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Page added on December 25, 2016

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The United States And The Race For Global Hegemony

The United States And The Race For Global Hegemony thumbnail

The previous article focused on the definition of an international order, globalization, geopolitical theories and how this has changed the notion with which a nation exercises control over a foreign country. In this second part I intend to examine the various geopolitical theories, their translations into modern concepts, and practical actions that the United States have undertaken in recent decades to aspire to global dominance.

The Strategy Of Rimland

Keeping in mind the geopolitical theories discussed in my previous article, we understand that in order to achieve control over the so called-Heartland, Washington has often resorted to the Spykman theory (Rimland). This is because the US has repeatedly found it extremely difficult to directly control the powers that occupy the geographical space described in the Heartland theory of Mackinder, namely Iran, Russia and China.

The US has repeatedly tried to ensure that nations composing the Inner Circle (Rimland) remained under their control so as to indirectly control the Heartland and encircle it.

In this sense, Europe was conquered thanks to the Second World War and the American intervention against Nazi Germany. The end of World War II saw Europe become an integral part of the US Atlantic system, an important part of surrounding the Heartland.

The expansion and conquest of other areas of the Rimland (Inner Crescent) continued during the Cold War in Asia through wars in Korea and Vietnam. But its failure left serious doubts about Washington’s ability to sustain its military power projection so far away from home, trying to occupy foreign countries with troops on the ground. There were limits to seeking to rule the world.

In the Middle East, another area of paramount significance, Washington has always had as its primary goal the prevention of post-revolutionary Iran conquering the area. For this reason the Saudis have always been great American allies. They are the chosen regional power, thanks to oil and the financial system of petrodollars, with the purpose of ensuring a constant pressure on Iran and surrounding nations in the interests of Washington’s against Heartland nations such as Iran. In this sense, Turkey is unsurprisingly a NATO member incorporated into the Western system of power.

The final strategy has always been the same: to control nations neighboring the Heartland (Rimland countries) through direct military intervention, economic and financial terrorism, or cultural soft power — all for the purpose of putting pressure on Russia, Iran and China.

The American unipolar moment began in earnest following the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, thereby offering the American elite the crazy idea of seeking to achieve total global hegemony by conquering the nations of the Heartland, especially through economic and military means.

During the Cold War, the more realistic goal was to prevent other nations from forming an alliance that would manage and occupy the heart of the land. With the end of the Soviet Union, the main occupier of the Heartland and main rival to the United States had collapsed. This led to the idea of world domination by Washington becoming reality.

From Mahan to MacKinder

The United States has always placed great importance on Mahan’s theory, considering it a complement to physical invasion by land as well as economic domination of the countries composing the Heartland and Rimland. For nearly a century it has been a fundamental pillar of American doctrine in matters of foreign policy.

The US Navy has often played a decisive role in US victories from the beginning of the twentieth century up to the fall of the Berlin Wall, the First and Second World Wars included. In the years that followed, its decline has had direct consequences for the implementation of the plan for global domination based on the three geopolitical theories analyzed above, practically setting aside Mahan’s theory in particular in order to focus on domination of land.

From 1990 to 2005, the importance of aircraft carriers and air support during the many US wars have been fundamental. Nevertheless, the bulk of the work has always been done by ground troops. Fighting took place not between countries or between ships or aircrafts but on the ground with the assistance of ships and aircrafts. It is a fundamental difference.

Since 1989, the influence of Mahan’s theory has been gradually decreasing in the strategies employed by policy-makers in the Pentagon, favoring instead land invasions, such as with Iraq and Afghanistan, or favoring the so-called soft power approach in the form of revolts, coups or armed insurrections as in Ukraine, Libya and Syria. The relative decline of the US naval fleet has therefore been a predictable consequence.

Forget about Mahan, here is MacKinder + Globalization

A powerful instrument for subduing the nations of the Heartland, in addition to boot on the ground and the dollar, has been globalization. To work, world globalism requires the absence of sovereignty for individual nations, regardless of whether they are allies or not, as well as massive economic interdependence, dictated by a financial system based on the dollar and completely arranged in favor of Washington and the Federal Reserve. With the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the United States forged ??a global neo-liberal model, based on the concept of consumerism and a parasitic capitalist economy, in combination with the unbridled use of military power.

With the collapse of the former Soviet republics, Washington began to move closer to the Heartland, mainly over land, increasingly moving up to the borders of the Russian Federation. The EU widened the membership of these countries in 2004, then incorporated them into NATO.

