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Page added on April 27, 2019

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Trump Says He’s Spoken to Saudi Arabia About Increasing Oil Flow

Public Policy

President Donald Trump said he’s spoken to Saudi Arabia and other countries about increasing oil flow and that “all are in agreement.”

Trump described the conversations in a tweet on Friday in which he also said a California tax on gasoline is causing “big problems on pricing for that state.”

Oil on Friday slid by the most since December as Trump pressed OPEC to lower prices and doubts grew about the impact of supply squeezes from Russia and Iran.

Crude had hit a six-month high this week after the U.S. said it wouldn’t renew waivers allowing China and other major economies to import 1.4 million Iranian barrels a day.


32 Comments on "Trump Says He’s Spoken to Saudi Arabia About Increasing Oil Flow"

  1. US War Crime Syndicate on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 8:21 am 

    Maybe the Saudis can send Donald an oil valve that he can adjust as needed.

  2. Chrome Mags on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 8:31 am 

    How about trump coming up with a denegrating nickname for the Saudi leader if he doesn’t do precisely as instructed. Maybe he has a slight limp, so trump could call him The Cripple.

  3. Sissyfuss on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 8:37 am 

    Trump is an argument against mindfulness, the practice of staying in the moment at all times. Long views become impossible and mistakes are forgotten immediately. Trumps tweets are the simpletons replacement for wisdom and reasoned out policy. If you get the government you deserve then we should all be ashamed of ourselves.

  4. Duncan Idaho on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 8:52 am 

    How about trump coming up with a denegrating nickname for the Saudi leader
    Deranged Donald gave the Clown Prince a new name?

  5. joe on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 10:00 am 

    At 3% gdp, deranged he is not. If the FED had its way they would have raised rates several times by now and Americans would be gearing up to elect a new Hitler due to the mass poverty caused.
    The trade deficit is also narrowing due in part to lower oil prices.
    He’s no cupcake but history will treat the Trump Presidency much more kindly than today. He complete support for Saudi &slamic State is probobly the biggest mistake he has made. If they want a true moderate Islam then Wahabbis cannot control Mecca or fund mosques anywhere. The muslim Brotherhood knows this and fights this but the west is on the Wahabbis side, this more than anything will cause the western cultures to decay and fade. But so sadly will the world before that end comes.

  6. Truth Buster on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 10:03 am 

    Ukraine Tapped By Obama Admin To Hurt Trump, Help Clinton And Protect Bidens
    Ignoring others, protecting Bidens Kostiantyn Kulyk – deputy head of the Ukraine prosecutor general’s international affairs office, said that Ukraine also had evidence of other Western figures receiving money from Yanukovych’s party – such as former Obama White House counsel Gregory Craig – but the Americans weren’t interested. “They just discussed Manafort. This was all and only what they wanted. Nobody else,” said Kulyk. Another case raised at the January 2016 meeting involved the Bidens – specifically Burisma Holdings; a Ukrainian energy company which was under investigation at the time for improper foreign transfers of money. Burisma allegedly paid then-Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter more than $3 million in 2014-15 as both a board member and a consultant, according to bank records.

    Politico reported previously that the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington assisted the Hillary Clinton campaign through a DNC contractor, while the Ukrainian Embassy acknowledges that it got requests from a DNC staffer to find dirt on Manafort (though it denies providing any improper assistance.” As Solomon concludes: “what is already confirmed by Ukrainians looks a lot more like assertive collusion with a foreign power than anything detailed in the Mueller report.”

  7. Robert Inget on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 10:23 am 

    Great posts… (for a change)

    Friday news ’round-ups’ never mentioned Trumps supposed Saudi request for lower oil prices.
    Overshadowed by his speech before the NRA.
    At that speech he announced we are dropping out of the UN Arms Trade Treaty. (Signed by Obama)

  8. Duncan Idaho on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 10:37 am 

    3% gdp ?
    Maybe last quarter– but all over the map:
    Reducing taxes on the elite helped to do that–
    U.S. budget deficit spikes 42% in first three months of fiscal year
    We shall see- late stage capitalism is a delusional trip.

