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Page added on June 26, 2018

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Why the world doesn’t make new countries anymore.

Why the world doesn’t make new countries anymore. thumbnail

On Sept. 25, 2017, Iraqi Kurdistan held its long-awaited referendum on independence. The region had been semi-independent since the end of the first Gulf War but had long sought to become a full-fledged, internationally recognized state. The Kurds had attempted independence, and been thwarted in those attempts, numerous times before, from the aftermath of World War I, through the Cold War, to the first Gulf War and the invasion of Iraq in 2003. But ISIS’s invasion of Iraq in 2014, and the subsequent collapse of Iraq’s state institutions, had made Kurdistan’s dream look more feasible than ever: It was a lot harder for Iraq to make the case for its territorial integrity when it literally didn’t control much of its own territory.

As a non-Arab minority, Kurds were targeted by ISIS’s campaign of genocide. With heavy assistance from the U.S., they also became the most effective military force retaking territory from the group. In the summer of 2014, they took control of the ethnically mixed city of Kirkuk, which had previously been under Iraqi government control before it was taken over by ISIS, and this is where they decided to hold their referendum. When I visited Kirkuk in the summer of 2016, Kurdish flags and posters for Kurdish political parties were everywhere. Kurdish peshmerga security force patrolled the city’s bazaar. The governor’s palace was one of the most heavily fortified buildings I’d ever been in. Getting in required traversing a warren of blast walls, barbed wire, and checkpoints with multiple security checks and pat-downs by armed guards. The message was clear: Now that they had taken Kirkuk, the Kurds weren’t giving it up. “If Kurdistan were to become independent, I think it has to have Kirkuk in it,” the governor, Najmiddin Karim, told me.

But just days after the referendum, in which 92 percent of voters supported independence, Iraqi security forces aided by Shiite militias retook the city and other areas the Kurds had recently recaptured. Thousands, including Karim, fled Kirkuk. The United States, long an ally of the Kurds, more or less shrugged, with the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad putting out a statement saying it supported the “peaceful reassertion of federal authority, consistent with the Iraqi constitution, in all disputed areas.” The region’s airport was closed to international flights and its borders blockaded. While the Kurds eventually reached a peace deal with Baghdad this spring, they ended up with less territory and less autonomy than they had before they held the vote.

For the Kurds, this was just one more in a series of frustrations in their long quest for independence. But it was also a sign of what’s becoming an inescapable rule of world politics: It’s more or less impossible to create a new country. As I write in my new book, Invisible Countries, for which I traveled to Kurdistan in 2016, the world map has been in a state of stasis for about a quarter of a century, with few new countries created and the borders of existing ones staying fixed. In many ways, this has been a good thing for international stability. But the fixed nature of the world map is deeply frustrating to groups like the Kurds, who feel vulnerable or marginalized in their recognized nation, and don’t have a state to call their own.

Kurdistan isn’t the only wannabe state that’s had the door slammed in its face in the past year. Just a few weeks after the Kurdish referendum, in the Spanish region of Catalonia, more than 90 percent of Catalans voted in favor of independence in a controversial referendum that Spanish authorities attempted to shut down with riot police, tear gas, and rubber bullets. After the Spanish federal government refused to negotiate independence, the Catalan parliament unilaterally declared independence on Oct. 27, while at the same time, the government of Spain invoked a never-before-used article of the constitution to take direct control over the wayward region’s government. Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont fled Spain to avoid arrest on charges of rebellion and is currently fighting extradition from Germany. Like Kurdistan, Catalonia appears likely to end up with less independence than it had before voting for it.

More examples: Immediately after Britain voted to withdraw from the European Union, there was talk among political leaders in Scotland, which voted firmly against Brexit, of holding a new referendum on independence. But public opinion among Scots has shifted against the idea and their leaders have backed off. Elsewhere in Europe, there’s little appetite for full-on secessionism. For instance, the Northern League, the far-right party that once advocated independence for Northern Italy, has had far more success since rebranding itself as just the League and focusing more on preventing immigration—a much more effective form of nationalism these days. It’s now part of the coalition government ruling Italy.

Of all the groups seeking a fully independent state, the Palestinians are probably the best known and most heavily covered. But while a growing number of countries are now recognizing Palestine as independent—more than 70 percent of U.N. member states and nearly all of Asia, Africa, and South America call the territory occupied by Israel “Palestine”—a true two-state solution leading to full Palestinian independence, or an end to Israeli military occupation and settlement construction, has never seemed less likely.

