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Page added on November 28, 2009

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DNV starts sustainable supply chain certification

MILAN (Reuters) – Det Norske Veritas, a leading international certifier, has drafted standards which businesses ranging from coffee making to diamond sourcing can use to flag sustainability of supply chains, DNV senior executives said.

Sustainable business models in the developing world have grabbed the limelight as the world’s political and business leaders seek ways to feed over one billion hungry people and ensure long-term food security.

DNV has come up with a set of criteria to evaluate supply chain sustainability in terms of a business as well as environmental and social responsibility, Vittore Marangon, Chief Executive of DNV Business Assurance, Italy, said on Friday.

“Protocol for supply chain has been worked out for the green coffee sector. But the same logic can be applied, say to cocoa, to diamonds, to any product which has a supply chain,” he said.


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