only sensible option, accept the data change our lives to meet our resources
and plan for using a lot less energy.
Make our lives that much more efficient. The sooner we do it the better.
We need to use less about 75% less energy within 25 years.
43% because that is how much energy is left on the market after oil has gone.
For transport all other fossil fuels are at best 60% as efficient as oil. So we
need to be about 25% as efficient. The sooner we save energy especially oil the
longer we have to solve the rest of the problem.
Oil is also used for artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Our Agriculture
seems threatened.
It is used in the pharmaceutical trade and most plastics. Wasting oil on
transport is a bad idea.
We have about 4.5 years to prepare for this before we reach the earliest date
for the energy cliff. So we need to solve it or at least reduce global
consumption by 30% by which can be achieved simple by driving more efficiently
with no technological changes. We need people to adopt this strategy soon.
So we need less commuting, local organic food supplies, getting our goods
delivered, rather than going to get them and eventually we will need to have
enough agricultural surpluses to produce the plastics and other chemicals we
Two other issues which should be considered related to this are: global warming,
global dimming (Global dimming is caused by soot in the air reflecting sunlight.
The tiny particles of smoke also cause finer droplets. This causes more water
stay in the air for longer. This is the cause of the many recent and disastrous
flash floods.).
Both of these issues will be vastly improved by the removal of oil from the
economy. So while they are both very important, I am considering them as
secondary to this issue of removing fossil fuels from our economy as fast as
The last and worst possible disaster is the possibility of the great oceanic
currents collapsing. If the oceans salinity, saltiness, drops too far, the
currents will have no where to go because the water will not sink when it gets
cold so the currents will stop. This stops a huge transfer of energy around the
world. The poles and temperate zone would freeze up very quickly. At the
equator temperatures would rise very fast. Plant growth would plummet and
oxygen levels with them and most life on earth would die.
The main problem is that we are not solving these problems because we are not
communicating well enough. The scientists have the knowledge but not
necessarily the passion to communicate it with. The people with just passion do
not have the knowledge to argue their case. You need both working together to
successfully communicate.
The people with the knowledge have been screaming at the lack of action for
years and decades even:
But they do not have the love or hope to communicate the need in such a way as
people will listen and solve these problems.
I looked at that site 5 years ago and it scared me into wanting to solve these
The reason, I wanted to find out and solve these problems is because I am a
Christian and I want the whole world to have a better life. I have 29 nephews
and nieces and a daughter, who I want to see grow up in a healthy and happy
The reason I am communicating this to you is because I am a Christian and you
are my neighbours. As a Christian I need and want to love you and do what is
best for you. To let you know the problems we face and come up with some simple
yet effective solutions to inspire confidence that we can solve these problems.
The reason I can come up with some useful solutions is because I am a scientist.
I can read and understand the implications of scientific papers. I can analyse
the problems and come up with solutions.
I am a Christian Scientist and I can and want to do both.
How I rejoined the two sources of truth
The Church’s greatest sin was committed about500 years ago when it reject
science as valid source of truth. With all its power and might it jumped on
anyone who used it, especially if it threatened their understanding of spiritual
truth. This forced scientists to only look at the physical world and ignore
heaven. So much so that now they seem to think the physical world is all that
Now that the tables have turned and almost everyone of every creed or no creed
believes in Science whereas only a sixth of the world has any relationship with
Jesus Christ.
Everything in the Bible is about love and when read in that light it makes
perfect sense. The good bits are so positive The Hatred and wrath of judgement
so destructive.
As a child I was allowed to do what was forbidden 500 years ago. I shone the
cold light of logic on Unified Field Theory (UTF) in search of the ideas about
God and what I found astounded was how easy it was to find religious ideas with
very little effort and how well they match the Bible.
That search indicates that everything in the Bible is very probably true. In
fact the only missing link needed to prove it is completely true is omniscience.
Which will is solved when fully understand Unified Field Theory. That would
mean we could calculate the set which describes anyone anywhere at any time in
the future or past, pick up that mathematical image of them and put it anywhere
we want on earth or in Heaven or Hell as often as we like. Scientist have been
filled with a hunger for truth, Christians call the Spirit of Truth or Holy
Spirit, for centuries and while they did not know it they were looking for a
proof of God’s existence. This is where I found that science and Christianity
are exactly the same search for a complete understanding of existence.
According to Christians, you only have this life time to set your path for the
rest of eternity. Living a hateful or even loveless life is something I would
wish on no one. Living in Hell for the rest of eternity in hateful and tortured
existence is something I dread, as a Christian, for all who do not understand
love, especially the love of the man, all Christians follow; Jesus Christ. As a
Christian I have to ask you to believe in him and seek his forgiveness or you
cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. If you do not, or so the theory goes, you
will go to Hell.
I also know that decision is completely and utterly yours. I have to respect
your decision. I have to respect you and your choices. Indeed I have to love
Over population and food
1/6th of the world’s population is on the brink of starvation. Currently Most
of our food production uses crude oil in fertilizers pesticides farm machinery
and delivery. We need to move to organic farming while we have the energy to do
so. We need to move away from oil based farm machinery and minimise delivery
costs before this becomes a problem.
The rich countries also need to eat and waste less. While it may be
theoretically possible to feed our current population we are currently failing
to do so and a lot of our western food comes from areas of the world where the
starving are not very far away. Think of them when you eat.
The most obvious solution to this problem is to introduce some form of birth
control and incentives to have fewer children. This can be done preferably
through religious chastity but contraceptives are a more practical option. Some
may even consider abortion, as being murdered in the womb is a lot less painful
than dying of starvation a few months later and probably causing other children
to starve too.
All the farm land in the world divided by 4 billion gives a lot more food person
than all the farm land in the world divided by 6 or 7 billion or even more.
Problem Fear
The world’s governments have been procrastinating since 1970, when the first of
Michael Hubbert’s predictions came true. Governments are ill equipped to deal
with the loss of popularity and the expected rebellion they expect when they say
they have been sitting on this information for the last 40 years and done very
little about it.
There are two answers to fear one is hope this is provided in the form of a
change in philosophy, which shows that while religion is optional being nice to
each other is very advantageous. Working as a community is essential with out it
we will have chaos.
The second is a plan. If someone comes on the scene with a plan, which solves a
large parts of these problems even for a part of the economy; it inspires others
to follow suit and add ideas for the rest of society. It cannot be worse than
world war three which is where we are heading right now because the world
governments cannot cope. This is a job for the global corporations, which is an
idea I will get back to as part of the solution.
Why Democracy cannot work
To get elected a politician has to give the voters what they want. He has no
interest in giving them what they need.
To keep power you need happy voters. Give them a pop star or an actor and they
are happy. The masses of badly educated voters are not going to read scientific
papers telling them they are running out of oil. Nor search YouTube to find
them, so they do not know and so do not care and sit watching XFactor or porn
movies or what ever keeps them happy until the end of our civilization, when
suddenly they are going to have a few months of rioting and starvation before
they are too dead to care.
Governments have been failing to do anything about it for 40 years, when the
first of M.K. Hubbert’s predictions cam true. Do not wait for them.
Democratic Political leaders cannot solve this problem, because any unpopular
policies will oust them from power.
Why politically enforced changes cannot work
Enforced policies are not fully communicated and cannot solve this problem
either because when governed by fear ideas are not shared with the ones
frightening you the masters, because they are seen an enemy and information is
power which you do not want to share. So it will just lead to rebellion and
civil war.
National governments are too parochial
Very simply the governments of individual countries are too parochial. They are
looking after there territory and it is too small. America may, in theory, be
able to defend its current way of life a little longer by stealing resources
from other countries but it means the rest of the world starves. If America
continues to keep its way of life they will eventually starve too. So America
will have to change sooner or later. The sooner we all do it as a team, the
more peacefully the change, the better it is for all mankind.
Conclusion: Governments cannot solve this problem.
Centralized power supplies could become unreliable.
As petroleum oil runs out, there is a risk to our power sources that deliveries
of coal or uranium will fail.
There is also a risk that as the climate changes, so the water supplies will
change. Our current electricity production needs fresh water as coolant and as a
major transporter of energy. If an area runs out of water it will not be able
to have a major coal or nuclear heat based electricity generator.
To keep our business going we need to have a local supply of power that we
maintain and can rely on, that is renewable energy source
Any centralized renewable power sources which do not need fuel delivered are
more than welcome e.g. the Solar Chimneys being built in Australia and which can
be used in mant parts of the world.