The gold standard of unrecognized countries is Taiwan, a wealthy, democratic country that enjoys strong—if unofficial—relations with other governments. During my book research, officials in not-quite-countries like Somaliland and Abkhazia often pointed to the prosperous and democratic Taiwan as evidence that they could develop into stable, prosperous societies even without international recognition. The U.S., after all, has close political and economic relations with Taiwan and even just opened a new de facto “embassy” there, despite formally recognizing it as ruled by Beijing under the “one China policy.” But China’s growing international clout is putting increasing pressure on Taiwan’s independence. The number of countries formally recognizing Taiwan fell below 20 in May, after China offered the Dominican Republic $3.1 billion in loans and investments to switch its allegiance to Beijing. China has also been ramping up pressure on private companies not to refer to Taiwan as an independent country in their marketing material. The country’s unique international status is becoming less tenable, and full independence a much more remote and unlikely prospect than it once was.

All over the world, country creation has slowed to a trickle. From the end of World War II, to the year 2000, the number of independent countries in the world nearly quadrupled, as dozens of new states were created out of colonial empires in Africa and Asia, and the end of the Cold War led to the breakup of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia into smaller units. But in the 21st century, only three newly independent countries—East Timor, Montenegro, and South Sudan—have been admitted to the United Nations.

What changed? For one thing, most of the obvious new countries—land once controlled by colonizing empires—have already been created. The vast majority of the new states founded in the second half of the 20th century were former colonies of European powers. Those empires had become politically untenable and morally indefensible, and often, particularly in much of Africa and the Middle East, it was the European powers themselves that drew the borders for the new states. And while these borders were often far from ideal, drawn with little regard for the distribution of ethnic groups on the ground, leading to decades of conflict, they’ve mostly been left in place. Dividing countries or redrawing borders now would require governments to give up territory—not far-flung overseas possessions but contiguous land—something they almost never do without a fight. It doesn’t help that the world’s multilateral institutions, including the European Union, African Union, and United Nations, generally frown on secessionism. So do the world’s major superpowers.

America nearly always opposes the breakup of existing countries. That was even the case, though it’s often forgotten today, during the breakup of the Soviet Union. But there are exceptions. The U.S. was a major backer of South Sudan’s independence in 2011 though that country’s descent into civil war and state failure has come to be seen as a cautionary tale for backing the independence of countries whose institutions aren’t ready for it. The U.S.
also backed independence for Kosovo—now widely recognized though not a U.N.
member state—which has been used as a precedent for Russia’s Vladimir Putin to justify the annexation of Crimea and other foreign ventures. Russia is the primary foreign backer—and military occupier—of the breakaway Georgian regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia as well as the main supporter of Ukrainian separatists. As part of its quest to needle Western hypocrisy and undermine its rivals, Russia may be the world’s most secessionist-friendly superpower. It has hosted conventions for nationalist movements from around the world and even been accused of backing Texas and California secessionist movements in the United States. But Russian support for secessionists has lately started to backfire: Reports of Kremlin interference were used by opponents to attack Catalonia’s independence movement. As for rising power China, given its own problems with nationalists in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet, and Xinjiang, the last thing Beijing wants to do is normalize secessionism.

The reluctance of world governments and international organizations to support independence movements and border changes is understandable. Normalizing secessionism and border changes on the grounds of ethnic identity is a recipe for more conflict. Minority groups throughout the world could be encouraged to take up arms in search of states of their own. Existing countries could use self-determination as a pretext to invade their neighbors—think of how Vladimir Putin has justified the annexation of Crimea on the grounds that the region is historically Russian, an argument that apparently makes sense to the president of the United States. In the past century, millions died in wars between sovereign states over territory, often justified by arguments like these. And peaceful separations or unifications of countries—Czechoslovakia or Germany, for instance—are the historical exception. Bloody debacles like the partition of India and the breakup of Yugoslavia are far more common. It’s just easier, and safer, to leave the map as it is.

