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Page added on April 5, 2020

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This Is The Biggest Economic Terrorist Attack In World History

Public Policy

As I continue to keep an eye on the coronavirus “news”, it gets clearer with each passing day just how far the mainstream media and associates are willing to push their agenda.

If the fear-hyped propaganda continues at the rate we’re seeing now, we are almost guaranteed to experience much graver circumstances just around the corner, especially if people are led to get vaccinated and eugenicists like Ted Turner and Bill Gates get their way…

Part of the agenda that the globalists behind this coronavirus psyop want, at least according to the Rockefeller Institute’s “Lockstep” document which outlines their nefarious depopulation plans, is to shut down global supply lines (i.e. international maritime shipping, etc.).

If they’re successful in pulling this off for a prolonged period of even a month or two, the results would be devastating for people who are not prepared.

Even in relatively “rich” countries like the US, a large part of the population doesn’t even have $500 in disposable income for such an emergency.

And those who are counting on receiving a pension should expect the worst with the coronavirus making the low hanging pension fund fruit look riper for cherry-picking by the globalist kleptomaniac cartel by the day.

And if you have a portion of your money in an IRA, your best bet is to try and move that money into a self-directed IRA under your control.

Regular IRAs are typically just a diversified mix of stocks, bonds, and mutual fund exposure, whereas, with a self-directed fund, you can access a much broader array of investment options including things like real estate and cryptocurrency.

For these, I really like what Gus Demos and the guys at Perpetual Assets offer. And you can check them out at

On a much lighter note, I just arrived home today after a long, nine-hour car ride back from Puerto Vallarta where I took my wife and kids to do some restorative stem cell therapy at the Dream Body Clinic.

It was a much-needed change of pace and it was nice to stop and check out a bit of agave country which is like Napa Valley except, without the third world flavor of Commiefornia.

Needless to say, It’s been a relaxing weekend despite the fact that our vacation was cut short by, you guessed it, the ‘Ol coronapanic.

As I have mentioned before, this PLANdemic has really done a number on the Mexican tourist industry by forcing hotels like the one we were just staying at to suddenly have to close.

In my walk and talk video below I talk more about what exactly I think is coming next in the newest world war against yet another “invisible enemy”.

With so many businesses being shut down the “black” or the free market is flourishing and offering things like toilet paper for sounds currency like Monero – a long time favorite here at TDV.

I go more into how the black market is thriving and what the economic outlooks is for the near future in my video here:

So, stack Monero if you want to be able to buy bootlegged toilet paper in the new post-corona world and don’t forget to subscribe to the Dollar Vigilante newsletter HERE if you want to receive the most up to date cryptocurrency calls and stock market shorts which have proven time and time again to make our subscribers outstanding returns on their money.

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104 Comments on "This Is The Biggest Economic Terrorist Attack In World History"

  1. Forum Elder on Tue, 7th Apr 2020 3:30 pm 

    JuanPee multiple personality disorder seems to be getting worse every single day! I fear for his stupid wife wellbeing. I hope his parol officer took her away from that dangerous situation of being locked down with a mentally ill and suicidal personality. juanPee is the perfect candidate for one of those very tragic murder suicide stories one reads in the papers. Only in the Miami Beach in immigrant neighborhoods could they let someone like him near children.

  2. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 7th Apr 2020 4:28 pm 

    Wall Street Wins — Again: An All-American Urge to Offer Corporate Welfare

    Welfare and corporate theft have made ‘Merika great for the selected few.

  3. Nathan Spannaus aka "the lover" (of muzzies) on Tue, 7th Apr 2020 4:58 pm 

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  4. Nathan Spannaus aka "the lover" (of muzzies) on Tue, 7th Apr 2020 5:04 pm 

    Canada: muzzie bagged woman who was identified as Islamic State recruiter herself hoped to attain “martyrdom”

    obv this muzzie is not a muzzie but if blown up would be burried by canada navy as a muzzie but it’s not a muzzie

    this muzzie is still at large

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