Food production
Most of our food production uses crude oil in fertilizers pesticides farm
machinery and delivery, none of which will be available with 20 years how do we
solve these problems.
We do not know all the problems
We need a more complete list. As an initial starting place
apart from its very negative propaganda which does not help solve the problem.
Also lists over 2000 scientific papers about various sustainability issues. All
of which are not being solved and all of which need solving. We need to find
all of them and address them.
Rising sea levels
There are several things we can do about rising sea levels. Two Our major
problems are Global warming and Global dimming and the risk to the ocean
conveyor belts. We can do something about all of these just by locally
increasing oceanic evaporation
It looks like are civilization is in a very severe mess and there is little or
nothing we can do about it. Let us look at some solutions and see whether it
really is as black asit looks.

The outline solution
Firstly explain why the corporations should take this challenge on.
Explain why we need communication like we have never done before, and how to
improve our communication by being more loving.
To communicate clearly and you need clear information to communicate and you
need the desire and skill to communicate it. Science provides the information
Love is the most powerful motive to communicate. The whole of Walt Disney’s
income is based on it. If either is missing; you cannot communicate powerfully.
Section The biggest job site in the world goes into the technical details of how
to improve global communications and how to get advertising to people who have
already told you they want your solution without pestering the people who are
not interested. This is a global project site, for any and all problems that
people can think of; A site which connects customers to businesses problem
raisers to problem solvers. We need this global web site because this change is
hugely disruptive and could cause mass unemployment in certain polluting
industries or redundant energy businesses and we need the maximum number of
opportunities to get them back in useful work. If we do not handle the process
with care and consideration it could become hugely destructive.
The reason it needs to be global, is because that gives the maximum number of
minds available to solve each and every problem. It gives business access to
mine of useful product ideas. It is often the worker on the shop floor who may
have no formal qualifications who knows best how to do one particular job.
From there we can start tackling the major problems there are two parts to this
There is a huge list of environmental issues we need to prioritize that affect
the decisions of people all over the world. If we start making local decisions
and local solutions and then find there is a much bigger global issue which
means those people have to move because of rising sea levels or an impending
drought. We need to know that as soon as possible to waste as little energy as
possible and have to resolve the problem somewhere else again.
So we need a team looking at all the problems statistically prioritizing them.
Not necessarily solving them but getting and order to solving them. The same as
you would any project. Once they are prioritized think of solutions or
mitigations and request the aid of the appropriate industries to solve them.
The second part of the solution is to find a solution for one business or group
of businesses to remove all oil from the energy equation and preferably make it
only dependent on renewable power. It also needs to be able to feed itself
locally. That way the business site becomes completely sustainable. For that
they need to support the whole of their community. This must be a community
Once your company is no longer dependent on Fossil fuels it is safe once it is
getting its food locally it is even safer once it is helping the community to
live completely renewably that is one part of the world that will not be going
into free fall when the rest of the world runs out of oil. This road of modular
development is complete energy safe.
This is not the plan we will necessarily implement. It is the plan that proves
we can do it. If we have a plan that can be shown to work there is a lot less
fear. Once we have a plan which works we have a starting place to improve on,
to add all the bits we want and can afford. Then we have a real basis for hope.
There are two major limits to a local economy. How much energy can you produce
locally? How much food you can produce locally? If either of these is not
enough, then make our industries that much more efficient or use fewer staff and
or let them move.
We need to move those we cannot feed from local production to where there is
food. For that we need to find out where to move to by doing a global survey.
This may be slow and needs to be done once and well.
Why global corporations should take the lead
It is a lot harder for the CEO of a company to be removed because his decisions
are unpopular.
Conclusion: CEOs are in better position to make unpopular decisions.
All the major corporations have employees on all the major continents; we have
people we know and care about all over the world. We are the global community.
We care for the global community.
Conclusion: Global corporations have a need to keep their employees safe world
All the major corporations business relies on having customers. We care for our
customers we have relationships with them we want them to do well using our
Conclusion: Global corporations have a need to keep their customers safe world
Global war would be a complete disaster for all business. It is ridiculous to
let it happen.
Conclusion: it is in the interest of Global corporations to solve this problem
and they have the mandate of their share holders to do so because it can only be
good for business.
We have to solve this problem or suffer the devastation of WWIII and the
collapse of our civilization.
Conclusion: The Global corporations should attempt to solve this problem without
government backing. The Global corporations should be driving the governments
to change. Not the other way around.
The initial plan is to spread the idea of love through the company as a means to
improve communication.
We must accept that we are loosing half our power and our food production needs
to go organic and we need a new source of plastics especial flexible insulators
for our electrical power supply Adjust to it accommodate it and make it work.
Promising work on non-petroleum based insulators
Once we have a plan, which is shown to work make it public knowledge that we are
thinking that way. This business plan is not one of huge profits. It is one of
huge energy cost savings necessary for survival. The good part about saving
energy is you save money too.
We start by showing we can secure our employees lives beyond end of oil and
preferably gas. We share our conclusions so every one can do the same.
The more people are thinking about this the more energy we save the more
economic the solution the better our standard of living.
Out target living off renewable energy using only 25% of the energy we currently
Ownership and The law
The legal form of ownership needs to change and that is fundamentally the domain
of the law and lawyers.
We need every model of ownership every contract to encourage stewardship reuse
and an energy efficient life.
Do you love your customer? I ask you this because if you do, you will want to
provide the best solution, the cheapest solution that you possibly can. You
should always write your contracts to ensure that they encourage this.
Here are two examples of legal ownership which encourage stewardship, there are
probably many more.
The corporate model is a very good place to start. Where an employee has their
desk their tools and they are effectively theirs to do with as they want to
until they stop doing their job. When they get promoted they get a new set of
When he changes team or corporation he loose his rights in the old team and
gains new rights in the new one and may move to a new location.
The employee is the steward of that equipment and has a responsibility to be
gentle with it and ensure is not damaged for his successor to have it after him.
These contracts are often used by small businesses to extend these issues from
work into the home. We should encourage this because it is the right model of
ownership to encourage stewardship.
We have to accept, that we are stewards of our house quite possibly for a few
years or our whole life time. However, the building fundamentally belongs to the
many people who live in it after you. So take care of everything you own for
those who come afterwards.
Your contract of employment
It is the foundation of the relationship between employer and employee. If you
can make it encourage cooperation and even love between staff and also between
staff their employers. You generate a win/win situation. Everywhere that
happens you get trust. Trust means better communication; so your employees make
stronger teams and the business thrives.
Goods should be rented not sold.
When a new technology comes in and threatens the old businesses. How can you
get them to buy into the idea? By producing the good under license to the
inventor and renting the equipment not selling it but renting it.
When the old company installs the new component into their products, to replace
their motor or switch or whatever it is. The inventor gets his royalties for
that idea for the life time of the patent and the company who has created it and
installed it rents the solution rather than sells the solution this means they
keep their income stream and are less threatened by new better technology.
The price they rent it for should reflect the cost of the disruption to the
older business which is adapting to the new and give them time to adapt to the
new technology. So initially this may be a lot higher than the cost of making
and maintaining the new technology. However, as all the manufacturers are
almost certainly in a competitive market the competition will keep the price
reasonable compared with other manufacturers and will eventually drive the price
down when the manufacturers have redeployed their staff and machineries to work
on manufacturing the next most useful product.
Other reasons
When your clients upgrade to the next generation they return the property to the
manufacturer and the manufacturer has the responsibility of dismantling it,
recycling it, reusing the parts or returning them to their manufacturer.  It
means they retain access to the materials they need for the next generation and
a huge saving in the need for finding new resources.
This encourages the manufacturer to make their products easy to dismantle and
make as many parts as possible reusable for the next generation.  It discourages
the use of fundamentally dangerous materials.  It encourages making goods that
never break.  If you make something that never breaks the manufacturer has just
created them selves a permanent rent income for the rest of time, or until
someone drops an equivalent products rent to zero because someone came up with a
better solution.
If the goods need maintenance then the cost of the maintenance comes out of the
rental. It is the owners i.e. the manufacturers responsibility to maintain it.
If the manufacturer should add breakage costs to the contract to encourage the
user to use the good gently and so increase its life expectancy. A clause in
their may be that User’s who regularly break things can be required to return
the good and so be forced to learn good behaviour.
To terminate the contract the user should logically send it back to the
manufacturer so the resources can be reused and broken goods are returned to the
manufacturer to ensure the rental contract is terminated.