But in a world where human rights are tied to citizenship, the virtual impossibility of creating new countries leaves marginalized minority groups—the Rohingya in Myanmar, the Uighurs in China, the Kurds in Iraq—at a disadvantage. The current map of the world may be the best option for the majority of the world’s population, but that doesn’t mean it works for everyone. A look at the sectarian and ethnic violence currently wracking several countries in the Middle East and Africa is evidence enough of that.

Our current borders, however, are not necessarily fixed. Unprecedented levels of global migration, new technologies eroding traditional notions of sovereignty, and the reshaping of the Earth’s landmass by climate change could place new pressures on the borders of existing countries. That might be welcome news for nationalist movements throughout the world, who have long chafed under what they see as the oppression of arbitrary borders. But we may also soon come to miss the relative stability of an era when we could take the world map for granted.

31 Comments on "Why the world doesn’t make new countries anymore."

  1. joe on Tue, 26th Jun 2018 11:02 am 

    The issues faced by emergent countries is the enforcement of that nationhood. Nowdays liberalism supports multiculturalism and multi ethnic and diverse religious societies, none of that is good news for nationalists. The real risk is that uncorking the bottle will cause a major mess. Russian invasion of its borderlands and internal invasions are really just efforts to stifle nationalist ambitions of its neighbours and large minority groups internally. Europe is voluntarily and for no good reason creating the conditions where it too will have Russias problems. The recreation of Britain from the ashes of its EU membership must be viewed as an effort which contravenes the rule, though it remains to be seen whether or not the long term result will reflect true sovereignty.

    Realistically we face the automation of the lowest rung of service sector jobs and a great portion of the financial sector jobs. Frankly the distraction of nation building while government deconstructs the welfare states and large population societies might not be such a bad idea. When the administration of government could be done more or less by a.i. We could end up with all kinds of multitudes of emerging countries, all you will need is start up capital and access to the software and some kind of global access. Sovereign borders might not mean much at all. Instead what may become more important as we face the forces of CC and a.i. might be helpful tools like correct resource allocating a.i and decreased human input to lower costs of living. The next social movement should be as coders move to creating an anarchy of a.i instead of permitting monolithic server banks that can dictate opinion and resorces.

  2. Theedrich on Tue, 26th Jun 2018 5:02 pm 

    “Social justice” and “morality” are pretenses.  The fundamental characteristic and principle of evolution is what Nietzsche pointed out as being the will to power, understood as knowledge incarnate (evolutionary epistemology).  This is the principle which enables evolution in the first place and is the antithesis to justice, righteousness, fairness, goodness, religious piety and similar qualities.  This underlying drive makes such qualities possible in the first place, and defines them in order to maintain supremacy of the dominators.  What is “good,” etc., is determined by the victor who, in human terms, gets to write the history books.  “Morality” is at bottom simply the self-justification of power, which itself is “beyond good and evil” (Nietzsche again).

    James Buchanan wrote recently

    The English settlers brought in 600,000 slaves, ethnically cleansed the Indians, joined their cousins in a war to expel the French, then revolted and threw out those cousins to claim all the land to the Mississippi for ourselves.

    Jefferson grabbed the vast Louisiana Territory for $15 million from Napoleon, who had no right to sell it.  Andrew Jackson drove the Spanish out of Florida, sent the Cherokee packing on the Trail of Tears, and told a dissenting Chief Justice John Marshall where he could go.

    Sam Houston tore Texas away from Mexico.  “Jimmy” Polk took the Southwest and California in a war Ulysses Grant called “the most unjust ever fought.” When the South declared independence, Lincoln sent a million-man army to march them back in a war that cost 600,000 lives.

    William McKinley sent armies and warships to seize Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guam and the Philippines.  The indigenous peoples were not consulted.  “God told me to take the Philippines,” said McKinley.

    The conquest and colonization of the New World and the creation of the United States and its rise to world power required acts of aggression and war of which many among our elites are ashamed.  They exhibit their guilt by tearing down the statues of the men who perpetrated the “crimes” that created America.  But of these elites, it may be fairly said: they could never have built a nation like ours.

    Empires arise in blood, are maintained by blood, and die in blood.  What is today confusing the masses (though not the global potentates) is precisely this question of dominance.  “Righteousness” is determined by potestas (Macht, мощь, la puissance), not the other way around.

