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Page added on November 2, 2018

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US Is Said to Offer an Iran Sanctions Oil Waiver to 8 Nations

The U.S. has reportedly agreed to let eight nations continue to buy Iranian oil after trade sanctions are reimposed on the nation on Nov. 5. Bloomberg’s Stuart Wallace reports on “Bloomberg Markets: European Open.” (Source: Bloomberg)

29 Comments on "US Is Said to Offer an Iran Sanctions Oil Waiver to 8 Nations"

  1. Davy on Fri, 2nd Nov 2018 11:23 am 

    Back on topic from the real Davy:

    “Crude’s Collapse & The ‘C’ Word: “Let’s Just Pretend This Isn’t Happening…Again”

    “Why aren’t more people talking about this? It’s a huge development and nary a peep anywhere. The mainstream media is filled with baited expectations for 3% wage growth on Payroll Friday. All eyes are on the labor market, which is a lagging indication, instead of on the oil market, which is forward looking. As of this writing, the futures curve for WTI has expanded this current selloff. The level of alarming contango has continued to widen, in both amplitude as well as frequency, in just the past few days. The question at the front was rhetorical. The reason everyone wishes to focus on the labor report is obvious. The wage data in particular outwardly though misleadingly conforms to the idea of an economic boom, at least in the US. The crude market isn’t just saying “wait a minute”, it completely refutes that very thing.”

  2. Gaia on Fri, 2nd Nov 2018 5:00 pm 

    The US government should bring back jobs (such as agriculture), lower taxes by 50% or more, reduce mass unemployment and poverty by creating temporary or permanent jobs, give more Americans individual liberties (respect their privacy, allow them personal autonomy aka “self-ownership”, freedom of expression), ban all forms of discrimination, improve the quality of life (such as investing heavily in education and health care for those who cannot otherwise afford it).

  3. makati1 on Fri, 2nd Nov 2018 5:54 pm 

    The world told Trump to go fuck himself so the wimp had to back down. It’s called “losing face” in China. The Us is “losing face” all over the world on its way to the bottom.

  4. makati1 on Fri, 2nd Nov 2018 6:01 pm 

    “Iraq war map: Who controls what”

    Updated October 30, 2018

    I don’t see any signs of the US…

  5. makati1 on Fri, 2nd Nov 2018 6:34 pm 

    “The dumbing down of American is most evident in the slow decay of substantive content in the enormously influential media, the 30 second sound bites (now down to 10 seconds or less), lowest common denominator programming, credulous presentations on pseudoscience and superstition, but especially a kind of celebration of ignorance.” Carl Sagan

    “…the utter destruction of traditional values, rampant consumerism taken to new heights, and the myth of American exceptionalism which drugs the high functioning chimpanzees – this is the bitter and stark reality of a once great nation.”

    Slip slidin’…

  6. Makati1 on Fri, 2nd Nov 2018 6:44 pm 

    “The World’s Dirtiest River: Today we take you to the world’s most polluted river. 35 million people rely on the Citarum river on the island of Java, Indonesia, but it has become a toxic river of waste.Nov 15, 2017”

    “The Citarum is arguably one of the most polluted rivers in the world. Like the Ganges, it serves a big population. Indonesia, the home of the Citarum, may not be as populous as India or China but it is still in the top league with a population of over 200 million.”

    “Let’s take a look at the ten most polluted rivers in the world.
    Marilao River, Philippines.
    Yellow River, China.
    Jordan River, Israel.
    River Yamuna, India.
    Buriganga River, Bangladesh.
    Matanza-Riachuelo River, Argentina.
    Ganges River, India.
    Citarum River, Indonesia.”

    A new twist to slip slidin

  7. Anonymouse on Sat, 3rd Nov 2018 4:39 pm 

    The Jewnited snakes can take its worthless ‘waivers’ and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine. uS sanctions are completely illegal. Other nations are free to trade with Iran for whatever goods, and in whatever currency they chose. If the uS wishes to prohibit its own dumb-ass citizens and its corrupt corporate oligarchy from dealing with Iran, so be it. That is where the JewSesssss ‘authority’ in this matter, ends.

  8. I AM THE MOB on Sat, 3rd Nov 2018 6:00 pm 

    Illegal Caravan.