Where the good should go at the end of its life, should be a part of the
contract. If the manufacturer needs to recover parts then send it to them.
Say how to notify the manufacturers that you are no longer using it. This is
easy with our current level of IT.
This also encourages retrieval of waste and discourages littering. Who wants to
be paying for the rest of their lives for something they have not got the use
However, it may be more efficient just to simply recycle it, then the current
model is sufficient.
All of these lead to huge savings in energy and cost.
Destruction of goods
Even if you come up with what seems an excellent solution which does the job it
is supposed to do with no maintenance, at some point the solution will either be
superseded by a better solution or the need will disappear such as all the tools
in a coal mine at some point will become useless.
You will always need to be able to recycle or reuse its parts or recover the
underlying materials and you should always be able to do this
This is why it may be reasonable to have a permanent but small rent. You may be
able to delegate that to your suppliers. E.g. a moulded piece of aluminium, e.g.
a motor, can be recycled by any metal recycling plant but for anything more
complicated you may need the tools and trained staff needed to dismantle it.
There can always be a better solution or change in needs so you always need to
be able to dismantle the item into its constituent parts..
Do you love your customer?
The sales contract or rental contract which ever is reasonable is the
foundations of you’re the business customer relationship. How do you love your
customers? Rental of manufactured goods allows you to provide your absolute
best solution for the least effort most efficient, your easiest maintained and
keep responsibility for disposing of what could be a complicated item and still
get paid for it permanently.
Look at what is the most economic the most ecologically sound way to provide the
best stewardship.
Who wins from this change?
The manufacturers win a time wise unlimited income to cover the costs of having
to be adaptable; the contracts have to be renegotiable to match market trends.
When the price drops it would be exceedingly inefficient for users to swap
manufacturer just because of the rent from a different manufacturer’s product is
less when there is no actual difference in product.
The customer wins because they are getting a better product and are probably
paying a similar or lower fee as they were paying in their maintenance contracts
and guarantees.
The world wins because we are saving energy and reducing waste and pollution.
Returnable packaging or disposable packaging?
In the 1960’s most drinks were sold in a bottle, the packaging, was sold with it
and you could sell the packaging back. This still seems the most efficient way
of recycling the packaging. It just needs transporting back to the factory and
washing to be ready for reuse. This seems a lot less energy than disposable
cans which need recycling and a separate trip to the recycling plant then
sorting transport to the foundry melting down transporting back to the factory
to be recreated with latest advert on.
Which is better stewardship?
I have not done a detailed energy analysis in the last section it just seems
reasonable to return bottles rather than manufacture destroy and recreate a
container. If the refundable bottle is the actually more efficient way of
packaging drinks including production of the packaging transport of the
packaging and including the cost of recycling the can then, go back to
refundable bottles. The cost analysis is all that time and energy worth the
advertising space on the can?
I would also encourage renting the bottles. It makes not returning the bottles
even more punitive. It also encourages people to be gentler with their bottles
and not break them. It also discourages littering. If you end up in a contract
to pay for a bottle which you carelessly threw away. You will soon remember to
recycle it or reuse it properly.
Cost benefit analysis of disposable v non-disposable packaging
Stronger non-disposable packaging for any type of goods may be more ecologically
friendly and may be more economic.
As an example, On delivery, the delivery person removes the good from the
packaging and checks the goods are in good condition in front of the customer,
and installs it if necessary, This allows the delivery man to return the
packaging to the depot ready for the next delivery. It also allows him to
return damaged goods there and then.
To know if this is it cost effective and ecologically sensible, we need to look
at the whole cost to the community not just to the company producing the goods:
Capital costs:
1.The energy needed to farm the natural resources needed to make the packaging.
2.The energy needed to transport those resources to the packaging factory to
make the packaging.
3.The energy needed to deliver the packaging to the factory producing goods.
Then comes the comparison:
1.The energy to deliver the reusable packaging to the customer including
intermediate depots resellers and retailers. (This may be different because of
weight and size.)
2.The greater protection provided by better packaging means less damaged goods
on arrival.
3.Checking the goods on arrival means you can return the goods immediately
without sending out a second delivery van.
4.If you have many similar small items you are delivering, then it may be worth
having some spare in the van so that you can replace the damaged items there and
then. It also protects the company from people fraudulently damaging the
product later.
5.The energy of returning the packaging to the depot and using it for the next
6.Finally add the capital costs multiplied by the number of times you need to
replace the packaging.
7.Couriers drive fast and recklessly because they are paid by package delivered
not by package delivered intact. So the drivers do not care if the package is
damaged. Chan
8.Careful driving would decrease the risk of damaged goods and be cheaper.
9.The energy to deliver the wasteful packaging to the customer including
intermediate depots resellers and retailers.
10.The energy wasted in returning damaged goods. Because we did not check them.
11.The energy of the customer taking the rubbish packaging to the rubbish tip.
12.The energy needed to manage this waste. The local government’s headache of
managing this huge pile of rubbish.
13.Finally multiply the capital costs for every single product.
When looked at in this light disposable packaging is quite literally just
rubbish. Rubbish we cannot afford.
Look at this from the customer’s perspective. Having their goods checked by a
representative of the company is a much more professional approach than is seen
in a lot of delivery people, currently. an unqualified courier asks for a
signature for receipt of undamaged goods, without giving time for the customer
to check the goods and he certainly not going to wait even when it is blatantly
obvious the packaging is quite seriously broken.
Looking after your customers, giving them good service is an essential part of
maintaining popular support and helps build your brand.
Cost benefit analysis of fast delivery against safe delivery
I do not think that it can be disputed that careful driving decreases the risk
of damaging the goods transported and uses less energy. It costs a lot less in
fuel which currently is going through the roof.
Is this cost higher than the hourly rate of our workers; currently “Yes” in the
future “No”.
Currently, couriers do not care for the business it is delivering for nor their
customers. The drivers are paid for delivering packages not undamaged packages.
They have quotas to meet, So many packages in a day.
Another case of changing the contract, changes the habits. Change those quotas
to how many undamaged packages a day and checking them. The emphasis on service
brings large cost savings for everyone.
Love is needed for powerful communication
Love is the selfless desire to serve, usually caused by the joys of friendship.
This is not talking about sexual lust but as Dale Carnegie puts it, a genuine
interest in the well being of the person we love. Others may want to call it
just being friendly, what Christians call being a good neighbour. The further
you take it the more powerful the communication. e.g. Martin Luther King,
Love is usually given to your family and friends but it can apply to anyone or
anything. It can be given to our colleagues, employers, employees, customers
and suppliers. When you do apply it, you can speak with more conviction and can
be more persuasive of the benefits to both you and the people you are talking
to, to take a certain course of action.
If you already understand this you can skip the rest of this section. If not,
read on as I give logical analysis of some benefits of the love advocated by
Christianity. I give one of the reasons why I decided to live this way and what
the benefits I have found not just for me but for society in general.
I go on to a huge list of examples and in every single example those that loved,
who were friendly, who wanted to communicate are directly are better off because
they communicated and cooperated, than those who did not. This includes the
whole of evolution.
Love is fractal
This is an observation of the ancient world which our current sciences seem to
have forgotten.
Communication allows us to share thoughts so we are thinking with unity of
thought. This leads to a community living with unity, which leads for Christians
to the Holy Communion living as one with God. The idea of “with unity” pervades
the ancient understanding of the world, the word and the whole of communication.
Communion stems from and grows directly from communication. Without
communication it cannot exist.
Another way of saying that is that love is fractal and all societies are totally
dependent on communication.
Love is fractal means that when it is repeated across many individuals, it forms
firm stable patterns.
It leads to trust, a sharing of information, which helps friends survive as
teams.  It has formed stable patterns through out history starting from family
groups and tribes to communities, villages, city states, Countries, Alliances
and the Global corporations with members from any and all of the above. Owned
largely by the Pension company’s i.e. us; producing goods for all who can afford
them. The pattern is still growing.
Some of the fruit of love from the Bible are joy, peace, respect, self-control,
patience, kindness, forgiveness, tolerance, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness,
generosity, and what we need most at this time trust and cooperation. Trust is
easily given. With trust, ideas are easily shared and progress is great. This is
why integrity and respect are already so important to any large company.
I advocate love as improving on this even further as it increases trust and
self-discipline and is a great team builder. For all of these reasons
Joy makes work fun.
Peace allows you to meet deadlines, without getting irritable with each other.
Respect means we have to listen to each others points of view to take on board
their point of vies in our arguments.
