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Page added on March 4, 2018

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Venezuela oil workers are dying of hunger – a military coup in 2018 seems inevitable

Venezuela oil workers are dying of hunger – a military coup in 2018 seems inevitable thumbnail

Starving Venezuelan oil workers are growing too weak for heavy labor. They are too fatigued to act quickly which leads to more fatal accidents. Crude oil makes up about 95% of Venezuela’s exports. The country has no other source of foreign income.

Nextbigfuture predicts that the Maduro government will be overthrown in a military coup by the end of 2018. North Korea has terrible but stable conditions. Venezuela conditions continue to worsen at an unsustainable level.

Venezuelans reported losing on average 11 kilograms (24 lbs) in body weight last year and almost 90 percent now live in poverty, according to a new university study on the impact of a devastating economic crisis and food shortages.

Prices in Venezuela rose 4,068 percent in the 12 months to the end of January, according to estimates by the country’s opposition-led National Assembly, broadly in line with independent economists’ figures.

The study showed that 87 percent of people in Venezuela, one of Latin America’s wealthiest nations back in the 1970s, were living in poverty last year, rising from 82 percent in 2016 and 48 percent in 2014.

Daily oil output dropped to 1.77 million barrels in January from a peak of 3.34 million in 2001. Much of the decline is due to lack of money for maintenance and exploration. Recently, though, hunger is also to blame.

A monthly OPEC report revealed Venezuela pumped 1.6 million barrels of oil per day in January. Production in January was down 20% from a year ago.

Migrate or Die

More than half a million Venezuelans who have fled to Colombia, many illegally, hoping to escape grinding poverty, rising violence and shortages of food and medicine in their once-prosperous, oil exporting nation. They migrate or die of hunger.

2,000 Venezuelans enter Colombia legally through Paraguachon each day, up from around 1,200 late last year. Officials estimate 4,000 people cross illegally daily.

Some 3 million Venezuelans – or a tenth of the population – have left Venezuela since late leader Hugo Chavez started his Socialist revolution in 1999.

Venezuela has a population of 32 million.

Infant Mortality up around 40%

Infant mortality in Venezuela is up around 40%

Zoo animals slaughtered

Workers at a zoo are slaughtering animals to feed others.

Stray dogs are being hunted and eaten by starving people.

Prisoners are eating rats and pigeons to avoid starving.

Murder rate is high but statistics are bad and censored

The murder rate is somewhere over 50 per 100,000. Crime and other statistics are censored. There is a high kidnapping rate and a lot of looting.


8 Comments on "Venezuela oil workers are dying of hunger – a military coup in 2018 seems inevitable"

  1. Dooma on Sun, 4th Mar 2018 7:52 am 

    And the rest of the Western world sits back on its fat arse and gives this dire situation no thought whatsoever.

    What is going on in this once affluent nation is a perfect example of what is in store for the rest of the world. Depending on if we nuke ourselves first of course.

  2. deadly on Sun, 4th Mar 2018 8:44 am 

    Is this fake news? Things are better in Zimbabwe, yikes.

    Refugee crisis in Europe, refugee crisis in South America. People are on the move because the grass in no longer green where they are.

    Those fleeing and those suffering Venezuelans just do not understand socialism and socialists.

    That’s what the Chinese socialists said about the people of Tibet. Chinese socialists would know, they are the only ones who can understand Chinese socialism, nobody else can.

    Those criminal Venezuelans on the lam are better off fleeing instead of being guilty of not being communist. When you are a communist, there is no apostasy, you can’t reject communism once you are indoctrinated with the doctrinaire. Can’t do it, it is against the rules.

    Bolshevists never let anybody rest, especially the useless eaters. Everywhere on earth becomes a shithole after the Bolshevists have been hanging around for too long, they can and will wreak havoc, create chaos. It’s their job and forte.

    Venezuelans on the move is akin to Moses leading the twelve chosen tribes out of Egypt right to the golden calf.

    Then God’s chosen were chased out of Spain, there is no rest for the wicked.

    Afterwards, the Ruskies chased them into The Pale. The Jews are the original illegal aliens, no matter where they go, they’re not wanted.

    Tough to be a Wandering Jew in this world of woe.

