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Page added on November 7, 2018

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UAE and Saudi join major Arab military drills in Egypt

UAE and Saudi join major Arab military drills in Egypt thumbnail

The armed forces of the UAE, Saudi Arabia and four other Arab states began a joint training exercise in Egypt this weekend in the first major drills of what may become a regional military alliance to counter Iran.

Alongside the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain and Kuwait are taking part in the 16-day “The Shield of the Arabs 1” drills that involve land, sea, air-defence and special forces’ manoeuvres, UAE’s state-run news agency Wam reported.

Lebanon and Morocco will attend as observers, Egyptian military spokesman Col Tamer Al Refai said.

The forces from the six nations are based at the Mohamed Naguib Military Base near the coastal city Hamam. The base, opened last year, is the country’s largest and has 72 training facilities, conference spaces and capacity to house a large force.

In October, Egypt and Saudi Arabia conducted a joint military drill dubbed ‘Tabuk 4′ in southern Egypt.

While he said the exercises were part of Egypt’s efforts to enhance military co-operation with other Arab countries, he declined to speculate on whether they could evolve into a formalised military alliance.

US President Donald Trump’s administration has been lobbying for a force of Arab nations to counter Iran and take a more active role in the Middle East to back international troops that is being dubbed an “Arab Nato”. The idea comes after an agreement in 2015 at the Arab League summit in Cairo to create a joint Arab force that has yet to take shape. The force would have been led by Egypt and headquartered in Saudi Arabia.


The UAE is a major partner in the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen to reinstate the internationally recognised government of President Abdrabu Mansur Hadi and recover areas overrun by Iran-backed rebel Houthi movement. Egypt, another member of the coalition, provides reconnaissance assistance and has warships off the Red Sea coastline to protect shipping lanes as Houthi’s have fired anti-ship missiles at commercial vessels on numerous occasions and explosive laden speedboats regularly harass tankers.

While there has been some discussion about including Qatar in the “Arab Nato” force, they are not taking part in the ongoing drills in Egypt. Cairo is a member of the quartet of nations, which includes others taking part, that enacted an embargo on the peninsular kingdom over its regional foreign policy and support for hard-line groups.

The White House confirmed in July it had been working on the concept of an alliance with its regional partners for several months.

A US source said that Saudi officials had raised the idea of a security pact before Trump visited the kingdom last year when he announced a massive arms deal, but the alliance proposal did not get off the ground.

114 Comments on "UAE and Saudi join major Arab military drills in Egypt"

  1. makati1 on Tue, 13th Nov 2018 2:07 am 

    …4.6 billion… wish there was a redo here.

  2. Antius on Tue, 13th Nov 2018 4:43 am 

    “Anti-anus, liar, liar. On 10-25 you said, “The Dems. are toast.” No mention of doing badly. You clearly said the Dems would lose. This is why I copied your quotes.”

    Oh. Maybe my crystal ball needs some polish.

  3. Davy on Tue, 13th Nov 2018 5:02 am 

    billy, Asia can’t feed itself. It is already having economic issues with an outdated export driven economies and excessive debt. There is no unified Asia with Chinese expansionism. What is Asia going to do with all those people and those mega cities when globalism does not function as it does today? They are going to turn on themselves is what they will do. The US and the west are going down but Asia is further along mainly because of overpopulation.

  4. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 13th Nov 2018 5:03 am 

    Honda to shift production of SUV to China from US amid trade war

  5. Davy on Tue, 13th Nov 2018 6:13 am 

    “Foreign Investors Reduce Chinese Bond Holdings For The First Time Since Feb 2017: Why This Matters”

    “Still, a reversal in bond flows is the last thing China’s economy, whose current account surplus is now virtually non-existent, can afford. According to Peter Ru, Shanghai-based chief investment officer of China fixed income at Neuberger Berman, foreign investors slowed their purchases of Chinese bonds mostly because of the yuan’s fast depreciation: “Given the uncertainties over the trade war, nobody can be sure how much more the yuan may weaken.” He is right: foreign investors have decided to sit on the sidelines as they await potential initiatives from Beijing, such as further monetary easing,”

    “Of course, bond prices may simply be rallying because investors expect a sharp, disinflationary slowdown in the economy; and should China itself fall into a deflationary liquidity trap, then all bets are truly off and the last thing bond investors will want to do is allocate capital to a country which is about to have a debt crisis during deflation. In any case, the PBOC now finds itself trapped, on one hand facing the end of China’s current account days, and on the other facing the danger that Beijing’s increasingly ad hoc response to the US trade war which includes continue yuan devaluation, will scar foreign bond investors, leaving Beijing with no source of outside capital. And since the only offset to these two developments would be a surge in domestic saving – and collapse in domestic Chinese consumption – the result for China should foreign investors indeed pull their money, would be nothing short of a recession or worse.”