Self-control, self discipline is essential to any well oiled team
Patience, some things take time and some people are slow possibly because they
are more methodically or they are checking for security issues. Be patient it
helps bring peace.
Forgiveness, we all make mistakes forgive them and move on. Punishment just
stunts exploration of risky new ideas. It also increases love.
Kindness, being kind helps build love. Whether that is within the team or
within the community we are working in. It binds us more strongly together.
Tolerance, we are from many cultures, faiths, philosophies and religions. All of
them are valid searches for an understanding of existence. This diversity of
backgrounds actually extends the domain of where we are looking for solutions.
It gives a bigger range of answers. This solution comes from Christianity. You
may not be a Christian but I expect you are beginning to see some of the
benefits including tolerance.
Goodness, any company wants to be the best and excellence is our goal. That
should be technically, an excellent user experience and most of all excellent
service to our customers. If we have a selfless desire to server we are loving
our customers.
Faithfulness is doing what we said we would do. Not letting other people down.
Being reliable is an essential part of any team.
Gentleness, when breaking bad news to people it helps to be gentle. When people
are irate responding gently can often defuse the situation. When we use tools
we should be gentle to ensure we do not break them.
Generosity, if we are generous to the community around us whether that is
individually or corporately. The community feels we are on their side and by
return want to help us this one sure way to generate more love. It also helps
people solve problems they could not solve on their own. It is also a source of
security. If your neighbours are dependent on you, and you on them; you are
forced to trust each other and help each other in this survival situation this
more true than ever.
Trust without trust we cannot share information. Without sharing information we
cannot solve the global problems of the world. The internet is largely built on
trust. The greatest human trust is between husband and wife the foundation of
the family that comes directly from love.
Cooperation is something we need so fundamentally at every level of society in
the home at work between corporations, cultures and religions.
With Trust and cooperation progress is huge.
It is in our self interest to love to be part of a loving community, the bigger
the community, the bigger the benefits. To be a part of that community, we must
work for the common good of the community. It is a fundamental part of the
Apathy is not good enough
Apathy or lack of love, in a society leads to inconsiderate behaviour, leads to
hurt and hatred because of a lack of forgiveness.
Hatred is negative love
Hatred or negative love is chaotic. When it is repeated across a society, it
leads to continual change and destruction, where nothing is stable. It destroys
all of the above.
Hatred creates among other things anger, fear, impatience, rudeness, evilness,
faithlessness, harshness, lack of discipline, greed, disobedience, disrespect,
mistrust and war. Neither trust nor correct information is ever given to an
enemy especially our leaders. Ideas are rarely willingly shared and progress is
slow. All the opposite of positive love and all destroying good communication
and cooperation.
We are left with a society of people who sometimes tolerate each other but often
do not.
It is not in our self interest to be part of a hateful or greedy society as it
will lead to mistrust disobedience and war and slow progress.
A few examples
Let us look at a few examples in action which may convince you of this truth.
Ask yourself which is more loving? Which is richer? Which government has the
respect of the higher percentage of citizens? Whose citizens are happier?
Is North Korea, with its clamped down regime richer or poorer than America, the
huge melting pop of religions nationalities and creeds? Where Google gives
access to any information you may want and Wikipedia its description and
Answer: Poorer.
Is America richer or poorer than China a larger nation with greater natural
Answer: America directly because of the trusting sharing of information.
If you compare India and China with more similar population, the same is true.
Why is China growing so fast? Because it is learning to cooperate within itself
and with its neighbours it also has a growing population of loving Christians.
There are more Chinese Christian missionaries in the United States than the
other way around.
Are all the totalitarian states poorer than the democratic west? Yes! They are
poorer directly because evil reaps its own reward: censorship restricts
progress, human leaders enforcing bad mistakes, leads rebellion and civil wars.
In my opinion total control, should be left to God.
The same questions apply and have the same answer.
Look at religious intolerance from what ever faction.
The same questions apply and have the same answer.
The western democracies share information freely through Google and Wikipedia
and the large corporations have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of pages
of information about their products and services.
Sharing of information is the most basic form of love.
In every case, the more loving the society, the richer the society because they
communicate more freely and are a stronger more cooperative community.
If this small sample of examples does not persuade you lets look at a bigger
All evolution shows this
David Attenborough has been showing examples of this for decades. You can see it
in nature all around you, even from things with almost no intelligence.
As a guess, fractal viruses which are hardly living at all, teamed up to form
the first single celled organisms, as a bigger and better team.
Single celled organisms joined up to become multi-cellular, as a better team.
The successful societies of living things formed communities called ecosystems,
self sustaining societies and so life began on Earth.
These multi-cellular animals formed families then flocks and herds.
All because at each stage the beings that cooperated and helping each other,
loved each other, were more successful than those which did not.
This cooperation is impossible without an exchange of information with out
communication this cannot happen. You cannot cooperate without communication.
The word
Humans, with their invention of the word, made huge improvements in
communication. Within a few tens of thousands of years moved from family groups
to the world domination of the Global corporations. The most basic human
building block of communication and love is the word.
The story of evolution is told in the Christian Bible John chapter 1 versus 1 to
4; the New Testament version of Genesis.
In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God.
The same was in the beginning with God All things were made by him and without
him was not anything made In him was life and life was in the light of men.
St John understood the fundamental necessity of communication. He understood
that without communication, we cannot cooperate. We cannot love. He understood
that the most fundamental building block of love is the word.
It was a spiritual observation which was so fundamental to the culture around
him. We seem to have forgotten it. St John told us this about 1950 years ago.
Communication is the key to a better life; the better the communication, the
better the results. The best communication comes through love the best form of
In the beginning was love and love was with God and love was God. The same was
in the beginning with God All things were made by him and without him was not
anything made In him was life and life was in the light of men.
Very few have ever understood it. However, when this thought is combined with
the idea that love is fractal and Darwin’s theory of evolution, it really shows
its true power and depth of correctness.
This is one of the many reasons, why I am a Christian. This is another reason
why I will always advocate unconditional love.
Conclusion: To communicate we need two things; knowledge and a desire to share
that knowledge.
There is no bigger driving force to want to share information than love.
Where does love come from in the individual?
When we look at individual cities, where are the rich parts of the city? Where
are the poor parts of the city? The rich parts are where people want to get up
in the morning to provide a service to the community. They form neighbourhoods
and look after each other. The poor parts are where there is no love, where
there is no creed of service. Where people have not learnt to help themselves,
let alone help each other. They live in hatred with crips and the brothers and
the KKK. This is where drug abuse is rife, because no one cares. Care, or
love, has to start from you. The more you care the more people care about you.
Why do so many excellent people go down the drain through drugs? It is because
they focus on themselves. As they are not focused on those around them they; see
no value in society and so no value in helping it. So their work is worthless
other than to gain money. So there can be no value in their lives and they do
not see their strengths, only the pointlessness of life, we are all going to
die. The spiral to the bottom can be very rapid.
To find love you, you need to count your blessings a job, a home, food in your
belly, colleagues and most of all friends. You need to count your strengths not
your weaknesses. Once you have found value in yourself, it is a lot easier to
find value in others.
To find love you have to give of yourself to others. As you give, so you will
receive. The more you love the more you receive and I have received an excellent
life with very few of my family divorcing or breaking up; all because of love.
These are my riches. While not all of our family are Christians they were all
taught how to love by Christians. They have all kept this skill because once
you have found the skill of loving people, it is such an improvement and such a
good way to live it would be stupid to give it up.
Where to find love
Where should we look for love? On the dance floor in a disco? When the only
reason most people go there is to be in the dark hiding their physical
deformities and shame of who they are and getting drunk or drugged enough to
forget their worldly problems and risk sexually transmitted diseases for a short
moment of intimacy with a complete stranger? Or having repeated brief affairs
which never last and never get to that place most people long for someone we can
trust and always expect to be there; A good friend, the best friend.
You should be proud of your strengths and forgive your weaknesses. Let yourself
feel good about yourself. Be friendly, cheerful, and helpful about 50% of those
people are of the opposite sex and as they get to know you in the broad light of
day and those that accept you as you are. That is where love begins. To
generate deep love you need to be a faithful friend who sticks by his friends in
good times and bad. That is where you can find true love.
The word has only been around for a few tens of thousands of years. We have not
the instincts of how to use it.
It can do great harm or good. We need to be good stewards of the world and look
after it. It is the only one we have got. If you wipe out a species you can
never get it back. Kill enough and an ecosystem will fail.