    Jews in Germany learned a good lesson, they learned to obey and wear an eight centimeter Star of David on their lapels. Very well-mannered and trained people. March them into cattle cars, drop them off at the concentration camp. Make good workers at little to no cost. Feeding them was not a top priority.

    Now Venezuelans must suffer the same fate.

    Another refugee crisis, apparently South America can’t escape the wholesale extirpation of populations.

    Maybe enact Gypsy hunts, legalize hunting of humans using the precedent of legalized hunting of Gypsies in Europe.

    The Swiss did in the sixteenth century.

    Had to always be on the move, have the wagon loaded and ready to get going fast.

    The Swiss Gypsy hunters are in the area and are ready to bag a few.

    An archipelago of gulags in South America could work, but is expensive, more military involvement is required. Laws are a burden, time to hunt down refugees classified as Gypsy-like peoples. There is no limit, humans can be freely hunted down to extinction. Open season year round.

    The proof? Mass shootings in America now prove it is open season on humans. No license required. No legislation needed.

    Any race, color, or creed is vulnerable and is an eligible target. No discrimination at all.

    Might as well get on with the nightmare of too many people and possible solutions to the problem.

    Concentration camps are so 20th Century, just too much work.

    Hunting humans is more fun and it can become a great sport too. Keeps them from starving to death. It will save a lot of money, more money for the oligarchs.

    Enslaving them costs too much. After the numbers dwindle down to a few hundred million, then it will be time to enslave the humans who are most qualified for slavery, compliant souls, though expendable, but ready to be auctioned.

    Refugees can be perfect candidates. The United Nations can be in charge of the slave population and trade. Unicor can have a new mission.

    Can’t let a crisis go to waste and Venezuela is the perfect storm. Venezuela can be saved, but must first be destroyed, like always, that what seems to happen.

    With slaves working night and day doing the things that need to be done the most, the elites can have even more.

    Party on!

  3. rockman on Sun, 4th Mar 2018 10:27 am 

    Dooma – “And the rest of the Western world sits on its fat arse…” So what are you suggesting: a coalition of nations invade Vz, take over the petroleum industry and let private industry invigorate it? The country suffers from a variety of ills but it’s difficult to not lay the primary blame on the govt. So without replacing Maduro et al it’s difficult to imagine a change in its path.

    An internal military coup? As long as the govt keeps the military feed that seems unlikely. Especially given the poor physical condition of its unarmed civilians: it takes very little military/police force to keep the population under control.

  4. Anonymouse1 on Sun, 4th Mar 2018 1:17 pm 

    Hey narrativeman, how is it you know so much about the alleged ‘poor physical condition’ of Venezuelan people? Been there yourself recently? Have you seen starving venezuelan oil workers with your own eyes? Did you hold their scrawny, bony bodies in your corn-fed arms and read them tracts from the bible…..and the heartland Institute?

    Hey, wait a minute. I hear there are hungry starving people in AMERIKA as well. Maybe we should we organize a coalition of nations to invade amerika, take over the petroleum industry, nationalize it, and let a (new) government invigorate the industry and share the wealth equally. Without replacing the current uS government its difficult to imagine a change in its path. (Ain’t that the truth!)

    Yes, I am sure you will agree narraatviman, ‘we’ should replace the uS government, preferably by force, just like you are endorsing as the ‘cure’ for Venezuela’s currents ills. If an military coup or invasion is good enough for Venezuela, then it would be even BETTER for amerika.

  5. Davy on Sun, 4th Mar 2018 1:46 pm 

    Weasel, you are just too weasel today. “starving people” in the US? At least Rockman has a degree and knows what Canadian tar sands are. You are still struggling to be an engineer and here on this forum struggling to make a coherent comment.

  6. Anonymouse1 on Sun, 4th Mar 2018 2:19 pm 

    Hey dumbass, for the second time, what is it with this whole ‘struggling engineer’ business of yours? Are you friggen stupid AND insane?


  7. Davy on Sun, 4th Mar 2018 5:29 pm 

    lol, whad is da madder weasel…school too hard for you? I bet you got big time school debt too. No wonder you are so bitter.

  8. ????????????????????????????????? on Mon, 5th Mar 2018 6:05 pm 

    Let them eat crude. Any peoples who want to work for someone in order to eat enjoy being slaves and deserve to starve. If you can’t survive on an acre in a tropical country you are a disgrace.

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