  6. Эй, братья, пожалуйста, ударьте антиамериканскую собаку, которую я сделал из гранитного форума on Tue, 13th Nov 2018 7:08 am 

    gettard, not looking good for whites. reason you have’t invaded muzzieland somalia and get me 10,001 acres so i can have more than supertard because you can’t do it. whites are too weak to invade a catttle herding, ship raiding somalimuzzies

  7. JuanP on Tue, 13th Nov 2018 7:56 am 

    Delusional Davy “billy, Asia can’t feed itself.”

    Do you have any references to back up the opinions you expressed? I believe otherwise. And don’t give no US exports stats fror grains that are not fir for human consumption.

  8. Davy on Tue, 13th Nov 2018 8:15 am 

    “Mr. Market’s Biggest Headwind”

    Crowding Out Our analysis focused “crowding out”, mainly, the changing supply and demand dynamics in the Treasury market. We flagged the sharp increase in new Treasury supply this year and the coming years, and the declining demand, mainly, what was once “free money” from: 1) foreign central banks; 2) U.S. government trust funds, such as Social Security which is now in deficit; and 3) The Fed, which is now a net seller of Treasury securities as quantitative tightening is full steam of head, forcing the Treasury to issue an additional maximum of $30 billion into the market to refinance the FED’s maturing Treasury portfolio.

    “We concluded the extra supply and declining demand is putting almost unprecedented stress and pressure on the world’s financial markets. That is the marginal supply of liquidity/savings/capital, however, you label it, available for all global asset purchases is not unlimited unless complimented by quantitative easing, and is being sucked into the U.S. Treasury market.”

    Interest Rates We also noted in the piece that the only possible case for Treasury yields to remain at current levels or to move lower was for haven flows to increase. Selling in other asset markets, such as stocks and emerging markets, with the money moving into Treasuries. Even still, we expect real yields to move higher. Moreover, as markets increasingly fret over the growing fiscal deficit and how it will be funded, we suspect the political conflict in the U.S. is going to get very loud and ugly over the next few years. Place your bets on how to lower the deficit to relieve market pressures. Cutting entitlements or raising taxes? Or both?

  9. Davy on Tue, 13th Nov 2018 8:16 am 

    I am posting this article because this is further signs of incongruities converging for a 2019 recession. How bad that recession is will be debatable but a visible slow down sub growth is likely. Many of us know the 08 GFC never ended for certain segments and groups while others benefited but this might be a different scenario where most everyone sees the slowdown. This is because the tools the global central bank used are losing their effect. We also know this business cycle is late term. We are due for something per the rules of the business cycle. I posted this because this points to demand destruction and lower pressure on oil prices. It also points to a plateauing of renewable efforts and BEV market penetration due to a declining economy. It also points to more social fabric tearing and political instability. 2019 is going to be a very interesting year like none we have seen for years.

  10. Davy on Tue, 13th Nov 2018 8:17 am 

    “Do you have any references to back up the opinions you expressed? I believe otherwise.”

    Where are your references? You will admit Asians are buying corn, beans, and meat from the America’s…or is it the other way around in your mind?

  11. JuanP on Tue, 13th Nov 2018 8:38 am 

    So, no references to back up your China bashing and lies about the rest of the world. I wonder if you understand the difference between needs and wants. Asia can feed itself. Prove me wrong or continue lying, liar!

  12. Davy on Tue, 13th Nov 2018 8:44 am 

    Where are your references? I properly bash China and US but you ignore that because again it messes with your agenda and your ad hom attacks.

    “Asia can feed itself”

    The burden is on you JuanP. We all know Asia is 4.5BIL plus and we all know it is the biggest food importing region in the world. These imports are for more than wants it is needs too especially now that Asia is home to most of the mega urban Areas in the world.

  13. Эй, братья, пожалуйста, ударьте антиамериканскую собаку, которую я сделал из гранитного форума on Tue, 13th Nov 2018 9:49 am 

    aswange, please be respectful toward supertard.

  14. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 13th Nov 2018 11:22 am 

    JuanP isn’t an immigrant he is a gimmiegrant!

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