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Page added on October 8, 2018

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Why American Democracy Was So Easy To Destroy

Public Policy

As I perused the headlines today, I was amused and saddened — a strange feeling — to see endless articles lamenting the death of democracy in America. They are perfectly right, of course — American democracy is taking its last few breaths, fighting for life. Now, those of how’ve studied and lived through social collapse have been warning of precisely such a thing for years (and if only those lamenting the death of democracy had listened to our warnings, but I digress.)

The real question isn’t whether America’s democracy’s dying (it is) — the real question is: why was it so easy to kill? After all, it didn’t take a single bullet. It seems to have fallen all by itself. How curious. How odd. Why, then, would that be?

The answer to that crucial question hides in plain sight. Americans don’t see it, or understand it, yet, though — because it conflicts with the foundational myths they have been taught to believe. The ones they are socialized into — educated about at school, hear repeated in the headlines, and come, all too soon, and without enough critical or reflective thought, examination of history, to proudly believe in — to accept as true. And now they are clinging to just those myths — even while their democracy implodes around them, like ashes pouring from a volcano of rage, fear, greed, and fury.

Which myths do I mean? That America was the land of the free and the home of the brave — that it was the world’s noblest experiment — that it was unique amongst nations in being a haven for the wretched — that people ever lived together in some kind of new Athens on the Atlantic. None of these things were ever true.

American democracy was so easy to kill because America did not really practice democracy much, or well enough, at all. Let me make this point to you backwards — and you are welcome to disagree with me, so long as you think about it.

Imagine a person born in the 1940s, 50s, or 60s. What kind of society did they grow up in? They lived in a country where “intermarriage” was illegal — where you could not love another person if they had the wrong color of skin, ethnicity, background. They lived in a place where “coloured” people were not allowed into the same restaurants, on the same buses, or in the same schools.

Are you beginning to see my point? Americans rebel at one precise thing, whenever I mention it — that until 1971, America was an apartheid state. This, they can’t bring themselves to accept that term, that idea. It triggers too much shame, fear, guilt — and resentment, perhaps, of the messenger. And yet, nothing about American history is truer. So let me put it a different way — an even more precise one.

Many Americans alive today grew up in a country where there was a strict hierarchy of humanity, of personhood. At the top were white men. Below them were white women. Below them were other kinds of men — Asian, Chinese, and so on. And then finally black men — and last of all, black women.

All hierarchies allocate things. So what was this hierarchy allocating? The three fundamental political goods — freedom, justice, and equality. You enjoyed them in precise proportion, more or less, to your position in this hierarchy — those at the bottom had none, and those at the top had them in abundance.

But such a society is not really a democracy, though it might call itself one (as Americans did — because in a democracy, these three goods, freedom, justice, and equality, are at a bare minimum, things which people enjoy in roughly equal proportions. When, though, was that ever the case in America?

This strict hierarchy wasn’t just a legal reality, of course. It was a cultural, social, political, and economic one, too. If you were an educated black person, or even an educated Latino, your chances would be far, far reduced compared to an average white. Hence, even once America legally desegregated — the norms and values that encoded this hierarchy of personhood never retreated. It never went away.

Old America’s hierarchy of personhood never really went away. Instead of ever really eroding, the one which allocated how much freedom, equality, and justice people really received, enjoyed, attained — it just went on being re-enacted, in the daily choices of Americans, over and over again — even if it was no longer legally formalized. Norms and values die much harder than laws, after all. And so wherever immigrants, blacks, and minorities came — whites fled from. Whenever it was asked that people invest in one another, whites especially refused. “Those dirty, lazy good-for-nothings won’t get my tax dollars!” The hierarchy of personhood is alive and well today — isn’t it just what we see the Trumpists and Kavanauaghs of the world not just hoping to resurrect — but, more grimly, relegitimizing and institutionalizing and formally structuring all over again?