If enough ecosystems fail then so will the ones we depend on.
We only have one world to live on. Look after it.
We need to share our information with every community, e.g. IEEE, who are trying
to solve all the problems in the electrical domain as a global team. This is
both to give and receive ideas; a free exchange of useful tools for the future.
There are a lot more clever people outside our company than inside it. So
information sharing is the key to success. Almost everyone in the world is part
of someone’s staff. Once we have a plan our customers can copy it in turn. If
our customers follow suit more will follow.
One of the advantages of us developing the solution, is we get to look at the
problem first and get to the most patents in the appropriate areas to solve this
The sooner we get the whole world thinking that way the better our chances.
I feel we should be looking at bringing together the teams needed to solve all
the problems from a vast array of people. We should be joining the various
movements already working in this area and not be afraid to say we have only 4.5
years before we need to be saving 20% of current oil.
Prioritizing the global problems
I suggest we retrieve access to that relatively comprehensive list from Die, drop the negative propaganda on the way, and advertise a web site for
raising more environmental and sustainability issues.
Then get a group of adrenaline junky mathematical geniuses who are amazing at
statistics and have already shown themselves totally incapable of worrying about
the consequences of their actions and let them loose on those scientific papers
and let them do what they are best at playing the odds. I am talking of course
of those totally irresponsible geniuses which have made many a banks fortune and
caused several to collapse; the derivative traders.
They can prioritize the work and do what they love best playing the game.
This time the odds are even higher; all of our futures.
A few of the more obvious priorities
Replace the petrol engine
There are far better engines  than the petrol or diesel
The great beauty of these engines is there is nothing in them but metal and
compressed air. Once made there is no pollution what so ever.
The great beauty of Engineair technology, which uses 100 times less energy than
a conventional petrol car. This is due to the 95% efficient engine and the
elimination of the thousands of component no longer needed in a car,
this reduces its mass and there for the need for so much energy.
Move shipping away from oil.
All these companies need a solution and they need it now. Either coal, nuclear
or sail power, for every ship. These solutions already exist. It is just a
case of applying them or applying new technologies e.g. air to solve them.
Storing energy as compressed air.
This is hugely lighter cheaper and has greater capacity than electric batteries
it pollutes less and with Engineair Pty Ltd technology is a more efficient
transfer of energy.
Making Wind power production more modular and more widespread
Wind power is one form of energy which is available anywhere in the world.
Energy can easily and cheaply be stored as compressed air and released on the
windless days.
The other alternative which is a much more attractive option is to dramatically
increase our adoption of renewable power especially wind power. It is the most
prevalent and accessible to all.
The only problem to solve is how to store electricity cheapily, which I will
explain later. However, when we solve the problem of storing electrical energy
efficiently and economically, wind power becomes a much more tempting solution.
World energy usage for 2007
World energy consumption in Toe(Source BP)
Mwh/TOe conversion factor
World energy consumption in Mwh
A typical industrial Wind Turbine power output in MW
Number of hours in an average year
Windy days
Energy storage and retrieval costs
Total Wind Turbines needed globally
Cost /Turbine
Total global Cost which needs renewing every 20 years
A cost which gives you very cheap energy for 20 years; At a price the world can
easily afford.
Low energy personal transport
Air powered cars or recumbent bicycles.
We need a major mass production of lots of cheap vehicles in the £500 to £4,000
range none of which rely in anyway on fossil fuels.
Alternatively develop kits to convert existing cars to air power. Which can
probably done at a much lower cost.
Move long distance land freight to largely electric centrally powered freight
Electricity is one of the most flexible energies known to man. It can be
generated from a wide range of sources including wind wave or hydro electric.
Central power station in temperate and nearer the poles climates may have to be
nuclear or coal but it could also be geothermal energy any where less than about
43° from the equator can use solar chimneys.
Local deliveries
Change to air powered vans
The other major benefits of using less oil
Every gain we make every saving in energy is one less litre of oil burnt, so
less CO2 in the atmosphere to slow global warming and less soot to cause global
Dramatic change in industries
We need to focus our energy on the industries of the future, change our way of
If the car manufacturers move to air engines which are more efficient and so
much simpler to make than electric or petrol engines. Then this will leave a
lot of robots standing idle. Get them to work producing the new goods such as
air compressors. storage tanks, wind turbines and bicycles or some other new
The change is dramatic and huge, as we focus on the global industries we need
post oil but it cannot be worse than world war three. We need to encourage the
industries to change by helping them through the transition.
To achieve it we need to communicate like never before we need cooperation and
team work of the highest quality. For this I strongly advocate love the joy of
each others company and the willingness to serve that brings. Remember your
friends around the world and help them.
There will be industries that close, some of the petrochemical industries or
radically change e.g. the large parts automobile maintenance industry and the
artificial fertilizer trade.
However, there is still plenty of work to be done in fact more than before
because we need to make up some of the energy we loose from oil with our own
effort and it only takes one wealthy person to see a new need and it will create
many new jobs.
Obvious industries we need to focus on.
Wind power: it has the fastest return of energy of any current renewable power.
Large amounts of energy storage using compressed air tanks.
Use solar chimneys and solar furnaces in every desert with iron ore or copper
ore etc to provide our steel and copper into the future and transport to
Bicycles are so much more efficient as transport. Air cars more comfortable
Shipping as mentioned above.
Some solutions to rising Sea levels
Increase solar evaporation of the oceans just for cloud cover.
It could be as simple as floating a black sheet of plastic over the sea to raise
surface temperatures. Or a transparent plastic bottomed boat with weights
around the edge to form a natural lens out of the water surface, which raises
the local temperature enough to cause higher evaporation and while the
surrounding water, effectively in shade, cools and sinks.
Both of these are exceedingly cheap and efficient but it would need large
numbers to make a big difference but every little helps. It is a project we
should start on.
It increases the salinity of the ocean, decreasing the possibility of the great
conveyor belts collapsing.
It decreases overall temperature of the oceans decreasing the rate of global
melting and the destruction of coral reefs.
It increases the energy in the air thus increasing wind speeds, which should
increase the number of windy days for our wind turbines.
Increasing the number of wind turbines decreases the energy in the air so we
have controls at both ends of the chain. It could also reduce the risk of
Increased evaporation for cloud cover means more sunlight is reflected out into
space, decreasing global warming
Increasing water in the air means more rain:
Fewer problems with a lack of water, needed for energy production and farming.
It also cleans the air of soot faster minimizing the terrible flash floods we
have seen recently.
It decreases the likely hood of the huge forest fires we have seen recently.
Oceanic evaporation are the sweat glands of the world use them
Other Benefits
We can control where the evaporation occurs to suit us.
We have a tool to start managing global warming and Global dimming and the
salinity of the oceans at very little cost.
It is tool for us to start managing the weather true this is a mammoth task but
if we do not start we will never get their.
Accidental global warming has shown us that we can have a huge effect on the
climate. Use that knowledge and control it the way we want it.
Targeted evaporation to store water
It could be as simple as a sheet of black plastic over the ocean, sea, or any
body of water channelling the vapour into a black plastic tube going up hill
keeping the vapour hot and gaseous during the day with holes in the bottom of it
to keep the water from running all the way back to the bottom at night. At the
top of the hill use a simple condenser e.g. shiny reflecting roof providing
permanent darkness and shade with lots of fibers in the shade to condense the
water to run down the surface as a river. Use a dam to create your next body of
water repeat until you get the water to where you want it using nothing but
solar power and the maintenance of the pipes and dams.
Storing water elsewhere e.g. in the great depression of the Sahara and various
other depressions around the globe using directed solar evaporation to transport
the water has additional benefits:
It actually lowers sea levels.
It means the new lakes would be largely provisioned using fresh drinking water.
New lakes in desert area means: more water for irrigation more arable land and a
cooler land mass.
Re-establishing missing water supplies
One of the risks to our energy generation was not enough water. This is one
cheap way of solving that problem.
Make the plans for leaving low lying areas
Listen to your scientists when we know of a risk plan for it.

For example there is a prediction that large areas of Holland and every where
which is not 7m above sea level being under water within 33 years. This is
predicted because of a 7m increase in global ocean levels expected once
Greenland ices sheets have melted. This is expected to take 35 years of them
starting. They started melting 2 years ago. The prediction may be wrong but
the science needs to be checked,

Check the science. Check for solutions e.g. those suggested above Do not panic,
Make a plan to leave before the great flood. Organise the evacuation and let it
be flooded when we want, rather than at the highest high tide in the middle of a
storm with people still in their homes. Make plans for these evacuations. I
would rather evacuate and leave empty land we can go back to than for millions
to die because we were too scared of the disruption to deal with the problem.