To achieve global domination Russia has to be controlled in virtue of the position it occupies in the Heartland. Given the military power of the United States in 1989, lacking any credible rivals, the MacKinder theory began to take shape in terms of a strategic approach from Washington’s perspective. This happened to the detriment of the Spykman theory, which preferred focusing on the Rimland countries and seas and oceans surrounding them using the Mahan theory of sea power to control the commerce and routes of rimland countries, thereby indirectly controlling the Heartland. This change in approach, with less naval power and more boots on the ground, together with economic power, continued to expand until the Obama administration.

With the ultimate goal of controlling Russia, the economic war by the Western elites in the early 1990s, thanks to Gorbachev and Yeltsin, ought to be revisited. This attitude revealed the intentions of Western elites, and only after a blatant refusal by Putin in 2000 to surrender the sovereignty of Russia to bow down before Washington, relations plummeted. Putin opposes economic and financial globalization, a western ploy to obtain a military surrender by getting the gobalists’ hands on the most valuable piece of the Heartland: Russia. With this concept in mind, it is easy to understand why Putin is so misrepresented by the Western media, all owned by large publishing groups, part of the international financial oligarchies.

The war in Afghanistan, the opening of NATO bases around Russia’s borders, the use of soft power in Ukraine for regime change through a coup, and destabilization using terrorism in Asia and in the center of the Caucasus, are part of a wider strategy to encircle and contain Russia, with goal of forcing Moscow to cry uncle and be incorporated into the Atlanticist network, by hook or by crook.

The ultimate goal always leads back to the question of being able to control the heart of the earth and its resources, represented largely by Russia, Iran and China. The ultimate goal is to gain a stranglehold on the rest of the continents, from Europe to Asia, enabling virtual control of the entire globe. The mission is always the same. It never changes. It is world domination. The approach alone changed once the Berlin Wall fell. The United States’ confidence in its own cultural, economic and military resources from 1989 has led it to construct an international system based on the principle of corrupt turbo-capitalism in combination with a strong dose of military bullying. Washington’s neoliberal ideas have often enjoyed strong momentum and huge support thanks to the military. Washington found itself in a position to intervene in almost every global situation using tools like soft power in regime change (Ukraine), the Arab Spring (Tunisia and Egypt), and even resorting to hard power through military aggression in so-called nation-building projects (Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan).

The aim, as always, is to put the Heartland under pressure coming from every direction, until its economic collapse and the final military conquest.

Even the US military bases follow this logic, surrounding the Heartland through the nations of the Rimland. Not surprisingly, Iran, China and Russia appear to be completely surrounded in a land-based approach a la MacKinder. Another example is the ABM Systems (Anti-Ballistic Missile) targeting China, Russia and Iran in order obviate their ability to inflict casualties on the United States in the event of war.

In this sense, another vital nation for US Interests is Japan, which represents a formidable containment towards China. On the island of Okinawa alone, about 400 kms from the Chinese coast, about thirteen US military bases are hosted. Similarly, all the countries overlooking the seas bordering the Rimland are strategically important countries for Washington. No wonder panic has been induced by Duterte’s victory in the Philippines. Special attention continues to be given to the nations of Southeast Asia, like Vietnam and Malaysia. Washington fears having fewer allies in its strategy of subduing the Rimland in order to contain China.

Looking at a map it is easy to see how the American empire pushes towards the Heartland from all directions, directly or indirectly, together with its allies. Against the Republic of China there is pressure from the south-east, courtesy of Japan and the US naval presence in the China Sea. From the west pressure is exerted against Russia by expanding NATO/EU. From the south-west, pressure is brought to bear on Iran through the Saudis, Qatar, and US bases in the Middle East. To the south, in addition to NATO member Turkey, Washington would like to team up with India to complete the encirclement of Russia, representing a huge missing piece that makes clear the importance of New Delhi in American strategy.

The last twenty-five years were dominated by policy makers in the US who, firstly, had the idea that direct conquest of the Heartland nations (and some Rimland nations) was possible and, secondly, that it was preferable to pursue a conquest by land of the relevant area and that this was the perfect historical moment to do so. Hitler thought the same way. Not only cultural and economic control was being suggested, but a real military approach to impose a solution acceptable to the elites in Washington. The countless wars since 1989 — Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Syria and Iraq — have been a strategic choice employing ground forces for the purpose of conquest. At the same time we must not forget the soft power used during the Arab Spring and in Ukraine. These are complementary approaches, updating a hundred years later the theory designed by MacKinder to the technology now at our disposal, while offering the military option to conquer the nations of the Heartland. This doctrine has placed to the side the naval approach, theorized by Mahan, which provided the use of ships to block commercial routes, and using the supremacy of the seas to contain the Rimland, thereby dominating the Heartland and mastering the world.