  9. makati1 on Sat, 3rd Nov 2018 6:55 pm 

    “The World’s Dirtiest River:” is NOT my post. Obviously from Davy, the Sinophobe. However:

    “The Cuyahoga River is famous – or infamous – for having caught fire numerous times since 1868, most recently in June 1969. Flowing through the Cleveland, Ohio area…

    Pollution of rivers is also widespread in the United States. The mighty Mississippi River, also called the Big Muddy holds much more than mud, for its level of pollutants is great. In fact, it is sometimes called the Colon of America…”

    Two out of ten. A winner! The US is full of pollution. Just not mentioned in any news.

    “When you think of polluted waterways, it’s easy to think of the garbage and scum covered rivers in underdeveloped countries, or even the unnatural colors that dye the Yellow River in Asia. What many people don’t think about is how the rivers they pass on interstates and even the ocean at their favorite beaches are just as badly polluted—it’s just not as visibly obvious.”

    Third World America!

  10. Cloggie on Sun, 4th Nov 2018 12:49 pm 

    Who needs the Suez Canal?

    Time to connect Iran to Europe via Russia and make it invulnerable from US threats:

    Russia has sufficient pipeline infrastructure to transport Iranian oil to Europe.

    “International North–South Transport Corridor”

    Basically a variety on the anti-Anglo New Silk Road overland strategy.

    No European nation is going to be exempt from US sanctions against Iran. Here is a perfect way to circumvent them.

  11. Cloggie on Sun, 4th Nov 2018 1:02 pm 

    Sanctions, what sanctions?

    Russia and Germany to build new railway line to connect Petersburg and Berlin:

  12. Davy on Sun, 4th Nov 2018 5:31 pm 

    “Iran’s Powerful Hardline Cleric Threatens To “Instantly” Create $400 Oil By Seizing Tankers”

    “Powerful Shia cleric Ayatollah Ahmad Alamolhoda is the Friday Prayer leader in Mashhad, considered Iran’s spiritual capital and among the holiest places in Shia Islam, and sits on the government’s “Assembly of Experts” but has no formal government role or decision-making ability. However, he’s a powerful leader and chief spiritual force behind Iran’s conservative faction who has long been at odds with President Hassan Rouhani. Iranian opposition sources report that Alamolhoda told his followers during his Friday prayer sermon: If we reach a point that our oil is not exported, the Strait of Hormuz will be mined. Saudi oil tankers will be seized and regional countries will be leveled with Iranian missiles.”

  13. I AM THE MOB on Sun, 4th Nov 2018 6:41 pm 

    Macron warns Europe of a return to 1930s

  14. Duncan Idaho on Sun, 4th Nov 2018 7:35 pm 

    “Then there’s the Senate. Because of its bias toward smaller, rural states, a resident of Wyoming has 66 times the voting power in Senate elections as one in California.”

  15. Free Speech Message Board on Sun, 4th Nov 2018 8:44 pm 

    Some Americans may have thought that tyranny would never come to the US because the rich, celebrities, media, politicians, and American people would resist.

    Who would have thought that the rich would loot the country by getting bailouts and subsidies while being the ones conspiring and building the police state by paying actors, singers, and atheletes to distract Americans with bread and circuses, using reporters to push propaganda, real crises, and false flags, and buying off and corrupting politicians with campaign donations and cushy job promises to start wars, import refugees that weaken and divide the US, drive up the debt, make laws that enslave Americans, and throw crumbs to pacify the 99% in the form of food stamps, Obamacare, Obamaphones, and public housing?

    The destruction of the USA is nearly complete.

  16. makati1 on Sun, 4th Nov 2018 9:21 pm 

    Free, you got it right! ^_^

  17. Cloggie on Mon, 5th Nov 2018 12:55 am 

    “Macron warns Europe of a return to 1930s”

    He can thank Angela Merkel for having that provoked, if that happens, with her insane immigration policies, probably after pressure exerted by types a la Soros.

    There is one subtle difference though with the thirties: Russia is no longer on the side of the US. And neither is China. Or the world of Islam. All fine “identitarians”, competing with the globalist Anglo-Zionism about how the future world should look like.