Do you see the problem yet? Let’s go a little deeper. This hierarchy of personhood made America an especially weird, strange, bizarre society. What kind? A caste society — made of tribes. Tribes occupied different social strata, essentially, from which movement was nearly impossible. The elite white at the top, the working class white below him, a jumbled mass of immigrants and minorities in the middle, and finally, at the bottom, blacks — who’d always remained the equivalent, sadly, of untouchables. A society can either be a place made of tribes, sorted into castes — or it can be a democracy. But it cannot be both. America was never really the democracy it thought it was — and still believes itself to be.

(Americans tend to think that “democracy” is the exercise of voting every few years, and watching cable news in between. But it is no such thing. When we speak of “elections”, we merely mean the means of democracy. Democracy, more properly thought of, is the enactment — and the expansion — of equality, freedom, and justice. The daily practice, if you like, of these three great endowments — they are the fundamental democratic goods, the ends to which the means of democracy, elections, votes, and so on, merely exist to sustain and nurture. And yet it is precisely in these three ways that American democracy never really became much of a democracy at all. When Americans were busy sorting themselves into tribal castes, enacting their hierarchy of personhood — or being sorted that way, if you like — then it can’t be said that democracy was really occurring in any real way. Precisely the opposite was, in fact — a kind of flight from, corrosion of, refusal to consent to, genuinely democratic norms, values, and institutions.)

Let me put that more concretely.

New America has only existed for forty years — and in those forty years, it has faltered, stagnated,and collapsed. But old America — undemocratic America — existed for centuries. New America is a place where people could have possibly had equality, justice, and freedom, in equal measures — for the first time. But that country has only existed for forty years or so — and it never really made much progress towards those aspirations: it has barely been a democracy at all. Why not? The weight of history was too much. All the while that America was organized according to a hierarchy of personhood, it wasn’t really a democracy — not even in the most minimally genuine sense. Then, it was something more like a sham democracy, the fairy tale of one. It was not a place in which equality, freedom, and justice were things that everyone enjoyed a bare minimum, much less an equal proportion, of — the lowest bar we should really expect from and for a democracy. Instead, it was a place in which the status and position of some depended critically on the bondage of others.

So American went from non-democracy to barely-democracy — and only even accomplished that much in recent times. And it seems, my friends, to be heading squarely, swiftly back to non-democracy, again, even if by means of majoritarianism and Putinesque electioneering. Why is that, in the end?

Old America is not some dusty, ancient memory. It is very much a living one. And it seems to be a place that many Americans wish to return to. What do I mean? The foolish and strange myth of America as the land of the free and the home of the brave encourages, perhaps creates and nourishes, the illusion in us that an anti-democratic society, a caste society, its norms and values, its institutions — that old, hateful America — is some kind of distant history, an ancient memory, which existed long ago, like the Pyramids, forgotten in time, that can and will never again return. But it is a foolish myth because it is wrong.

Imagine the American who grew up in such a world — the white one, at least, perhaps the man. A segregated world, an apartheid state. He is still alive, isn’t he? He remembers a world of dominance and power and control — old America. It is a boyhood memory for him — a living thing, not a drawing of a long-gone age in a textbook. And it seems to me these days perhaps that he longs for it. He yearns for it. And least some hims do. He is wishing for a return to the stability and comfort and easy pleasure of that world — a world still within living memory. A patriarchal, tribal, subjugated place, where he and those like him were on top. Simply by inheritance, birthright, and blood.

Hence, Americans of a certain kind are doing everything in their power to resurrect old America. Which “hes” might I be speaking of? Go ahead and take a look at the old, sneering men who hold power. The Trumps and Kavanaughs and Grahams. For all of them, a legally, institutionally, structurally racialized, bigoted, misogynistic, one inflicting very real violence of women, minorities, blacks, the poor, the weak of any kind: such an America isn’t some kind of distant, ancient, hazy memory — it’s a fact of boyhood. Perhaps a wistfully nostalgic one, something to cherish and prize. Is it any wonder they seem to think they can resurrect it?