The most recent doctrines, from the administrations of Bush to Obama, have used a mix of MacKinder’s theory in combination with the latest tactics that apply human rights, known as soft power. The consequences of this approach have led to unimaginable disaster for the United States, where we see the Middle East sinking deeper into chaos and increasingly pushing countries of the region into a Shia alliance. This has led to increasingly united objectives for nations like Iran, China, India and Russia (a complete failure of the the Cold War objective that aimed to prevent an alliance between China and Russia). More generally, India still remains an ally of Moscow and on good terms with Washington, deciding not to openly side with one or the other.

The next article will focus on the reactions that Iran, China and Russia have adopted over the years to repel the continual assault on their sovereignty, and how the American drive for global hegemony has actually accelerated the end of America’s unipolar moment, giving birth to the multipolar reality in which we live. The fourth and last article will focus on the new Trump administration, and how it will probably change the approach to US foreign policy that has prevailed over the last 30 years – a throwback to the last century.

38 Comments on "The United States And The Race For Global Hegemony"

  1. Go Speed Racer on Sun, 25th Dec 2016 7:14 am 

    The United States and the Race for Global Hedge Money?

  2. JuanP on Sun, 25th Dec 2016 8:22 am 

    Must read! This is the best article they’ve put on this website in a very long time.

  3. onlooker on Sun, 25th Dec 2016 9:26 am 

    Very good article. Two things though. First, it is not specifically the US that thirsts for supreme power. It is the banking and financial elites who have dreamed of total power and control It just so happens that they totally control the US and that their objectives have been traditionally those of the US elites. Second, cannot wait the read the next article with rightly points to the reality now that the US overreached and now is in decline both economically and even worse strategically as their adversaries as well as other countries have now rebelled against Washington. Finally, sadly this is all so irrelevant now with hard natural limits bearing down now on the whole of modern industrial civilization and humanity.

  4. Sissyfuss on Sun, 25th Dec 2016 9:44 am 

    Waiting for Cloggerand to explain this to all of us neophytes though he may have written this under an assumed moniker.

  5. Cloggie on Sun, 25th Dec 2016 10:37 am 

    Sorry Siss, but currently strugling with the Christmas Turkey with family at the other side of the country, which in the case of Holland doesn’t mean that much. So you have to decipher the article on your own. Again, sorry.

  6. Boat on Sun, 25th Dec 2016 10:39 am 

    In spite of all the ridiculous conspiracy globalization reigns on the high seas and ports. Pollution from bunker fuels took a big hit and in 2020 will take another. There will be a hike in prices for cleaner fuels or scrubber equipment. Part of this expensive enterprise will be the retooling of refineries as they shake out how big the market will be for the reformulated fuel.

  7. Cloggie on Sun, 25th Dec 2016 10:49 am 

    “In this sense, Europe was conquered thanks to the Second World War and the American intervention against Nazi Germany. The end of World War II saw Europe become an integral part of the US Atlantic system, an important part of surrounding the Heartland.”

    At least the article doesn’t try to sell us the moralistic “liberation” baloney. Just like Europe conquered most of the world up until 1945, the US and USSR conquered Europe in 1945. Raw power only, Nuremberg was for the boobs.

  8. Sissyfuss on Sun, 25th Dec 2016 11:00 am 

    I knew you couldn’t resist, Clogmas. Even the tryptophan cloud cannot stop you.

  9. Hubert on Sun, 25th Dec 2016 11:20 am 

    This stupid country is bankrupt. It’s little more than a failing 3D world with failing infrastructure. This stupid country should be worried more about the coming Civil War.

  10. Anonymous on Sun, 25th Dec 2016 12:18 pm 

    Boatard, what does that idiotic comment of yours have to do with anything in the article?

    Bunker fuels….really?


  11. Dredd on Sun, 25th Dec 2016 3:06 pm 

    All the while missing what the military has, for decades, considered their greatest danger (Will Elections Cure The Disease? – 3, Does Our Military Know Something We Don’t About Global Warming?).

  12. Dredd on Sun, 25th Dec 2016 3:09 pm 

    Sorry, I left out the link to Will Elections Cure The Disease? – 3 … in the comment above.

  13. Anonymous on Sun, 25th Dec 2016 3:59 pm 

    Rim land eh? Mmmm….

    “The final strategy has always been the same: to control nations neighboring the Heartland (Rimland countries) through direct military intervention, economic and financial terrorism, or cultural soft power — all for the purpose of putting pressure on Russia, Iran and China.”

