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Page added on February 13, 2021

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The Great Reset: What the fuss is all about?

The Great Reset: What the fuss is all about? thumbnail

The great reset is an initiative taken by the World Economic Forum to reset the world economy for a sustainable and climate conscious growth. The Great Reset was the name of the 50th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) that was held in June 2020.

It had brought together high-profile business personalities and political leaders from all areas of expertise and nations, convened by the prince of wales and the WEF, with the theme of rebuilding society and the economy in a more sustainable way following the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Klaus Schwab, laid the foundation of WEF in 1971 and is currently serving as its CEO. He described three core components of the Great Reset. The first involves creating conditions for a “stakeholder economy”, An economic model where corporates move towards social welfare model rather than profit maximizing model, that they already religiously follow.

The second component includes building in a more “resilient, equitable, and sustainable” way of growth. The suggested way is based on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics which would incorporate more green public infrastructure projects for a cleaner approach for a greener and sustainable future.

The third component of a Great Reset agenda includes the initiative to “harness the innovations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution” for public good.

A speech presented by Prince Charles at the launch event for The Great Reset, listed similar areas for action listed in his Sustainable Markets Initiative, which was introduced in January 2020. These included the reinvigoration of technology, science, and innovation. The initiative also suggested a move towards net zero transitions globally, to include more green investments, and to encourage green public infrastructure projects.

In June 2020, the theme for 51st World Economic Forum Annual Meeting to be held in 2021 was announced again as “The Great Reset”. It is all set to connect global leaders in Davos with a multi-stakeholder network in 400 cities around the world. The Great Reset is again set to be the main theme of the WEF’s 2021 summit in Lucerne.

But this noble initiative isn’t without its share of controversies. It has been criticized by the capitalists as an initiative to bring back socialism and an excuse to spend the wealth of the public on climate change.

With Trump out of the office and Joe Biden rejoining the Paris Peace conference capitalist agendas have been aggravated, who now in search of conspiracy theories try to oust Biden’s efforts for an environmental friendly future. Whereas the left scoffs off ‘the great reset’ idea as a ‘big sounding initiative for nothing’. It has been retreated that the great reset is a mere diplomatic rhetoric of major leaders, with no actual inclination to initiate efforts to reset the world economy.

To add further to the claims, conspiracy theories of world leaders initiating the pandemic to reset the world have been encountered. This comes after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s speech given in august went viral. In the video, Justin Trudeau states that the pandemic has provided an opportunity for a ‘reset’.

A video in august, which now has close to 3 million views on YouTube, believes that only Donald Trump can thawt such secret plot of socialism, which uses COVID-19 to bring US economy on its “knees” so that the “reset’ can begin and that people are left to beg for vaccine.

But the suggestion that politicians initiated the pandemic to reset the world economy, is without evidence and credibility and quite rightly be claimed as ridiculous.

Justin Trudeau rightly adds that “I think we are in a time of anxiety, where people are looking for reasons for things that are happening to them… we are seeing a lot of people fall prey to disinformation”.

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5 Comments on "The Great Reset: What the fuss is all about?"

  1. makati1 on Sat, 13th Feb 2021 3:53 pm 

    “…we are seeing a lot of people fall prey to disinformation”. Disinformation used to be called LIES. Now “war is peace” and the plandemic is/was not caused by a plan of the elite to get rid of us useless eaters, even though they gamed it out a few months before releasing the virus and are advertising their plan everywhere.

    What a piece of bullshit propaganda is the article above! The writer is obviously delusional and/or a ‘paid for’ shill for the Davos’ pushers of this disaster. But then India is full of weird people who would stave before eating the cow that is “sacred” and shits all over their country.

    “Do people eat beef in India? Around 1 in every 13 Indians eats “beef.” Buffalo is also called beef in places where killing cows is illegal (24 out of 29 states). It’s a common and accepted dish in Kerala and Goa. In most places, it is not illegal to eat beef, yet it is socially unacceptable and not available.”

    BTW: there are almost 200,000,000 cows in India…for milk but not meat.

    Not to mention the poor writing of the article itself. No proofread? No spell check? No intelligence? Just bullshit propaganda and lies? But then, he is Indian. What better country to lose a billion serfs? Maybe Moody will go first? No loss!

  2. a.nonymous on Sun, 14th Feb 2021 4:31 am 

    there is no antagonism between ‘capitalists’ and this ‘green’ agenda.. certainly not if you mean global megacorps and banks as what is capital. The false capital versus government story is a distraction from the reality that they are the right and left hand of the same monster, cooperating on every issue that affects the bottom line, and occasionally taking turns playing good cop/bad cop kabuki to keep the peasants thinking someone’s on their side. The ‘great reset’ is about keeping the remaining resources for the ruling class, and turning everyone else into serfs on a plantation (nominally maybe owned by some corporation but ownership in their system wouldnt make much difference, control will be control regardless of ownership).. it’s a big club and we aint in it.
    that’s the ‘great reset’ in a nutshell. ‘youll own nothing and youll be happy’ , crap like that? theyre just trying to get you primed and ready to accept serfdom.
    of course none of that will last very long given physical reality of declining net energy, even their surveillance state/prison-plantation economy will need a lot of high tech gadgets and infrastructure to keep it running, and that does not have a long future anymore. they think by conserving resources the peasants arent using anymore, they can keep the machine of domination running longer.. maybe a few years.. but it’ll still fail.

  3. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 14th Feb 2021 9:57 am 

    Covid-19 vaccine not as effective as thought. Israel has the highest vaccination rate in the world (30%), which no doubt has something to do with the (((ownership))) of Pfizer, yet the virus just doesn’t want to go away in Israel:

    “Israel Leading Scientist Admits: “the Vaccine May Not be as Effective as We Thought.”

    srael’s R number is back at 1. The Times of Israel produced a grim audit yesterday; despite Israel vaccinating almost a third of its population “Israel has been reporting some 7,000 new infections a day, one of the highest rates in the developed world. Nearly 5,000 people have died, more than a quarter of them in January alone.”

    For the 100th time: the best vaccine against Covid-19 is NOT EATING, until you have scaled down your BMI-index to 21, no prisoners taken.

    Here is obesity country ranking (scroll down). The least obese is Vietnam, the most the US.

    Covid-19 deaths:

    US: 500,000
    Vietnam: 35

    (source: worldometers)

  4. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 14th Feb 2021 11:01 am 

    Give a Dutchman an American passport, and he gets an even bigger mouth:

    Well done, mr van der Meer, for bitschslapping the US media. God, did they need that.

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