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Page added on March 11, 2023

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Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant lost all off-site power

Public Policy
Vienna, Austria

Before we start this agenda item I want to report that this morning at around 5am local time Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant lost all off-site power when its last remaining 750 kilovolt line was disconnected, its only remaining back up 330 kilovolt line having been damaged a few days ago and under repair.

As a result all 20 of the site’s emergency diesels generators were activated. The site’s essential power is now being provided by eight of those diesels with the rest now in standby mode. And there is enough diesel on site for 15 days of operation. The two out of six units that were in hot shutdown are moving to cold shutdown.

This is the first time the site has lost all power since 23 November 2022 and follows reports of missile strikes across Ukraine overnight.

Our ISAM teams on all the other NPPs in Ukraine have reported back to us this morning. At South Ukraine NPP there are reported losses of power lines but there are sufficient remaining available to provide off-site power if required. The other operating NPPs Khmelnytskyy and Rivne NPPs have not been directly affected though the plants have been managing power levels in accordance with grid requirements. Similarly, there are no reports of Chornobyl NPP being affected.

However, yet again Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant is running on emergency diesels – the last line of defence. This is the sixth time – let me say it again SIXTH time – that ZNPP has lost all off-site power and has had to operate in this emergency mode. Let me remind you – this is the largest nuclear power station in Europe. What are we doing? How can we sit here in this room this morning and allow this to happen? This cannot go on.

I am astonished by the complacency – what are we doing to prevent this happening? We are the IAEA, we are meant to care about nuclear safety.

Each time we are rolling a dice. And if we allow this to continue time after time then one day our luck will run out.

I call on everyone in this room today and elsewhere – We must commit to protect the safety and security of the plant. And we need to commit NOW.

What we need is Action.

I will continue my urgent consultations and contacts.


16 Comments on "Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant lost all off-site power"

  1. makati1 on Sat, 11th Mar 2023 4:48 pm 

    Old news. Russia owns the plant now. The power was cut because Russia is resuming the war by hitting the enemy’s power stations. Obviously, there is backup power for these kinds of events. It is just more Western sponsored fear mongering and propaganda.

  2. makati1 on Sat, 11th Mar 2023 4:58 pm 

    BTW: It was Ukraine that was shelling the plant not long ago. No one tried to stop them.

  3. theluckycountry on Sun, 12th Mar 2023 1:35 am 

    Who really cares what happens in Zaporizhzhya, or Chernobyl, or Fukushima for that matter. No one but the Ukrainians and the Japanese that live near them, and a few deluded souls who watch too much TV.

    Nuclear power is just another fossil fuel supported method to generate electricity anyway and these plants will not outlive the world’s reserves of coal and oil.

    They should never have been built, and many wouldn’t have been had the world’s paranoid nations not lusted after plutonium for making nuclear weapons. Fuck the Ukraine! Any sensible person would have upped stumps there decades ago and left for the west, the ones that remained are the stupid ones and they deserve their fate IMO.

    But they have the “Right…” They have the right to be irradiated, the right to be starved to death by dictators, the right to be blown into small pieces, to be run over by tanks. These are the real rights they have, as history has proven.

    Look at the mass exodus from Europe to America over the last 100 years and more. Europe is nothing more than one big warzone waiting for a kickoff, anyone who chooses to live there must accept whatever comes down the shit chute onto them.

    The rest of the world is tired of reading about their woes, it’s not our concern, it’s their business and we just want to get on with our lives, our BBQ’s, out holidays on the sandy beaches.

  4. makati1 on Sun, 12th Mar 2023 5:36 pm 

    theUNlucky…, if you eat sea food, you enjoy the failure of Fukushima in the radioactivity it carries. If you eat anything from Europe, Chernobyl, you eat the results of that accident.

    Your stupid leaders are thinking about building them in your country. And, they have recently agreed to house US nuclear weapons on your soil which will make them future targets when the US…er…you go to war with China.

    If you think Kangaland is able to live without the “rest of the world” you need an education in reality. You may live on an aboriginal level then, but not the wasteful luxury you now enjoy.

    Top 10 imports:
    Machinery including computers: US$36.8 billion (14.8% of total imports)
    Vehicles: $33.3 billion (13.4%)
    Electrical machinery, equipment: $28.1 billion (11.3%)
    Mineral fuels including oil: $25.7 billion (10.4%)
    Pharmaceuticals: $10.7 billion (4.3%)
    Optical, technical, medical apparatus: $9.3 billion (3.7%)
    Gems, precious metals: $7.7 billion (3.1%)
    Plastics, plastic articles: $7.3 billion (2.9%)
    Articles of iron or steel: $5.6 billion (2.3%)
    Furniture, bedding, lighting, signs, prefabricated buildings: $5.6 billion (2.2%)

    You might notice that your drugs come from either India or China, or both. You, like the US, make nothing of value or necessity. So be it.