    For the record, I too fear the return of hyper-nationalism and hope some form of European unity will remain.

    But Angela Merkel has finally understood she is no model for the future and her potential successors Spahn and Merz are already competing with each other about who can make the most right-wing noises:

    Spahn: “migration is the white elephant in the room”.

    At least he has understood that AND openly says so.

    My hope for Germany and the rest of Europe is a coalition government like in Austria, between nationalist populists and EU-minded conservative Christian-Democrats, where the former prevent the system parties of blowing up the nation and the latter prevent the populists from blowing up Europe.

    The waiting is for the inevitable clash in the US to occur, that will end empire and discredit the idea of multi-racialism once and for all and we can begin a new identitarian era a la Samuel Huntington or multipolar world.

  18. Cloggie on Mon, 5th Nov 2018 12:59 am 

    “The destruction of the USA is nearly complete.”

    Yep, a neo-USSR-of-color via the libtard backdoor.

  19. Davy on Mon, 5th Nov 2018 4:47 am 

    “Controversial AI ‘Lie Detectors’ Coming To EU Airports, Border Crossings”

    “When a passenger approaches customs, they will be asked a series of questions by a “virtual border guard avatar,” which will use an Artificial Intelligence to monitor their faces to quickly determine whether they are lying in an effort to reduce congestion. The avatar will become “more skeptical” and change its tone of voice if it believes a person has lied, before referring suspect passengers to a human guard and allowing those believed to be honest to pass through, said Keeley Crockett of Manchester Metropolitan University in England, who was involved in the project. “It will ask the person to confirm their name, age and date of birth, (and) it will ask them things like what the purpose of their trip is and who is funding the trip”

  20. Davy on Mon, 5th Nov 2018 5:13 am 

    “Nassim Taleb Explains How The Global Economy Is More Fragile Today Than In 2007”

    “Taleb began the interview by describing how the global aggregate debt burden has only climbed since the crisis. And while this debt is no longer dangerously concentrated in a single sector, like, say, the housing market, it doesn’t change the fact that the overall credit risk in the system has been amplified. And while central banks have for years managed to impose metastability in global markets, as they transition from a period of low interest rates back to “neutral”, the destructive forces that they long suppressed will surge back to the surface.”

    “You put novocaine on cancer, and what happens? The patient is going to look better, he’s going to feel better, but at some point, you pay a higher price.” And while this debt is distributed in different ways, “you don’t get a free lunch.” In other words, just because governments and corporate balance sheets have done most of the accumulating, doesn’t mean that this debt is ‘risk-free”

    “You can enter a spiral. In my mind, it’s when governments have to borrow more and more to pay interest – like a Madoff scheme.” And once that spiral begins, it’s incredibly difficult to arrest the progression. “The minute you enter that phase, there’s nothing healthy about it from an economic standpoint.”

    “The first shoe to drop will be probably real estate. The higher end real estate has already gone down world wide, people have noticed but they’re not talking about it…it will be the higher end real estate first then the rest of the real estate market. One thing that quantitative easing did was increase inequality.” After real estate “the next shoe to drop” will be the stock market…”though what we’re seeing today is nothing,” Taleb said. Equities cannot maintain their high valuations when interest rates are rising.”

    “What we need, the thing that would save us, miraculously, is real growth without debt…real growth maybe miraculously will take us out…or maybe some type of inflation that maybe wouldn’t cause so much price instability…but we’ve never seen that. Unless we have these two, we’re doomed.”

  21. Davy on Mon, 5th Nov 2018 5:18 am 

    “China Stocks, Yuan Tumble As PMI Plunges To 28-Month Lows”

    “Xi reiterated support for multilateral trade, globalization, and some stock standard language on China’s role preserving the global trading order. Xi says globalization is an irreversible “historic trend”, and every nation should make their effort in it. “The will of history will keep rolling forward no matter what.” [ZH: Like a tank in Tiananmen Square?] “Openness has become a trademark of China.” [ZH: apart from the internet, and trade,…] “China’s door will never be closed, it will only open still wider.” [ZH: except to Winnie the Pooh] “It is our sincere commitment to open the Chinese market.” [ZH: if you give us all your IP first] It does feel like his opening remarks are less of an olive branch to the US trade hawks and more of an admonishment of their outlook. Of course, China critics would counter that Xi has said all of this before. Finally – as PMI plummets, Xi confirms the delusion: “We can take an absolutely positive view on China economy”.”