You see, unlike the rest of the rich world, at least, in America, original sins are not things which occurred centuries ago. America’s original sins of the violation of the sanctity of personhood did not even happen a lifetime ago. They happened in the very boyhood of the men who now lead it just back to that very place. Is this all a mere coincidence? Or is something more?

The men who long for old America only need to think of their very own childhood — and there, my friends, perhaps they see better times. Times when women knew their place, when blacks knew theirs, when those dirty, filthy immigrants kept to themselves. When they were lords and masters. Dominion over every body, every dollar, every muscle, every mind in the land was theirs. They look at their boyhoods, and they see total and absolute power. And that glittering temptation was not long ago enough to be far away enough to preserve democracy now.

It seems to me that enough of those who grew up in old America want to remake it — and it is very, very easy for them to imagine, begin, and join such an endeavour, because old America was never really a distant thing, like the Pyramids, in the first place, but a living memory. They want to create, all over again, just such a place of institutionalized hatred, of absolute power, of total domination and control. They have taught their own sons and daughters just such values and norms. And in that way, this stratum, this caste, this tribe never assented to democracy at all. They only waited, really, for the very first chance to shatter it.

The truth of American history is not that it is the land of the free — but that it never was. America had just a few brief decades to attempt being anything resembling a genuine democracy — from 1970, or thereabouts, to 2010 or so. And during those times, a certain kind of American never stopped longing for the world of their childhood — the ugly, hateful, divided world, in which a strict hierarchy of humanity, of personhood, define every single soul in society, and kept them apart. In that truest of ways, America was never really much of a democracy — perhaps not one, really, at all. The great and enduring myth of American exceptionalism blinded Americans to the great and terrible flaw in them — and let that flaw multiply, grow, like a crack through a mirror. Bang! Now the mirror is shattering.

American democracy is dying, that much is true. While it is a sad thing, it is not a surprising one. Because the memory of a society in which equality, justice, and freedom were things which only belonged to you in proportion to your position in the hierarchy of personhood — which is to say, not at all, to many — is still a living thing — as close as the fond boyhood memories of the men who think, even now, that women and minorities are not people at all. And so those who wistfully yearn for old America — it seems that the one thing they desire most is to resurrect it.

But like all resurrections, something must die, for old America to live again. And that thing is new America. And that, my friends, means that democracy is the brief period American had in between two dark oceans of apartheid and authoritarianism.

October 2018


55 Comments on "Why American Democracy Was So Easy To Destroy"

  1. Duncan Idaho on Mon, 8th Oct 2018 9:21 am 

    Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed, Possibly Most Conservative US Supreme Court Since Lynching Negros Was Outlawed and Women Were Given the Vote!

    The US has a nightmare political arrangement.

  2. dissident on Mon, 8th Oct 2018 9:50 am 

    BS article. So America’s political problems are all about apartheid and black vs. white? The author clearly has an anti-white agenda. America’s problem is that it is a two-party regime. This creates an artificial separation of the country into two factions and over time induces a resonance amplification where the dialogue and tolerance between these factions collapses. In a real, MULTI party democracy any binary party mode is damped by 3rd and 4th parties. in Europe multi-party coalitions are needed to form ruling factions.

    America’s race problems are a separate topic. And not only blacks are living in poverty without the vaunted opportunities that American politicians claim are available to every American. There are many more whites in this poverty pool.

    I bet this author was a Hillary supporter. Those apartheid laws he yammers on about are the gift of Democrats to America.

  3. onlooker on Mon, 8th Oct 2018 10:10 am 

    And of course the other huge problem with American Democracy was that the US was a country who came into existence as the Indusrial Revolution was ramping up and in the shadow of the Imperial Power of that time ie. Great Britain. So that economic might has infused in the population an inordinate focus of economic well being and success. All this leading to the tacit support and consent to what amounts to a Plutocracy. The Rule of money has subverted any real democratic dynamic.

  4. Davy on Mon, 8th Oct 2018 10:31 am 

    “The US has a nightmare political arrangement.”