  5. Theedrich on Tue, 14th Mar 2023 2:28 am 

    The entire ZNPP problem could be solved instantly if the Empire’s Ukroid proxies would simply submit to unconditional surrender.

  6. makati1 on Tue, 14th Mar 2023 4:15 pm 

    Absolutely, Theedrich!

  7. Theedrich on Wed, 15th Mar 2023 7:44 pm 

    Continue the Ukraine war to Ukraine’s extinction! Contrary to the considered and humane view of many observers that the Ukrainians and Washington should engage in negotiations to stop the hideous and fruitless bloodshed and destruction of all kinds in Ukraine, I think that the war should continue to its bitter and inevitable end.  Because only through a grinding, ghastly and humiliating defeat will the criminal filth at the helm in Washington be finally and definitively confuted and stopped in its nihilistic drive for world sovereignty.  Only thus will the world have a chance to live.

  8. ee e on Fri, 17th Mar 2023 9:14 am 

    0:00 to 0:05 it is pretty obvious that the bitch is being executed live in front of the world, for the world to see and watch live execution made be GOD.

  9. ee e ee on Fri, 17th Mar 2023 9:18 am 

    Some people in the main street media are being executed in real time on TV for the world to see. They are being executed live as a lesson for everyone in earth reality and outside of earth reality.

  10. ee e e e e on Fri, 17th Mar 2023 9:49 am 

    Another women being executed in real time in front of the whole world for everyone to see and witness. These are public executions done directly by GOD as a lesson for people of the earth and outside of earth reality also.

  11. ee e e on Fri, 17th Mar 2023 8:57 pm 

    These are the kind of loser we don’t need need. This is why they are executed by molecular energetic disintegration.

    Apparemment, rentrez un autobus dans une garderie plein d’enfants et tuer un couple d’enfants nettoie une réalité.

    Je suis aller faire des courses. Ca commence a ressembler a un film de science fictions ou a Catalyst a tué une partie de la population.

    I spoke to somoone and she seems to think everything is fine and people look normal.

  12. ee ee e on Fri, 17th Mar 2023 9:12 pm 

    1:06:45 in the video below. The women look like a dead ghost coming out of hell.

  13. ee e e on Fri, 17th Mar 2023 9:35 pm 

    I find this video about CDBC.

    If you think you will keep earth reality alive a little bit longer with the CDBC, you are wrong.

    I will give you my prediction. Guy like me will go out and cut internet connection line and cut electrical pole. You cannot keep earth reality alive. We control all the calculators of earth reality. You will all be executed and your execution have already begun. I gave some example of elites currently being executed: bankers, news anchor and politicians on this web site. This include the whole population of earth, except a few select people that will receive a silicate body and protection from GOD.

  14. eee e e on Fri, 17th Mar 2023 10:15 pm 

    Why this obsession with skinny people. They keep saying big guy like me are unhealthy. How can I be unhealthy when I take my 90 lbs snow blower by two hands and put it on top of my work bench.

    Are the afraid of big man because they are skinny without muscle mass. They keep fat shaming big guy like me into weight loss therefore losing muscle mass and muscle strength. They wants us skinny so we are not a physical threat to them. Look at the picture of gray alien, they are a small specie without muscle mass.

    Why this obsession with skinny equal healthy and big and strong equal unhealthy.

  15. ee e e3 on Fri, 17th Mar 2023 10:32 pm 

    The keep saying guy like me of 350 lbs are too fat and unhealthy. I remove my the snow out of my driveway with a one stage snow blower. It takes me about 1,5 hours of moderate to heavy physical work to remove to clean up my driveway. It seems to me that I am a pretty big heavy and healthy man if I can do physical labor for 1.5 hours continuously. I have skinny people on my street that are barely capable of removing snow on the front porch.

    This seems like some kind of propaganda for big man like me to lose weight and muscle mass so we are not a physical threat.

  16. ere ee e e on Sat, 18th Mar 2023 4:40 am 

    I am buying my peaceful eternal death from you, by helping you dealing with earth. Remember that. Really not happy how it is working in the world of GOD. Really not happy with GOD working methodologies.

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