    Would be accurate to say the uS is trying to give those countries a rim job? Trying to ‘backdoor’ Russia and China is likely not something they appreciate, unless they are into that sort of thing, and everything I’ve seen suggets they are just not into that.

    “The US has repeatedly tried to ensure that nations composing the Inner Circle (Rimland) remained under their control so as to indirectly control the Heartland and encircle it.”

    Yup, according this article, the uS is definitely trying to come in from ‘behind’. And Its looks like they merikans aren’t even showing the courtesy to use any lubricants.

  14. JuanP on Sun, 25th Dec 2016 7:39 pm 

    Is Obama a Russian agent?

  15. Go Speed Racer on Sun, 25th Dec 2016 8:51 pm 

    No. Obama is not.
    But Trump is!

  16. tk on Sun, 25th Dec 2016 9:03 pm 

    The drying “Oil-Dollar rug” needs unhindered
    access to ALL oil fields…
    it is as simple and impersonal as that.
    And which “country” sits atop of all is
    just a case of where Adam Smiths
    “Invisible hand” is currently located.
    Outside of New York, I think…
    some data center in New Jersey?

    But that was years ago, might be a more “diluted” invisible hand now…

    Greetings Tom

  17. tk on Sun, 25th Dec 2016 9:14 pm 

    Or maybe the “supply-meets-demand-equilibrium”
    aka “economics” is here?

    I call it insanity…

    And why are we all to a more or lesser degree
    “forced” or “coerced” into psychopathical behaviour might be explained here:

  18. tk on Sun, 25th Dec 2016 9:31 pm 

    The number of possible interactions between
    two humans (“monetary vehicles”) got reduced to


    or did I miss something here?

  19. Truth Has A Liberal Bias on Sun, 25th Dec 2016 11:23 pm 

    The gov was found guilty of killing MLK.

    USA is morally no better than North Korea.

  20. peripato on Mon, 26th Dec 2016 1:10 am 

    “Who will rule Eurasia? In the end, no single power will be capable of doing so, because the energy-resource base will be insufficient to support a continent-wide system of transportation, communication, and control.

    Thus Russian geopolitical fantasies are as vain as those of the US. For the next half-century there will be just enough energy resources left to enable either a horrific and futile contest for the remaining spoils, or a heroic cooperative effort toward radical conservation and transition to a post-fossil-fuel energy regime.”


  21. joe on Mon, 26th Dec 2016 8:59 am 

    Better read this guys. Looks like INDIA is trying to take over. Look at THEIR ring of steel.

    More anti-America conspiricy theorists. I swear to God if you guys were born muslim most of you would be in ISIS.

  22. Apneaman on Mon, 26th Dec 2016 12:44 pm 

    Officials Count Around 30,000 War Dead in Afghanistan This Year

  23. Truth Has A Liberal Bias on Mon, 26th Dec 2016 7:56 pm 

    Syrian ambassador to UN lists by name the identities of USA, Israeli, Turkish and Saudi intelligence officers (AKA Syrian moderate opposition) stranded in Aleppo. States they will be captured and arrested. This happened at UN building in NYC but some how the New York Times missed it. Stand by for perp walk as NATO and GCC intelligence officers are exposed as jihadi supporters. Alt Qaeda et al will be exposed as NATO American intelligence asset. Russia is coming out on top in Syria. Not a lot of talent at the topin America these days.

  24. makati1 on Mon, 26th Dec 2016 9:26 pm 

    Truth, America has a lot of hate, greed, and power lust, but little intelligence. It becomes more and more obvious as events unfold. Deliberate destruction of the U$ or…?

  25. Truth Has A Liberal Bias on Mon, 26th Dec 2016 10:17 pm 

    I hope Syrian soldiers take any captured American and Israeli intelligence officers they find in Aleppa and send them home in one ounce pieces. Israel wants a one state solution. That’s fine. It might not be the one they hoped for. Hezzbola is hands down the best infantry fighting force in the Middle East. Paybacks a bitch. Russia and the Shiites won. No Sunni natural gas can be pipelined to Europe without transiting Shiite real estate. The Shiite crescent now runs from Herat in western Afghanistan, through Iran, Iraq, Syria and to Lebanon. Thanks USA for getting rid of Irans two biggest problems- Taliban to he east and Saddam to the west. Now it’s Trunps turn to get played like a bitch. He’ll be spinning 180’s once China, Russia and Iran start pushing his buttons. That little Trump retard is in over his head.