    A huge difference between the corruption of the DOJ by the extremist liberals and a confirmation of a justice. But I would expect a comment like that from an extremist liberal unable to see reality clearly.

  5. JuanP on Mon, 8th Oct 2018 11:27 am 

    I agree with most of the article. I benefitted from being a rich white man in Uruguay in the 70s and 80s, growing up. It was a lot like the USA in the 50s. I could see the change from my grandparents’ generation. In Uruguay, the biggest problem was discrimination against women. Racial minorities were esentially nonexistent in Uruguay at that time, but have grown in numbers since.

  6. dave thompson on Mon, 8th Oct 2018 11:28 am 

    The Republican and Democratic parties are and have been, for a very long time, the twin ass cheeks of corporate capitalism. American democracy in a nut shell, or butt shell if you will.

  7. Anontarded1 on Mon, 8th Oct 2018 11:54 am 

    the extremists want to destroy democracy for fuhrer regime
    the muslims want to destroy it for sharialand
    nothing new here

  8. Chrome Mags on Mon, 8th Oct 2018 12:36 pm 

    I agree, Duncan.

    Near the end of the movie, First Blood with Rambo, Colonel Troutman says to Sheriff Teasle, “God only knows what he’s capable of.” That’s the situation which we find ourselves now with Trump presiding over the Supreme court. He can now secretly or not so secretly direct that court to take up lower court cases that have risen to that level, which can be decided on to provide Trump with more power and fully exonerate him from prosecution at the state and federal level. Once he is no longer in danger of any negative consequences, look out, because that’s when things get really rough.

    Wholesale purging of voter rolls, massive deportation of Hispanics in the millions, deployment of ONLY electronic voting machines only the Republicans can hack to change the vote, arresting people considered politically radical (meaning they oppose Trump), massive decreases in funding for entitlements. He’ll push forward an increase in retirement age like Russia just did by 5 years, or maybe more. We might even enter a period of torturing people like a 3rd world country. Who knows what Trump is capable of once the wheels come off. I guess we’re going to find out the hard way.

  9. boney joe on Mon, 8th Oct 2018 1:40 pm 

    “A huge difference between the corruption of the DOJ by the extremist liberals.”

    Examples DavyTurd????? Otherwise just more bloviation from the resident “I am a moderate liberal”. What a clown.

  10. Davy on Mon, 8th Oct 2018 1:54 pm 

    Gregt, (puppeteer for BoneJ) I guess being Canadian you have not been followed the goings on with the whole Russian collusion narrative. If you like review this as a taste there ware many other articles that offer more:

    “Solomon: DOJ “Smoking Gun” Redactions Due To National Embarrassment, Not “National Security”

    “The Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI have repeatedly pointed to concerns over national security in their refusals to declassify evidence in the Russia investigation. It is now clear, however, that the agencies are simply covering up embarrassing facts, according to The Hill’s John Solomon.”

    “And who was this person whose information, if released, would threaten national security? A top attorney for Perkins Coie, the Democratic National Committee’s private law firm. It was the same DNC, along with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, that funded the unverified, salacious dossier by a British intel operative, Christopher Steele, that became a central piece of evidence used to justify the FBI surveillance of the Trump campaign in the final days of the election. And it was the same law firm that made the payments for the dossier research so those could be disguised in campaign-spending reports to avoid the disclosure of the actual beneficiaries of the research, which were Mrs. Clinton and the DNC. And it was, in turns out, the same meeting that was so heavily censored by the intel agencies from Footnote 43 in the House report – treated, in other words, as some big national-security secret. -The Hill”

    “The DOJ similarly tried to conceal embarrassing information contained within text messages between FBI “lovebirds” Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, which had nothing to do with national security. Which raises the question of what the real reason was that it was hidden from public view. I think the answer can be found in an earlier set of documents that DOJ and FBI fought hard to keep secret – the text messages of those FBI love-birds Pete Strzok and Lisa Page. What we learned from their messages was that the investigation was a whole lot more about politics and and a whole lot less about verified intelligence. There is now a concrete storyline backed by irrefutable evidence: The FBI allowed itself to take political opposition research created by one party to defeat another in an election, treated it like actionable intelligence, presented it to the court as substantiated, and then used it to justify spying on an adviser for the campaign of that party’s duly chosen nominee for president in the final days of a presidential election. -The Hill”

  11. Anonymouse1 on Mon, 8th Oct 2018 2:19 pm 

    Experiencing another uptick in the delusions there, exceptionalturd? Boney is not Greg, dumbass.

