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Page added on May 28, 2018

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Turkey, Russia ink pipeline agreement, end gas dispute

Turkey, Russia ink pipeline agreement, end gas dispute thumbnail

Ankara and Moscow reached a retroactive agreement for a 10.25 percent discount on the natural gas and a payment of $1 billion will be made to Turkey, while the two sides also came to an agreement to complete TurkStream’s second line to Europe by 2019

Turkey and Russia have reached a retroactive agreement for a 10.25 percent discount on the natural gas Ankara buys from Moscow, Energy and Natural Resources Minister Berat Albayrak said Saturday. The two sides also signed a protocol to jointly end the second line of the TurkStream gas pipeline project by the end of 2019. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Istanbul Provincial Directorate’s First Regional Election Coordination Center in Maltepe, Istanbul, Albayrak said a $1 billion payment will be made to Turkey under the deal and that it will be made before the June 24 elections.

Russian state gas giant Gazprom also said Saturday that it had signed a protocol with the Turkish government on a planned gas pipeline and agreed with Turkish firm BOTAŞ to end an arbitration dispute over the terms of gas supplies.

The protocol concerned the land-based part of the transit leg of the TurkStream gas pipeline, which Gazprom said meant that work to implement it could now begin.

Gazprom said in the Saturday statement, without elaborating, that the dispute with BOTAŞ would be settled out of court.

BOTAŞ had appealed to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to resolve the gas price issue with Russia’s Gazprom in October 2015. Before the arbitration, both sides discussed a likely 10.25 percent discount on the prices and did not manage to sign a deal on it.

Turkey demanded a discount on the price of the natural gas from Russia via the Blue Stream and the Western Line in 2015. Gazprom initially agreed on the discount in early 2016, but later on unilaterally canceled the 10.25 percent discount applied to natural gas and Turkey applied to the International Court of Arbitration to resolve the dispute.

Albayrak said that the gas dispute was not the only issue on which Turkey and Russia agreed.

“We came to an agreement that Turkey and Russia will complete the second line of TurkStream by the end of 2019,” he said.

The first line of the pipeline reached the Turkish shore at the end of April after a 930 kilometers deep-water offshore pipe-laying from Russia’s Anapa to Turkey’s Kıyıköy by the world’s largest pipe-laying vessel, Pioneering Spirit.

TurkStream’s first line will carry 15.75 billion cubic meters (bcm) of natural gas to Turkey which is planned to be operational in December 2019. The project will have a total throughput capacity of 31.5 bcm, thanks to the second line that will go to Europe. There was an uncertainty on the advancing of the land-based line of the project that will carry Russian gas to the south European territory.

After Albayrak’s announcement, Gazprom said in a statement that with BOTAŞ it will create a joint venture, TurkStream Gas Transport, to construct the second line of the TurkStream project.

“Thus, we will be completing a giant project by the end of 2019,” Albayrak confirmed.

Turkey’s annual natural gas consumption reached a record high of 53.5 bcm in 2017, according to Turkish Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA).

In 2017, power plants consumed 19.8 bcm of natural gas, 24 percent more than the previous year.

According to EMRA, the share of electricity production in Turkey’s natural gas consumption increased from 35.5 to 37.1 year-on-year in 2017.

Turkey, the second biggest consumer of Russian gas after Germany, imports around 30 billion cubic meters of gas from Russia annually.

However, the share of Russian gas in Turkey’s total natural gas import decreased to 51.8 percent in 2017 from 52.9 percent in 2016. Turkey also imported natural gas from other countries including 9.2 bcm from Iran and 6.5 bcm from Azerbaijan. The number of Turkish natural gas users increased by 1.1 million as it reached 13.6 million in 2017, the data showed. Turkey’s private sector uses 10 bcm of natural gas every year – over 30 percent of the gas imported from Russia.

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59 Comments on "Turkey, Russia ink pipeline agreement, end gas dispute"

  1. MASTERMIND on Tue, 29th May 2018 4:27 pm 

    Tesla in autopilot mode crashes into parked Laguna Beach police cruiser

    Driver less cars..People are so stupid..LOL

  2. Cloggie on Tue, 29th May 2018 10:34 pm 

    Millimind again illustrating how to lie with statistics:

    “Europe economy GDP 1973 (6.1%)
    Europe economy GDP 2016 (1.9%)
    Source: World Bank”

    “The euro area and EU economies are both estimated to have grown by 2.4% in 2017, the fastest pace in a decade.

    This robust performance is set to continue in 2018 and 2019 with growth of 2.3% and 2.0% respectively in both the euro area and EU.”

  3. MASTERMIND on Tue, 29th May 2018 10:58 pm 


    How do you lie with numbers? I gave you the source from the world bank. And two percent growth is garbage and almost half the world average of 3.5%.

