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Page added on May 16, 2021

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The Stiff Price of Weaponizing Energy for Political Gain

The Stiff Price of Weaponizing Energy for Political Gain thumbnail

Before Russia weaponized energy with the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipelines, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries had the monopoly on holding global economies at bay by raising prices or constraining supply at will. But now there is a more insidious strain of weaponizing energy since it incorporates fear of CO2 emissions aligned with questionable anthropogenic global warming (man-caused), politicizing climate change, and the horribly destructive, zero-growth-decarbonization movement.

In actuality, elevated levels of CO2 is good for continents like Africa, which belies the truth that the American and western public understands little of how prosperity, health, and wealth begin with reliable and affordable energy and electricity. Currently, Californians believe they can stabilize their failing grid prone to blackouts through increased electric vehicle sales and usage or renewables (wind and solar), which Californians are pushing back against through lawsuits. California and the Biden administration have a backward understanding of energy and electricity baseload needs along with banning of lower-emitting natural gas.

California, the United States and western nations such as Australia should look to how Pennsylvania transformed its state by embracing hydraulic fracturing for natural gas leading to economic growth. Politically weaponized green new deals or proposed infrastructure bills leaning towards renewables and utility-scale battery storage systems, which lead to grid blackouts, over coal, natural gas, oil, and nuclear for energy and electricity is a recipe for disaster.

Over two hundred people died in the Texas polar vortex in February when electricity blackouts ravaged the state. There are life and death consequences choosing one form of energy for electricity over the other: renewables versus fossil fuels and nuclear.

The choices occur because left-leaning environmentalists and their political allies believe the “science is settled” on global warming/climate change. The opposite is truethe science isn’t settled—and public opinion on global warming registers low on areas of concern. Still, the weaponizing of affordable, abundant, flexible, reliable and scalable affordable energy and electricity continues unabated. Even natural gas stoves, appliances, and furnaces are on the chopping block over global warming/climate change. What’s being realized is so-called action on undefined climate change is doing more harm than good.

This is the Western political weaponization of energy policies, but China is playing a far more dangerous game with global health and peace. China’s recent CO2 reduction pledge is untruthful. If the Biden administration believes its emission reduction pledge, the bigger tragedy is the foreign policy coup the Chinese gain from these unachievable pledges. “Communist China generated 53% of the world’s total coal-fired power in 2020, 9% higher than 2015. (Another) 46.1 GW of new coal-fired projects last year,” according to Reuters.  “That’s more new power from coal approved in 2020 than the previous three years combined.”

China is never going carbon neutral, decarbonizing their electrical generation sector, or moving towards net-zero. It is weaponizing energy in all forms and the west, led by the Biden administration, and western environmentalists are buying this nonsense. China is also weaponizing the entire rare earth and exotic mineral supply chain for all types of batteries used in cell phones and utility-scale storage systems, electric grids, homes, and electric vehicles. These gains are on the backs of slave labor to build components required for the decarbonization effort.

A Western-based organizationThe Rhodium Grouphas reported China’s “greenhouse gas emissions exceed all other developed nations combined.” China has brusquely responded it has zero intention of cutting back on its growing environmental damage. Unlike the West, which is led by the United States, China is aware that higher energy usage means life, prosperity, and becoming the leading hegemonic power this century.

But make no mistake, China’s emissions and continued lies to the west about zero-carbon promises are a weapon. A weaponized policy with energy that will dwarf the impact China’s coronavirus actions have had on world economies and global health.

It’s a politically, weaponized myth fossil fuel use is declining. Still, the Biden administration presses into this narrative by including an 80 percent clean energy standard onto the U.S. electrical grid and carbon-free sources by 2030 into the newly proposed infrastructure bill. Unwisely, new reports find these targets can be reached at no added cost without factoring in new, long-distance transmission needed across the United States and energy storage that costs 1.5 million per megawatts of electrical power.

Large assumptions on why clean energy cannot come quick enough are based falsely on the “hockey-stick” premise of global warming, which has been debunked repeatedly; and computer climate models that have consistently been wrong.