  26. Davy on Tue, 27th Dec 2016 2:37 am 

    “Hezzbola is hands down the best infantry fighting force in the Middle East.”
    For being the board spelling Nazi can’t you spell your “army of giant’s” name properly?
    Got any support Einstein of that bold statement? They are good but they only made serious headway the same way other infantry forces do and that is air support and in their case also mechanized support from Syrian regulars.

    Making this into more than it is represents typical extremist thinking on this site. The interest is in hype over reality. It is about their winners. It is about whining about who they want to paint as losers. I am glad to see this situation in Syria. It is a tragedy and one that is multi-dimensional. That is another thing inconvenient for the extremist here. They can’t stand grey because it eventually gets back to them and how in the end they are a part of this mess too. It is extremism in all its forms that is the reason this world is so fucked up. Yea, you dumbass you are part of it. If granted a wish you, extremist, would be just like those you hate. You are peas in a pod and that pod is hate and discontent. What would you do with yourself if there was peace and happiness? You would be irrelevant and our identity void.

  27. Davy on Tue, 27th Dec 2016 2:49 am 

    Clearly Syria is a mistake of US policy and one hopefully ending with a Trump administration. I am probably wishful to have cautious optimism. Russia and Assad created a potential failed state over 40 plus years but it was the American/Nato interference that exploited that corruption for their own corrupt ends of hegemony. This took what was a small problem and made it global. This failed policy destroyed a rich culture and an important one to the stability of the ME. Iraq is a similar situation but that is clearly an all American fuck up. The neocons that I despise, should be tried for war crimes internationally but also internally for serious damage done to the US itself.

    The 20th century strategy about “the oil” is one we are now coming to realize is one where the winners are the ones who didn’t go after it or try to control it. Asia clearly was not hurt and benefited by remaining on the sidelines. It is now about a global system were oil producers must produce and sell oil in a healthy global economy or they decay. Oil producers are now confronted with social realities that can’t be ignored. From now on if a country goes against this new reality the consequences are a disrupted global oil market that eventually bite them and everyone else in the ass. It took some time for this to occur as it is now. All nations in the ME now are so tied to a healthy oil market for survival that there is no room for geopolitical gaming. It is now the case finally in the ME that consuming nations and producing nations must get along and manage these resources or common failure occurs. This now includes Asia who can no longer sit on the sidelines. We are all together now in a mess of a world of depleting oil and increasing predicaments.

    It will be interesting if the glut normalizes and supply pressures develop. It is still unclear if economic demand destruction along with the depleting economic strength of the oil produced will continue to follow the oil complex down in failure of both. My point here is prices may never recover because the economy is spent and in long term decline. We must also grant the techno optimist their place in this equation. Will the so called renewables become a real force in this process of oil demand destruction? Will the so called renewables replace oil and maintain a failing global economy? That is a hefty responsibility and one I have yet to see as a possibility. I hope it will but hopium is cheap. If that is to happen the global economy will have to maintain some kind of healthy growth. That is a big “IF”.

    We are no longer in a 20th century reality as far as survival but we are in a 20th century reality as far as destruction. We have the means to destroy this region. All sides have this capability now. Survival now means cooperation and limits on failed state actors. The US is the primary actor that must abstain. Syria and Iraq are somewhat contained. They were a playground of the pigs of war where weapons and tactics were played out by those who live this way of life. Now that the region is destroyed thanks primarily to American/Nato policy there is not much left to destroy. The rest is bone and muscle of the global arrangement that supports us all. Putin sees this hopefully he will find and cultivate common sense in his new friend Trump. This is absolutely vital and our only hope to slow the dangerous decline of globalism.

  28. Theedrich on Tue, 27th Dec 2016 5:01 am 

    Ever since the U.S. destroyed Europe and Japan in WW II, the D.C. gods have assumed that their moralistic self-justification is all that is needed to imprison the rest of the world via bribery, threat and Bible-based massacre.  It seems, however, that Russia, China, et al. have other ideas.  Given the multi-sided global chess game now in progress, the prigs of the State Dept. and the CIA mafia may find they have bitten off more than they can chew.

  29. Cloggie on Tue, 27th Dec 2016 5:20 am 

    As always, before you begin to read an article, find out who is the author/organization behind the article.

    Wikispooks about “Strategic Culture Foundation”: Moscow based anti-Zionist think tank and web publishing organisation.
    Chief editor: Vladimir Maximenko.
    Operational since June 2010.
    The right-wing regularly posts their articles.
    Author: Federico Pieraccinni from Florence/Italy, living in Milan. Even RussiaInsider (that is Anglos friendly to Russia) posts him, so he can’t be that very right-wing.
    Italians are operetta right-wingers at best anyway.