  22. Antius on Mon, 5th Nov 2018 5:30 am 

    “My hope for Germany and the rest of Europe is a coalition government like in Austria, between nationalist populists and EU-minded conservative Christian-Democrats, where the former prevent the system parties of blowing up the nation and the latter prevent the populists from blowing up Europe.”

    Has Cloggie seen this? It may not be long before the likes of the AfD are outlawed and their members thrown into prison.

    When the democratic process does not give Marxists what they want, and ideological opposition begins to rise, the obvious solution is to ban the opposition. Marxists within the EU (and US, UK and elsewhere) have no problem abolishing the democratic process altogether. Provided they get the result they want. That is all that matters to them. They never valued the idea of freedom to choose government in the first place, because freedom of choice means freedom to disagree with them. That is something that is not just unacceptable to them, but intolerably painful to them.

    We are heading for a new dark age. The only hope is that the impending economic crash will rob autocrats of the resources that they need to monitor and oppress their populations. But don’t expect things to get better any time soon.

  23. Cloggie on Mon, 5th Nov 2018 6:26 am 

    @Antius – Soraya Post is kosher, no surprises here. She has no chance against Eastern Europe, Italy, Austria, etc.

    Once the hostilities begin in the US, multiracialism will be dead for ever.

  24. Chrome Mags on Mon, 5th Nov 2018 2:53 pm 

    “Controversial AI ‘Lie Detectors’ Coming To EU Airports, Border Crossings”

    Wow, that is the wave of the future. Interogated by AI to determine if you are lying at Customs. I remember my wife and I going through Heathrow and two border guards questioned us for a long time. We’re white, well dressed, well educated fairly successful people and there we are waisting time while these two jerks knew they were just jacking us around. “When were you married?” I felt like saying what the heck does that have to do with anything? But when you’re trying to appeal to customs agents to let you pass, it’s amazing what a schmuck you’re forced to become. I’d rather be interogted by AI. At least it might not waist so much time.

  25. Jerry Hudson on Mon, 8th Apr 2019 6:00 pm 

    The sooner Trump leaves the better. It’s absolutely insane how someone of his arrogance and lack of intelligence on facts BACKED by scientists and studied for years can be the president. I just hope he doesn’t do anymore damage to this planet than he already has.

  26. Duncan Idaho on Mon, 8th Apr 2019 6:09 pm 

    It’s absolutely insane how someone of his arrogance and lack of intelligence on facts BACKED by scientists and studied for years can be the president.
    Its late stage capitalism– like Nero and Caligula in late stage Roman history, we have the psychopathic idiot Trump in power.
    He may be a perfect leader for he time—
    And if he loses the election, I’m sure he can go bankrupt for the 7th time.

  27. makati1 on Mon, 8th Apr 2019 7:00 pm 

    Duncan, I suspect Trump will be re-elected as there is no one running against him that has a chance. His job is to isolate and bankrupt the US and he is doing a great job of that. He is destroying the Empire one tweet at a time. We can only hope that his generals will not let him start a real war. We shall see.

  28. DerHundistLos on Mon, 8th Apr 2019 7:29 pm 

    Mak- care to make a wager on your prediction? Let’s make it large enough to justify the time invested. I suggest $1,000+.

    “I suspect Trump will be re-elected as there is no one running against him that has a chance.”

  29. makati1 on Mon, 8th Apr 2019 7:41 pm 

    Der, considering the collection of insane losers on the Dem side, it is a sure bet. No matter who wins, the show will go on. And by that, I mean the continued slide into the shitter. The insanity in the beltway is going to take the country down no matter who sleeps in the White House.

    The US is over as a great country. It is dying one day at a time. DEBT is stalking the land like the grim reaper, waiting to kill any hopes for a good future. All the country can do is declare bankruptcy and become a 3rd world country openly. It already is, but the USMSM propaganda machine still brainwashes the American tax slaves 24/7/365. To those of us outside the frog pot, it is obvious.

    BTW: I don’t bet, but I do enjoy watching those suckers who play the stock market. LOL

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