  9. Dredd on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 10:37 am 

    Yep, Trump whined “know collusion, know obstruction” and they replied “may the south end of a north bound camel breathe upon you my son.”

  10. Robert Inget on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 10:43 am 

    The Russian pipeline in Europe situation is much more serious that people think

    From private twitter account:

    Russian crude oil disruption mess is getting worse. In fact, Druzba pipelines operator Transneft doesn’t know what to do. They now say that quality ‘can be imporved in some future’ by mixing contaminated and ‘clean’ oil…..

    This means Transneft suggests the customers should re-start intake of contaminated oil, then mix it with ‘clean’ oil when delivered (in two weeks for Poland) in storage until ‘acceptable quality is reached’.
    Transneft also say penalties payments are not possible ‘at the moment’…..

    This is unprecedented disruption of Russian oil exports never happened before. The next question is: if interconnected Transneft pipelines system, large part of which is now stopped, is ovefilled, what happens to oil production…..
    He goes on to point out that Russia has limited storage capacity and does not have anything like what the US has on its coasts or mid-con at Cushing. The pipeline into Europe is quite large and there no way to have it offline for weeks without stopping production in spots.

    This will effect therefore net inventories by some material amount in Europe, because even if they use strategic reserves (and they will have to) they will after this experience SURELY not allow those to get smaller and may even increase the strategic reserves in countries if Russian quality control is melting down at this rate.

    Doom’s take;

    Seems hard to imagine how for a week or something someone pumped seriously tainted crude into the MAIN line from Russia into Europe as well as its tanker ports and that was all sabotage. I mean even if sabotage started it how the hell did the crude like that get pumped in for so long that it reached Poland (two weeks)?

    Much more likely explanation is a corrupt and ill-maintained oil system filled with lack of quality control.

    My take printed here days ago,

    It’s my belief drillers were trying to revive a failing
    well, or wells. (just a theory)

    We asked at the time; WTF will they do with over a hundred mile ‘line pack’ w/ over a million barrels of contaminated crude?
    Obviously, with the pipe closed, other means of transport needed.

    Yet another (retired) oil man gives his take;

    There was a similar situation that affected a Chevron California pipeline in 2012 that moved crude from Kern County to the refineries near SF. The pipeline was shut down for quite a while and caused a lot of disruption to producers:

    Following is a link to a good explanation of organic chloride contamination in crude oil:

  11. Truth Buster on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 11:49 am 

    Will The Senior-Level FBI Agents, Who Placed Spies In The Trump Campaign, Ever Be Held Accountable?
    Did the FBI spy on the Trump campaign? Yes
    Did the FBI place spies in the Trump campaign? Yes
    Do we know the names of the spies and how they operated? Yes
    Were the spies trying to entrap Trump campaign assistants in order to gather information on Trump? Yes
    Did the spies try to elicit information from Trump campaign assistants in order to justify a wider investigation and more extensive surveillance? Yes
    Were the spies placed in the Trump campaign based on improperly obtained FISA warrants? Yes
    Did the FBI agents procure these warrants based on false or misleading information? Yes
    Could the FBI establish “probable cause” that Trump had committed a crime or “colluded” with Russia? No
    So the ‘spying’ was illegal? Yes
    Have many of the people who authorized the spying, already been identified in criminal referrals presented to the Department of Justice? Yes
    Have the media explained the importance of these criminal referrals or the impact that spying has on free elections? No
    Is the DOJ’s Inspector General currently investigating whether senior-level agents in the FBI committed crimes by improperly obtaining warrants to spy on members of the Trump team? Yes
    Did the FBI spy on the Trump campaign to give Hillary Clinton an unfair advantage in the presidential race? Yes
    Did the FBI spy on the Trump campaign to gather incriminating information on Trump that could be used to blackmail, intimidate or impeach him in the future? Yes
    Does spying pose a threat to our elections and to our democracy? Yes
    Do many people know that there were spies placed in the Trump campaign? Yes
    Have these people effectively used that information to their advantage? No
    Have they launched any type of public relations offensive that would draw more attention to the critical issue of spying on a political campaign? No
    Have they saturated the airwaves with the truth about “spying” the same way their rivals have spread their disinformation about “collusion”? No
    Do they understand that the country is currently embroiled in a fratricidal, scorched earth political civil war in which one side is determined to prevail at all cost? No
    Do they understand that the people who authorized the spying and who perpetrated the coup will do everything in their power to prevent that information from getting out? No
    Does it look like senior-level agents at the FBI, the CIA, the DOJ, the NSA and the Obama White House knew that there were spies in the Trump campaign? Yes
    Did these same senior-level agents at the FBI, the CIA, the DOJ, the NSA and the Obama White House cooperate in a plan to undermine and delegitimize the Trump presidency? Yes
    Did they use false or misleading information to infer the president was an agent of a foreign power? Yes
    Did they know this false and misleading information was unreliable, unverified raw intelligence that was paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton? Yes
    Was there a conspiracy to remove Trump from office or to sabotage his presidency through the dissemination of false information? Yes
    Does the use of spies, wiretapping, “unmasking”, strategically-leaked information to the media, and other forms of electronic surveillance suggest that there are organized elements within the permanent bureaucracy which no longer accept the democratic process? Yes
    Is it fair to say that these people are the enemies of free elections? Yes
    Is it possible for patriotic officials in the Justice Department and in the U.S. Congress to stand up to this powerful deep state apparatus, expose what happened during the 2016 presidential campaign, identify the perpetrators, and bring them to justice? It is possible, but not likely.

  12. Robert Inget on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 4:19 pm

    US Oil EBARGO Goes into Effect This Weekend.
    Bottom line; Trump tosses Venezuela into China’s

    Facts are we weren’t getting any crude for three weeks running. Then, two weeks of modest out put. This Wednesday we will see the last oil out of Venezuela for years.
    (Venezuela was out third largest supplier after
    Canada and Saudi Arabia. Third place is now Iraq,)


    1) SAUDIS, Canadians, withholding crude to ‘balance markets’. (Saudis are aiming at $85 Brent)

    2)Russia’s contaminated 120 mile pipeline filled with problem crude. (Europe needs to go elsewhere for now)

    3)Trump aims to limit Iran’s exports to ZERO.
    Japan, S. Korea, Vietnam, India, China, Turkey are all current clients. Trump is betting the US economy on listed countries towing BS his line and saving USD as world’s exchange currency or Not.

    If Turkey, a NATO member, continues to import
    Iranian crude, others may join in. Mostly because Venezuela’s crude, such as it is, will no longer go West. Just-in-time deliveries won’t be timely.

    Worst Case;
    If we lose even a portion of USD, the world’s reserve currency, our foreign debt, never higher, will see huge interest rises making it impossible for US to borrow overseas. Trump no doubt has plan for that too. Bankruptcy, just as he has done four times. IOWs devaluation of dollars and debt.

    Ecuador, an OPEC, SA Nation.

    Ecuador, Panama, VI, Puerto Rico, American Samoa all USD based could see their currencies fall in buying power— overnight.

    All imports will double or triple in price, our exports (fossil fuels) will export way below the cost of production.

    If Trump plans to enforce his oil embargo with military, there is every chance China or Russia will
    escort tankers home.

    Best case outcome;
    World-wide shortages unaffordable diesel prices followed by inflated gasoline. US electric and ICE markets will collapse putting millions out of work

    IMO Canada alone will stick by us. Mostly because
    they never bothered to develop Asian pipelines to markets.

    I’m sure Trump didn’t plan this no win disaster.
    His advisors did. Follow that money.