    Right, these folks might be my just kinda guys.

    The author builds on the Rimland theory; never heard of that one before. According to Wikipedia that theory was developed by a cloggie from Amsterdam named Spykman, who by 1920 moved to the US. His theory as well as the older British Mackinder Heartland theory were used by US geo-strategists after WW2 to “contain” the USSR.

    Author tries to verify the relevance of the following older geopolitical theories to the current world:

    Heartland theory: ” those who controls the Heartland controls the world”
    Rimland theory: “it is more important to control the Rimland rather than the Heartland to control the world”
    Mahan theory: “naval power is decisive for world control”

    The author correctly identified the intention of the US to control the world. Whooptido, what else is new? He is still too political correct as to say that WW2 was a war of conquest of Europe by the US (euphemistically described as “US intervention” against Nazi Germany), but since entire Europe is “integrated” (read: conquered/colonized against its will) into the Atlanticist system, he at least suggests that it was exactly that. Japan same story.

    If you want to understand WW2 than you merely need to look at the share of global GDP of the major parties in 1939:

    British empire–11


    The Axis never had a chance to begin with, a fact that didn’t escape the attention of American and Soviet geo-strategists in 1933.

    In 1939 Europe was still running the show, but the kosher dominated globalist parties USA and USSR had already the upper hand in economics. All it took was for these two to combine forces and wipe Europe of the map and take its place, after brilliant diplomatic maneuvering never documented on television, using Poland as the useful idiot and a Britain and France, that were unable/unwilling to recognize the new geopolitical facts in time and abandon the Euro-centric Versailles state-of-mind (although Chamberlain understood it all very well and his willingness to accommodate Germany was entirely in the interest of the British empire, where Churchill was the total traitor in selling out British interests to global Jewry by instigating war in Europe).

    Furthermore the US took over the ME from the Europeans. But that was about it with Eurasia. Korea and Vietnam failed. And by 1979 the US lost Persia to Shia Muslim fundamentalists. And after the 2003 intervention in Iraq, intended to add Iraq as a colony to the US global empire, like KSA, the Gulf and Egypt, the US unintentionally unleashed Sunny fundamentalism as well. Turkey and KSA have become shaky western allies and Turkey is clearly flirting with the idea of following Iran’s example and become a hyper-conservative Sunny-Muslim state, giving up on EU-membership, expanding its sphere of influence southwards. Pakistan was also recently lost to China and the Philippines are probably lost to China as well. And Afghanistan is merely a drain on western resources like it once was to the USSR. Ukraine in contrast was a big win over Russia.

    By 1960 the US had indeed control over the “Rimland”, but it was all down hill from there, although the implosion of the USSR gave for a brief period (1991-2000) the illusion that the US could have it all. But thanks to Vladimir the Great, Old Europe is back, with the potential that the right-wing revolution that succeeded in Russia will expand westwards and take over Europe as well (I am all for it) in implicit defiance of the kosher NWO.

    All vectors are pointing downhill for the US and you only have to sniff this forum to get ample confirmation for this observation.

    – The Mahan theory “naval power is everything” no longer applies to the 21st century where “missile power is everything”, although navies can still be used to rape smaller adversaries like Iraq. In a major conflict carriers are merely a fiscal drain on resources and as such an asset of the enemy. The Chinese land-based counter strategy is to build an enormous Eurasian rail network (“New Silk Road”), phasing out the necessity of transport via sea lanes. This project includes pipelines from the Gulf, via Pakistan to China. The fact that not only Russia but also Europe bought into this strategy was a major disappointment and setback for Washington.

    – Thanks to the actions of the West in eastern Europe after 2000, Russia and China understood the intentions of the West all too well and began to setup an alliance that can’t be beaten (hi Mackinder!).

    – The author appears to see the US as a monolith, but the election of Trump has revealed an enormous rift in US society between the Democrats and Republicans. The Democrats represent the War Party and neocohns and still aim for global empire in the hands of the George Soros types. The Republicans in contrast are now officially the White Party and its adherents are more interested in keeping the US majority white rather than help setting up a world empire. Thanks to the huge demographic shift since 1965, America has become a ticking time bomb and once it will go off, as it will, the country will fall apart, like all the other artificial multi-ethnic & multi-religious “proposition” constructs in history, like the USSR, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria, etc.