    Btw, no one reads your shitty cut and pastes from ZeroIQ, or clicks on said links that you constantly hide beyond your tinyURLs.

  12. Davy on Mon, 8th Oct 2018 2:27 pm 

    Prove it a-none1. Dumbass

    Anything I post is better than your noise. BTW, quit using my handle to play you stupid childish games.

  13. boney joe on Mon, 8th Oct 2018 2:34 pm 

    “A huge difference between the corruption of the DOJ by the extremist liberals.”

    So DavyTurd references another tinyURL ZeroHedge wild conspiracy story as the source for the above statement of fact? This, ladies and gentleman, is called an after the fact attempt to cover his ass. Any dumbass can make allegations. What a clown. What a pathetic joke.

    Anonymouse1 and I have your number.

    Since you have been posting since 4:00AM, isn’t about time you got busy with some “cross rotational intra-species divisional livestock herding” on fantasy farm?

  14. Davy on Mon, 8th Oct 2018 3:04 pm 

    Bony greg t, come on already, pal, where is your documentation? Sorry, sucker, your opinion means zero here. Show you cards pussy or go play with yourself in the corner.

  15. I AM THE MOB on Mon, 8th Oct 2018 3:08 pm 

    Renewable energy is growing too slow to meet climate goals, International Energy Agency warns

  16. I AM THE MOB on Mon, 8th Oct 2018 5:19 pm 

    Trump says it will be hard to unify country without a ‘major event’

    Looks like the neo con deep state is going to create another 911..

  17. DerHundistLos on Mon, 8th Oct 2018 6:28 pm 


  18. makati1 on Mon, 8th Oct 2018 7:20 pm 

    I remember the Old America. I see what the author sees. I agree with his view of America today. It is easy to sort out the youngsters (under 60) here from those who lived in Old America. The brainwashing has been successful.

    Old America is dead and dust. New America is self-destructing as we type. What arises from its ashes is yet to be seen, but it will not be like Old America or New America. Maybe not even America at all. We shall see.

  19. onlooker on Mon, 8th Oct 2018 7:39 pm 

    Yes, from the very beginning with the iconic words “All Men are created equal”. It was a sham. They wrote the words yet had slaves.
    But what is worse is that carrying the self righteous ideals of Democracy, freedom, equality, this Country has acted like the most vile of histories Empires. Going forth overtly and covertly to smother the dreams and the lives of so many around the world. All for the
    sake of creating a horribly unjust and unequal world subservient to the rule and sway of money. Money mostly possessed by an extremely few group of people

  20. makati1 on Mon, 8th Oct 2018 8:22 pm 

    “America Has Become Even More Dangerous”

    “America was never intended to be a democracy.” It never was.

    “While touting “conservatism,” America internally can expect poisoned air and food, defective medicines, poor working conditions, unfair trials and a war on public education and access to medical care.”

    Nuff said. Slip slidin’…

  21. makati1 on Mon, 8th Oct 2018 8:29 pm 

    “The drama being enacted around the promotion of a sexist, alcohol-prone judge to what is invariably described as ‘the highest court in the land’ for emphasis, is not only about women’s place in society, it’s a cringing demonstration of how empty the word ‘democracy’ is.”

    Nuff said. Need I add: “slip slidin’…”?

  22. makati1 on Mon, 8th Oct 2018 10:19 pm 

    More American insanity:

    “Brian Wilcox of the NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab explained to BBC that the US space agency plans to “drill up to 10km down into the supervolcano, and pump down water at high pressure,” thus slowly extracting heat from it.”