Yet these weaponized climate fantasies continue, which are nothing more than a quest for taxpayer monies and votes to subjugate western voters to the whims of white, male billionaires such as Tom Steyer, Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, and George Soros. This weaponization of energy for political, personal gain and power will return western nations to the Middle Ages and imperil global security.

The “ugly truth” over weaponization of clean energy, renewables, China, climate change, and the Biden administration are the whole thing is over the use of solar panels and wind turbines for electricity. Both “wind and solar power generation are intermittent, and this intermittency is a problem.” This weaponized narrative is rarely challenged. Additionally, battery storage at utility-scale is expensive, inefficient, and increases the costs of renewables onto taxpayers and ratepayers.

Weaponization or not, that is the question: try eliminating fossil fuels and watch life as most people know it will end when most emission policies are “ineffective.” It’s time for this weaponization of energy to end. Energy means life. Jobs trump politics, weaponizing energy for personal, corporate, or political gain, and climate change should take a backseat to human flourishing.

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13 Comments on "The Stiff Price of Weaponizing Energy for Political Gain"

  1. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 16th May 2021 4:08 pm 

    National Interest, hmmm.
    Author: a Todd Royal

    Unless I’m completely mistaken, that is this punk here:

    Very identical to the real Todd Royal:

    Spraying “weaponized this” and “weaponized that” around. He uses the word “weapon” 19 times in this brief shoddy farticle.

    Russia did it and China and renewable energy is also “weaponized”, wtf that may mean and climate change is fantasy. Fracking is godly.

    The majority of the American political right (=Big Business, bowing to Israel and nothing else) is like that. Nothing to be expected from them.

  2. dissident on Sun, 16th May 2021 6:06 pm 

    Cute how western haters and blowhards pretend that Russia’s oil and gas customers have a gun to their head. Really now, how? They can’t buy US LNG because Russia is blockading their ports?

    Russia is making a serious mistake coddling western haters. It needs to fully transition to LNG exports for its gas and have its LNG tankers go to the highest bidder. Western ingrates and blood libelers are getting Russian gas for $170 per thousand cubic meters when Asian customers were recently paying $1000 per tcm. Enough with the charity already.

  3. Cloggie on Mon, 17th May 2021 3:31 am 

    Bad news for Todd Royal: Vestas has “weaponized” wind turbine rotor blades to the tune that they can be recycled for 100% and turned into new rotor blades after end of life. So no more Wyoming landfills with stacked rotor blades:


  4. DT on Wed, 19th May 2021 12:18 am 

    Nice article Cloggie, proving my point. “Vestas CETEC Rotor Blade Recycling Project” The key word being “Project” Nowhere does this scheme of recycling wind turbine blades at scale exist. Except Oh yea on paper. Hence “Project”.

  5. DT on Wed, 19th May 2021 12:23 am 

    “said Leif Ole Meyer, TS&D Leader EMEAI at Olin.” Cloggie this is the final line,

    ”To develop technologies which close an existing gap of thermosets by creating a circularity is yet another example of putting our Resource Efficiency sustainability goal into action. This innovation will help the industry to minimize consumption of virgin material sources and increase the reuse and recycling of materials.” So this “project” on paper will give 100% recycling by 2040.

  6. makati1 on Wed, 19th May 2021 12:57 am 

    “Rated at 3.0 MW, a turbine’s blades are about 155 ft/47m in length, weigh about 27,000 lb/12,474 kg and are valued at roughly $250,000 to $300,000 each.”

    At 4 times the length of a normal tractor trailer truck and over 10 tons each, how will these mammoth pieces get to the recycle facility? Remember there are 3 to a tower and it will take billions of towers to even come close to today’s electric needs. Billions. We are talking many, many trillions of dollars to even get close.

    Then there are the roads and cranes needed to disassemble them and take them to be recycled. Those are FF intensive. Always will be.

    Techies are all dreamers, ignoring reality.