    The American Era is approaching its end, the geopolitical cards are going to be dealt anew. The most logical follow-up world view has been expressed best by Samuel Huntington, a multi-polar world where “birds of a feather will flock together”, where belief in Eternal Progress will be abandoned. It will be replaced with conservative/right-wing thinking, sometimes archaic (Islam), identitarian, ethnic/racial, authoritarian, rooted in history and tradition. The meteoric rise of China is not going to stop any time soon and will cause the other parties to react in defense. This reality has been recognized by Trump, who drew the correct conclusion and hinted at detente with Russia. Russia has subtly indicated repeatedly that it wants to be a part of Europe, but not as a vassal of Washington like after 1991, but as a great European power, on par with Germany and France. The rising European Right has indicated that it is willing to accommodate Russia. In France the most likely president is ether le Pen or Fillon, but both have indicated that they want to restore relations with Russia after the upcoming election of May 2017. Next year could be crucial one in geopolitics.

  30. Cloggie on Tue, 27th Dec 2016 6:03 am 

    China wants to be the world’s technological leader by 2050. In order to achieve that aim they are buying up a record number of German firms, in 2016 20 times the (financial) amount as in 2015:

    (12 billion euro for robotics, waste treatment and machine building)

    The Chinese are dumping their excess fiat money wherever they can to every fool willing to accept it.

    At the same time the Chinese prevent foreign takeovers of their companies.

  31. joe on Tue, 27th Dec 2016 6:12 am 

    US thinking on Russia is currently deeply flawed, it undermines American interests eg Arctic oil access and Chinas baby steps in international imperialism via its ‘silk road’ economic soft power projection, an idea pregnant with the idea that China can provide security and economic growth for Eurasia without the requirement to reform towards democratisation which is not in the culture of most of the Eurasian peoples. The Orientalist view is much more appropriate and therefore more attractive. To paraphrase the movie ‘inside every gook, is a democrat trying to get out’, has clearly been provec wrong. Singapore, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Pakistan etc all countries or cities or city-states that have either shaken off or disposed of democracy and exist quite happily. Belarus, Turkey, Cuba all nations closer to home that have or will soon prove just how disposable and precarious democratic ideology is. Islamic State will be with us for year, but in truth will probobly NEVER go away and the EU may well collapse into disfunctional right wing regimes all because of the fall out caused by third-way liberalism, unfettered debt based capitalism and unchallanged aggressive cultural invasion by the east into the west. It may well be the case that it may be too late. Some day this century Aleppo may be but a footnote in a series of sieges that will reform the shape of Eurasias borders. Any simple view of a US/Russia allience can see that together, its a winning combination. Sinoisation of Eurasia is not in US interests. Make no mistake, whenever the day comes that China can equip and maintain foreign armies like Saudi/Egypt/Jordan etc is the day that America is done. Lets be honest, that day is a long way off. Right now China is strong in China, and they are happy that way. For now.

  32. makati1 on Tue, 27th Dec 2016 6:51 am 

    joe, The U$ will not partner with Russia. No matter what appears to be Trump’s stated ideas in that area, it has always been the U$ intentions to take over Russia and its resources. They almost tried after WW2 and the idea has never gone away. Russia knows this and has partnered with China against the U$. China wants trade, not war. Ditto for Russia. It is the West that wants its colonies and slaves.

    Democracy cannot work. Humans are not geared for democracy. It never really existed. Democracy is equality on a level not acceptable to most, if any. It requires equal education, freedom, rights and intelligence for ALL, not just a select few. All lacking in most ‘democratic’ countries today. Before democracy even could get started, capitalism would have to go. No one could be allowed to live off of another’s labor. That is why there is no democracy today. Nowhere. Never will be.

  33. Cloggie on Tue, 27th Dec 2016 7:39 am 

    joe, The U$ will not partner with Russia. No matter what appears to be Trump’s stated ideas in that area, it has always been the U$ intentions to take over Russia and its resources.

    What may have been true for the past doesn’t necessarily apply for the future.

    America could destroy and colonize Europe, but only in cooperation with the USSR, who did most of the (criminal) work.

    But thank God, there is no way the US can defeat Russia and China. Even the saner imperial minds in Washington meanwhile understand that. Even Russia-hater Pole Brzezinski knows it.

    And now that the US no longer can conquer the entire world and China will surpass the US, it needs a plan B and that plan B is a detente with Russia… for starters.

