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Page added on October 9, 2021

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U.S. says all options ‘on the table’ to tackle energy crunch

U.S. says all options ‘on the table’ to tackle energy crunch thumbnail

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) on Thursday said all “tools are always on the table” to tackle tight energy supply conditions in the market.

The department made the comment amid questions about whether the Biden administration is considering tapping into its strategic petroleum reserves (SPR) or pursuing a ban on oil exports to bring down the cost of crude oil.

Oil prices have climbed to over $80 a barrel due to a recovery in global energy demand since the depths of the coronavirus pandemic, and production restrictions by the OPEC producer group.

“DOE is actively monitoring global energy market supply and will work with our agency partners to determine if and when actions are needed,” a spokesperson said.

The Financial Times on Wednesday quoted U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm as saying that the administration is considering tapping the SPR, while also not ruling out a ban on crude oil exports. read more

Oil prices turned positive on Thursday, however, after a Bloomberg reporter said in a Twitter post that the DOE is not considering tapping into its emergency reserves “at this time,” nor pursuing a ban on oil exports.

A DOE source said the tweet “is not accurate.”

The United States has used its strategic reserves on occasion, usually after hurricanes or other supply disruptions.

Since ending a 40-year ban on crude exports in 2015, the nation has become a significant exporter, and has not broached cutting exports.


One Comment on "U.S. says all options ‘on the table’ to tackle energy crunch"

  1. Theedrich on Sat, 9th Oct 2021 2:51 pm 

    “Global governance” godfathers are driving Biden. According to German Chosenite Klaus Schwab and friends such as Hungarian Chosenite Georg Sörös, such “governance” (called globale Ornungspolitik and Weltordnungspolitik in Schwab’s 2020 September 25 book, COVID-19:  Der Grosse Umbruch, world tyranny can be achieved by piggybacking on the ChiCom virus.  So we now know who was paying for all of the Antifa riots, the perversion of the news and other corruption preceding the November 2020 American presidential election.

    Schwab’s “solution” is a global Communist system run by international crime syndicates under the direction of the Weltwirtschaftsforum (World Economic Forum) HQed in Switzerland.  The globemasters conveniently ignore the critical differences in IQ levels between various groups as a result of different evolutionary histories.  They assume that evolution is not responsible for the wide variances in behavioral patterns between primitive and civilized types.  And in compliance with the academic commitment to Marxist materialism, they believe all such differences are due strictly to “society” and evil Whites.  It is the same old, simplistic and deadly Communist interpretation of history.

    The reality is that the “progressives” are without exception psychotic individuals driven by megalomaniac delusions of despotic control.  We are in the grip of mentally disturbed people posing as quasi-religious prophets, preachers and oracles.  This is true both of the billionaire fanatics and the Leftist zealots in the Democrat Party now reaching for absolutist power.  And the millions of sludge now being ushered into the country will help them attain that aim.

    As far as the U.S. of Sloth and Greed is concerned, the herd expects a permanent welfare state of free housing, food and entertainment.  Everything that Stalin, Mao-Tzetung, Pol Pot and other Marxist luminaries promised.  A promise that Klaus Schwab and his colleagues intend to implement.


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