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Page added on March 31, 2017

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The Peace Police

Who are the “Peace Police” and why there were an obstacle for people fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline?

Watch this entire episode of “Trouble” at sub.Media

4 Comments on "The Peace Police"

  1. DerHundistlos on Fri, 31st Mar 2017 4:39 pm 

    Right on. You must fight on an equal playing field otherwise the evil forces will chew you up and spit you out.

    In anticipation of those who will condemn the protestors for leaving trash (the product of modern living), they were forced out without any advance notice or time to clean-up, perhaps so the trash would become an issue.

  2. Apneaman on Fri, 31st Mar 2017 5:34 pm 

    03/25/17 – This summit brought together an amazing panel that consisted of John Michael Greer, James Howard Kunstler, Chris Martenson, Frank Morris, and Dmitry Orlov to talk about issues ranging from politics, the economy, the food we eat, immigration, labor, poverty, minorities, war, and much more.

  3. Davy on Fri, 31st Mar 2017 7:37 pm 

    “Buchanan Asks “Is Putin The ‘Preeminent Statesman’ Of Our Times?”

    “The new dividing lines are between social conservatism and self-indulgent secularism, between tribalism and transnationalism, between the nation-state and the New World Order. On the new dividing lines, Putin is on the side of the insurgents. Those who envision de Gaulle’s Europe of Nations replacing the vision of One Europe, toward which the EU is heading, see Putin as an ally. So the old question arises: Who owns the future? In the new struggles of the new century, it is not impossible that Russia — as was America in the Cold War — may be on the winning side. Secessionist parties across Europe already look to Moscow rather than across the Atlantic. “Putin has become a symbol of national sovereignty in its battle with globalism,” writes Caldwell. “That turns out to be the big battle of our times. As our last election shows, that’s true even here.”

  4. Cloggie on Sat, 1st Apr 2017 1:24 am 

    As usual Patrick “Congress is Israeli-Occupied Territory” Buchanan is right. Always liked him.

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