  34. Davy on Tue, 27th Dec 2016 7:53 am 

    Joe, China is done now. Do you study financial news daily and intimately? If you did you would see an economy with unmanageable problems. The US is done likewise because they are two sides of the same coin. You guys can play the game of winners and losers with the economy being a constant. It is easy to do because once the status quo economy is made constant all kinds of war games can be played. This is part of the problem with global leadership today. The global leadership cannot comprehend global economic decline and or collapse. This allows for policy that increasingly can be viewed as fantasy. Asia has the majority of the world’s population and increasingly needs more resources at a time when availed global resources are depleting. The US uses far too many resources per capita to maintain its complexity with dire consequences awaiting it. This is the constant you should be living within. This constant says an interconnected economy is going to dissolve into an adapted regional or local arrangement without winners on the national stage. China in particular is in terrible financial shape. The US is in the same circumstance. How are these two nations going to project military and economic power in collapse? That should be the guidance for your future projections. I doubt we are going to see anything like we saw in the recent past but who knows. This is uncharted waters of a paradigm shift.

  35. farmlad on Tue, 27th Dec 2016 8:39 am 

    Seems to me that the US did not have to wait till Trump came into office to collaborate with Russia. Why else did The US allow Russia to come in and back up Assad. My guess is that the Saudis and Qataris were not making their payments to the US military, so the US made good on its threat and started to throttle down the pressure on Assad but to preserve the speak they gave Russia the go ahead to come in and help their allies, so that the US can tell their people that they still demand Assad has to go but the Russians messed it all up. Behind the scenes the Russians and the US are not really enemies, just competative plus they have an agreement to appear to be enemies in the press. Since they both need an a big enemy excuse.

  36. Davy on Tue, 27th Dec 2016 9:01 am 

    This is not necessarily my view on Trump but it is worth examining. I say this becuase all of us are being surprised by Trump both good and bad. Considering the stakes in this game for all of us getting to know Trump should be high on list of activities if we are going to give accurate forecast of the future.

  37. Cloggie on Tue, 27th Dec 2016 9:18 am 

    My take on Syria is that Obama could have hijacked the presidency a little bit in his last year in office, since impeachment procedures at that late stage are futile anyway. His critical stance vis-a-vis Netanyahoo, a very un-American thing to do, points in the same direction.

    Obama perhaps was tired of doing the bidding of all these white guys, kosher or gentile, and decided to be soft on those colored folks at the receiving end of US imperial policies (Syria, Palestine).

  38. joe on Tue, 27th Dec 2016 2:16 pm 

    As I recall, Obama didn’t want to repeat the neo-cons criminal acts in Syria as they had in Iraq, I also remember quite well, it was a popular choice and imho the right one, lest Americans would be still dying and the ‘sunni triangle’ would have been simply the ‘sunni arc’ streaching from Mosul to Idlib and would probably have drawn in Jordan, Egypt and Saudi. Obama chose right. However his big mistake was letting Killary use Gadaffis captured hardware to be shipped in by ‘moderates’. Any fool can see the ‘moderates’ was isis and al Qaeda who split shortly after and went their own ways when the ex-Baathist ‘isis’ could go it alone with Erdogans help.
    They should have just put a ring of steel around Syria and let em blow the shit out of each other and then let em use knives like Rwanda when guns couldn’t be found. The job of the UN is to prevent WW3, its failing to do that because its being used only for political manouvers now. In 10 years the UN probably wont exist and God help us then. It cant resolve anything because politics now is the art of ignoring the rule you don’t like. America led the way with its unlimited support (right or wrong) for Israel and the war crime of the Iraq invasion in 2003. The UN is a paper tiger, nothing more. Obama not vetoing a non-binding resolution on illegal settlements does not resolve 60 years of wrong, in fact it makes things worse, just watch as the jihaist states of Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait etc all ignore the problem now and justify their support for terrorism by claiming THEY are defending a UN resolution.
    Please note my comments on China were neither in support or otherwise of Chinas policies, only what I see the most visible aspects are. I do think that America needs to rethink its Russia positions because the world changes, so should allies be changed from time to time any smart person should read their history to know that. Flipping Russia and treating them differently could be possible, Trump will probably use Russia to extract deals from China, or at least he will try to. A trade war will almost certainly force China to allow its currency to fall dramatically, causing inflation in China but support for Trumps reforms would vanish in Congress as big companies would buy any politician at any price to stop reforms. Trump may not be owned, but certainly his friends in the Senate and House of Reps are. Americans are lucky to have so many checks and balances, they will probably all be tested to their limits, very soon. If Trump fails in his reforms, then Trump voters may go for somebody even worse! Trump sure wont take the blame. If he succeeds, means the ignoring of the UN and a body blow to globalisation. If Trump is nothing but an opportunist and not a real reformer then the social unrest that will follow will make the protests of the 60’s and black riots of the every few years after look like picnics, because whitey will get mighty pissed off if he don’t get his job back from China!!!

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