    May tell. By June 1 most or that stored oil
    will have been consumed. Then the fun begins.

  13. Harquebus on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 4:51 pm 

    “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” — H.L. Mencken

  14. Go Speed Racer on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 6:45 pm 

    Trump also instructed the Saudi’s to
    add more oil to the Ghawar field,
    since the reserve has been running down
    a bit lately.

    Thanks to Trump’s instructions, the well
    is being replenished now, and and will have
    much more oil in the reserve
    by August 2019 will have far more oil
    in Ghawar, than what’s in there presently.

    4 more years, Re-elect Trump !

  15. makati1 on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 6:46 pm 

    Maybe someday, those who post long bloviating comments will understand that most of us don’t bother to read them.

    As for Trump, he is just bloviating …er … Tweeting shit. He tells the Saudis to increase production from a failing oil field, then cuts off millions of barrels from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, etc.

    Americans are too stupid to understand that you cannot subtract more than you add and expect the total to be higher. $5+ gas by summer? $100+ oil? Go for it! Higher! Higher!

    GO TRUMP! TRUMP in 2020! LMAO!

  16. Shortend on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 7:49 pm 

    Is Saudi Arabia listed under Shithole country!? Just asking….Cog please answer

  17. Davy on Sun, 28th Apr 2019 5:40 am 

    “Maybe someday, those who post long bloviating comments will understand that most of us don’t bother to read them.”

    You do it hypocrite plus you fill the site up with multiple comments that equal long comments. What a dumbass.

  18. Go Speed Racer on Sun, 28th Apr 2019 6:28 am 

    Hmmm, so if a comment is very short,
    that proves the poster is smart. OK, got it.

  19. Shortend on Sun, 28th Apr 2019 7:10 am 

    Send Henry Kissinger with the contract that was signed under Nixon….supply Uncle Sam or else!

  20. Mark Ziegler on Sun, 28th Apr 2019 7:50 am 

    Trump might have to put sanctions on the Saudis to show them who is in charge.

  21. Cloggie on Sun, 28th Apr 2019 8:21 am 

    “Trump might have to put sanctions on the Saudis to show them who is in charge.”

    He needs permission from Israel to show who is in charge.

  22. Robert Inget on Sun, 28th Apr 2019 10:53 am 

    Pirates attack Gulf of Mexico oil rig, lock up crew and loot contents
    The Oro Negro rig is anchored off the coast of Campeche

    In the last ten years well over 200,000 Mexicans
    have been murdered. 8,500 in the last three months. (Jan, Feb, March 2019) April’s murders are not yet reported).

    If there’s measure of failed state, Mexico is quickly approaching that standard.

    That almost 10% rise in the murder rate lines up
    with a 10% drop in oil production making Mexico
    a Net Importer of petroleum.

    Apart from Costa Rica (no oil, no army) almost every Central American nation is in deep shit.
    (Panama also excepted)

    My question; How, by what means will the US restrict VZ oil shipments to Mexico, Cuba, and other Central American nations?

  23. Robert Inget on Sun, 28th Apr 2019 11:08 am 

    Kuwait NOT increasing production;

    Current oil prices are fair, Kuwait deputy minister says
    “Kuwait’s acting deputy oil minister said on Sunday that the oil market is balanced and current prices are fair.

    “The current oil prices of around $74 per barrel are fair prices … And Kuwait is committed to its agreed quota under the production reduction agreement,” Sheikh Talal Nasser Al-Izabi Al-Sabah told reporters.

    “Oil prices are currently supported by geopolitical tensions in Libya, Venezuela, Nigeria, sanctions on Iran and a decrease in U.S. inventories,” Al-Sabah added.”

    IOW’s why sell crude for less, we aren’t making any more.

  24. DerHundistLos on Mon, 29th Apr 2019 7:57 am 

    Trump is vile and disgusting. Nobody has done more to turn the world against the United States, including the Republic of Colombia, which Trump referred to as “one of those shithole countries”.