    What is downwind of Yellowstone? Why, most of the US! I’m glad I live on the other side of the world. LMAO

  23. onlooker on Mon, 8th Oct 2018 10:21 pm 

    Holy shit,they are raving maniacs

  24. onlooker on Mon, 8th Oct 2018 10:36 pm 

    “The plan itself could actually trigger a deadly volcano eruption if there were any mistakes.”

  25. makati1 on Tue, 9th Oct 2018 3:23 am 

    “The forces are mounting that will eventually overwhelm most Americans and send their standard of living to unknown depths. Americans that have only known the post WWII prosperity are ill equipped and educated to deal with depression level living. Easy credit and instant gratification have created a nation of whining, self absorbed, entitlement minded people with no moral or mental toughness….

    When this depression, which has already started, gets momentum, it will overwhelm the plans of a society that is expecting to get things like social security, pensions and payouts from retirement plans they have paid into for many years. All of those things will disappear almost overnight and leave society gasping and stupefied over what to do….

    The west line theory tells us our economy will slow down and become more modest as the shipping center of the world moves west to the next powerhouse region which is Asia. This is what history teaches us….

    Even with proper planning the days ahead will not be easy as the standard of living of society will fall substantially to levels only seen in failed third world countries or old pictures….

    Feudalism will once again rule.”

    I’m moving down the ladder so the fall will be only a few bruises, not life threatening. What are you doing to prepare?

  26. jeremias on Tue, 9th Oct 2018 12:04 pm 

    Jamaicans killed white french rulers to be free.
    Liberia was founded by us black citizens and caribbean ex-slaves to be free in africa.
    Lots of african countries got independence just 50 years ago from colonial territories funded by white men rulers.
    What went wrong?
    You hate whitemen because they couldn’t develope a country with democracy enough.
    The truth is that no country had got such level of democracy as western world ones EVER.

  27. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 9th Oct 2018 12:14 pm 

    … the U.S. is first & foremost a business and the vast majority of its citizens are brainwashed to believe hustling, opportunism, hyper-individualism, and climbing the ladder are exemplary “qualities.

  28. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 9th Oct 2018 12:16 pm 

    Homer gets it

    And soon!

  29. Anontarded1 on Tue, 9th Oct 2018 12:37 pm 

    jeremiahtard i’m not racist. i’m an equal opportunity lover of supertards. is elon or supertard cody wilson white enough for ya? i hope those two can get better amber heard and make multiple supertardlets. your beef bone in the as* is with SENTAPBVs who keep brining up the issue of race and pollute the forum which supertards built for me to enjoy. i’m sick of static positions (some examples are marginot line, Islam the immuntability of allah the tard)

  30. deadly on Tue, 9th Oct 2018 9:01 pm 

    The Choctaw made a good living tracking down runaway slaves. When caught, they would chop off a foot at the ankle. Hard to run that way.

    The Cherokee owned over 20 thousand slaves on their way over to Oklahoma when they hiked the Trail of Beers.

    The Cree captured members of the Sioux tribe and sold them into slavery at slave auctions in Montreal, the slave trading capital in colonial America.

    Everybody was in on the gig, it was a thriving market. Then along came William Wilberforce, worked hard to end the slave trade in Britain, John Newton was singing Amazing Grace.

    The War of 1812 was about ending slavery.

    Colonial America was a slave trade mecca for a good two hundred years, long before the United States became a nation.

    President Lincoln said it at Gettysburg.

    Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

    All men are not created equal. Some are even more equal, above the law.

    The new Supreme Court Justice is a drunk and a crybully. Also lied about his drinking under oath, which is probably a crime right there.

    Bawled like a baby until he got his way, then drank like a fish after he did. Alcoholics always deny they have a problem.

    The drunken Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh is more equal.

    Two kinds of people, those with the piles and those about to get them.

  31. Richard Guenette on Wed, 10th Oct 2018 6:37 pm 

    America was never a democracy. The US government is fascist.