    Source: World Bank

  4. MASTERMIND on Tue, 29th May 2018 11:04 pm 


    Europe economy (GDP)

    1970 5.7%

    1973 6.1%

    1979 3.8%

    1989 3.7%

    1994 2.8%

    2004 2.4%

    2010 2.1%

    2016 1.9%

    Source: World Bank

    Do you see where the trend is going? Within the nest decade it will be zero or negative..And not far right nut job populist can change anything..LOL

  5. MASTERMIND on Tue, 29th May 2018 11:41 pm 

    Soros-backed campaign to push for new Brexit vote within a year

  6. MASTERMIND on Tue, 29th May 2018 11:57 pm 


    By the way, whites ARE the minority at 7% of the world population and dropping fast…


  7. Cloggie on Wed, 30th May 2018 12:55 am 

    By the way, whites ARE the minority at 7% of the world population and dropping fast…


    You openly admit that whites and jews are mortal enemies. You would laugh at our extinction, your kind has been planning for, for a century now:


    All the work of ZOG-USA, the worst catastrophe in the history of the white race. Fortunately that artificial construct is in on the way out and will fall apart because of this demographic development.


    American whitey is in a state of panic and is heading for the exits:

    We Europeans love America so much we want to have at least 3 of

    And 2 billion Eurasians will stand aside to ensure that the breakup will happen within the coming decade. Resistance against our dispossession is rising everywhere in Europe (and America). After “the break”, the right-wing repair works can begin, like already is in full swing in Russia, currently THE beacon of hope for whitey.

    Btw it is not 7%, by 2060 it will be 10%…

    …currently it is something like 13%.

    We urgently need a new value system that will replace that fanatical American focus on material values and nothing else. Expect that to come from Europe (including Russia). Rump-America will be put in place again, as the junior partner of Europe (PBM 640 million).

    1776 was a mistake. You enjoyed a good and free 19th century, thanks to the continental European intervention…

    …but then you pissed away your republic because you involuntarily handed it over to the (((globalists))), a development most Americans simply didn’t notice, even didn’t notice it until today, apart from a few forgotten smarties:

    So millikike can now laugh at us in our face because of our demise, or so he thinks.

    But the tide is turning. His group won’t survive politically the rise of the medium that competes with his media. The very medium you are currently looking at.

  8. Davy on Wed, 30th May 2018 5:19 am 

    If Europe can figure out how to handle this population drop without losing their culture I think this population drop is a plus longer term. Italy I believe is in worse shape than German or close. Other Euro nations are in a similar drop. Economic realities have to change and I am not sure if modernism can survive this but what is clear is population must fall and must fall significantly per growth constraints and depletion of vital resources. Draconian immigration control is needed. If immigrants are allowed in they should be those who will contribute the most. The age of fairness is over now that the boat is sinking.

    “GEFIRA: In 2020, German Society Will Start Collapsing” Via GEFIRA,

    “The next crisis is just a couple of years away, and Germany will be its largest victim. Economies grow, driven by capital and labour. The ECB monetary policy is currently providing the German economy with enough funds, but the country is experiencing a catastrophic lack of youth, and its ageing labour force is not being replaced as a result of which workforce is already in short supply. Since the German population is declining at a staggering pace, before the end of the century there will only be 22 million indigenous Germans left. Currently the working population has already begun to shrink. This drop is still moderate compared to what will come after 2020. The disappearing of the nation that has just begun will have catastrophic consequences. The German government recorded a large budget surplus last year, a sign that the authorities are not willing or able to invest in their own country. Germany lacks health care professionals, road construction workers and teachers, but allocating more tax money to this sector makes no sense because there are simply no people available. For that reason road construction sites have come to a standstill and road maintenance is postponed. In order to find consumers and labourers, the German industry is investing in new factories abroad.”

  9. joe on Wed, 30th May 2018 8:42 am 

    The policies being driven by the temporary benefits of abortion and birth control don’t provide a society with long term benefits. Simply put, when you a abort the next generation then there is nobody around to look after the elderly.
    The game now is this, how can they keep the cost and social impact of an aging population to a minimum. The answer is kind of like beggering the future by importing armies of blacks to wipe the arses of aging whites you don’t fix the problem, you simply defer the day when you have to import more blacks to wipe the arses of aging blacks.
    The immediate cost is low because you didn’t have to spend much to train and educate this import, the other side is that you still have to look after that person. Thirdworlders have big families to solve that problem, but as we know, that’s a non starter in developed economies already burdened with massive health costs. Equilibrium will be at the point where population settles, which is happening but not fast enough. Thirdworld countries might have a large and growing portion of the globe but they are the least developed and most likely to fall apart wtshtf. Eventually the west will fill up and whether or its Trump or Orban, walls will be built. Muslim Prince’s tend to have the biggest walls and least tolerant of the world when it comes to immigration. I get it, ww2 bad, racism bad, but reality will eventually catch up to people. Whites probobly won’t dissappear, they will continue to reduce however as long as they continue to love money and artificially control their families.
    This same thing happened to the Spartans and Athenians whoes systems of throwing poor quality babies on scrap heaps caused their numbers to fall and their empires to collapse due to outside migration, diluted money supply and poor administration of their armies.
    Thirdworlders won’t fare much better when their leader realise just how much wealth they can suck out other system when they send women to work and artifically control families, just ask Iran, just ask MBS.

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