  7. Cloggie on Wed, 19th May 2021 3:21 am 

    Nice article Cloggie, proving my point. “Vestas CETEC Rotor Blade Recycling Project” The key word being “Project” Nowhere does this scheme of recycling wind turbine blades at scale exist. Except Oh yea on paper. Hence “Project”.

    Sigh. First you need to have the technology, next you are going to use it. Even Reuters understands that:

    “it will take billions of towers to even come close to today’s electric needs. Billions.”

    BillT again and his “calculation skills”.lol

    EU average electricity consumption: 300 GW
    State-of-the-art offshore wind turbines: 15 MW (20 MW by 2030). Capacity factor 50%, so 20 MW nameplate is 10 MW average.

    300 GW / 10 MW = 30,000 wind turbines, not “billions”.

    For a 100% transition at current wealth levels, you need roughly double the amount of electricity you consume today, so 600 GW. That’s these 30,000 wind towers, the rest comes from solar, biomass, geothermal, what have you.

    When it comes to energy and engineering in general, makati and DT are below the level of a child.

    3 billions wind towers instead of the real 30,000. BillT is only off the mark with a factor of 10,000!

    “Too stupid to dance for the devil”, as the Dutch saying goes.


  8. Cloggie on Wed, 19th May 2021 3:25 am 

    Oman to build 25 GW green hydrogen facility, together with Chinese and Kuwait:

  9. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 19th May 2021 4:33 am 

    They all want to be part of European civilization:

    “Russian ambassador: Moscow and EU need to pull themselves out of ‘this mess’”

    “Georgia’s future is European”

    “Two years after the Velvet Revolution, Armenia needs the EU more than ever”

    Expect (T)rump-Americans to eventually express the same wish.

    Earlier this week, 8000 fled from Morocco into Spanish enclave Ceuta. They were not persecuted, just desperate with the total lack of opportunities in darkistan Morocco:

    They won’t stand a chance with their intentions. As soon as we in Europe have America out of the way, perhaps we should consider recolonizing the joint, since they can’t live without us after all and put them to work. They are begging for it:,8599,1713275,00.html

    “Come Back, Colonialism, All Is Forgiven”

  10. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 19th May 2021 4:47 am 

    The New Europe:

    Spanish soldiers throwing Moroccan gate crashers back into the sea, where they belong.

    If you can swim from Morocco to Spain, you can swim back.


    White Americans, stuck with their treacherous hard-left Biden, can only dream of that behavior.

  11. DT on Wed, 19th May 2021 8:29 am 

    “Oman to build 25 GW green hydrogen facility”

    Cloggie this is more pie in the sky techno chicanery.

    “State oil firm OQ SAOC, Hong Kong-based InterContinental Energy Ltd. and Kuwait’s EnerTech will be partners on the project, which will eventually be powered by 25,000 megawatts of wind and solar energy, according to OQ.

    No funding has been sourced yet and a final investment decision is not expected until 2026, according to InterContinental Energy.

  12. dissident on Wed, 19th May 2021 12:19 pm 

    Oh my, hyperpower USA is pulling back on its attempt to kill Nord Stream II. How the mighty have fallen!

    Regardless, Russia needs to move to an LNG export model and stop coddling its enemies. The market is indeed a solution to many problems.

  13. Theedrich on Thu, 20th May 2021 4:09 pm 

    If an enemy is defeating himself, let him alone. The Russians and Chinese are led by competent and deadly serious leadership;  America is led by self-aggrandizing clowns.  The “values” of the U.S. and its vassals can be summed up as White genosuicide.  Hence the countless programs of (Soylent) Green energy, “equity,” pro-queerness, White guilt (aka Critical Race Theory), the coddling of Leftist and alien criminals, the grotesque inflation of the money supply, BigJew Sörös’ “Open (i.e., borderless) Society,” and on and on.  The Biden administration is remaking society as a cemetery.  It fantasizes that history will look kindly on its pipe dream.

    In fact, the apex predator nations of Russia and China will determine history:  they will eliminate the “indispensable nation” from the earth.

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