Ignoring these warnings because we do not like them is dangerous and foolish.
The basic solutions for one companies staff safety
These include:
Providing food locally
Removal of the need for petroleum in transporting people to and from home to
Removal of reliance on centralized power supplies so the unit can work without
Housing efficiency
Communications both physical and logical
Centralized Virtualization.
Support of the community to supply social activities and fun and power for a
similar population as their staff.
A sense of belonging to the local community, a sharing of goals leads to a
mutually supportive community, which increases security in the community because
as a community we understand what we are trying to achieve and what we need and
why we need it. We remove the them and us conflict which has marred so many
Food safety
There is an underlying problem which needs to be faced. Have we got and can we
continue to produce enough food for the population
Says we can produce as much or more food organically than we do using petroleum
products such as nitrogen phosphates and insecticides. Check it use it.
Use a wind turbine to stock compressed air and Engineair technology we can
replace oil powered tractors with air driven tractors and delivery trucks. The
whole farm can be run on nothing but air.
Even electricity can be generated using stored compressed air and air engine
generator for those windless days. This is a huge saving on current electricity
storage solutions such as batteries and is so much cleaner.
Applying this technology ensures cheaply produced food.
Using local produce and enticing farms to swap to air power make increases
security of food supplies and may include straw or corn for plastics and oils
for lubricants. It makes the whole process that much cheaper.
Cut oil out of the commute
In the Chalfont site alone our business is causing our staff to use at least
200,000 litres of fuel a year, which is an exceedingly conservative figure, it
may quite easily be double that or more.
In 5 years time this is a figure we will not be able to afford and this needs
Until we have a usable air cars in widespread as in 90% of the population using
them. This is not going to happen unless they are vastly mass produced and are
exceedingly cheap The answer is to stop commuting by car but how? Replacing
all motor vehicles is not going to happen. Unless some one can produce an
engine replacement kit which fits inside a normal cars engine space at a
reasonable cost.
For companies to be interested in solving this issue they must own the problem.
Unless companies solve it their staff can never be safe. So I strongly advise
that companies accept that the transport of their staff to and from work is
their responsibility.
This has already started in the form of the bus going up to the railway station
in Chalfont it needs to be complete ownership of the problem if we are to make
our employees safe.
Various solutions
I am looking at various solutions to show what was considered before coming to
our final conclusions about the best way to solve these problems.
Remote access
Remote Access may suit some workers but it is not conducive to team work and
certainly not conducive to exchange of ideas between teams around the coffee
machine or over lunch.
It can lead to a very lonely existence. Currently only about 0.5 % percent of
people have found it useful as a permanent solution. However, as staying at
home for deliveries of new goods is inevitable. I am sure that nearer 90% of
office workers use it as an occasional thing which is exceedingly useful.
As a back up plan for least energy consumption it is excellent but probably not
necessary to go that far.
Lodging staff on site
In an ideal world for complete staff safety cut out the commute all together.
Less road accidents and a lot less energy used. For that we need as many staff
on site if they are on campus they do not need to commute. However that implies
building and offering on site lodging for at least half the staff. The reason I
say a bit over half is because most of us live in couples and I would expect the
other partner to either be the home maker or be working for a different company
on a different site. So I would not expect all our staff to opt for this
Costs for Chalfont as an example
I asked for a ball park figure for doing this from Litchfield Consultants Ltd
Their MD suggested these as a ball park figure for a site near Amersham
Offices infrastructure roads and homes probably £50-65m
Land 80-125m depending on its status brown land, local authority or private and
of course Position
In the figures there needs to be a contingency of 10% to cover unique costs
caused by the final land position
This is a very rough estimate and is not a contractual agreement. It depends
hugely on the actual site chosen, types of building made. For exact figures
you would need to use their consultancy or someone else to cost exact details.
This to mind is an exceedingly expensive solution both money wise and energy
wise and it is not socially desirable but it would mean that the company would a
much lower risk over their workers security.
I suspect that total control is not only not desirable but not affordable
Commuting by public transport
A fair few of our staff already do that. However, that still uses oil and is
not ideal but it is a lot more fuel efficient than by car or motorbike.
Pedal power bicycles, tricycles etc.
While there are some severe disadvantages to the bicycle, it is also the most
efficient form of transport known to man. It is even more efficient than
walking. So it is worth investigating, what could make it work and what are its
The Problems
There are several reasons people do not like cycling to work.
Firstly, safety: lowering traffic speeds or preferably physically separating
cars from bicycles would largely or almost completely solve that.
Secondly time, I can get into work fastest by car, then public transport and
bicycle and last by pure pedal power. But the boundaries are depent on the
convenience of the public transport and the fitness of the cyclist. I rarely
cycle because of the safety aspect. A cyclist seems to be killed every year in
my home town, Aylesbury. This does not inspire confidence. . Cycling by road
regular is not something I intend to do unless I must, or there is an off road
cycle track which would inspire a lot mmore confidence.
You get hot and sweaty. The doctors are always complaining we do not get enough
exercise. So it is good for you but it would mean a need for a lot more showers
in offices.
Probably the biggest pain in cycling is the shape of the normal bicycle it is
seriously uncomfortable and for long distances down right painful. Use more
comfortable bikes, encourage recumbents.

I have had this bike since August and I have been out cycling on this for over 5
hours without any serious discomfort, what so ever. I was not even stiff the
next day after what for me is a lot of strenuous exercise
It may look an ugly beast but what surprised me was all the school kids said
“Cool”, most people wanted to make a friendly comment and several women were
down right flirty. I think it is because it is an obvious statement that I want
the world to change and people like that.
Braving the elements is also an issue. You would be amazed how dry that little
bit of plastic keeps you. There are more complete solutions available and they
do decrease drag but are quite a bit more expensive and make cycling up hill a
struggle. There are also small electric motors which can keep you going up
hill. In England they are limited to 15 mph before this becomes a motor bike
and then it suddenly legally it gets a lot more complicated and expensive.
The bike in the picture cost £3200 has a top speed of over 25 miles an hour for
a fit man on the flat. Unfortunately I am not fit. But I have cycled to work on
it. Currently at 20 miles is too far to be reasonable, certainly until I get fit
The top speed for recumbents in general is a lot higher with a complete shell
and lower profile to minimize drag the current record is just over 82 mph.
If I spent another £1100 I would be looking a top speed of about 40mph for a fit
person on the flat. That would be a lot nearer on a par with the speed of my
car in current traffic.
One of the problems with this style of bicycle is it is over 6 foot long. Lower
faster ones are even longer as the body sinks between the wheels. It has a
comparatively large turning circle compared with a normal bike. It is also wider
than a normal bike. Current cycle tracks are not designed for this form of bike
and passing another bicycle means using the grass verges, which can be very
slippery and down right dangerous in the wet.
This currently has a lot of problems but with enough investment could be a lot
more feasible.
Some ideas for solutions
I think corporations should be pushing local governments to extend as many off
road cycle tracks as possible. This is good for the whole community so it is
not a corporate role to provide it but generosity to the community would help.
Protection from the elements by making cycle tracks covered with a basic roof
and walls would eliminate a lot of problems with the elements. But buying full
shells would do that and give some form of protection in case of an accident.
This issue of being on the flat giving the highest speed is very significant, we
need flat cycle tracks. Old canals and railway tracks are the obvious locations.
Possibly fill in some of the canal to make more room for bicycles
All bicycles are slow up hill on steep ones down to 3 or 4 miles an hour. Going
down hill on the other side there is often no large gain in speed because it
becomes unsafe to go much faster than on the flat speeds anyway.
As I said earlier a small motor can legally solve this problem.
Electric and Hybrid cars
This is the future most people are looking at. However, I have two concerns
with current models. They are not trying to reduce energy, just to not use oil.
To power these with no oil would need 4 times the amount energy using coal and
nuclear than we currently to keep it up which we just cannot afford to do.
We have absolutely no replacement for coal until we go 100% renewable or fusion
power is a proven technology at the best estimates that is 100 years away.
Going down this route threatens our strategic coal supplies and it does have the
assumption that we can mine energy and transport energy probably using coal
powered trains fast enough, which to my mind is a very foolish assumption.