    Today America is losing its position precisely because political termites and traitors are using the abstractions of (ultimately Christian) morality to subvert its will to power.  The preference for “social justice” and White genosuicide invert the natural order and enable Yid-Cretin stupidity to undermine the “growth”-obsessed White world.  It can no longer maintain itself in the face of ruthless, targeted cunning, invasion by masses of sludge, and international crime.  As a result, the superior military weapons, parasitic economics and unswerving Realpolitik of Russia and China will determine the future of the globe.

    In other words, despite all of its high-tech war toys, Western “democracy” is now permeated by Thanatos camouflaged as political correctness and compassion;  we are headed for death.

  3. deadly on Tue, 26th Jun 2018 10:06 pm 

    Mexico has an imaginary border about to the middle of Colorado and California.

    The East Coast is filled with brainwashed jackasses who don’t know their asses from holes in the ground. People there run around like chickens with their heads cut off.

    They need to stop. That won’t happen. Trains will roll, cars will travel, planes will fly. It is normal to be insane there.

    A secession of all states on and west of the west slopes of the Appalachians and the east side of the Rockies down to east Texas and north would be a nice country named Manitoba or Ontario, something like that, give a Native American origin to the name of the nation.

    Canada would work, but that name is taken.

    Maybe Mississippi or Missouri. One means Great River, the other ‘he of the big canoe’. Both will work. Pick one. Maybe call it Ohio, another Native American word. Also means great river or large creek.

    Ohio it is.

    The east and west coasts can be on there own and tariff the bejesus out of anybody they want. A new nation in the middle of America won’t have to listen to nuts like Trump and the rest of the nattering nabobs back east.

    The can go fly a kite.

    Free trade with China with oil as the premier trading commodity will be fine. The Chinese will do business with unfettered trade happening all of the time, restrictions will only be limited by supply constraints.

    Corn, soybeans, wheat, pinto beans can be sold to the Chinese tariff free with a new nation making the calls and decisions.

    People on the east and west coasts can have some of those commodities too, but it will cost them some money, always does. Always do business with them.

    The new nation’s capital can be Omaha with Offutt Air Force Base as the central command for Ohio’s military forces.

    Trump will save a lot of money by letting those bases go.

    The Chinese can send back tvs and phones and won’t have to listen to a single word Trump says.

    Life will be great with Warshington off of everybody’s backs. Who cares about Warshingtonians? Nobody. Won’t have to listen to Maxine Waters make a fool of herself again.

    There’ll be plenty of military bases that can be managed and governed by New Ohio, a force to be reckoned with.

    Won’t have to worry about worrying.

    The US is divided now, so three or four new countries from one disunited America will complete the task.

    How about Saskatchewan for a name for the middle of America?

    Nunavut would work really well, Nunavut doesn’t want none of it anymore. Won’t have to listen to that creature Trump anymore.

    Maybe ‘The Land of Many Lands’, sounds Native American but not quite. It could work.

    The world can make new countries if it wants.

  4. Dredd on Wed, 27th Jun 2018 5:08 am 

    Are no countries being made because of collective guilt (The Psychology of the Notion of Collective Guilt – 2) ?

  5. Antius on Wed, 27th Jun 2018 7:10 am 

    I times of hardship and crisis, people tend to become more conservative. They often tend to place their faith in tried and tested solutions, rather than throw the dice on something new and untested. It tends to be prosperity, not poverty, that drive social change.

  6. JuanP on Wed, 27th Jun 2018 7:59 am 

    Deadly “A new nation in the middle of America won’t have to listen to nuts like Trump and the rest of the nattering nabobs back east.”

    Your whole comment is quite fantastic, but I chose to address just one sentence for lack of time. It was precisely the middle of America that elected Trump so your claim above is completely nonsensical. If middle America were to split from the coasts Trump would be declared president for life! LOL!

  7. Sissyfuss on Wed, 27th Jun 2018 8:22 am 

    In a Limits to Growth scenario accompanied by population overshoot we now have new countries being created incessantly, albeit their borders are transitory and move along with the hordes that form them. The new nation states can be called Migratoria and their national model will be ” You can’t go home again.” They are forming world wide and will be coming
    to an area by you soon.

  8. Antius on Wed, 27th Jun 2018 8:22 am 

    “Today America is losing its position precisely because political termites and traitors are using the abstractions of (ultimately Christian) morality to subvert its will to power. The preference for “social justice” and White genosuicide invert the natural order and enable Yid-Cretin stupidity to undermine the “growth”-obsessed White world.”