    Since the dumb fuck proudly boasts about not reading, he is ignorant of the fact that Colombia has been the US’ most dependable ally. Only one country-Colombia- in South America dispatched elite combat battalions to Korea and Vietnam.

    I am sick and tired of apologizing and making excuses for the fat sack of shit with tiny hands.

  25. Davy identity theft on Mon, 29th Apr 2019 8:33 am 

    Truth Buster on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 11:49 am

    Naturally, lots of claims without a shred of evidence. Typical DavySkum posting.

    “Will The Senior-Level FBI Agents, Who Placed Spies In The Trump Campaign, Ever Be Held Accountable?
    Did the FBI spy on the Trump campaign? Yes”

  26. Sissyfuss on Mon, 29th Apr 2019 1:44 pm 

    Derhund, Trump is an addiction of nature. His rabble venerate him for his billionaire persona which is as fake as his business success. We’ve got bigger fish to catch and release. Scotland just declared an Environmental Emergency. The more real this gets, the more practical we must become. Can’t trade Trump til 2020. Let’s hope the Dems find a miracle or the Greens become relevant, which also would be miraculous. Stand straight, my brother.

  27. Duncan Idaho on Mon, 29th Apr 2019 6:04 pm 

    If the Dims put up a candidate like Biden (close to Hillary), we may have Delusional Donald for 4 more years.
    Might be best– those psychopaths will bring this train wreck into the ditch, and the survivors (if any) will have more resources.

  28. makati1 on Mon, 29th Apr 2019 6:51 pm 

    Duncan, it is a tossup between the “Bull in the China Shop”, Trump (pun intended) or the freak show called the Dems. I don’t vote as the real power is not elected. Either side will finish the US take-down by 2025. Just different approaches to the same end. Enjoy the show.

  29. Duncan Idaho on Mon, 29th Apr 2019 7:01 pm 

    It is Pepsi and Pepsi Lite.
    The US has been a one party state for quite some time.

  30. Sissyfuss on Tue, 30th Apr 2019 9:26 am 

    Duncan, what Ike warned us about, the MIC taking over the govt, has not only come to fruition but has expanded to become the MICC, the Military Industrial Corporate Complex. Extracting that gigantic tumor from the host will probably kill said host but not dealing with it only increases its lethality. Biden is a center-right Republican who will enable BAU til its last sordid breath.

  31. DerHundistLos on Tue, 30th Apr 2019 12:03 pm 

    Thanks, Siss, for your words of wisdom. I’m just terribly frustrated. Trump has made our conservation work in Colombia many times more difficult than it already is. Trump has broken the bonds of trust that used to exist with the public. The guy has no appreciation that words have serious consequences. Further, he started the aerial spraying of tens of thousands of hectares with deadly herbicides that devastate the environment. The spraying is not by any means precision. Farmers fields and the forests are left looking like a grotesque moonscape for many decades. The campesinos are forced into urban ghettos in an effort to survive.

    On a personal note, I despise Trump. Trump and I attended the same high school-New York Military Academy, Cornwall on Hudson, New York. Upon graduation, many of us were being sent to Vietnam. Fellow classmates never shirked their military service requirements in Vietnam with one notable exception. Trump used daddy’s money and power to avoid military service by obtaining multiple fake medical deferments. Narcissistic Trump determined his time was better spent in NYC “grabbing pussy”. Is it any wonder why the military is opposed to Trump’s $100 million military parade?

    News flash President Dump: The US is not a banana republic and you are not our dictator. Military parades are reserved for special occasions.”

  32. Abu on Wed, 1st May 2019 4:52 pm 

    Trump is the best friend of the country sponsoring world terrorism because they have oil. But Russia also has oil. Hmm…
    And how about turning the USA into the world’s largest offshore financial centre?
    turning the USA into the world’s largest offshore financial centre?

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