Another problem is cost. Most people buy and drive second hand cars which are
from 6 to 15 years old because they cannot afford a new one. This means the
actual change over to electric or hybrid will not happen for 6 to 15 years time,
this could well be too late.
Air cars
These are a more realistic future for everyone. Given an already proven
dramatic gains in efficiency they can reduce energy needed by dramatically
reducing the weight of the car. For 1.3 tonne vehicle that is almost 50% gain
in efficiency.
Given a 30% increase due to more considerate driving and we are looking at
finding another 20% in body weight because we need less protection and we to get
back down to an energy loading we could sustain for 130 years on Coal and
If car manufacturers can design a replacement kit for their cars which fits in
the current engine space at the cost of a new motor and air tank. That is less
than the cost of a standard service for most modern cars.
If they rent these kits rather than sell the kits. The car manufacturers still
have a regular income until the machines break. They probably need a lower
maintenance staff but they still have a regular income. With this ownership
model it is suddenly very much in their interest to implement this solution
This is a huge saving in energy.
Building a centralized community is exceedingly expensive. But adding some beds
for people who want to work late would not go a miss. Dale Carnegie advocates
napping and so do I. A quiet place for a snooze would be useful.
While cycling is never likely to be unpopular it is a technically viable
solution which when mixed with remote access for our remote employees is shown
to work. This is the minimum we need to quench fear.
However, the promise of the air engine, gentler driving and a lighter car body
with reduce speed limits to keep our journeys comparably safe is a much more
tempting offer.
I have had talks with Angelo de Pietro and all he needs is financial backing and
a plan to tempt the big car manufacturers to take on board his motor. Rental of
the technology rather than sale of the technology is the way to keep car
manufacturers profits high and keep them happy.
Housing efficiency
There are lots of web sites to solve these problems this is already a well
understood cause. e.g.
A complete National Cycle for England could probably be built for the price of
one centralized office for Chalfont.
This would allow people to commute in complete safety.
It is a plan which could work.
£50 bicycle could get you up to 12 miles safely. A £4000 bicycle out to nearer
20-40 miles which covers the vast majority of commuters.
It is relatively cheap to do and gives the security we need to get our workers
to work even in case we cannot persuade the motor industry to adapt.
Without oil tar macadam cannot exist. Concrete will do but is not ideal. Some
replacement would be useful but is not essential.
The logical communication is already a very lower energy and robust so assuming
we as a world decide to change we are fine.
But in time of war and uncertainty, you could want to become isolated to keep
local operations working and protect them from cyber attack for that you need
local virtualization to keep your community going.
Keeping work in the logical for as long as possible
The most efficient way to work is in the logical, transferring thoughts at the
last minute, to the physical. The most efficient way of doing that is virtually
using XenApp and XenDesktop from cloud computing. To achieve maximum
penetration.We need this idea sold by every government in the world.
Local Virtualization Centres
At the moment our business model goes as far as the cloud.
To maximise this push for energy security, it would be sensible to advocate
local governments run local clouds administered locally. Doing this shares the
cost of administration across the community. Getting the local government
involved means they will advertise the benefits to all their constituents, which
will ensure their businesses have the maximum potential edge.
This allows much smaller companies to use XenDesktop and XenApp. In theory
every company in the world could use it cheaply. If you do not involve local
government who can understand the benefits, a lot of companies will not
understand the benefits and so will not look at Cloud Providers and will not
know this technology exists. Getting local government involved spreads the load
of administration and the cost of advertising the benefits and ensures maximum
This is not just a business goal it is a government goal.
Reducing every companies electrical foot print means we can continue business on
less energy. This gives all of us even greater energy security.
Renewable energy
The big businesses of a community take charge of installing wind turbines and
energy storage to provide locally produced reliable power. Not only for their
business but for their employees homes as well. Whether that is one big
enterprise or a group of smaller enterprises does not matter.
The simple fact is one big wind turbine is so much more effective than 500
houses with solar panels. Cost 500 * £4000 at the very cheap end of the scale
is already £2 million pounds as opposed to 0.4 million pounds for one large
turbine which provides for the houses and the homes is 5 times as cheap.
Also solar panels apart from being expensive, they are chemically dangerous to
produce and technologically complicated devices which need huge amounts of
energy to produce, they need regular cleaning and are so much more inefficient.
Note it is impossible to realistically measure which producers, electricity
powered which house. The company needs to just produce enough energy for
themselves and their employees and sell the energy to the grid.
But it is not always windy you cry!
Air Energy storage
Is simple to make and exceedingly efficient and is totally scalable.
All you need is an air pump.
A variable sized air tank. e.g. our current city Gas tanks for storing methane.
And a air motor generator.
This completely cleanly cheaply and totally solves that problem and it is more
efficient than batteries.
Where could we make immediate changes?
Organic Farming
Our farming post-oil must be organic, so all farming must go organic as soon as
This report indicates that we are wasting oil producing artificial fertilizers
and insecticides and oil transporting them around the globe from factory to farm
when in fact organic farming involving an air tractor only the oil in the
tractor on the farm is just as, if not more, productive
This will save more than 10% of our oil use, also ensuring our food production
continues past the end of oil.
Eating local produce
The biggest expenditure is in the transport of food. This can be largely solved
by only buying locally produced food, which will reduce the percentage of fuel
spent on transport dramatically.
If this means you have to forgo coffee or tea in the morning then think how you
can grow it locally rather than ship it around the world. It may be more fuel
efficient, or use a local alternative. The price of coffee will go though the
roof. With this lower amount of transport, it may become affordable to use food
oil as fuel rather than food but that will depend on local conditions.
Producing more goods locally
Similarly, a compromise must be struck between producing goods locally and the
need of world trade for things which are not available locally, e.g. copper and
Economic driving
Advise people to drive economically and make it socially unacceptable to drive
inefficiently. This can save 33% of fuel wasted by some drivers on the roads.
Driving slower saves fuel and makes life safer for other modes of transport.
Cycling and public transport
Encourage commuters to use bicycles or public transport.
Longer term solutions
We may need to move the population to the food
One of our biggest problems is most of our population is based in huge cities
many miles from any food production. So transport costs into the city are a
threat to our society. Britain for example cannot survive on British food
products alone; we struggled through word war 2 with help from America with a
population of 40million. We are now looking at feeding 60 million with no help
from America.
Agricultural technology has moved on but we need to know if it has moved on
A study is needed to see whether we can still ship as much as we do with out
oil, I suspect yes but if not:
A study is needed to find the most productive land is and to move the people to
the food a one off cost not the food to the people a daily cost. Where cities
are in fertile land just let the city spread and grow new farms in the city with
farms right into the middle of the city.
As part of that process we need to optimize our work methods.
Advocating birth control
We need to reduce our population the lower the population the bigger everyone’s
share of world resources. This should be advocated to all governments to
introduce financial incentives to do so.
Which needs, A brief education in Chaos Theory.
The instability of A feed back loop such as the human population is controlled
largely by its birth rate too low and we could die out
Slightly higher but at a point were resources are still plentiful a plateau can
exist for a while.
At some point slightly higher than the population becomes Chaotic in our case
because resources become scarce or even exhausted disease spreads faster and the
population fluctuates wildly.
And could become zero in case of nuclear war or total extinction of certain
And a comparison of Africa and China from 1970 to the current day.
In China and Africa 1970-1979 starvation and Famine
In China one child policy Famines stopped with in 10 years. There have been none
In Africa Band Aid money poured in and has continued to flood in. Result in
2007 we still saw a famine of 26 million. Of which 2.6 million died not of a
lack of food but from a lack of Oil
The food could not be delivered to the bigger cities. A bigger death toll than
Al-Qaeda, Iraq, Afghanistan and Global warming put together. Welcome to the
world of Peak Oil.
From a chaotic description of Africa the resource barrier was raised artificial
so the population rose and to maintain that higher population we would need to
permanently send extra food. Trillions of Dollars of food.
In China By 1990 the Population was stable and getting educated
In Africa aids epidemics and wars means that in Somalia and similar areas no
education can happen. Other than military training of children.
In China By 2000 the educated Population was making money and have not stopped.
In Africa it is poorer than ever.
Cost to the world For China economic good fortune $0
Cost to the world for Africa’s misfortune trillions.
Last but not least the death toll in China past 250,000,000 abortions by 2000.
A total death toll of 1.25 Billion
The death toll in Africa over took them at 1.3 billion the same year. It has
been accelerating ever since mainly due to war over resources, starvation due to
lack of resources and plagues.