    Excellent post Theedrich. If America had the spirit of its forefathers, it would be well on its way to colonising the solar system by now. The Chinese would still be working their rice paddies.

  9. Cloggie on Wed, 27th Jun 2018 1:51 pm 

    Brexit latest – British industry bosses plead to at least remain in single market:

  10. MASTERMIND on Wed, 27th Jun 2018 2:08 pm 


    And what about ole Nigel shorting the sterling before the vote..Even he knew it was a horrible idea..And he used it to gain political power..You right wingers are as dumb as they come..And all you are doing is speeding up the collapse..

  11. Cloggie on Wed, 27th Jun 2018 2:31 pm 

    Salvini rules Europe. Like in the twenties it is Italy that sets the tone, the right-wing tone that is. A century ago it was the Soviet threat that needed to be countered, now it is the US imposed multicult threat that needs to be destroyed:

    And see! It is as if tout l’Europe is glad that finally somebody sticks his neck out and openly says what everybody, except Merkel, already thinks: the influx needs to be stopped, if necessary with radical means. The majority now agrees with Italy these “refugees” are undesirables.

    Salvini travelled to Libya and found out that the Libyans are just as fed up with the invaders as the Europeans are. The new plan is to let the invaders not even enter Libya but set up “asylum processing centers” in northern fokking Mali.

  12. Antius on Wed, 27th Jun 2018 4:02 pm 

    “Brexit latest – British industry bosses plead to at least remain in single market:”

    The way things are going, there is a realistic chance that it will no longer exist in five years time. What state will southern Europe be in after the next recession? Right now, they are shackled into a currency arrangement that is crushing their economies and exists to allow Germany to dump exports on the rest of the world. The situation is already beyond intolerable. Add in the migrant situation and it looks even worse.

  13. Cloggie on Wed, 27th Jun 2018 9:55 pm 

    Typical 500 years of British Balance of Power politics and wishful thinking: Europe needs to fall apart and especially Germany is the source of all evil. Even rare hard-core British white nationalists like Antius think like that. The only reason the UK ever became member of Europe was to attempt to destroy it from within, like trying to maneuver incompatible countries like Turkey into the organization. Never mind that Britain is being destroyed as we speak as a consequence of being an enforced member of the US ZOG empire since 1945 and no longer has a majority English capital. The problem is Germany, not ZOG-USA.

    De Gaulle was right. The salvation of the white race lies in continental Europe, including Russia, where Anglo-Zionism is its demise.

    Salvini has said recently that NATO needs to be used to defend southern Europe against the invaders, not against Russia that is no threat.

    Not going to happen of course as NATO is a stinking globalist Anglo-Zionist tool to keep Europe under control and keep the darkies flowing in, not to keep them out:

    But that was 2015, now it is 2018 and boy are things changing:

    – the US is near CW2, meaning a break-up
    – we have Brexit, let’s ensure it happens, hard or otherwise
    – Russia defeated US intentions in Syria
    – Merkel is on the way out
    – In Italy the pro-Russian hard right has taken over, determined to slash immigration to Europe
    – in the US Trump is busy dismantling the US empire
    – Russia wants to be part of Europe to counter the Chinese threat:

    Is it possible that the EU is going to be replaced by an organisation designed to embed Russia, with more emphasis on military cooperation, the main two purposes will be to 1) contain China and 2) to grab ourselves a nice piece of the North-American pie once “divershitty” has run its natural course and self-destructs and descends into chaos.

    Currently, since Brexit, Trump, Syria, everything is moving in the right direction for continental Europe.

  14. Antius on Thu, 28th Jun 2018 3:43 am 

    “Typical 500 years of British Balance of Power politics and wishful thinking: Europe needs to fall apart and especially Germany is the source of all evil. Even rare hard-core British white nationalists like Antius think like that. The only reason the UK ever became member of Europe was to attempt to destroy it from within, like trying to maneuver incompatible countries like Turkey into the organization.”