  32. makati1 on Thu, 11th Oct 2018 3:26 am 

    Would you like to know what is in your future?

    It’s only a matter of time.

  33. Davy on Thu, 11th Oct 2018 6:10 am 

    “It’s only a matter of time.”

    More billy brilliance. LOL. billy don’t you think you should give us a little content of that reference so we know you have some understanding of what was said? Maybe a little content would show that the article is relevant. You and the neder are bad about making a point then giving a naked reference as if that makes you right. This behavior is a clear sign of a binary extremist.

  34. Dredd on Thu, 11th Oct 2018 1:02 pm 

    A republic is not a democracy, but that does not make it strong or weak.

    However, there are specific dynamics that do (How To Identify The Despotic Minority – 4).

  35. Cloggie on Thu, 11th Oct 2018 3:27 pm 

    Now Maybritt Illner talkshow on German television… most guests dislike Trump… but… the general expectation is that Trump won’t be defeated next month and likewise will win in 2 years time.

    6 more years.

  36. I AM THE MOB on Thu, 11th Oct 2018 4:09 pm 


    The Economist is now calling it “Eurafrica”..

    Like it or not, Eurafrica is part of Europe’s demographic and cultural destiny


  37. I AM THE MOB on Thu, 11th Oct 2018 4:15 pm 


    There will be no Eurasia only Eurafrica..Womp Womp..

    Have a look at your destiny


  38. makati1 on Thu, 11th Oct 2018 6:39 pm 

    Davy, maybe you should give us a reference to the subject of your rants? A bit of source material would give them some believably.

    Try clicking on the ref and find out. The “article” is actually a 40+ page document that will define YOUR future and is supported by ALL of the world’s countries. It got a standing ovation in the UN General Assembly when it was announced. It is part of “The Great Leveling”. lol

  39. makati1 on Thu, 11th Oct 2018 6:48 pm 

    MOB, and how many Muslim Africans have moved into the US in the last 10 years? Answer: About 200,000. More on the way.

    How many from Africa? About 100,000 PER YEAR.

    And those are the Legal immigrants. lol

  40. Davy on Thu, 11th Oct 2018 8:53 pm 

    “Davy, maybe you should give us a reference to the subject of your rants?”

    Billy, my references are properly documented with title, link, and content. When I make comments I often give my words and if need be with references. It depends on what I am saying. I don’t need a lecture for you. Your standard intellectual response is “slip slidin”, “nuff said”, or “beat goes on”.

  41. Cloggie on Thu, 11th Oct 2018 9:20 pm 

    “The Economist is now calling it “Eurafrica”..
    Like it or not, Eurafrica is part of Europe’s demographic and cultural destiny”

    That is what these useless British would love to see happening, but we will get rid of them any day now, thank God. With a little luck we will be at war with them, next year, in tit-for-tat blockades, first their planes, next the “English” Channel, as the DM suggested. Excellent, anything that brings about WW3: Eurasia vs Anglos. Anything that destroys the status quo of that lying f* empire.

    Perhaps the economist is right, but you go first:


    You already lost competition on world markets with your huge trade deficits and need to withdraw from empire. And that is exactly what Trump is doing.


    America is full with useless snowflake lefties like yourself, who are only waiting to get the bolshevik revolution started. Please, go ahead millikike, start killing your “white devils”.

    Furthermore, the Economist could be very wrong:

    No leader in Anglosphere is talking like that. Won’t be 5-10 years until the sport will be in Europe to round up young African and Muslim invader males as if they were 1942 Jews:

    We continentals will always be fashies and this time we can sick Russia and China against you and divide the Anglo loot in the next

  42. Cloggie on Thu, 11th Oct 2018 9:33 pm 

    Hard Brexit coming:

    Brexit either sabotaged by Northern Ireland:

    British hoarding food:

    Britain becoming 100% the third world low-standards US bitch:

    “Post-Brexit Britain: Why UK could be forced to accept rat hair and maggots in their food after US trade deal”

  43. Cloggie on Thu, 11th Oct 2018 9:54 pm 

    “No-deal Brexit would leave Gibraltar at mercy of Madrid”

    Just take it Spain. Get on with it already. The EU (and Russia) will back you in case the Americans will smell the chance to make themselves important again. We’ll tell the British they can have it back, provided Eurasia can have a large naval base in Dover.