We were wrong and I most certainly was wrong. Please admit it and tell your
The only way in which Africa wins out is that they are out evolving the Chinese
by 2 to 1. If anyone will out live Aids it is the Africans.
A lower birth rate has not only largely eradicated true poverty from China. For
the vast majority it has made them comparatively rich beyond their wildest
I think we must learn from China not by their methods but by their goals.
The Earth/11B with a high birth rate will be much more unstable and full of
warring starving plague ridden peoples
If we can
Th Earth/3.6 = no more starvation = no resource shortages and in a good position
for peace on most of the earth.
So much less stress on the environment. Surplus for generations to come. A real
chance at an end to poverty.
With half the energy and half the population CO2 emission will be divided by 4!
With reduced competition the price of resources should come down.
My goal is a real step in the goal peace on earth and good will to all men!
This is to my mind is being a good steward.
To get there we each of us need to accept this goal of controlling our
population. To get there takes a team effort, by the world, for the world.
How to get there. We bring our birth rate down by tax incentives to not have
children.+ We educate the educated world and we could the hardest part
is getting Churches Synagogues Mosques and temples to admit that they are not
perfect and can occasionally be wrong.
If we can match China’s 1 child policy on a wider scale we can reduce our
population down to 4.2 billion within thirty years. with no wars and
preferably no abortions and very good chance to meet our goal in peace.
By then hopefully the 3.6 limit will have risen and I know we can if we want use
less oil to extend the dead line a little bit.
I tell you this because every day we ignore this the closer to 11 billion we
The sooner we start this the lower the risk that we reach any nightmare
scenarios Like those already seen in Africa.
Tell your friends discuss spread the word it is for your own personal well being
as well as the well being of all of us.
Even if this does not happen globally. It makes sense to do this individually
because over the next few years we will be competing directly with our children
for our local resources which may become scarce.
It makes sense national to stabilize a country’s population and it makes most
sense globally.
The biggest job site in the world
This plan is far from complete and it is a starting point what we need is a
centralized database such as Wikipedia with a very good search engine such as
The main goal is to get people talking as fast as possible.
One thing I would like to point out is that web searches for the correct
business which search the whole world or possibly a country for a solution finds
solutions often in less than a second.
Whereas browsing someone else web sites of categorized products especially when
you do not understand their categorization can take several minutes. For the
huge corporate web sites such as Microsoft, IBM Cisco or Citrix; it may take
hours or even days to find the right page. Sometimes the categorization is so
mixed and so opaque the information is never found.
So every access to information on this website is by web browser not by
published categories.
Signing in
You need an account to sign into this web site and it must provide an email
address for keeping in contact and a method of making and receiving payments.
It also needs a list of addresses where you need physical solutions delivered
If you are found to be abusing the web site you will be barred from it.
A web site of problems
Anyone and everyone can sign in and add problems, whether that is from you need
to get a plumber to fix a sink to how to link Unified field theory to God.
In the former it is essential to know where you need the plumber the latter is
abstract and could be solved by anyone anywhere in the world. So part of the
job description is to which area of the world you are talking.
Step 1: A search for solutions
Part of the publishing process is to make a search of the current solutions to
your problems. This search includes ideas from this website and from anywhere
around the world.
At this point a lot of problems may well have solved, with out ever publishing
the problem.
So this is the case which is where most users are today where they look up
suppliers on the web.
In which case there is no need to publish just contact your supplier of choice
and get on with your solution.
However, if you do not or you are not satisfied with the solutions provided then
you may want to go on to publish the problem.
As part of the publishing process; the key words you used for that search will
be kept and used to notify providers of solution, of your potential interest in
their products.
The more precise your search the more relevant the suppliers prompted will be.
With out this search the problem will not be published.
The list of keywords you used in this search, are also used as keywords for
other searchers to find your problem. So the more precise they are to your
problem the easier it will be to find your problem.
A list of known solutions
So the first part of the published problem is a list of rejected solutions.
It would be polite to give an explanation of their rejection.
Later on the search engine may come up with new solutions in which case it
should raise an alert for the owner of the problem that a new solution is
available so the owner of the problem can read it and assess it.
A search for problems
Part of the publishing process is to make a search of similar problems and the
current solutions to those problems. That search is published as part of the
publishing process. Without having made that search, the problem will not be
published and the precise the search the easier it will be to find and cross
relate problems. From this new links which will be formed to advertise related
problems from different people.
The user must make a search of all known related problems to ensure their
problems have not been posted before and so have not been solved before.
If you find someone else has already raised this problem. Then you can register
an interest in the problem and get involved in deciding the best solution of
that problem.
The problem may be marked as private in which case you would need the owners
permission to join. This may be to do with Non-disclosure agreements or patent
preparation so privacy needs to be respected. However it may be left open in
which case the owner has let everyone share in the debate and the results.
The number of requests to join a project will give the owners a good idea of the
business interest in solving a particular problem. This is a good business
measure of what the punters actually need.
The keywords you use to search for related problems will be used by others
searching for problems to find your problem. So be precise and concise as you
can with the key words you use. These key words will also be used to group
related problems together.
It may be useful to actually add a hyper links between problems to let people
know of all the related issues.
If the problem is important enough and would have cost lives, if it was not
spotted; that may make people feel generous enough to want to make donations to
the researcher who found the problem for having spotted it. So the researcher
can continue their work without worrying about funding.
Publishing your problem
Assuming you have not found a matching related problem with a useful solution.
Then is the time to publish your problem. Please be clear and precise as to
what is not being addressed and what solutions you have considered and discarded
and why you discarded them and which related problems you have already
Please specify whether this problem is private or open. If it is private then
there must be enough public information for the correct service providers to be
able to contact you, with relevant proposals.
Solving published problems
New ideas
The next section is for; researchers consultants and inventors, architects or
engineers in fact anyone, to put forward their designs. This section is for
solution providers to advertise their solutions to this problem.
They can put it forward in which ever way they want: They may want payment up
front for consultancy fees or their ideas may be under patent or they may be
happy to put it up for free and be willing to live off donations. The contract
between problem owner and their consultant services is absolutely up to the
solution provider and the agreement of the owner.
The search for funding needs a business plan
These new ideas in general may not come from companies but from people who are
skilled in a craft or a trade. For the solution to be effective we need to have
some sort of business plan which would raise a target budget which needs to be
This may be raised if it is personal interest by the owner of the problem or it
may be that the problem is more general and the raiser of the issue may not be
able to fund it.
In that case we add a business plan and add notes as to necessary funding;
including target funding and the amount of money outstanding.
These problems can be searched by entrepreneurs to find the next great business
opportunity to invest in. If it is for charitable work such as disaster relief
it may be as simple as making a donation. The contract between problem owner
and entrepreneur is completely up to them.
Actual solution applied
Assuming an idea or business plan has not already solved the problem
Once the consultancy period is over and a solution has been chosen. We need
some contract workers to do the work. This can be done by searching for
contract workers in your area who are willing to do the work. Similarly the
contract workers who are short of work can look at problems which need their
The more times a particular solution is used the higher its popularity the more
likely it is to be shown in the list of solutions
Publishing solutions
The owners of businesses may be happy to continue advertising their businesses
on their own web site or they may decide to restructure their advertisements to
become available as pages more readily found by web browsers. So, that all
their data can be found easily. To do this they simply need to add the key
words relevant to each web page of information as html METATAGS. To let the
global web browser find the right page directly and forgo the need to categorize
and make their searches faster.
As more and more problems become solved the problems become solutions to other
people’s problems.
All these solved problems in the database can be kept and reviewed as solutions
to by other people.
If the owner thinks hiding the solution gives them a competitive advantage. The
owner of the problem in the database has the right to delete any or all of his
In doing so however they are removing themselves from the internal list of
solutions. So then they are relying only on their own website for advertising.
Administrators rights
The administrator reserves the right to delete or remove any abuse of the system
to. whether that is trying to solve aggressive, abusive or illegal problems or
any aggressive abusive or illegal solutions to problems. Such abuse can bar
your membership.
This web site is built on mutual respect and tolerance.
Why search engines are so fast
It is very simply because they use absolutely no static categorization. It just
one huge list of all the web sites in the world and it checks whether the web
sites have keywords which match the key words you ask for.
The miracle of Google is in how they do their indexing. Which I am unsure how
they do it but once they have indexed by a key word it is a simple tree
structure which branches by 2 each time
at each level of the tree the number of. Items searched doubles so it is a very
quick way of finding things.

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