    Not really, I just enjoy bashing Cloggie’s cage. The UK public voted to join the EU in 1973, largely because they were conned into thinking it would boost exports to Europe and reduce the cost of food. None of those things happened, in fact, much the opposite happened. It hasn’t worked out for us in any meaningful way. We have a huge trade deficit with Europe and nothing to gain by staying part of the EU extortion racket. It has become a gateway for the mass third world colonisation of our country, which is the main reason the UK voted to leave. What our ZOG leaders wanted from the EU, I cannot say with any certainty. Many amongst them appear to see it as a gateway to their holy grail of world government. But the UK public had no real interest in undermining it, until it became clear that the EU wanted to undermine them. Had the EU adopted a White nationalist ‘protect our own’ philosophy, it would probably have been much more popular with the British public, although the ZOG media would no doubt have propagandised against it.

    “Never mind that Britain is being destroyed as we speak as a consequence of being an enforced member of the US ZOG empire since 1945 and no longer has a majority English capital. The problem is Germany, not ZOG-USA.”

    No argument here. To be clear, the Germans are greedy and selfish. The Euro is a means by which they use the poverty of southern Europe to dump exports on the rest of the world, without pushing the value of their currency into the stratosphere. But I don’t think they are specifically intent on breeding the Europeans out of their home lands. That is typical ZOG manipulation. Immigration was ironically the main reason the UK left. Right now, the EU is attempting to use legal sanctions to force Eastern Europe to open its borders.

    Cloggie’s rose-tinted-glasses view of the EU doesn’t exactly mesh with reality. If the EU were the thing he thought it was, I would be in favour of it. The problem is, it is sick the Marxist wasting disease.

  15. Davy on Thu, 28th Jun 2018 4:10 am 


  16. Davy on Thu, 28th Jun 2018 4:13 am 

    Bony Juan, that was a new one. My handle was hacked so it wouldn’t work. Interesting how far individuals will go here to attack others.

  17. Free Speech Forum on Thu, 28th Jun 2018 4:30 am 

    You know the US is doomed when Americans would rather attack those who defend freedom instead of criticizing the government that is enslaving them.

  18. fmr-paultard on Thu, 28th Jun 2018 5:49 am 

    free speech tard, the concept of slavery is islamic. i’m free and i have liberty. i was a gun rights activist and nowadays most states have gun rights that were never heard before. many state are true to the meaning of “constituion carry” meaning true to the intent of the 2nd A. you’re a tard. i attack you and supertard attack you becuase you’re a tard. i know we have freedom

  19. JuanP on Thu, 28th Jun 2018 6:27 am 

    Delusional Davy “Bony Juan, that was a new one. My handle was hacked so it wouldn’t work. Interesting how far individuals will go here to attack others.”

    I was amazed you could stay away for so long. That sounds like an excuse, though. You could have signed in using another handle, moron! LOL!

  20. Anonymouse1 on Thu, 28th Jun 2018 6:30 am 

    He never ‘left’. ‘Mushmind’ has been posting non-stop, and saying, pretty much the same things, just with even less decorum and sanity than davyturd himself. Hard as that is to believe.

    And he did sign using another handle, ‘mushmind.’

  21. Davy on Thu, 28th Jun 2018 6:40 am 

    I am going to reduce somewhat the comment tempo in regards to rivalries. This forum is becoming inbred with the usual redundant attacks counter attacks. There is not much learning in that. I am looking for sharp ideas not whining.

  22. Makati1 on Thu, 28th Jun 2018 6:42 am 

    Yep Juan. He could have signed on as Delusional Davy and everyone would have known who it was.

    Bet he blames it on Chinese hackers. LOL

  23. Makati1 on Thu, 28th Jun 2018 6:45 am 

    Then you better go to another forum Davy. You are definitely bringing the intelligence level of this one down by your remaining. Did you notice the increase in intelligent posts while you were gone? We did. With the exception of your sock puppet, MM, the site was civil. I wonder why? LMAO

  24. JuanP on Thu, 28th Jun 2018 6:45 am 

    Amouse1 “He never ‘left’. ‘Mushmind’ has been posting non-stop, and saying, pretty much the same things, just with even less decorum and sanity than davyturd himself. Hard as that is to believe.”

    I did notice that MM was acting manic while Davy was gone and posting nonstop BS. I find hard to accept that Davy is MM, though. My mind has problems wrapping itself around such a degree of insanity! Multiple personalities fighting with each other? That is 100% insane!

  25. MASTERMIND on Thu, 28th Jun 2018 8:29 am 


    I really enjoy you posting articles from SHTFPLAN, Organicprepper,Zerohedge…I mean these are really reliable and sophisticated sources../s


  26. Antius on Thu, 28th Jun 2018 8:29 am 

    This will be the future of warfare and surveillance.