    High time for an inverse Monroe doctrine: no Anglo military presence in Eurasia, not in the Mediterranean, not in the Black Sea, not in the South China Sea. Nowhere.

  44. makati1 on Thu, 11th Oct 2018 11:08 pm 

    Davy, titles mean nothing if all you are doing is spewing bullshit, which is most of the time.

    A ref gives the source of the bullshit. I look at the source before opening the site. Most of the time it is some US MSM propaganda site not worth reading. I never open the ‘tinyurl’ crap that you post as they may be full of pollution in the form of ‘cookies’ and ‘rodents’ not to mention spyware from your nanny government.

    I have a full 24″ monitor, not a postage stamp screen used by the addicted who have to be plugged in 24/7/365 so they can have a pseudo-life.

  45. makati1 on Thu, 11th Oct 2018 11:13 pm 

    Cloggie, “Yankee Go Home!” should be revived all over the world. Evict all of the US military from any place outside the 50 US states. It has no business being there. WW2 ended 73 years ago.

    Not is going to happen until the US goes down and it cannot afford to keep those bases, but it is a nice thought. Maybe we will get lucky and the crash will happen soon? We shall see.

  46. Cloggie on Fri, 12th Oct 2018 1:06 am 

    Motherf*cker for president!

    Is West a future presidential candidate? Trump replied: “Could very well be.”

    The rapper interjected: “Only after 2024. Let’s stop worrying about the future. All we really have is today. We just have today … Trump is on his hero’s journey right now and he might not have expected to have a crazy motherfucker like Kanye West run up and support but, best believe, we are going to make America great.”

  47. Cloggie on Fri, 12th Oct 2018 1:24 am 

    M26 to become giant parking lot in anticipation of hard Brexit:,+M26/@51.5297024,-1.091342,8z

    This clearly indicates that the British government expects to land outside the common market, if not…


    Fortunately, “vibrant relations” with Congo and Argentina are more than going to compensate for the loss of easy access to European markets.

    Not to mention the prospect of drinking American milk with lots of pus in it:

    You can’t stop progress.

  48. Cloggie on Fri, 12th Oct 2018 2:19 am 

    Kanye West, exactly the president “racism” howler Davy deserves. Idiocracy in action. Continental Europe won’t stop laughing.

  49. I AM THE MOB on Fri, 12th Oct 2018 4:23 am 


    Once the oil crunch hits..

    That’s it.

    It will be a domino effect from there..

    Liebig’s Law states that any complex system dependent on several essential inputs can be taken down by that single factor..

    Sleepwalking Into The Next Oil Crisis

    Nobody is going to hear you scream when society falls..


  50. makati1 on Fri, 12th Oct 2018 5:02 am 

    MOB, radical thinking but untrue. There is not likely to be a sudden collapse. For one thing, there are too many providers of that item. It will be a slow decline, supported by higher prices to offset higher recovery costs. You will have to decide if you buy a new smart phone or continue to drive your car. Americans will have to give up their luxuries one by one as the economic collapse unfolds. That is the plan.

    The collapse is already happening in the US. Look around. Sears, a 100+ year old corporation, is folding. Malls are losing stores daily. Walmarts are closing. Car sales are tanking. Home buying is crashing. That plastic card is maxed out. Financial cliff ahead!

    Asia is still growing and buying more oil, even at higher prices. Gasoline has been between $4 and $5 per gallon here in the Ps for the last 10 years. Yet there are more cars on the road every year. The differences is that here gas is not wasted. You rarely see just one person in a car. Most of the fuel is used in motorcycles and motorbikes, buses and taxis, not SUVs. The ‘end of oil’ will be gradual. Corporations and governments/military will always have fuel. You, not likely.

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