    Forget about laser guns or rail guns or any of the other futuristic staples of sci-fi. In the future, wars will be thought by semi-autonomous robots. Their weapons will be tailored to kill other robots. Domestic surveillance and policing will be done in much the same way. You think that is a fly sitting on your ceiling? It is actually a micro drone monitoring what bed time stories you are telling your children.

    Imagine a hostage situation in 2050. Gone are the days when the police storm the building with assault rifles. Instead, they remotely storm the building with an army of insect sized flying robots. These land on the gunmen and inject them with lethal poisons. The police officer of the future will sit in the station, controlling something that looks like one of the hunter-killers from Terminator.

    It sounds like some sort of dystopian nightmare, worse than anything that Orwell could ever have imagined. Yet, technology, economics and politics are all pushing in this direction. In 30 years, people will look back upon today with nostalgia. Those heady days when still had some notion of privacy and freedom.

  27. Anonymouse1 on Thu, 28th Jun 2018 1:26 pm 

    ‘mushmind’ is the eturd alright. Why within the last 24 hours, ‘mushmind’ stated Greg was ‘obsessed’ with him. I pointed out, that this particular charge has been only (ever) made by one other bag of quasi-organic material, Davyturd himself. No one else here has ever used the term ‘obsessed’, yet we have ‘two’, that it to say, one individual, leveling the exact same thing, against the same person.

    As for these ‘fights’ with his own sock, they are mostly for show, but at times, it I cant help wonder if the exceptionalturd really has come to believe ‘mushmind’ actually exists. Bi-polar individuals are pretty messed up after all. But at the end of the day, ‘mushmind’ exists because the eturd needed a ‘friend’ to attack Greg and Mak mainly. This mattered to the turd because it was really getting under his thin skin that besides him, no one was attacking either of them.

    So he made a ‘friend’ to help make his wish come true. Who are spammiest posters by far here? That would be the exceptionlturd, and ‘mushind’ by far.

    Two sides, of the same delusional coin.

  28. Cloggie on Sat, 30th Jun 2018 12:46 am 

    It is 73 years overdue, but better late than never: DJT is considering withdrawing US troops from Germany:

    DJT, the undertaker of the US empire and American Gorbachev.

    “Hail Trump!”.lol

    Won’t be long before continental European troops will be occupying parts of North-America, in order to separate waring factions and help creating a new country for our European-American brothers, within a global pan-European framework.

    And create major geopolitical upward mobility for ourselves, but that’s a detail really.

  29. Makati1 on Sat, 30th Jun 2018 1:39 am 

    Anon, you may just be correct. More and more I see Davy when I read MM’s posts. If so, it was stupid of him to pretend to be intelligent and a “genius”, something he cannot pull off without real intelligent people calling him out.

    Davy would have no idea what a genius would say, or that it requires actual brains, maturity and education to not look stupid while pretending, which MM has done frequently. Looked stupid, that is. That MM reverts to 3rd grade bullying and putdowns only increases the likelihood that they are both the same deluded, insane person.

  30. Seaharvester on Sat, 30th Jun 2018 8:07 pm 

    Europe is part of Asia. Period. Its even less of a sub continent than India, that is all I’d give it so far as continent status. Europe is a continent like Pluto is a planet, only less.

  31. MASTERMIND on Sat, 30th Jun 2018 9:07 pm 


    THE ENERGY CLIFF APPROACHES: World Oil & Gas Discoveries Continue To Decline

    As the world continues to burn energy like there is no tomorrow, global oil and gas discoveries fell to another low in 2017. And to make matters worse, world oil investment has dropped 45% from its peak in 2014. If the world oil industry doesn’t increase its capital expenditures significantly, we are going to hit the Energy Cliff much sooner than later.

    According to Rystad Energy, total global conventional oil and gas discoveries fell to a low of 6.7 billion barrels of oil equivalent (Boe).

    I believe we are going to start running into serious trouble, first in the U.S. Shale Energy Industry, and then globally, within the next 1-3 years. The major global oil companies have been forced to cut capital expenditures to remain profitable and to provide free cash flow. Unfortunately, this will impact oil production in the coming years.

    Ouch looks like your master plan is going to run out of gas..No pun intended!


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